The T Factor: Table Talk

| October 15, 2012 | 104 Replies

Welcome to… the T Factor!

This page is for two things – league tables and chat about the competition. The tables will give you the chance to see who’s flying without wings and who’s flopping like Rik Waller in a breakdancing competition, while the chat, well, I’m sure you can work that out for yourself.

For specific questions to any of the contestants please head over here. But for all other comment and banter, get stuck in below!

Final Table

All stakes/profits etc are in points, not pounds (a point is whatever your normal stake is).

1 Flat Four Factors STAKE: 563.16 PROFIT: +93.02 ROI: +16.52%

2 Racing Profits 4u S:738.3 P: +13.6 ROI: +1.84% (as of Dec 10th)

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Phase Four Table

1 Flat Four Factors STAKE: 97.96 PROFIT: +22.17 ROI: +22.63%

2 SuperStar HR Lay Tips S: 494.24 P: -12.37 ROI: -2.5%

3 Racing Profits 4u S:237.56 P: -78.1 ROI: -32.88%

Phase Three Table

1 Racing Profits 4u STAKE:186 PROFIT: +17.47 ROI: +9.40%

2 Progressive Football Plan S: 125 P: +10.96 ROI: +8.77%

3 Flat Four Factors S: 120.76 P: +6.6 ROI: +5.47%

4 SuperStar HR Lay Tips S: 921.3 P: -43.48 ROI: -4.72%

Phase Two Table

1 Racing Profits 4u STAKE:88.5 PROFIT: +39.111 ROI: +44.19%

2 Treble Winning Trader S: 54 P: +2.822 ROI: +5.23%

3 SuperStar HR Lay Tips S: 399.56 P: +2.91 ROI: +0.73%

4 Flat Four Factors S: 86.2 P: -6.04 ROI: -7.01%

5 Progressive Football Plan S: 272 P: -43.35 ROI: -15.94%

Phase One Table

1 Flat Four Factors STAKE: 226.24 PROFIT: +57.96 ROI: +25.62%

2 Progressive Football Plan S: 207 P: +33.22 ROI: +16.05%

3 Racing Profits 4u S:323.3 P: +35.119 ROI: +10.86%

4 SuperStar HR Lay Tips S: 586.44 P: +61.48 ROI: +10.48%

5 Treble Winning Trader S: 180 P: +8.298 ROI: +4.61%

6 Myk’s Tips S: 240 P: -40.325 ROI: -16.80%

7 KEBAB S: 182 P: -31.56 ROI: -17.34% (as of 17th Sept)

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  1. Seems like all systems are go. Good luck everybody!

  2. petey16bay says:

    Hello everyone, tippers and subscribers, any questions about my system just ask. Good luck everyone. Hope its profit galore!


  3. PeterFenton says:

    Hey Matt,

    Had I not just got a Job I would have entered the tipping league myself , new job quite strict so no betting at work ;-( .

    Still at least I have a new job took six months.

    How do we get the tips from the competition , via email each day ?



  4. No they’re all on the site. Each contestant has an individual page where they will be posting tips in the comments section (you might need to login to see them).

  5. boromackem says:

    Hi everyone hope you all had a good day from first look think i might have small profit could just aswell be small loss didnt really expect anything else on first day proofing but gonna include my value selections from tomorrow wasn’t gonna include as i know there are alot of bets alreadt but my usual followers get these and besides i had

    pairc na gcpall at 16/1 and union saint at 33s so they WILL be included

    Goodnight. Dean

  6. ellandrd says:

    Hi Matt, as i stated in my initial introduction, i follow a certain criteria when selecting my treble bets.

    As you are aware, we are still in close season for the main European leagues and at the minute, matches in other parts of the world are a bit thin on the ground so it might be possible that i can not recommend a bet.(Based on my method).

    I do not bet on cup competitions, friendlies or internationals as it is not known what the strength of the team will be put out until just before the kick off.

    For the sake of my chances in the competition, will this affect your decision because i do not wish to recommend bets at random just for the hell of it and probably end up losing punters their money…

    Regards, MASERATIKEV..

