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They say…

“Use this little known profitable betting system risk-free and watch your profits skyrocket even if you feel you were born unlucky.”

We say…

The latest product that my team will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is Wineachway.

So, what is Wineachway? Well, it’s a horse racing betting system that covers National Hunt and Flat all year round. The people behind the system claim that it has produced a profit of 55.74 points since its launch back in February.

We’ve just joined and our review will be along shortly – sign up to our twitter feed to be the first to hear about it.

Full membership to Wineachway is £47 + VAT for an initial fee and then £20 + VAT per month after. As this system is sold via Clickbank there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

If you would like to purchase the product please click here

If you have any questions, you can send the support team a message via email at

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Full Review

Initial Thoughts

Just to be clear here, Wineachway is a system, which you buy up front. You also get a month’s worth of tips emailed to you for the initial fee. Following that, you can opt to continue receiving the tips, for £17+VAT per month. What we will be reviewing is just the tips themselves, as Lester (who runs the service) understandably doesn’t want to give away his system.

The tips email also includes tips from another free system he provides called Lower Class Masters, but we won’t be considering that here.

Lester advises that you can either bet to win or e/w if the price allows. Win bets have historically shown a better ROI, while e/w has given better profit. I will record win bet results to Betfair SP as normal. There is no start bank recommended, so I will use a 100 point bank for simplicity. The number of bets averages around 200 per year, so don’t expect a bet (& therefore a post) every day.

Final Thoughts

You get a daily email with the tips, which is almost always sent the night before, so handy for the 9 to 5ers amongst us. The email also explicitly states if there are no tips, so you’re not left wondering whether your email system is playing up or not.

During the review, we only had 32 selections. So the quoted average of 250 per year wasn’t quite reached over the last 2 months. Lester has actually made the odd comment in his emails recently which make it sound as though he’s looking forward to the jumps season, so I’m guessing the bulk of his tips are sent out then.

The comparative lack of selections makes it hard to draw any firm conclusions, but here are the figures anyway:

Runners:32 Profit:2.39 Winners:4 S/R:12.5% Profit/runner:0.075

The final selection winning dragged the figures back into the black, so it could easily have been a completely different story if I’d cut the review off 1 day earlier. Just shows how the figures can be skewed by one result when you’re dealing with such a small sample. However, it’s hard to knock a profit … better in our pocket than our friendly neighbourhood bookie.

GOOD: Support was pretty prompt & helpful. Timely delivery of emails. The inclusion of freebies is a good add-on. The festival tips were in profit (although not wildly so). I didn’t track the other freebie systems that Lester also sends tips for, but you could always paper trade those for a while if you do sign up & see what you think. They’re free after all, so Lester is definitely trying his best to give good value for money, & as they’re free, you can just ignore them of course.

NOT SO GOOD: The results could have been better, & I was disappointed, since I have seen the system performing well in other review sites’ tables prior to our trial. It could also be a little bit clearer, I feel, in terms of instructions/recommendations as to how you bet on the selections e.g. number of points, win or e/w. Looking back, there were a number of placed horses among the “losers”, but only about half of them at prices worth considering for an e/w bet. Lester does state that he leaves it flexible as to how you use his selections, but I reckon that’s a slight cop out really, & some guidance would be good, especially for newbies.

VERDICT: A difficult one. A disappointingly small profit (but a profit nonetheless). Lester makes no excuses for the low number of selections which is fair enough, so you need to be patient with this one. Ask yourself if you’re the type who can put up with reasonably long losing runs in anticipation that, when the winners do come, they’re at decent enough prices to send your bank back in the right direction. I reckon this is worth taking a look at & making use of the trial period, especially if you can engineer it so that trial covers at least part of the jumps season.


Monday 19th August

At last! A final flourish as Talented Kid provides a long awaited winner at a BSP of no less than 10.77 to take the figures back into the black.

Todays P/L: 9.77 pts
Overall P/L: 2.39 pts
Bank closing balance: 102.39 pts
Stake: 32 pts
ROI: 7.5%

Sunday 18th August

The losing run continues with Montefeltro failing to score at Pontefract.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -7.38 pts
Bank closing balance: 92.62 pts
Stake: 31 pts
ROI: -23.8%

Friday 16th August

Another losing selection today, when Llanarmon Lad found one better at Newcastle.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -6.38 pts
Bank closing balance: 93.62 pts
Stake: 30 pts
ROI: -21.3%

Tuesday 13th August

Today’s selection was Mixed Message at Carlisle, which came in 3rd, about 1 length off the pace. So, with a couple of days to go, the reverse in form continues. Although (given the prices) it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that the bank could be brought back into the black, it seems unlikely at this stage, especially as there’s no selection for Wednesday.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -5.38 pts
Bank closing balance: 94.62 pts
Stake: 29 pts
ROI: -18.6%

Monday 12th August

2nd place (4.5 lengths) for Ty Gwr at Wolverhapmton today leaves the bank further depleted. Another selection for tomorrow though.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -4.38 pts
Bank closing balance: 95.62 pts
Stake: 28 pts
ROI: -15.6%

Wednesday 7th August

Slightly more promising for Key Gold at Newcastle, but still found 4 better horses on the day. Not long left to make up the shortfall & get back into the black.

