Top Dogs

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Product Name:

Top Dogs

Company Name & Contact Details:

Winning Online
Steve Clark


£47 per month

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes, a 100% refund guarantee during the first 30 days.

What Do You Get?

Daily greyhound selections (although whether or not there are selections each day is dependent on the opportunities available) delivered by e-mail and text if opted in.

Where to Buy:

Top Dogs

Brief Summary:

Specialist greyhound service focussing on Open races and win only selections. Tips are sent daily when qualifying selections are found. Two separate experts – “The Inside Man” and “The Dog Scientist” – contribute to the selections. Launched in November last year the service has delivered five winning months from six so far, with the only losing month being a tiny 1.31 points loss.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A starting bank of 25 points is recommended in the welcome e-mail.

How Much Money Can I Make?

No specific claims made. Since its launch in November 2017 the service has delivered an average of just over eight points profit per month.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Minutes daily when the tips are received.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

Internet connection with mobile device, laptop or PC, and access to online bookmakers.

Value for Money?

Too early to say, we will wait for the rest of the review period before offering an opinion.

Quality of Customer Service?

Not tested. However, Steve states, “I’m a big believer in always being around to provide you with all the help, advice or any sort of support you might need”, and he backs this up by providing his mobile number to members alongside the e-mail contact details.


Just six months into its life, Top Dogs is another greyhound tipping service showing significant promise. With five winning months from six between November 2017 and April 2018 and an average monthly profit of just over eight points, the signs are certainly encouraging. Unfortunately, the first month of our review has shown a small loss (see results section below), but nothing that suggests the historic results are not accurate and achievable.

The service is run by Steve Clark from Winning Online and uses the skills of two greyhound tipping experts, referred to as “The Inside Man” and “The Dog Scientist”. They both focus only on Open class races and recommend win only selections.

With the quantity of greyhound racing in the UK there is the possibility of tips every day. However, in reality we have been seeing an average of 20-25 tips per month. Herein lies one of my bugbears with some services. Tips are not sent at any specific time of the day and can fluctuate wildly given that there can be morning, afternoon and evening meetings on the same day, but there is not a “No Bet Today” message sent out on days when there is no selection. Whilst I can acknowledge there is a cost implication for the service in sending out “unnecessary” e-mails and texts, from a customer service point of view it can be very frustrating for members not to know if there is no tip or they haven’t received it for some reason. This week Steve ended up having to send an e-mail in response to messages he had received from members because it was a very quiet week and there were several consecutive days with no selections.

There is the option to register for text alerts alongside the e-mails.

The e-mails themselves contain the name of the expert providing the tip, the track, race time, trap number, dog name, stake and a link to Oddschecker for that race. The Oddschecker link is provided to enable the best odds to be secured for each selection. No advised odds are given, and we have recorded results to the best price available at the time the selections are posted.

Stakes range from one to five points per selection. “The Inside Man” uses just one or two-point bets and “The Dog Scientist” uses one to three point stakes. However, there are occasions when both experts select the same dog and in this instance their recommended stakes are added together, hence the possibility of a five-point maximum bet.


Results – Month 1 (9th April to 8th May 2018)

After starting the trial with two consecutive winners, which became four winners in the first six selections and then 11 winners from 20, a run of five consecutive losers (including a five-point maximum bet) put the brakes on what was panning out to be an excellent month. From a profit of 6.18 points after 20 selections, the month ended with a loss of 6.87 points as 13 points were lost in the final nine selections of the period.

The 55% strike rate after 20 selections was bang in line with the historic results and pointed towards a profitable month. However, the final strike rate of 44.83% was around 10% down on the norm for this service, and at average odds of just under 2.25 (5/4) that has a significant impact on the profit, especially when combined with the maximum bet loss.

The longest losing streak in the month was the five selections referred to above, against this there was a run of three consecutive winning selections in the middle of the period.

Summary at end of Month 1

Although we recorded a loss for the first month of the review period, there were enough signs to suggest that this can be turned around in the remaining two months to a level consistent with the historic results.

You can see the full breakdown of results for the first month here.



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