  7. No, of course not. You should only advise a bet when you have one which you’re happy with. It’a about quality not quantity so it’s fine if you have days or even a week without a bet.

  8. ellandrd says:

    Hi Matt,
    Here are my results for week 1.

    18 bets at £10 per bet = £180 invested.

    Of the 18 bets, there were:- Losing bets = 10, Winning Bets = 8.

    A total loss of 4.77 points for the week. A total loss of £47.72 for the week.

    A loss of 26.51% ROI.

    Not very impressive for my first week, i admit, but now the tournament nerves has gone and i can get back to winning ways.

    Regards, MASERATIKEV….

  9. quietachiever says:

    Week 1 started witha whimper but ended with a bang – Scarlet Belle, I love you!
    Summary – 11 selections ran – 2 won and 2 were placed (only one with a place return).
    Each bet is 1 point win and 1 point place at Betfair SP.
    Wins at 14.13 and 2.89, places at 3.99, 2.61 and 1.56 for a gross return of 25.18 points. Deducting 5% for standard Betfair commission this equals 23.92 points against an outlay of 22 points – a profit of 1.92 points and a ROI of just shy of 9%.
    Not up to my normal standards but a fair start given a week in which my car’s engine seized and needs replacing and the upstairs loo blocked, leaving myself and my fiancee literally up to our elbows in poo.
    Onwards and upwards then (the tips, not the poo!)
    Brian the QA

  10. boromackem says:

    Weekly totals

    Monday 30/7/12

    Ratings +0.57pts

    Top picks +4pts

    total +4.57pts
    Tuesday 31/7/12

    Ratings -6.1

    Top picks -3

    total -9.1
    Wednesday 1/8/12

    Ratings +2.38

    Top picks + 9.08

    Total +11.46
    Thursday 2/8/12

    Ratings +3.74

    Top picks +11

    Total +14.74
    Friday 3/8/12

    Ratings +2.77

    Top picks +1.6

    Total +4.37
    Saturday 4/8/12

    Ratings +7.46

    Top picks +7

    Total +14.46

    Sunday 5/8/12

    Ratings +8.9

    Top picks +15. 25

    Total +24.15


    Weekly totals

    ratings + 19.72

    Top picks +44.93

    TOTAL = +64.65 (£646.50 to £10 stakes)


    Ratings 192.5 staked 212.22 returns p/l +19.72

    Top picks 64pts staked 108.93pts returns p/l+44.93

    Not exactly my best week but not a bad start quite disapointed with the ratings but as usually happens when 1 underperforms the other one excels so very pleased with the top picks.

  11. xMykStarx says:

    In the first week I have a strike rate of 62% and look to put that higher in th coming weeks

    Well done to everyone so far

    MykStar x

  12. betfairprofits says:

    I would just like to thank “PaganPriest” for pointing out that I had messed up last weeks totals, not used to writing anything down but will put in an extra hour to make sure I get it right for this week.


  13. ellandrd says:

    Hi Matt,
    If my memory serves me right, you said you were about to send all the contestants a contract/paperwork through the post.
    Can you let me know when we are to receive it please.
    Regards, Kev..

  14. Hi Kev,

    Yep, there’s been a minor delay (namely the Olympics – I swear watching is just as tiring as competing!) but they will DEFINITELY be sent tomorrow, so look out for them in the next few days.


  15. dirkstickler says:

    Hi Matt
    I realise this is not exactly a comment about the competition but is it possible to have the newest posts at the top of each page instead of the usual layout of the newest going to the bottom?
    I use my mobile to view them and it’s getting longer and longer.
    Hope you can help.

  16. petey16bay says:

    I second that, i place my bets on my phone and takes ages to scroll down and then up again to get to the other page! If you could do that it would be alot easier.


