Turn £10 Into £100 In 10 Simple Steps

| February 12, 2013 | 79 Replies

Yes, that’s right, it’s back!

For the uninitiated the mission, should you choose to accept it, is to turn £10 into £100 in ten simple steps…

To do this we’ll be placing our cash on an exceptionally strong bet each day and rolling it over so, for example…

Day One – Man United to beat Reading – £10 wins £12.50…

Day Two – Andy Murray to beat Richard Gasquet – £12.50 wins £17.

The ultimate idea is that even though the bets are extremely strong and very likely to win, we can still get to £100 in no more than ten steps and all we’ll ever really be risking is that initial tenner.

I’m actually away in Cardiff next week, so this strikes me as the perfect time to get an attempt underway as, while I’ll have limited access to emails, I will be able to post selections on this site.

The first selection is below and I’ll aim to get all future selections up by noon each day, with plenty of time to get the bets on.

So, let’s do this!

Visit this page at noon for the next 10 or so days (if the first attempt goes wrong early I might have another crack) and hopefully by the end of next week we’ll all be a hundred quid better off…

And, of course, if you have any questions, comments, queries or suggestions, do let me know by posting below.

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Attempt One

Day One (Weds 30th Jan)

Football – Scottish Premier League – Celtic to beat Kilmarnock – 2/9 available generally – £10

Day Two

Snooker – German Masters – 14:00 – Mark Selby to beat Joe Perry – 1/3 with Sporting Bet or Betfair – £12.22

Day Three

There is nothing I fancy today so we’ll move Day Three to tomorrow with the following bet…

Football – Saturday 15:00 – DOUBLE Chelsea or Draw in the Double Chance market vs. Newcastle AND Tranmere or Draw in the Double Chance market vs. Carlisle – 8/13 with Coral or Sky Bet – £16.29

Just to be clear, this bet will win providing neither Chelsea or Tranmere lose. If you are not sure how to place it, please let me know in the comments section below. This is NOT a bet on both teams to win only.

Attempt Two

Day One

Football – 19:45 – League Two – Gillingham to beat Wycombe – 4/6 with Coral – £10

Attempt Three

Day One (Tues 12th Feb)

Football – 19:45 – League One – Yeovil to beat Preston – 6/5 available generally – £10

BANK £10

Day Two

Snooker (Welsh Open) – 15:00 – Mark Selby to beat Joe Perry – 10/29 with Pinnacle or 3/10 with Coral – £12


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Comments (79)

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  1. cqw51l says:

    yeah i will come along for the ride,for a bit of fun.First bet on.be lucky all that take part.

  2. Peter Inwood says:

    I thought this was called “turn £10 into £0” last time?! 🙂
    Only joking Matt, happy to give it another go.

  3. cqw51l says:

    well thats a improvemnet a? 9 to go.well done

  4. Sorry about the short notice today. If you miss the selection (starts at 2pm) just wait for tomorrow’s and treat that as Day Two.

  5. libertine30 says:

    Good choice with Selby i had already put the winnings on him before the post. Decent price as well when you consider his class and although Perry can put up a solid performance sometimes i think the pressure gets to him. Selby is in another league.

    Started the same thing with £5 doubles bet yesterday had Celtic and Man Utd.
    Today i have Selby and Leicester City.

    Cannot see anything else other than a home win. Wolves have scored only 3 in their last 5, losing 4 and drawing 1. Leicester have been banging goals in for fun, 14 in their last 5, winning 4 and drawing 1, with 3 clean sheets in the process and only conceeding 2. I dont think their draw with Huddersfield really gives a good reflection, plus it was away in the FA cup. I think a comfortable 2-0 is on the cards.

  6. cqw51l says:

    no nothing about snooker,but ha-ho in for a penny and all that.good luck.

  7. libertine30 says:

    True,i wouldn`t have posted it here for your 10-100 as Selby is (touchwood) almost a certainty. And there would be a lynching if it doesnt come in. But for me when combined with Selby, Leicester does represent reasonable value.

    Game on Selby!

  8. libertine30 says:

    Selby looking good, cueing spot on and zipping round the table. 2-0 up already. Perry had a chance but missed an easy one. his confidence will be shot. Selbys for the taking.

    cqw51 stick it on and learn 😉 – eurosport

  9. libertine30 says:

    BOOM! 2/2

  10. cqw51l says:

    ha ha no ta libertine i punt on footy,dogs,horses,even tennis and golf but not snooker i admire the skill involved but i just cant get excited about it.Anyway what happened????
    I did back leicester last night on a seperate bet but blimey they made me sweat.wolves looked decent and didnt deserve to lose really.

  11. libertine30 says:

    check ur balance 🙂 Selby won 5-2 easy win overall, but Perry did have his chances.
    Yeah when it was 1-0 i thought it was plain sailing then wolves were banging on the door, when it got to 2-1 thought it would finish 2-2 . But it didnt so all good!

  12. jonjoe says:

    Hi Matt understand the bet not shore how to place it

  13. nuttyneil1 says:

    I have a betfair account. I can see the double chance bets, but cannot see how to put these in a double. Not sure if this is how you meant the bet to be placed. Please help

  14. bovler says:

    Hi Mat,

    am on Betfair too – is it possible?



