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Product Name:

The VIP Service

Company Name & Contact Details:

JLC Marketing Ltd
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden


Monthly membership costs £39.99 plus VAT (£47.99 in total). There is a quarterly option available at £99.99 plus VAT (£119.99) or an annual option at £249.99 plus VAT (£299.99).

The annual option saves 48% compared to 12 individual monthly payments.

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes. A full, no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee is provided.

What Do You Get?

Very selective tips on short-priced UK and Irish horse racing. This service is very much focussed on high pounds-per-point staking. Tips are delivered by email and are also available in the members’ area of the website.

Where to Buy:

VIP Service

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A 10-point opening bank is recommended, but the service is aimed at high pounds-per-point staking.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The website claims £1,585 average monthly profit, but this is at £500 per point stakes. The average monthly profit in terms of points is, therefore, claimed to be around 3 points per month.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

There are not tips every day and when there are selections is rarely more than one a day. So this service takes literally a minute or two to follow when tips are received.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone with Internet connectivity and access to a range of online bookmakers’ accounts.

Value for Money?

I’ll defer a comment here until the end of the review. This service is aimed at punters looking for a high strike rate from bets of a significant stake. For the average punter the returns at the odds used will not be cost effective. The review period has not delivered VFM at large stakes either, and so this is a fail based on the review period alone.

Quality of Customer Service?

Full email support is provided seven-days a week according to the website, and they aim to reply within 24 hours. Although I haven’t had to use this during the review so far, I did get timely replies to my emails when setting up the review.

Contact can also be made via the members’ area of the website.


The VIP Service is derived from the popular TPS Ratings service run by “Matt”, which is also part of the JLC Marketing Ltd group. Based on backing highly-rated, short-priced favourites the service is built on:
• High strike rate
• Short losing runs and long winning sequences
• Small but steady monthly profits (around 3 points per month on average)
• High pounds per point staking

The selective nature of the tips means there are not tips every day and on average only 12-20 tips per month. When there are selections they are communicated by email and also available in the members’ area of the website.

Many of the selections are odds-on, and very rarely will anything be 2/1 or bigger. This leads to a high strike rate, with the website claiming 77% since the service started, with a Return on Investment (ROI) of 25%. There is a full list of the historic results claimed by the service on the website.

The nature of this service means it will not be profitable after the cost of the membership at low stakes per point. I would suggest anything less than £50 per point would not make this service worthwhile for you to follow.

Results – Month 1 (10th December 2018 to 9th January 2019)

Ultimately we ended the first month of the review at breakeven, although it took three consecutive winners at the end of the month to recover from a two-point deficit.

There were 14 selections in the period, with eight of those winning. The strike rate of 57.14% was considerably down on the anticipated 75%+ and was reflected in the breakeven result.

The average odds of all selections were 1.73, with the winning selections being almost exactly the same. The odds in the month ranged from 1.33 (1/3) to 2.5 (6/4), with the selections at both ends of that spectrum being winners.

The run of three consecutive winners to the end the month was the best sequence in the period and we had one instance of two consecutive losers.

Results – Month 2 (10th January to 9th February 2019)

Almost a carbon copy of the first month in terms of outcome, but on half the number of selections. This month saw just seven selections and four winners, exactly the same strike rate as the previous month of 57.14%. With a loss this month of just 0.18 points, the overall loss is now 0.38 points.

The average odds of all seven selections in the month was just over evens (2.08), although the four winners averaged 1.7, which is almost identical to last months 1.72.

This was a particularly quiet month, with around 13-14 tips being a “normal” quantity of action you could expect. The last few days of the period were also curtailed by the abandonment of UK racing in response to the equine flu outbreak. Depending on the length of that suspension of racing, and the impact on the review of The VIP Service, we will consider extending the review to a fourth month.

Results – Month 3 (10th February to 9th March 2019)

Despite a sequence of four winners to start the month we still ended with a loss of 1.79 points, as six of the last eight selections failed to deliver. The loss over the course of the review was just over two-points.

The strike rate this month was slightly down on the previous two at 50%, and left the overall strike rate at 54.55%. This is well below the level need to deliver the three-points per month average return. At the average odds of 1.8 (4/5) the strike rate would need to be closer to 75%.

Although a two-point loss over three months doesn’t sound a lot, given that we have already identified that the service is aimed at high stakes, and the cost for three months would be £143.97 (assuming monthly subscriptions), the cash deficit for the review period would be £252.47 at just £50 per point stakes.

Results – Month 4 (10th March to 9th April 2019)

As promised, I ran the review for an additional month due to the loss of virtually two weeks racing in February and the low volume of tips for this service. Although the month started well with four of the first five and five of the first seven tips all winning, we ended the month with a loss of 3.64 points. This was down to a sequence of six consecutive losers which only ended with a 1.3 winner from the final selection of the month. Overall, the loss for the four months was 5.82 points. 

The seven winners from 15 selections gave a strike rate for the month of 46.67%. The overall strike rate through the course of the review was 52.08%.

With a monthly subscription of £47.99, the total loss over the four months at £50 per point stakes would have amounted to just under £500.

Summary at End of Month 1

All-in-all it was an up and down month with no damage done and the bank intact ready for better returns in the next two months?

Summary at End of Month 2

Another breakeven performance bar a fraction of a point, which is a net loss after the cost of membership is taken into account. However, there is plenty of scope for the final month to redress the balance.

Summary at End of Month 3

Because of the low volume of tips through this service, the loss of a week’s worth of racing in Month 2 (we saw just seven bets) due to the equine flu scare will have had a potentially greater impact on the results than might otherwise be the case. Therefore, I will post a further update at the end of Month 4 to balance the review.

Summary at End of Month 4

Unfortunately, the additional month did little to improve the performance over the course of the review as a whole. 


A full list of the results for the review can be found here.



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