  17. boromackem says:

    Week 2 Results

    Monday 6/8/12

    Ratings 25.4pts staked 32.82pts returns +7.42pts

    Top picks 9pts staked 37.55pts returns +28.55pts

    Total +35.97pts

    Tuesday 7/8/12

    Ratings 32pts staked 24.78pts returns -7.22pts

    Top picks 11pts staked 18.65pts returns +7.65pts

    Total +0.43pts

    Wednesday 8/8/12

    Ratings 31.3pts staked 41.13pts returns +9.83pts

    Top picks 10pts staked 10.87pts returns +0.87pts

    Total +10.7pts

    Thursday 9/8/12

    Ratings 35.3pts staked 54.06pts returns +18.76pts

    Top picks 10pts staked 10.25pts returns +0.25pts

    Total +19.01pts

    Friday 10/8/12

    Ratings 26.2pts staked 33.25pts returns +7.125pts

    Top picks 10pts staked 6.25pts returns -3.75pts

    Total +3.375
    Saturday 11/8/12

    Ratings 37pts staked 36pts returns -1pt

    Top picks 12pts staked 2pts returns -10pts

    Total -11pts

    Weekly totals

    Ratings 187.2pts staked 222.4pts returns +35.2pts

    Top picks 62pts staked 85.57pts returns +23.57pts

    Total 249.2pts staked 307.97pts returns +58.77

  18. betfairprofits says:

    Results for week 2:

    Total Staked 39.8
    Total Return 47.56
    Profit/loss + 7.76
    ROI + 19.49%

    Combined totals for 2 weeks:

    Total Staked 73.8
    Total Return 96.92
    Profit/loss + 23.12
    ROI + 31.32%

  19. petey16bay says:

    Day 13 and end of week 2 Results (no Sundays anymore as they are always horrible for me)

    For the day. +8 points. 4 bets won out of 4.

    For the 2nd Week: +7.5 points.

    Overall: +17.5 or £175 at £10 stakes.
    Overall: 41 bets. 33 Winners. 8 losers.

    Week One: +10 points.
    Week Two: +7.5 points.

  20. quietachiever says:

    Week 2 is now history – 13 selections, of which 3 won at Betfair SPs of 10.14, 5.30 and 4.18 with 7/13 placed at up to 4.80 (2nd, a neck at 17.7).
    Wk 2 26 points at a profit at Betfair SP of 10.16 points after 5% commission.

    W2 S 26 R 36.16 P + 10.16 ROI + 39%
    W1 S 22 R 23.92 P + 1.92 ROI + 8.72%

    Combined S 48 R 60.08 +12.08 ROI 25.17%

    Brian (QA)

  21. silverbirch says:

    Hi folks, after an awful first week, this system has eliminated the overall losses and now I expect it to march upwards an onwards. For this to occur however, I need to make afew material changes to the perameters that I originally announced and amend my number of daily bets and the staking system. A quick explanation is due from me. The major issue that I faced in these first two weeks is that the system has produced more selections than the 15 daily bets that I had originally declared than I would submit. As a consequence, I have had to subjectively decide which selections to submit and which to leave out – this is dangerous as I know absolutely nothing about horses/jockeys/trainers etc. This is not a subjective system. It is based purely upon mathematical principles and as I’m sure you’ll understand, subjectivity plays no part in these affairs. You could reasonably ask why I didn’t start with the full format in the first place. The simple reason is that I was (perhaps overly) conscious of the fact that most people want an easy life and I thought that I would try to keep things as simple as possible in terms of the daily bets. In other words, I was compromising the system for the sake of convenience and as we all know, shortcuts are a sure way to failure. From now on, I will stick to the system rigidly. This will mean that there may be more (or less) than 15 bets per day and some selections (depending on how many elements of the system are triggered) will require more than 1 point to be staked on them. Having said this, one thing won’t change. As usual, for transparency purposes I will be posting all result to BFSP allowing for the maximum 5% commission. I was seriously tempted to announce this change last week but with being being almost 60 points down on the week, it would at that stage have looked like a panic measure. As it is, having now ‘wiped my feet’ I’m starting with a clean sheet albeit 2 weeks behind the other competitors. Anyway, looking ahead, as I always say, the best of luck to all concerned as all of baring our betting souls to our fellow punters have got the same aim, which is to highlight a system or method of turning in a profit for us all.

    Regards and best wishes


  22. Hi Lee/Pete,

    I’ll look into it and see what I can do.


