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They say…

“Earn an average of £350.00 profit ‘every weekend’ ”

We say…

The latest product that my team will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is Weekend Wagers.

So, what is Weekend Wagers? Well it is a betting service which specialises on football during the weekend. They shift through all the matches and consider every type of bet: singles doubles, both to score and double chance etc. They specifically focus on the Sunday football across Europe and Domestic action as well.

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Revolution Betting can be bought in two parts. You can join monthly for £29.95 or join with a year’s subscription which costs £199.00. As the payment method is PayPal it comes with an option to buy a Money Back Guarantee to protect your purchase. This reimbursement request is within 45 days of payment.

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This is a football betting service that has been performing according to the results page on the website very well indeed.
In fact they have had 21 winning weeks from 29 and have made a healthy profit of over £10000 over the period to £100 stakes.
They send an email out with the teams to be backed and also a 1/2pt accumulator, which if it comes off can really boost profits.
Not much more to say really so lets hope they perform as well as they claim on their results page.


Ok here are my final thoughts about Weekend Wagers and its not pretty reading.
To be honest its been a total disaster from start to finish.


We ran the review for 12 weeks of football, longer than we normally do but it didn’t help this service at all.

Weeks 12
Winning Weeks 2 ( 0.02pt profit & 0.09pt profit) can we really call them winning weeks?

Bets 69
Wins 28
A 40% strike rate, pretty dismal considering the prices you are backing.
We did also have Accas every week but they disappeared as the review went on, don’t know why didn’t ask, just meant we didn’t waste another 0.5pt.

We made a loss during the review of 12.74pts but you need to take into account your subscription as well which was £89.85.
So even if only using £10 per pt that’s £127.40 + £89.85 = £217.25 lost.

As I said a dismal effort.
They talk about making on average £350 every weekend, I don’t know what service they are using but its not this one.
The cost is £29.95 per month, do yourself a big favour and keep your money in your pocket and don’t waste it on this.


Tuesday 27th May

Another week and another losing week with 4 bets and just the one winner.

Real Madrid to win @ 1.05 Lost loss 1pt
QPR to win @ 3.4 Won profit 2.4pts
Hibernian to Win @ 2 Lost loss 1pt
Ireland to win @ 2.7 Lost loss 1pt

There was no Acca advised and that seems to have disappeared at the moment.
I don’t really see any point in carrying on with this and will put up my final thoughts a little later.

A loss of 0.6pts for the weekend but only for QPR scoring in the last minute after being hammered and down to 10 men it would have been a total washout.
Bank 87.26pts
Running Total -12.74pts

Monday 19th May

Arsenal to win @ 1.5 Lost loss 1pt
Valencia to win @ 1.83 Won profit 0.83pts
Almeria to win @ 2.3 Lost loss 1pt
Juventus & Napoli win double @ 1.66 Won profit 0.66pts

Another losing week with a small 0.51pts lost
Bank 87.86pts
Running Total -12.14pts

Monday 12th May

Leverkusen & Schalke win double @ 1.72 Won 0.72pts profit
Mainz to win @ 1.85 Won 0.85pts profit
Lyon to win @ 1.61 Lost loss 1pt
Ath Madrid & Ath Bilbao win double @ 2.2 Lost loss 1pt
Man City & Liverpool win double @ 1.53 Won 0.53pts profit
Sunderland to win @ 2.3 Lost loss 1pt
Spurs to win @ 1.53 Won 0.53pts profit

A loss of 0.37pts
Bank 88.37pts
Running Total -11.63pts

Wednesday 7th May

Sorry I am late with this but not had any internet for a few days and to be honest you havent missed much as this service is proving to be very disappointing.

Here are the bets for the weekend.

Man Utd & Celtic win double @ 2
Lost loss 1pt
Dortmund & Bayern Munich win double @ 2 Won profit 1pt
Chelsea % Arsenal win double @ 1.66 Lost loss 1pt
0.5pt win Acca Lost loss 0.5pts

A loss of 1.5pts for the weekend
Bank 88.74pts
Running Total -11.26pts

Sunday 27th April

Another weekend of bets and another disappointing one.

Man Utd & Rangers
win double @ 1.8 Won profit 0.8pts
Stoke to win @ 3.2 Lost loss 1pt
Fulham to win @ 2.3 Lost loss 1pt
Liverpool to win @ 1.72 Lost loss 1pt
Man City to win @ 1.45 Won profit 0.45pts
Sunderland to win @ 1.95 Won profit 0.95pts

Again no Acca advised.