I may have mentioned that, as well as the main WEW system we are looking at here, plus the festival bets, Lester also offers tips using a couple of other methods from his tipping arsenal. All for free of course. One is called Lower Class Masters, which seems to be ticking along quite nicely (although I haven’t checked that to any extent), plus he also had another system connected with that.

While I was away, he has dropped this second system due to poor results & replaced it with a new one, so you can’t criticise him for not trying to provide good value for his subscribers.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -3.38 pts
Bank closing balance: 96.62 pts
Stake: 27 pts
ROI: -12.5%

Tuesday 6th August

One place better than yesterday for Bourbon at Ripon, but nowhere near good enough to trouble the scorers.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -2.38 pts
Bank closing balance: 97.62 pts
Stake: 26 pts
ROI: -9.2%

Monday 5th August

Sadly, the main WEW system fared pretty badly while I was away. Today’s selection was Estinaad, which trailed home 8th.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -1.38 pts
Bank closing balance: 98.62 pts
Stake: 25 pts
ROI: -5.5%

Saturday 3rd August

Actually, it’s Sunday 11/8, so it’s post hols catch up time, but I think it’ll read a bit easier if I just log results daily to continue on from below.

We’ll start with the final day of Goodwood & Lester’s free “Festival Bonus” bets. Actually, a terrible day, with not even a sniff of a place for an overall 4pt loss. So that left us with about a 4pt profit for the festival as a whole, backing e/w at prices available when I looked at the email. Not great, but a profit is always a good thing … & they are free bets!

Todays P/L: 0 pts
Overall P/L: -0.38 pts
Bank closing balance: 99.62 pts
Stake: 24 pts
ROI: -1.6%

Friday 2nd August

First off, a heads up. In case anyone is reading this, I’ll be off for a week starting tomorrow. If you add on the inevitable email mountain when I get back, I would expect the next post to be either a week on Sunday or perhaps Monday.

The return to poor form continued today with Hill Forts Gloria trailing in 8th at Bangor, which takes us back into the red slightly.

Similarly, Goodwood was equally dreadful although, to be fair to Lester, he did warn this morning that it looked a very tough day & he wasn’t expecting anything too much. He was right, as both selections failed, putting him a couple of points down for today, but about 8pts up over the whole festival so far.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -0.38 pts
Bank closing balance: 99.62 pts
Stake: 24 pts
ROI: -1.6%

Thursday 1st August

Sadly, the WEW winning streak came to an end today when Leyland was a faller at Stratford, but the system remains just in profit, with another selection to come tomorrow.

So, how about Goodwood? A place & 2 victories from 4 selections gave a very nice 10pt return, so the good festival form continues.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: 0.62 pts
Bank closing balance: 100.62 pts
Stake: 23 pts
ROI: 2.7%

Wednesday 31st July

No main WEW bets today (but there is one tomorrow), but just an update on the “bonus” festival bets. Lester seems to be finding Goodwood a bit of a struggle at the moment, compared to previous festivals. He came out about 1pt up today, so cancelling out the opening day loss. As the results from the main WEW system show though, that can all change dramatically at the prices he is chasing.

Todays P/L: 0 pts
Overall P/L: 1.62 pts
Bank closing balance: 101.62 pts
Stake: 22 pts
ROI: 7.4%

Tuesday 30th July

Make that 3 on the trot with a stunning result today. Local Flier was returned at a BSP of 17.61 to send the bank soaring into profit for the first time.

As an aside, Lester has kept up his extra freebie bets on the major festivals with some tips for Goodwood today. Garswood was his only success, leaving that particular pot 1pt down for the day (if you went e/w at prices available), so not off to as good a start as for his previous festival bets.

Todays P/L: 16.61 pts
Overall P/L: 1.62 pts
Bank closing balance: 101.62 pts
Stake: 22 pts
ROI: 7.4%

Sunday 28th July

Well, well, well. What was I saying about a good run? Today’s selection – Dream Walker – has just won at Carlisle. Admittedly, at the lowest BSP yet of 2.67, & admittedly it was a horse flagged up by just about every other system in my own portfolio, but a winner’s a winner & should never be criticised. 2 on the trot – has a corner been turned?