  23. ellandrd says:

    Hi, here are the results for Week 2.

    18 bets @ £10 per bet.

    £2.93 profit. 2.93 points. 1.62% R.O.I.

    The results for the two weeks are:-

    £44.79 Loss. -4.47 points. -24.89% R.O.I.

    Regards, MASERATIKEV…

  24. ellandrd says:

    Matt, a thousand apologies!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so sorry, my maths have been totally wrong in working out the profit/loss and R.O.I.
    Here are the correct values as worked out by some body who knows what they are doing, unlike me.

    Week 1-

    Staked £180. Returns £112.28. Loss of £67.72. -37.62 loss on R.O.I.
    …………………………… Loss of 6.77 points.

    Week 2-

    Staked £180. Returns £222.93. Profit of £42.93. 23.85% Profit on R.O.I.
    ………………………….Profit of 4.29 points.

    Total to date:-

    Staked £360. Returns £335.21. Loss of £24.79. -13.77 loss R.O.I.
    ………………………….Loss of 2.47 points.

    Again, i am so sorry for messing you around, unintentionally, and having my future results worked out by my Accountant friend…..

    Regards, MASERATIKEV…

  25. betfairprofits says:

    Can anyone tell me where they get the Betfair Starting Prices (BSP) from. I take it everyone doesn’t sit infront of the computer all day watching every race (or do they?)

    I’m basing my results on the “time of writing” betfair odds and the actual sp at the racing post.

  26. Mousecliff says:

    Go to Betfair>>Horse Racing>>>Form/Results
    Select date, course, race etc.
    (Doesn’t take off commission.)
    Well done on your results so far.
    (Also gives the industry SPs there.)

  27. betfairprofits says:

    Hi Mousecliff,

    Thanks for that, you would have thought that someone who has been trading on betfair for as long as I have would have noticed the link. Will have to try and be a bit more observant in the future.

  28. Hi all,

    Just a quick note to say I’ll be updating the table in two week intervals from now on (as I don’t have a little web helper to do it for me!) so the next update will be on Monday.


  29. xMykStarx says:

    Has flat four factors finished up now??

    MykStar x

  30. xMykStarx says:

    Ah, for some reason mouse cliffs wasn’t updating on my phone. On mine it was hurt under a week ago since his last post. But I have it sorted now. My bad.

    Mykstar x

  31. xMykStarx says:

    Just under a week ago*

  32. quietachiever says:

    Week 3 ended with a profitable day (+1.14) from the one selection finishing second, but sadly couldn’t prevent the first losing week.

    Week 3 S24 R19.80 P/L -4.20 ROI -17.50%

    Weeks 1-3 combined
    S72 points R79.88 after 5% deductions P/L +7.88 pts ROI nett +10.55%

    Week 4 here we come!

    Brian the QA

  33. betfairprofits says:

    Hi Matt,
    This week’s totals are below and starting from this week I have done then with both the odds that I state when making the selections and the actual Betfair starting prices, which shows both the highs and the lows.

    Week 3 totals:

    (To odds at time of writing)
    Total staked = £465
    Total return = £425.76
    Profit/Loss = – £39.24
    ROI = – 8.43%

    (To BSP)
    Total staked = £465
    Total return = £374.15
    Profit/Loss = – £90.85
    ROI = – 19.53%

    Running 3 week totals:

    Stakes = £1203
    Return = £1394.99 (to odds) & £1343.38 (To BSP)
    Profit/Loss = £191.99 (to odds) & £140.38 (To BSP)
    ROI = + 15.95% (To odds) & 11.66% (To BSP)

  34. Unfortunately Pete has decided to pull out, so I’ll be removing his name from the table when I update it later this afternoon (almost done!)

