Your Final Betting Questions Answered (For Now…)

| October 27, 2015 | Reply

So here they are – your final set of betting questions answered.

Well, for now at least…

Q. Hi,

I would need to see independent proofing for both services
What can I realistically expect from £10 level staking
When are bets sent, are these 7 days per week?
How long have you been testing and full results in that time?


A. Hi,

I think I’ve covered all of those points in recent Betting Rant emails apart from the one regarding independent proofing.

I don’t currently get my services proofed elsewhere (although do carry out independent reviews of them) as I feel we offer adequate proof already but if you or anybody else would like to suggest a specific proofing service that is deemed trustworthy then it’s certainly something I would look in to.


Q. Hi,

I have tried out a couple of your betting systems in the past and returned them because I just didn’t understand the strange foreign language they were written in.

I have reached my mid 60s without ever placing a bet and surprisingly, the same applies to all my friends and family, it seems that we all had fathers who lost most of their wages every Saturday, so I don’t know a single person that I could ask to translate. I have searched the internet and have found bits and pieces but nothing that brings it all together in a simple understandable way.

I even lost money on Bonus Bagging because I didn’t understand the process. I asked for help and was told to just do it and it would become clear, so I tried, and because I didn’t understand what I was doing, I made mistakes and lost money.

I have no moral objection to gambling, only to loosing constantly, (although I still loose at forex most days) so the only way you could convince me would be to produce a complete Idiots guide to betting including an A-Z of all the strange terms that are used.


Q. Hi Matt

Thanks for your email about the Network and the Syndicate.

The reason why I have not joined any of them is not so much that I don’t believe they make what you say but because I am a novice at these things and would not know where to start. I just don’t have the confidence to do anything in this area. So I was thinking of unsubscribing from the betting rant et al.

Do any of these things come with any sort of training for novice people? I so let me know.

Kind regards


A. Thanks for your feedback.

I do actually offer two ‘Idiot’s guides’ – one for lay betting and one for normal betting. Aside from that I’m also always very help to help via email when it comes to my own services. I actually have a number of betting newcomers on them, especially the Network, and they generally get up and running pretty quickly once they’ve had a little bit of help.


Q. 25 points for the season for one service and 150 points for another since mid-February.

How many points have been staked to achieve that? If you have staked 10000 points for 175 that’s a very poor return.

Besides your results pale in comparison to many other services I have seen out there with fully proofed results not only on their own site but on independent proofing sites.


A. Hi,

Obviously the 150 points isn’t from 10,000 points staked. It comes from a total stake of just over 750 points since mid-February which equals a very respectable ROI of 20%.

The football (Network) profit is clearly a lot lower but it also comes from a much lower outlay. Specifically 70 points for an ROI in excess of 35%.

If you can find more profitable, genuine, services then good for you. I certainly wouldn’t put anybody off signing up to them.


Q. Hi

You asked ‘what is holding you back’ this is simple to answer. Online everyday there are tipsters offering overnight and longer term fortunes and all profess to have the best information, so my question is why do they need to involve the public? This also applies to you.

I would have no objection to a trial period if this was on a honesty basis, I.e. no card details, or upfront payment required. This type of deal would be attractive and prove the claims that you & others make. As to the honesty anyone would wish to continue with a winning formula.

Best wishes

A. Hi Mervyn,

This is one of the most common questions I get asked and it’s also one of the easiest to answer.

Why would I offer my selections to the public? Well, why wouldn’t I?

It’s extra money for me when I would be doing the research for my own bets anyway. Agora (my publisher) take the payments and sort out all the admin side so that’s no work and lastly, I don’t put my odds in jeopardy because I place my own bets before I send the selections out. It’s a no brainer as far as I’m concerned!


Q. Hi matt,
Have been reading your comments with interest..i worked in the betting trade for 20 years,shops and traderoom.
The problem isnt so much getting good information,its actually bieng able to get bets on and keep the accounts open..bookmakers are in buisiness to make a profit and consistant winners are not wanted,so they get closed!..

Also they are well aware of all the tipsters daily choices as you know….to make this worthwhile with decent stakes ,it wont be long before all your accounts get closed….paul

Q. Matt,

I have no issues with the integrity of either system.

My concern is …………
How to consistently stay under the Bookie’s radar. We all want to enjoy profits but in my experience Bookies do not like or want successful customers. I have never had an account closed but have had by stake limits reduced by a number of Bookie’s. As someone who can and wants to get the best return possible (when the right opportunity arises) having stake limits imposed creates huge frustrations and can have a negative impact to ROCI.

Would welcome your views.


A. Thanks for the email.

The short answer is that it’s a very good question and there is no completely fool proof answer. The longer answer is something I’ve explored here.

Beyond what’s written in that article, the one thing I would say is at least if you have been banned by a bookmaker it means you’ve done something right and made some cash – better that than have no money but plenty of open accounts!


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