The Weekly Updates 2014/15

| December 9, 2014 | 40 Replies


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Category: Selection Archive

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  1. Frances Baldwin says:

    I am really pleased I joined The Network even though I know absolutely nothing about the game or the teams. I just read through Richie’s value tips for the Liverpool v Leicester game on New Years Day, and there were some phrases that I truly didn’t understand such as “box to box” and “I’m with the dog” I know that most of The Network’s members will be avid footy fans, but please spare a thought for those of us who are not familiar with the finer points of the game or the terminology used to describe it. No criticism is intended – many thanks

    • Hi Frances,

      I’ll do my best to ensure there isn’t too much jargon but if there’s anything specific you’re not sure of let me know and I’ll explain it for you.

      ‘The dog’ is just another way of saying the underdog.


  2. Harley Cann says:

    do we receive the tips by email? dont think i have received any yet… however I may of deleted it by mistake over this busy period!!

  3. jamesphuc says:

    Hi Matt,

    1. I just got offer from “Machine Gun Lays” which is a laying service on horses. They claim to have success rate of 92% consistently.

    Do you know about it? How reliable is it? Please advise your opinions.

    2. About the football lay service that you sent me before end of dec, 2014, which said that the service has been making profits over last 5 years, I would like to know some more information such as:

    aaa. Any losing month so far?

    bbb. How many points could it make per month on the average?

    ccc. Any martingale betting stakes after a loss to recover the past loss? Or is it a fixed 1 point betting stake per bet?

    What is the highest odd? if we lay the strong football team to lose?

    ddd. What are the longest losing streaks versus longest winning streaks?

    eee. With starting 1k pounds, and over the last 5 years, it could have increased to over 70k pounds sounds great, but so, how many R.O.I could this service make per year? and per month? on the average?

    If possible, can have the excel file of the past results to analyze further?

    My email is:

    I am waiting for your prompt and detailed explanations asap.

    Thanks a lot

    James Phuc

  4. jamesphuc says:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I am waiting for your email soon.

    It is from Jim Nedel, right?

    I checked the link you sent again, and noticed that the only payment method is DIRECT DEBIT?

    Why doesn’t he offer another payment method via Credit cards (Visa debit and Mastercard debit) which are very commonly used by all of us around the world?

    My country / Vietnam does not allow DIRECT PAYMENT, or Bank Transfer, or Bank wire.

    The only payment methods I can do is via paypal or via credit card directly.

    Hope the author considers to have more payment alternatives for more people in asian countries to be able to join his service in future.

    Thanks and regards,

    James Phuc

  5. jamesphuc says:

    Dear Matt,

    I basically stutied your excel file to see the performance of Lay Profit Hunter of Jim Nedel. There are still some questions I would like to ask as follows:

    1. Why in 2009 – 2012, I saw the % stake per bet is 10%, but for 2013 and 2014, it was reduced down to 1% most of the cases, and sometimes, 2% stake?

    What are the main reasons for such big reduction of % stake when he can have high % strike rate?

    2. He only only gives tips on football, but also on many other sports such as: Tennis, NFL, Tournament, etc. I noticed many of these games, the losses were quite big. Maybe because he is not expert at these sports?

    3. I also saw many times, there are big losses due to High odds over 10. This dramatically cause big drawdown of the betting account.

    4. From what I noticed, the results are as follows:

    aaa. From June 13, 2009 to March 16, 2010 : 1k Pounds starting down to 786.97 Pounds. So, 8 months with no profit.

    bbb. From March 16 to April 15, 2010 : back to 1,019.97 Pounds : BREAKEVEN.

    ccc. From April 15 to December 30, 2010: from 1,019.97 Pounds increased to 5,308.70 Pounds: Very impressive results here.

    ddd. Dec 30, 2010 to June 30, 2011: From 5,308.70 Pounds increased to 27,638.16 Pounds: Extremely good results.

    eee. June 30, 2011 to December 31, 2011: From 27,638.16 pounds increased to 57,079 pounds: Very impressive results.

    fff. December 31, 2011 to December 31, 2012: From 57,079 pounds increased to 61,160 pounds: Even though still making profits for whole year, but only 4k pounds per 12 months.

    ggg. December 31, 2012 to December 31, 2013: From 61,160 pounds increased to 67,704 pounds: around 6.5k pounds profit for 12 months.

    hhh. December 31, 2013 to November 30, 2014: From 67,704 pounds increased to 70,605 pounds: around 3k pounds profits in 11 months.