    I’ve had to tweak the T Factor schedule as a result and you’ll find the updated version here…

  35. boromackem says:

    HI guys only 4 days last week here is the p/l

    Mon 13/8/12

    Ratings 30.3pts staked 31.275pts returns +0.975pts

    Top picks 10pts staked 8.83pts returns – 1.167pts

    Total 40.3pts staked 40.108pts returns p/l -0.12pts


    Tues 14/8/12

    Ratings 31.6pts staked 29.26 pts returns -2.34pts

    Top picks 9pts staked 9pts returns –

    Total 40.6 pts staked 38.26pts returns p/l -2.34pts


    Wed 15/8/12

    Ratings 24.5pts staked 20.6pts returns -3.9pts

    Top picks 8pts staked 0pts returns -8pts

    Total 32.5pts staked 20.6pts returns p/l -11.9pts


    Thursday 16/8/12

    Ratings 35 pts staked 57.93pts returns +22.93pts

    Top picks 12pts staked 16.275pts returns +4.275pts

    Total 47pts staked 74.205pts returns p/l +27.205pts


    Weekly totals

    Ratings 121.4 pts staked 139.065pts returns +17.65pts

    Top Picks 39 points staked 34.105pts returns -4.895pts

    Total 160.4pts staked 173.17 returns p/l +12.77

  36. betfairprofits says:

    Week 4 totals:

    (To odds at time of writing)
    Total staked = £470
    Total return = £503.50
    Profit/Loss = + £33.50
    ROI = + 7.12%

    (To BSP)
    Total staked = £470
    Total return = £624.14
    Profit/Loss = + £154.14
    ROI = – 32.97%

    Running 4 week totals:

    Stakes = £1673
    Return = £1898.49 (to odds) & £1967.52 (To BSP)
    Profit/Loss = £225.49 (to odds) & £294.52 (To BSP)
    ROI = + 13.47% (To odds) & 17.60% (To BSP)

  37. Silverbirch has decided to pull out so I’ve removed him from the table. I’ll be updating the results and tweaking the schedule later today.


  38. As has Dean of Rated Racers.

    I’ll leave the results update till next Monday as usual but here is the updated schedule…

    Sorry about the slight upheaval over the last week or so. With any luck the rest of the pack can take the heat!

    Voting opens for the first elimination on Wednesday 19th September.

  39. ellandrd says:

    Hi Matt, Why Have Contestants Started To Jump Ship??

    I Hope The Remaining Seven Will See It Through!!!!

    As You Would Be Aware By Now, I Stake At £10 Per Bet.
    However, I Wish To Tweak It Slightly By Doubling The Stake After A Losing Bet. I Have Looked At My Bets Over The Past 4 Weeks And Used The Revised Staking Plan And Have Made A Small Profit Rather Than The Loss I Currently Have.
    To Date, I Have Only Had A Run Of Two Losing Bets In A Row.
    I Will Explain In My Selection Picks What To Stake If A Losing Bet Has Occurred.
    I Hope This Is Satisfactory To You And That Bets Placed From Today Can Use The Revised Staking Plan.
    If You See This Being A Problem Please Let Me Know…..

    With Regards, MASERATIKEV……..

  40. Fine with me Kev. Obviously you can’t change the results to date but it’s entirely up to you how you stake going forward.

    They’ve each left for different reasons but only one was a real surprise. I’m confident that everybody remaining is fully committed and I’m sure it’ll make for a great competition!

  41. ellandrd says:

    I Have Been Asked By A Number Of Friends, Will This Competition Be A Regular Event Or Is It A One Off?
    You Certainly Have Stoked Up Interest And Many Wanna-Be Tipsters Would Love To Get Involved.

    Again, Thanks For Your Reply.


  42. We’ll see how it goes but I’d definitely like to make it an annual thing as I’m sure there is plenty of untapped tipping talent out there.

  43. quietachiever says:

    It’s a shame we’re down to seven, but I can guarantee Matt, Kev and all readers that I’ll be staying in till the end – or I get voted off, which may well be earlier… It’s a great concept and I see no reason why Matt couldn’t make it an annual contest…except for the time commitment, of course! Maybe some of us could volunteer to help out – I’d be up for it.

  44. Cheers. I’d certainly like it to become an annual thing as it provides real proof of results, rather than just a set of figures that could be dreamt up by anyone. It’s also good for the tipster to try out public tipping as it’s a very different kettle of fish to doing it privately and not everybody is cut out for it. In theory this should produce some excellent services that really do stand the test of time.

