Who’s Right And Who’s Wrong?

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It’s all a matter of opinion

From the Brexit debate to brown sauce or ketchup on bacon sarnies?

Everywhere in life we face situations where we all have our own opinions, and nowhere is that more prevalent than in the world of sport, at least in my opinion!

Take the following three statements for example:

1) Harry Kane is the best striker in the Premier league

2) Test cricket is still the purest form of the game

3) Might Bite will win the Cheltenham Gold Cup

Now some of you may agree with one, two or even all three of those statements. But the greater majority are likely to have totally different opinions on all three.

Even when we try to take the opinion out of sport, through VAR in football for instance, it doesn’t work. How many VAR decisions have you seen that still divide opinion?

Very little in life is black and white. To quote Benjamin Franklin, “In this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes”. Without scientific evidence to support an opinion it remains just that, an opinion.

It’s human nature to think our opinion is right and to defend it against other’s views. If you’ll excuse the crude vernacular borrowed from author Simone Elkeles, opinions are like a***holes, everyone has one but they think each other’s stink!

But no opinion is right or wrong, no opinion is black or white – only when there is irrefutable or scientific evidence does an opinion become a fact.

So where am I going with these rambling musings? Well, back to the question of tipsters and sports tipping actually.

The outcome of a sporting event cannot be predicted by a scientific rule, so anyone’s assessment of the probable outcome is…

You got it, just an opinion!

Take the recent Man City vs. Liverpool Premier League clash…

The football tipsters I proof for Tipstars were split evenly between the home win, away win and draw options. They would all have considered the same data, the same history, the same injury news etc. and yet opinion was still widely divided.

The recent trend towards formulating sports predicting through the use of ever more complex algorithms and data collection is still prone to opinion…

What data should be collected? What factors should be considered? What weighting should each factor be given? The answers to these questions, and others like them, are answered with someone’s opinion.

That is why there isn’t, and never will be, a get rich quick scheme in sports betting.

Finding a tipster or a tipping service that has a well-defined and successful system is only part of the puzzle. Once you opt to follow a tipster/tipping service then you have to put your opinions aside and trust those of your chosen service, whether that’s in terms of how the system has been created, or how much “gut feel” or opinion plays in a selection.

However, and here’s the crux, gut feel or intuition can be honed.

By giving our brain more information to work with through experience and knowledge, we increase the probability of success for any given gut decision. Basically, the more we experience, the more accurate our guts become and the more likely our opinion in sports betting will lean towards the correct outcome.

This is where successful tipsters have the edge, with the added ingredient of opinion to add to their system.

The thoughts in this article are the writer’s own opinions!

Remember, its good to have opinions but respect other people’s too.

Chris Sowerby


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