Todays P/L: 1.67 pts
Overall P/L: -14.99 pts
Bank closing balance: 85.01 pts
Stake: 21 pts
ROI: -71.4%

Saturday 27th July

2 selections today, with Ortac Rock failing at Newcastle. However, cue trumpets, dancing girls & explosions of glitter, as we have found our elusive first winner!

Over a month into the trial, Top Notch Tonto did the business at Newmarket. Sadly, this was at very nearly the worst BSP of all of Lester’s selections so far, at 3.34, but at least he’s off the mark, so maybe this will signify the start of a good run – we await with bated breath.

Todays P/L: 1.34 pts
Overall P/L: -16.66 pts
Bank closing balance: 83.34 pts
Stake: 20 pts
ROI: -83.3%

Friday 26th July

Sorry, I’m afraid this is getting more than a little repetitive. 2 selections today, with H M S Intrepid coming a not-that-close 2nd, while Woodstock trailed in 5th. Must be due a winner soon surely?

Todays P/L: -2 pts
Overall P/L: -18 pts
Bank closing balance: 82 pts
Stake: 18 pts
ROI: -100%

Wednesday 24th July

I return from my overnight trip in proud parent mode (son’s graduation) to find that there was a selection today. But there were no firsts (see what I did there?) for The Ginger Man in the 3.20 at Worcester, so the search goes on for that elusive first winner.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -16 pts
Bank closing balance: 84 pts
Stake: 16 pts
ROI: -100%

Monday 22nd July

Today we had another selection, Hard Core Debt in the 8.00 at Beverley. We were half a length short of getting off the mark with that one, so the bad run continues.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -15 pts
Bank closing balance: 85 pts
Stake: 15 pts
ROI: -100%

Saturday 20th July

Afraid that normal service was resumed yesterday. All 3 selections (Kings Legacy, Kiama Bay, Estibdaad) managed only one 3rd place between them as their best result. The drought continues.

Todays P/L: -3 pts
Overall P/L: -14 pts
Bank closing balance: 86 pts
Stake: 14 pts
ROI: -100%

Wednesday 17th July

Now, where were we before I managed to balls up my access to the review forum?

Afraid the only selection in the interim was Fitobust, which trailed home 5th in the 3.50 at Uttoxeter today. Not off the mark yet, but there are no less than 3 possible selections for Sat 20th, so perhaps the duck will be broken then.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -11 pts
Bank closing balance: 89 pts
Stake: 11 pts
ROI: -100%

Sunday 14th July

A couple of selections for WEW today, so maybe things are … er … hotting up! Unfortunately, both Ocean Club & Ben Cee Pee M failed to trouble the scorers. However the former’s 2nd place does mean that no less than 5 of the 10 selections so far have just missed out, so it’s not far away. Also, when you consider that Ocean Club’s BSP was 20.68, it suggests that, when it does come, that first winner might well get a very good part of the losses back. We’ll see.

Todays P/L: -2 pts
Overall P/L: -10 pts
Bank closing balance: 90 pts
Stake: 10 pts
ROI: -100%

UPDATE – Saturday 13th July

The long awaited WEW bet failed to come in by just over a length today, With Dumbarton finishing second, so we still await our first WEW winner.

Lester’s Newmarket selections fared much better, with the 28/1 winner Law Enforcement, plus the placed Slade Power leaving his selections 16pts up on the day, & 18pts up on the meeting overall.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -8 pts
Bank closing balance: 92 pts
Stake: 8 pts
ROI: -100%

Saturday 13th July

Lester fared worse than I thought on the first day of Newmarket, as I somehow doubled the points total, which I have now adjusted on yesterday’s post – still a profit though.

Day 2 was not so successful though, with just the one placed horse leaving him just over a point down on the day.

There was very nearly a WEW selection. Due to a previously undiscovered wrinkle in the selection process, pointed out by some subscribers, there was a horse which you could say qualified, even though Lester had emailed that there were no selections. He worked out what the foible was in a subsequent email & still gave no official selections for the day, but thought on a casual basis that it might be worth an e/w bet. Sadly, Sadlers Risk didn’t come up trumps.

However, the good news is that there will be a WEW selection today at last.

Todays P/L: 0 pts
Overall P/L: -7 pts
Bank closing balance: 93 pts
Stake: 7 pts
ROI: -100%

Friday 12th July

Still no official WEW bets, but Lester’s tips for Newmarket started well, ending up 3.4pts on the day, thanks to Last Sovereign getting home in the last race.

