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Product Name:

Vision Racing

Company Name & Contact Details:

Betting Gods Malta Ltd
Level 5, The Quay
Portomaso Marina
STJ 4015


There are monthly, quarterly and annual plans available

The monthly fee is £39 plus VAT where applicable (total of £46.80).

The quarterly cost is £99 plus VAT (£118.80), a saving of 15% over three individual months.

The annual subscription costs £399 plus VAT (£478.80), this is a saving of around 15% over twelve individual monthly payments, but actually £3 more expensive than four quarterly payments!

There is a seven-day trial available for £1 (plus the dreaded VAT where applicable!).

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes. 100% guaranteed refund within the first 30 days.

What Do You Get?

Daily win and each-way singles on British and Irish racing, delivered between 07:00 and 09:00 on the morning of racing.

Where to Buy:

Vision Racing

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

This service recommends a 200-point starting bank.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The Betting Gods’ webpage for Vision Racing shows average monthly profits of £132.86 to £10 stakes. The return on investment is around 18%.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

With no complicated staking plans and just win and each-way singles to deal with, it is a matter of a few minutes each morning when the selections are received. There are generally one to three tips per day although there can be days with no tips and other days with significantly more.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

To ensure you maximise the chances of getting the best prices more often, a laptop, PC, tablet or mobile device with internet connectivity and access to a range of bookmaker accounts is recommended.

Value for Money?

This will wait until the end of the review period before getting a comment. Despite a losing start to the review, Vision Racing ended the three months with a decent profit and a net return on investment (ROI) of around 20% (depending on stake per point level). Overall I have seen plenty to suggest there is value for money in this service.

Quality of Customer Service?

Has the backing of the established Betting Gods platform and all of my communication has been answered quickly and efficiently. There is a “live chat” option for contacting them as well. The Betting Gods app is also very useful for ensuring you don’t miss tips or get them late through e-mail delays.


Vision Racing has been active since October 2018, although it only joined the Betting Gods platform in July 2019.

This service doesn’t back favourites, focusing instead on finding value at longer odds. The average odds of selections is around 17/2. This does mean a lower strike rate than many services, with around 15% being its norm. This can mean longer losing runs and as a result the starting bank recommended for Vision Racing is 200-points.

Selections are sent on the morning of racing between 07:00 and 09:00. The daily email is in the standard Betting Gods format and as such is clear and easy to follow. As well as the bet information – race details, selection, bet type, stake, advised odds and bookmakers with the advised prices – there is a short summary of performance for the current month, current year and lifetime at the bottom of the email.

Two or three selections per day is the standard but there can be days with no bets and others with significantly more. The stake per bet is usually one point to win or half-a-point each-way, but there are half-point win bets and one-point each-way tips too. An occasional two-point win or two-points each way may be recommended but these are few and far between.

As well as via the daily email, the selections are available in the members’ area of the web site and on the Betting Gods app. Membership of any of the Betting Gods services gains you access to their private Mastermind group on Facebook.

The Betting Gods’ webpage for Vision Racing shows average monthly profits of 13.28 points since October 2018 at an ROI of 18.38%.

Results – Month 1 (10th July to 9th August 2019)

A difficult start to the review with a loss of 23.9 points in the first month.

As I said in the review, losing runs will be a feature of this type of service where the average odds are close to 10/1 (10.32 this month). This month we saw sequences of 12 and 13 (twice). The second run was unbroken at the end of the month but did include one small placed return.

There was a period in the middle of the month when we saw six winners and a place from 22 bets, including two 10/1 winners, one staked at one-point to win and the other at half-a-point. The overall win strike rate was just 8 winners from 82 runners (9.76%), and the average odds of the winning selections were a shade under 6/1 at 6.94.

Despite the difficult start this still only represents an 11.95% drawdown on the bank.

Results – Month 2 (10th August to 9th September 2019)

This month provided the perfect riposte to the loss in Month 1 with a stonking profit of 78.78 points to just one-point and half-point stakes. This more than eradicated the loss brought forward and left us with a surplus of 54.88 points after two months.

The month really took off in the last five days with nine winners from 20 selections. On 7th September alone there were five winners from seven selections, with the winning odds that day ranging from 5/1 (twice) to 16/1 (twice) which conspired to deliver a single day profit of 33.5 points.

We still saw a couple of losing sequences of 12 this month, which is unsurprising given that the average odds of all selections was actually 1.5 points higher than the previous month at 11.82 (just under 11/1). The average odds of the winning selections was just shy of 10/1 (10.95), around four-points higher than last month, and was a major contributor to the profit level. The odds were compounded by the increased strike rate of 22.22%.

There were two consecutive days in the period which deviated from the standard win or each-way singles, both days providing permed trebles, with four selections to win on the first day and five each-way on the second.  This approach failed to pay off though with not a single treble landed across the two days.

The return on investment (ROI) this month was an impressive 79.98%, which now means we have a return of 29.66% across both months. Once you take the cost of two month’s membership into account the net ROI becomes 23.42% at £10 per point stakes or 28.37% at £50 per point.

Results – Month 3 (10th September to 9th October 2019)

Although not hitting the high of last month, there was still further profit added to the pot in the final month of the review. The 6.25 points gain this month took the overall profit for three months to 61.13 points, a monthly average of over 20-points, which is well ahead of the historic average shown on the Betting Gods website.

Although both the strike rate (11.29%) and average odds of winning selections (c.9/1) were well below last month’s, they were still ahead of Month 1 and good enough for a small profit. The review ended with an overall strike rate of 14.96% and average odds of winning selections of 9.83 (just under 9/1), this compared to an average of 10.88 (getting on for 10/1) for all selections.

This month returned to just win and each-way singles, with three winners at double digit odds. Both Markazi and Sir Busker won at 11/1, whilst Spanish Star was a 20/1 winner backed each-way.

The return on investment (ROI) this month was 9.47%, whilst the return for the review as a whole was an impressive 24.35%. After deducting the cost of three monthly subscriptions the net ROI was 17.77% at £10 per point stake and 22.98% at £50 per point.

Summary at End of Month 1

A difficult start despite some nice winners and a purple patch mid-month. However, we never draw a conclusion on one month and we wait and see what the next two months bring.

Summary at End of Month 2

This month provided a perfect example of why we don’t set too much store on a single month’s results. A profit of 78.78 points providing the perfect comeback from last month.

Summary at End of Month 3

A very satisfactory review which shows the type of profile you can expect from a service operating at average odds around 10/1.


A full breakdown of the results for the review are available here.


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