Loss for the weekend 0.8pts
Its not a big loss but we are consistently losing each week
Bank 90.24pts
Running Total -9.76pts

Sunday 20th April

Here are the bets for the weekend

Wigan to win @ 1.95 Won profit 0.95pts
Blackburn to win @ 1.66 Lost loss 1pt
Chesterfield to win @ 1.66 Lost loss 1pt
Chelses & Spurs a win double @ 1.9 Lost loss 1pt
Cardiff to win @ 2.5 Lost loss 1pt
Man Utd to win @ 3 Lost loss 1pt

A pretty dismal week and there doesnt seem to be any sign of improvement at the moment.

A loss of 4.05pts
Bank 91.04pts
Running Total -8.96pts

Sunday 13th April

Here are this weekends bets

Crystal Pal to win @ 2.15 Won profit 1.15pts
Southampton to win @ 1.53 Lost loss 1pt
Burnley to win @ 1.9 Lost loss 1pt
Derby to win @ 1.72 Won profit 0.72pts
Hull City to win @ 1.72 Won profit 0.72pts
1/2pt Acca Lost loss 0.5pt

A profit of 0.09pts

Bank 95.09pts
Running Total -4.91pts

Sunday 6th April

Here is the weekends bets

Man Utd to win @ 2 Won profit 1pt
Man City & Chelsea win double @ 1.8 Won profit 0.8pts
Chesterfield to win @ 1.72 Lost loss 1pt
Fiorentina to win @ 1.72 Won profit 0.72pts
St Etienne @ 1.57 Lost loss 1pt
1/2pt win acca Lost loss 1/2pt

Pretty much break even with a 0.02pts profit
Bank 95pts
Running Total -5pts

Sunday 30th March

Here is this weekends bets

Celtic & Rangers to win double @ 1.53 Lost loss 1pt
Man City to win @ 2.4 Lost loss 1pt
Derby to win @ 1.62 Won profit 0.62pts
Rochdale to win @ 2.875 Lost loss 1pt
Liverpool to win @ 1.72 Won profit 0.72pts
1/2pt win Acca Lost loss 0.5pts

Another losing week and its becoming a habit as we havent had a winning week yet.
A loss of 2.16pts for the weekend

Bank 94.98pts
Running Total -5.02pts

Sunday 23rd March

Here are the advised bets for the weekend

Man City & Liverpool win double @ 1.61 Won profit 0.61pts
Hull to win @ 2.25 Won profit 1.25pts
Schalke to win @ 1.44 Won profit 0.44pts
Aston Villa to win @ 2.2 Lost loss 1pt
Inter Milan to win @ 1.53 Lost loss 1pt
Also a 1/2pt win acca Lost loss 1/2pt

A small loss of 0.2pts for the weekend

Bank 97.14pts
Running Total -2.86pts

A slow start for the trial and hopefully we will hit an acca next weekend

Sunday 16th March

Here are the bets for this weekend

Stoke to win @ 2.3 Won profit 1.3pts
Swansea to win @ 1.95 Lost loss 1pts
Southampton to win @ 1.62 Won profit 0.62
Newcastle to win @ 2.63 Lost loss 1pt
Man City & Chelsea to win Double @ 2.50 Lost loss 1pt
Arsenal to win @ 2.5 Won profit 1.5pts

Also 1/2pt win Acca on all Lost Loss 0.5pts

A very small loss of 0.08pts

Bank 97.34pts
Running Total -2.66pts

Sunday 9th March

Ok I recieved the email with the bets in plenty of time on Saturday morning, and here is what was advised.

Chelsea to win @ 1.62 WON profit 0.62pts
Derby to win @ 1.62 Lost loss 1pt
Leeds to win @ 2.4 Lost loss 1pt
Dunfermline to win @ 1.62 Lost loss 1pt
Sheff Utd to win @ 2.3 WON profit 1.3pts
Lazio to win @ 1.66 Lost loss 1pt
Also a 1/2pt acca Lost loss 0.5pts

Not a great start and a loss of 2.58pts
I am going to start with a 100pt bank and see how we get on.

Bank 97.42pts
Running Total -2.58pts


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