    Hope you can explain for my better understanding.

    Thanks and regards,

    James Phuc

  6. Vincent Cox says:

    Hi Mat, can you please explain what a +1 Asian handicap is please or point me to a link that explains things in plain English

  7. Ian Pretty says:

    2 out of 2 ? The email just had one tip Granada vs A Bilbao which won. Have I missed something ?

  8. Ian Pretty says:

    Forget that last comment – Southampton last Tuesday of course !!

  9. Ian Pretty says:

    Would appreciate a comment on the stakes used for the Goal-Den Formula. This week recommends a point per bet, including the multiple, an outlay of four points. That will only show a profit if all three single bets come up. Two out of three will leave us slightly down. Would it be better to structure the points to leave us with a guaranteed profit if two of the match bets come up. You obviously have your reasons for recommending a straight point per bet but there is no safety net. I personally prefer a more cautious approach with an overall profit for two out of three even though the profit for three out of three would be less.

    • Hi Ian,

      Quite simply, it’s always been that way ever since I started using the system in January 2011.

      The multiple side of the system has always been profitable (both in testing and since) so I decided that two to four selections would be a full point stake and more than four would be half a point (as these will obviously go on much longer losing runs).

      If you do want to reduce the stake for all multiples to half a point you’re more than welcome. As long as you’re consistent I don’t see any issues with people making small tweaks here and there based on their approach to risk.


  10. Terry Hutchinson says:

    Hi Matt,

    Could you please advise separate betting banks for each tipster or type of selection please? I found the post about the 20 point bank for your goal-den formula and Im happy with that, but the bank for all the other tips is not to my liking as if this network is successful I would like to increase the stakes of the best tipster. As you know some tipsters will be better than others or having a bad run and I don’t want to increase the stakes of a losing service just because its part of the same bank.

    Could you please advise me your recommended individual betting banks as I like to keep separate banks and only increase stakes when the service has doubled its starting bank.

    cheers Terry

    • Hi Terry,

      A 100 point total bank should suffice and it can be broken down as follows…

      Goal-den Formula: 20
      Richie: 20
      Matt (including Premier Bets): 40
      Jim/Matador: 20

      I know you said separate for each element but as the final two are unlikely to have more than 1 or 2 bets a month it makes sense to group them together.


  11. Ian Pretty says:

    Ticking along nicely since I joined but only contributions seem to be Matt and Richie – not really a network. Any plans to extend the coverage beyond football. Obviously cannot spread yourself too thinly but many opportunities with NFL, Superleague and both Men’s and Women’s Tennis Tours. Need proven tipsters on board which is easier said than done and from a subscribers point of view would expect to pay a fee of course, depending on what was being offered.

    • Hi Ian,

      At present no is the short answer. It’s not something I would rule out in the long term (albeit with different tipsters of course) but certainly for 2015 at least I want to concentrate on this and the horseracing version which is The Syndicate.

      I’m very aware of the danger of spreading myself too thinly and so I want both of these services running like clockwork before looking to expand into other areas.

      In terms of contributions, Jim and The Matador were always going to be primarily focused on ante-post selections (particularly the latter) and so there naturally won’t be that many bets but you’ll hear more from them in pre-season.

      I am also always on the lookout for potential experts to join our portfolio although I obviously need to be certain about them before bringing them into the fold and, of course, if it aint broke you should think twice before fixing it!


  12. Ian Pretty says:

    Not been a great run since I joined but I like the way you are going. Look forward to a full season of the Goal-Den formula, which should see a steady accumulation of points. Would appreciate more input from Richie – one tip per week at 1 point stake is not going to generate a great deal over a season. Pity Jim cannot contribute on a weekly basis – I have made the comment before that the Scottish league is one possibly a little neglected by the bookies so good prices are there – it just needs your man with the knowledge to pick them up.