    Everybody seems to have fully comitted now so I’m confident that we can all get our heads down and crack on. First vote is in a few weeks, then it’ll really start to get interesting!

  45. quietachiever says:

    OK, time to confess to a less than perfect August (many other racing specialists are, fortunately, saying the same). Here are the full results of the KEBAB selections from week 1 through to the end of week 5 – each bet is proofed to 1 point win and 1 point place at Betfair SP, although obviously they can be placed with any bookie/exchange to get better odds if possible. The maximum Betfair commission of 5% is deducted from each return to give a full nett figure for the recommendations.
    Sels 63 S 126 R 115.08 P/L -10.92 ROI -8.66
    Biggest win BSPs = 14.43 & 10.14 win % = 17.3 against a target of 22%
    Biggest place BSPs = 4.80 & 3.99 place % = 38.2 against a target of 45%
    Half-term report = tried hard but not quite consistent enough; too many thirds when two places paid out and fourths when three paid out; must do better over next four weeks or risk detention.

  46. ellandrd says:

    Hi Matt, Here Are The Results For Week 6.

    Not Too Impressive, I’m Afraid.

    Staked £200. Returns £151.14. Loss Of £48.86. R.O.I -24.43% Loss.

    The Running Total Is As Follows:-

    Staked £1160. Returns £1115.26. Loss Of £44.74. R.O.I -3.85% Loss..

    Regards, MASERATIKEV…….

  47. Rob Broadhurst says:

    Hi folks
    Not sure but Dean may have “jumped ship” as he is now part of BetFan and is providing them with tips, presumably for a fee. HEy, good luck to the guy if that is what has happened although I am sure it is a shame for those of you at the Betting Rant table who were taking advantage of his success.


  48. quietachiever says:

    Week 6 was a “not quite” sort of week – two beaten half a length or less at odds of 15+ and 9+ would have made a huge difference had they prevailed – and the two winners that came in were at lower odds, leading to the following stats –
    W6 Sel 16 St 32 Ret 23.91 P/L -8.09
    To date 79 St 158 Ret 138.99 P/L -19.01 points ROI -12.03%
    A good start to week 7, so I continue to live in hope…
    Cheers, Brian/QA

  49. Hi all,

    Just a quick note to say that the table will be updated tomorrow and not today as usual.

    The first vote opens on Thursday and details will be sent out in a Betting Rant email.


  50. quietachiever says:

    Week 7 followed the same pattern as the one before, with one winner, three placed and a couple agonisingly close to big place payouts.
    Sels 12 Staked 24pts Retd 11.45 pts P/L = Loss 11.45 pts
    To date –
    Sels 91 St 182 Ret 150.44 P/L = Loss 31.56 ROI = -17%
    Wins = 14 (15%) Placed = 19 Win&Pl = 33 (36%)
    Not good enough.
    Cheers, Brian the QA
    PS – I’ve just finished the Quiet Achiever 10 to follow for the next Racing Post Guide to the Jumps. I’ll let you know when any are due to run and advise on their chances on this Betting Rant site.

  51. Sorry about the delay boys and girls. Just doing the updated table now.

  52. rawilson1610 says:

    matt where do we vote?

  53. ellandrd says:

    Hi Matt, Here Are My Results For Week 8.

    Staked £320.00
    Returns £383.00
    Profit of £63.00
    R.O.I= 19.68%

    The Running Totals Are As Follows:-

    Staked £1800
    Returns £1882.98
    Profit Of £82.98
    R.O.I= 4.61%

    Posted a little late, had a family issue to try to resolve!!!!!!

    Regards, MASERATIKEV……..

  54. betfairprofits says:

    Hi Matt,

    Here are the 9 week totals.

    Staked £3273 (32.73 pts)
    Return £3641 (36.41 pts)
    Profit/Loss + £368 (36.8 pts)
    ROI + 11.24

  55. betfairprofits says:

    Struggling to find anything decent for today, so no nap bet and small stakes on the following 2 races.