  15. gilly1965 says:

    Hi Matt,
    Please bare with me as I’m new to Sports Betting and only recently signed up. (lots to take in!)
    I’m afraid I’m struggling with day 3 bet. I’m not sure how to place a bet in the double market section. I’ve gone on to Sky Bet and found newcastle v Chelsea match (Currently Newcastle 3/1 Draw 5/2 Chelsea 10/11) I can’t find the other match listed? Can’t find a Double option anywhere either?
    Any help for a newbie, in laymans terms would be much appreciated.
    kind regards

    • thedeerstalker says:

      A double can be placed once you have clicked on the individual bets to put them on your bet slip. You don’t need to place money on these individual bets but below should be ‘Double’ under ‘Multiples’ – put your stake in there

  16. thedeerstalker says:

    Hi – ok, I’m think and need a helping hand. If we place these as a double and one fails, the whole bet fails. So do we place these as two separate bets or….?

  17. Just off for a game of football but if you hold off placing the bet for a couple of hours I’ll explain it in more detail at about 3pm. The games aren’t till tomorrow anyway, so no rush.

  18. johnye_pt says:

    Betfair lists both games but doesn’t allow multiple (odds were not that good anyway), so I used Bet365 and got 1.564 odds.

    For those in doubt:
    – in Newcastle vs Chelsea select “Draw or Away” or “Draw or Chelsea”
    – in Tranmere vs Carlisle select “Home or Draw” or “Tranmere or Draw”
    – bet in a double of both bets

    To win the bet, Chelsea and Tranmere must win or draw.

  19. cqw51l says:

    good stuff 2 outa 2,this next one is a tad brave.but im on it.be lucky everybody.

  20. cqw51l says:

    forgot to say yeah 1.56 on Bet365,best i could find.Dont have this option on betbutler which is a shame.

  21. Thanks johnye_pt. Think that pretty much covers it.

    You can’t place this bet on Betfair but normal bookies should accept it and it should be placed as a double and NOT two singles.

    It is a wee bit brave but you tend to need a couple of slightly bigger odds bets during the sequence and we’ve got the draw cover on both games so I’m confident. Chelsea are actually yet to lose an away game under Benitez.

  22. To find the market on Sky Bet you need to click the All Bets tab next to the relevant match (this will say something like +56) then scroll down to Double Chance under the Full Time subhead.

  23. higgytip says:

    Hello, I am unitiated. Seemed to have managed to select the bet but cant see where to put the money, it quadrupled the amount I put in so I am a bit stuck. On sky bet site

  24. You just have to enter your stake in the box marked double. If that is quadrupling it then it sounds like you have made four selections – it should be two.

    You don’t back Chelsea and the draw seperately (or Tranmere and the draw) you have to go to the section that says Double Chance and there will be one individual selection that says Chelsea or Draw.

  25. libertine30 says:

    1.61 on coral

  26. libertine30 says:

    woops just noticed you have already posted that:)

  27. cqw51l says:

    1.61 at coral,bugger!!!!!

  28. libertine30 says:

    looks tranmere have their work cut out, anyone know what the red was for? got the 6 nations on!

  29. johnye_pt says:

    Oh, well… at least it got further than the previous attempts :/

  30. hstedham says:

    I didn’t do this football double as Newcastle have been buyimg recently and You don’t know which Chelsea team will turn up. I thought the odds on Chelsea were too low .

  31. eastendanto says:

    couldn’t get in on the accumulator bet yesterday due to Internet problems in my neck of the woods. So today put my accumulated winnings on San Francisco 49’ers to win Superbowl…

    Come on the 49’ers….

  32. stevepoo says:

    Think the daily pre-xmas tips made it quite clear that a winning sequence is highly unlikely. Your Goal-Den formula system certainly got the thumbs and is working very nicely in the leagues I have applied it to, great site and content you have here too but maybe time to leave the tipping alone or put up a wealth warning notice!

  33. GillieMcB says:

    What a shame – guess will just have to start again. Seems to be the story of my life at the moment. Just as well there is not a premium on fresh starts!

  34. Never mind! I’ll have another crack starting tomorrow for those who are interested…

  35. jimaldiniho says:

    I piled the Celtic bet in with Man Utd as a double, forgot Day Two, didn’t fancy Day Three (just as well) and have put a treble on today. Fingers crossed. Hope to be up to £40+.

  36. cqw51l says:

    So we doing this thing again or what???
    nice little win on wycombe tonight at big price so im all set for another go if you doing it again Matt.

  37. GillieMcB says:

    Ooops! I have always believed inthe adage “third time lucky”. Don’t let the blighters get you down Matt.

  38. johnye_pt says:

    Why not do it another way? Instead of betting on a match with the accumulated bet+profit, why not using only the accumulated profit? The earnings may be smaller but we will only risk our investment in the first bet. For it to work best, it would need some good odds on the first bet, though.