    Any plans to expand the services next season as you often make the comment that a portfolio approach is best – and I agree.

    • Hi Ian,

      It’s certainly a possibility but it’s something that I’ll look into in more detail during the summer.

      I agree about Jim and will be trying to encourage him to get a few more bets out there!


  13. Ian Pretty says:

    Hi Matt

    Would be interested in other members views as very few seem to post on here – an active forum surely helps everybody. As The Network comes to the end of the season it is time to look ahead for hopefully a more active and successful 2015/16. I am sure you will be working hard over the close season to improve next year. I feel the Goal-Den formula has the potential to make a decent return, especially if a number of the larger accumulators come in, which you would expect over the course of a complete season. I like to set realistic targets with any system and I would hope for 50 points ( 5 points per month seems achievable ).

    Unfortunately your tipster partners are falling short. I am sure Richie is an excellent analyst but one tip per week at low odds is not going to give much of a return. Your thoughts on this part of the service would be welcome.

    Scotland – I have made the comment before that I feel these leagues are a missed opportunity as the bookies give them less attention than say the Premier League. You have a man in place who understands them but he does not seem to want to share his thoughts with us.

    Jake – interesting theories and a different approach. Needs a fairly low strike rate to profit and would be interested to know if the results you hold are good enough to warrant it becoming a regulat feature.

    Hope you find my comments useful and I would like to think other members could find the time to express theirs.

    • Thanks Ian. I certainly do appreciate any feedback and it’s a shame that there aren’t more people who are keen to share their opinions of the service. What I will be doing once the season ends is sending out an email or two specifically asking for feedback which should hopefully spark a few more members into life.

      Jake’s Hugh-Risers system has certainly produced some interesting results (20+ points up since around February) and I would expect that to play a more prominent role in some form or another next season.

      In addition to that you’ll also have more ante-post action to get stuck into and I will be looking at ways to increase the output of the other parts of the service. I have full confidence in Richie in particular as I followed his previous service for a good four years so I will speak to him over the summer and see if he’s happy to advise a few more selections going forwards.

  14. Ian Pretty says:

    Very interested to see Richie targeting the MLS season. Along with many of your members I do not have time to pore over statistics to produce my own bets, in my case due to the demands of running my own business, and therefore look to services such as yours to form a portfolio covering a wide variety of sports. I trust Richie will come up with a decent number of MLS bets to make it a profitable addition to the Network. Fifteen points would be quite acceptable.

  15. Ian Pretty says:

    Have been on live chat with Betfair and they confirmed the £12.50 each way Vargas bet does not qualify. Looks like we all need a copy of your screenshot Matt as someone at their end does not appear to have read the rules properly when they spoke to you. Trusting they will do the decent thing and honour it based on what you were told.

  16. Matthew Lewin says:

    Hi Matt,

    Been a member of the network for almost a year, I’m having trouble getting paid out my free bets on betfair for my top goalscorer bet on the Copa America, would you mind sending me a copy of that chat conversation with betfair so I can submit that to them please and claim those free bets. I totally agree with what you say regarding the fact that £25 is what the T&C’s state and that should not stop them paying out the free bets on an E/W bet.

    Kind regards,

    Matthew Lewin.

  17. John Seaman says:

    I’m new to betting with Asian Handicaps so would you mind explaining today’s tip for New York FC in plain English.
    “Sunday 00:30 – MLS Week 20 – New England Revolution vs. New York City FC – 1 point – New York City FC +0.5 Asian Handicap – 10/11”

    I understand that one side or other is given a handicap of 0.5 but when I look at the bookies I see several choices and the odds are nothing like 10/11 (1.91) .

    For example on Unibet the betting slip of the bet I think is the right one says:

    New England Revolution vs. New York City FC
    Asian Handicap
    New York City FC 0.5 1.81
    Stake GBP

    Also does the 1 point refer to the weight of this bet?


  18. Paul Hradek says:

    Hi Matt, hope all’s good. Can you remind me what the £5 free bet was from “Total P/L: +8.125 points, + £5 free bet” on the update posted on Wed 5th Aug 2015? Thanks, Paul

  19. Paul Hradek says:

    Perfect – I remember it now! Cheers Matt

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