    3.00: Newton Abbot
    No3: Regal One £5 win @ 6.8
    No4: Quadriller £5 win @ 13’s

    3.50: Bath
    No6: Rawaafed £5 win @ 13’s
    No7: Hawaana £5 win @ 17’s
    No15: Pelham Crescent £5 win @ 22’s

  56. betfairprofits says:

    Hi Basil,

    Thanks for that, it seems that I missed out the winner at wolves in the evening, will update the totals now.

  57. betfairprofits says:

    Hi Matt,

    Sorry about the confusion, my head’s all over the place this morning for some reason.

    It’s been pointed out that my totals were wrong for Saturday, so please find the correct running 9 week totals below.

    Staked £3273 (32.73 pts)
    Return £3672 (36.72 pts)
    Profit/Loss + £399 (39.9 pts)
    ROI + 12.19%

  58. No worries. Thanks for updating.

  59. betfairprofits says:

    Hi Matt,

    Here are the running totals at the end of week 10. (amended)

    Stake £3653 (36.53pts)
    Return £4283.10 (42.83pts)
    Profit/Loss + £630.10 (63.01)
    ROI + 17.24

  60. ellandrd says:

    Hi Matt,

    Here Are The Running Totals For Week 10……..

    Staked £2,200
    Returns £2,274.88
    Profit Of £74.88
    R.O.I. 3.40%.

    Regards, Kev………….

  61. betfairprofits says:

    Hi Matt,
    Can you look at my ROI again, should be 17.24 and not 11.72 unless i’ve worked it out wrong.

  62. Sorry, got your return and profit mixed up. Monday morning and all that! I’ll update it now.

  63. brunobrooks says:

    its ironic that Betfair profits was the only one i didn’t do out of the previous top 4!!! been doing the best since then

  64. ellandrd says:

    Hi Matt, Here Are The Results For Week 11..

    Staked — £140.00
    Returns – £176.32
    Profit Of £36.32
    R.O.I = 25.94%

    Running Total To Date:-

    Staked — £2,340.00
    Returns – £2,451.20
    Profit Of £111.20
    R.O.I = 4.75%

    I’m Afraid There Was Not A Great Deal Of Bets Available This Week, Hence
    The Limited Number Of Selections Offered.

    Regards, Kev……

  65. Sorry about the delay all. Had lots going on this morning but all will be updated/announced this afternoon.

    One thing is for sure – the elimination is between Karlos and Kev so well done to the other three as you can rest easy. K and K, sorry about the delay. If you have any tips for today, could you post them as normal please.


  66. ellandrd says:

    Hi Matt, there are no selections for today.

    Regards, Kev..

  67. Email going out shortly but I’m sorry to announce that Kev has departed, having recieved the least number of votes.

    Make the most of your reprieve Karl! And good luck to all those making it through to the final four.

  68. ellandrd says:

    Hi Matt, Thanks for getting in touch..
    I won’t deny i am sorry to be leaving, but i would like to take up the offer to continue to post my selections on the Rant. (You never know, i might surprise you !!!). Good luck to the remaining contestants. Definately squeaky bum time now…..
    Matt, sorry to do this but the correct spelling is RECEIVED 🙂
    With the most sincere best wishes, Kev……….

  69. I’m ALWAYS getting that wrong.

    i before e except after c i before e except after c i before e except after c………….

  70. Philbry says:

    People in glass houses …
    Before correcting Matt for spelling “received” wrongly, you should learn there is no “a” in “DEFINITELY”!
    You should also know that “I” is always capitalised – never “i”.
    Keep up your interesting work, but please don’t start correcting people on English without the capability to do so.
    Best wishes,

  71. betfairprofits says:

    Cum on Philbry liten up, it was obviuseley a tong in cheak coment and i is sure he ment now harm und i is olso sure that Matt didunt take a fence (full stop)
    he gived up a lot of is time and made few quids for poeple and shood be congrandulated four is efforts.