    Let me show you what I mean with numbers, using average odds of 1.26:

    1st bet £10.00 @ 1.26 = £12.60
    2nd bet £12.60 @ 1.26 = £15.88
    3rd bet £15.88 @ 1.26 = £20.00

    10th bet £80.05 @ 1.26 = £100.86

    If we only use the profit from the first bet:

    1st bet £10.00 @ 1.26 = £2.60 (only the profit)
    2nd bet £2.60 @ 1.26 = £3.28
    3rd bet £3.28 @ 1.26 = £4.13

    10th bet £16.52 @ 1.26 = £20.81

    If we only use the profit from the first bet AND start with bigger odds:

    1st bet £10.00 @ 1.50 = £5.00 (only the profit)
    2nd bet £5.00 @ 1.26 = £6.30
    3rd bet £6.30 @ 1.26 = £7.94

    10th bet £31.76 @ 1.26 = £40.02

    Using the last method, if the first bet has odds of 2.25, the remaining 9 bets with average odds of 1.26 will give us a profit of £100.06. Now ain’t that better? 🙂

  39. jimaldiniho says:

    I’m up for that johnye_pt. Looks positive and is simple. All sports though have their flaws and you can only hope and pray.

    • CY_Boaby says:

      I’ll second that, johnye_pt. I’m a more cautious (some may say boring) bettor. Anyone got a good tip to start it off. International football is usually really predictable, but friendlies can be a betting nightmare.

      But there’s plenty other sports out there…

  40. cqw51l says:

    Hi Guys

    yeah good call john im up for it so where we gona start then??????
    Tonight i think belgium are a reasonable safe punt 1.57 or double it up with portugal and that pays out 2.2.
    But as said friendlies are dodgy.
    Anyone else got a idea to kick this off???????


    • johnye_pt says:

      Matt said it was going to give it another crack “tomorrow” (whenever that is eheheh).

      We should find a bet with odds somewhere around 2.00 and a very good chance of success. I think that means friendlies are out of the question… Don’t know why but I always avoid backing Portugal. Even if it is my country, it was one of the two matches that spoiled the last Acca…

  41. superiggy says:

    Am I being a bit thick, or blind, here Matt?? The only fixtures I can see for tonight are international friendlies. When do Gillingham play Wycombe??

    • superiggy says:

      Whoops, sorry, ignore last comment. Just searched for previous results and saw that they played on Monday (just as well I missed this one). On to attempt 3 please!!

  42. Sorry about the absence – I needed a break!

    May have another go at this later in the week using johnye_pt’s method if people are interested.

  43. GillieMcB says:

    Yes indeed – impressed by johnye_pt’s method, makes a lot of sense. Looking forward to putting it into practice.

  44. Ok, new start posted and I’ve taken johnye_pt’s route so it’s by no means a gimme but if Yeovil do win, we’ll have recouped our stake and made the process risk free already.

    If you fancy something slightly les risky, then I also fancy Hartlepool and Hull tonight at odds just shy of evens. I’ll be having a treble too.

  45. johnye_pt says:

    Let’s hope my suggestion pays out, so I’m betting too. Good luck with the treble, Matt 😉

  46. MyMateToldMe says:

    I saw this post well late. I got on the Yeovil win after 50 minutes at 7’s on betfair. Just traded for £52 profit. Half way to the hundred, happy days. Did lose a £5 free in play bet on Celtic (but you can’t win them all).

  47. Not a bad start that. Can’t lose any cash this time at least!

  48. Hooloovoo says:

    Hi Matt,

    Excuse my ignorance (I’m a newbie) but I just made £11 profit on the first bet with a £10 stake (Thanks BTW!) So, when you say “Can’t lose any cash” should I take that to mean that I should carry over my profit to the next bet, not my initial investment (i.e. Bet 2 will be a stake of £11 not £21)?


    • johnye_pt says:

      The initial idea was compound betting, meaning we would take the profit plus the initial bet and bet it all on the second bet and so on.

      This time around we save the initial investment (£10) and only bet the profit (£11), if the next bet works in our favor, THEN we will bet the £11 plus the profit. If it doesn’t, no harm done.

      MyMateToldMe nice one, if we guessed Preston would score first, we would all have done the same 🙂 You can now take £10 and follow Matt’s tips or take the plunge and use it all at once… or not!

  49. libertine30 says:

    selby is a machine and against perry again too, a comfortable 4-1 victory on the cards. nice choice.

  50. libertine30 says:

    yup doubled him with stuart bingham, lots of easy pickings in the snooker qualifiers and 1st round matches

  51. libertine30 says:

    selby is taking a bung here lol. he just doesnt miss shots like those!

  52. johnye_pt says:

    Darn I wasn’t expecting a bet until later in the day, I’ll try to refresh more often next time.

  53. libertine30 says:

    probably worked out for you. selby lost!

  54. Hooloovoo says:

    Glad I missed that one, just got home from work!

  55. Well nothing lost for those who didn’t miss it anyway! Strange old result.

  56. libertine30 says:

    huge upset, he was my banker in 3 accys as well as a big double. big dent to the bankroll! the form hes been in recently and also his ability makes the 4-0 defeat a tough pill to swallow. totally against the grain. anyway onwards and upwards fellow bettors!

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