Todays P/L: 0 pts
Overall P/L: -7 pts
Bank closing balance: 93 pts
Stake: 7 pts
ROI: -100%

Thursday 11th July

It’s been quiet for a few days now, so I thought I’d just prove I was still here! No further bets from WEW in the interim, so I’m beginning to wonder whether the trial will have enough results to make any sort of judgement on, but time will tell I suppose. Meanwhile we still wait for that elusive first winner.

Lester sends a daily email with the tips for his other systems. I believe I’m right in saying that these are systems he’s given away free in the past, for you to operate yourself, but for his members he saves them the trouble by adding in what he reckons these systems will select.

In the recent email he also mentions that he will be giving his thoughts on the upcoming meeting at Newmarket, so I’ll keep you updated on that in the absence of any “proper” WEW bets.

Todays P/L: 0 pts
Overall P/L: -7 pts
Bank closing balance: 93 pts
Stake: 7 pts
ROI: -100%

Saturday 6th July

We had a selection today, which was Meeting In Paris in the 5.25 at Beverley, at what I gather are short odds for WEW (BSP 3.19). Finished 2nd by 1.5 lengths, so we are still awaiting our first winner.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -7 pts
Bank closing balance: 93 pts
Stake: 7 pts
ROI: -100%

Sunday 30th June

Another selection for WEW today, but I’m afraid Royal Swain couldn’t break the duck , so we still await our first winner.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -6 pts
Bank closing balance: 94 pts
Stake: 6 pts
ROI: -100%

Saturday 29th June

Two days running we have selections. Unfortunately, two days running we have losers, as Seachantach trails home 9th. Still early days

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -5 pts
Bank closing balance: 95 pts
Stake: 5 pts
ROI: -100%

Friday 28th June

Action today with Cross Pattee & Our Diane being the selections to follow. Sadly, still looking for our first winner though.

Todays P/L: -2 pts
Overall P/L: -4 pts
Bank closing balance: 96 pts
Stake: 4 pts
ROI: -100%

Tuesday 25th June

Some news today, as our pick, Shot In The Sun, was beaten by a neck in the 2.30 at Beverley. Early days, & going close is an encouraging sign.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -2 pts
Bank closing balance: 98 pts
Stake: 2 pts
ROI: -100%

Saturday 22nd June

No WEW bets today, but just an update on Lester’s Ascot bets. He finished with a losing day, but came out just over 6pts up using the prices I found, which is a fair result over the whole of Royal Ascot.

Just to reiterate that Lester provides bets for all of the major festivals as a freebie add on for his subscribers, which is something to add to the pot when deciding whether or not to join them … especially when they give you an extra little bit of profit! He’s already looking forward to Glorious Goodwood.

Now we can settle down to the main event & see if WEW turns up any qualifiers this week. I will only post if there are any.

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -1 pts
Bank closing balance: 99 pts
Stake: 1 pts
ROI: -100%

Friday 21st June

At last we got going, with Walter White in the 2.55 at Market Rasen but sadly it wasn’t a winning start.

Lester fared better with his Ascot specials, helped by tipping Forgotten Voice in the 4.25, which was his single winner to give him a solitary point on the day, so about 11.5pts up overall (at prices found when I got the emails).

Todays P/L: -1 pts
Overall P/L: -1 pts
Bank closing balance: 99 pts
Stake: 1 pts
ROI: -100%

Thursday 20th June

I thought we’d be off & running today, but the only WEW selection was withdrawn, so the patience continues.

As for the Ascot selections, not such a good day today as they ended up just under 5pts down, but that still leaves Lester up about 10.5pts on the meeting so far.

Todays P/L: 0 pts
Overall P/L: 0 pts
Bank closing balance: 100 pts
Stake: 0 pts
ROI: 0%

Wednesday 19th June

Again no bet today, but just to update you on another successful day for Lester’s Ascot tips. 6.5pts to the good today, so the strong form continues.

Todays P/L: 0 pts
Overall P/L: 0 pts
Bank closing balance: 100 pts
Stake: 0 pts
ROI: 0%

Tuesday 18th June

Just in case you think I’ve emigrated on my winnings (fat chance!), I thought I’d better just tell you that the first 2 days of the review have had no selections. As I mentioned just above, you need to be a little patient with this one, especially as Lester tells me that there aren’t usually many bets at the big meetings with this particular system.

However, as an “Ascot Special” sort of thing, Lester is sending a daily email with his thoughts on the Royal meeting. This is something extra he offers his subscribers at all the big meetings I think. On the first day, those thoughts would have netted you a tidy 9pts to level stakes at prices available at the time I got the email, backing the selections each way. This included War Command at a tasty 21.00. If the main review brings those sorts of results, then I really can adjust to being a little patient!

Todays P/L: 0 pts
Overall P/L: 0 pts
Bank closing balance: 100 pts
Stake: 0 pts
ROI: 0%


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