These Two Shouldn’t Mix

| June 4, 2019 | Reply

Hyperdrive – a method of travelling faster than light in science fiction.

Hyperloop – a proposed method of transport whereby a vehicle travels in a vacuum free of air resistance or friction at very high speeds.

Hyperbet – a non-sci-fi, non-futuristic way of betting that exists today and can bag £8,180 in little more than sixty seconds.

I’ve never been the biggest science fiction fan. I’m fine with both sci and fi, in much the same way as I’m fine with both beer and crunchy nut cornflakes.

Just don’t mix them.

I remember watching some sci-fi cobblers once (I forget exactly what) about parallel universes, and how, for the purposes of what passed for that episode’s storyline, there were an infinite number of them.

As if that wasn’t silly enough, they compounded the ridiculousness by saying that meant every conceivable permutation of people, events and actions were being played out somewhere in one of these universes.

A couple of points.

First, they could have just left it at saying there were infinite parallel universes. They didn’t have to say that meant every conceivable possible universe existed.

Some infinities are bigger than others.

To see why, imagine you started counting from one and never stopped. You’d never reach the end – there would be an infinite number of numbers you could say.

Now imagine instead you did the same thing, but you only said the odd numbers. The list would still be infinitely long, but would be half as long as the first list because you’re missing out every other number.

So that’s the first thing that got on my tits about that sci-fi programme.

The second was the idea that anything you could conceive of is actually happening in a parallel universe somewhere.

It’s just bizarre.

It would mean that somewhere there’s a universe where every single thing has happened exactly as it has in ours, except in that one you’re about to make an obscene phone call to the first person on your contacts list for no reason whatsoever.

While in another, you decide – again for no reason – to walk backwards to Buckingham Palace. And they let you in, just because you’re wearing a hat they like.

I won’t cover the other potential universes, there’s too many of them. But you get the idea.

Along with sci fi, I also struggle to give the remotest toss about fantasy. People at work have this week been all aquiver about the last episode of Throne Games.

I’m not au fait with the characters or the story, but from what I could glean from a chat i overhead the other day there was a rumour that Channel 4 news presenter Jon Snow would be the winner.

Which would be a hell of a twist in any drama.

Perhaps H in Line of Duty is Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

I suppose, in a parallel universe somewhere, he is.

Also in a parallel universe there’s a version of you who’s making good money on the side by doing hyperbets.

But just in case there isn’t, why not make that happen in this universe.

This will tell you what you need to do and how much you could make.


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