  72. ellandrd says:

    OUCH !!!!!!!!! Did i touch a nerve or what?
    Philbry, the comment was purely meant to be taken as a bit of fun……
    My way of being “CHILLAXED” after being voted off the competition…
    Betfairprofits, excellant grammer. You must live in the same part of the country as i do!!
    Best of luck to you for the remainder of the competition, i will be following your progress with interest. Make me a few quid and you will “DEFINITELY”
    get my vote…….
    Oh, and Philbry, i entered a betting competition, not a spelling competition. (i think!!).
    Cheers, Kev……

  73. BucksBaggie68 says:

    Waht is itnresetnig is taht, as lnog as the frist and lsat leettrs of ecah wrod are in the rhgit odrer, the barin wlil wrok out the rihgt wrod!



  74. ellandrd says:

    Betfairprofits, i cannot remember the last time i put my hard earned cash!!!on a horse…..God forbid, the mere thought of it. But, i have bet on your two geegee’s for today so i am hoping this is the start of a long and friendly(profitable) relationship.
    How on earth you can predict the outcome of a horse race i will never know!!!!!!
    As i am a “virgin” to this, please be gentle with me, at least until i know what the bl*^dy hell i am doing.
    Fingers crossed and everything else. C’mon Barista and Skyfire!!!!!!
    Where do they get these names from???????
    Best wishes, Kev….

  75. betfairprofits says:

    Hi Kev,
    There you go a few quid profit on your first bet, fingers crossed now for all the rest.

    If you want to ease your way into it then the “nap” bets are showing a good profit with an ROI of around 45%

    I suppose selecting a horse race is similar to selecting a footie match, just a lot more data to get through.

    Anything you want to know just give me a shout.

  76. ellandrd says:

    Thank you B.F.P (betfairprofits).
    I’m pretty sure i could never be convinced to not betting on my beloved football in favour of the horses, but i am all in favour of looking at other ways to make some extra cash!! As we all do..
    The only thing i do know about horses is the mess they make to my car when i drive through their p*^h…. Can’t be helped, i live in the Cotswolds.(horsey country).
    However, i will take your advice and probably concentrate on your Naps(whatever they mean!).
    Wishing you all the best, Kev..

  77. whiskyd says:

    WEhere has Maverick gone he was there on wed Whiskyd

  78. rawilson1610 says:

    same question where,

  79. He emailed me last night so I’m sure all is fine. Probably just having internet issues or something. DON’T PANNNNNNNICCC!!!

  80. whiskyd says:

    Matt just letting you know he is not on the tipster sel on the right side of the page not on about the time he will be here its the fact that we access him via the tipster section and his name isnt there .I presumed he was no longer in the contest,again im probably out of the blocks too fast with me being an athlete(not) Whiskyd

  81. I’m not sure where he is today but he’s certainly still in the contest.

    The articles in the top right hand side are the most popular depending on clicks, so they change all the time and I have no control over them. You can get to his page via the link in the table above.

  82. betfairprofits says:

    Hi whiskyd,

    I can confirm that you’re not going mad, his entire page was gone from the “t factor” link when I first logged on this morning.

  83. whiskyd says:

    Ah well maybe he has got a problem at home o hopefully nothing serious just strange he isnt here along with the link

  84. Sorry about the late update. I had 1000 (yes, really) unopened emails to go through yesterday. I’ll get the table updated later today.

  85. johnny25 says:

    could someone help? for the last week the
    selections pages take for ages to load.


    All tables will be updated this afternoon but I can confirm that it’s Karl (Progressive Football Plan) who has been eliminated and has finished fourth.

    There’s certainly no shame in losing out to the top three and it’s to Karl’s credit that he ends the tournament showing a profit despite a very tricky run in the middle.

    Thanks very much to Karl for his efforts and good luck to the three remaining contestants!

  87. All tables have now been fully updated. Sorry about the delay.

  88. Congratulations to this year’s winner…


  89. ellandrd says:

    Well Done To MOUSECLIFFE…….
    A Worthy Winner….

  90. Peter Inwood says:

    Yep, well done MC, a good solid result over a period of time. And in the public gaze as well.
    I (truly) hope you keep it up 😉
    Have a great Christmas – looking forward to 2013.

    Also, well done to the other participants for making it such a good competition.

  91. Maverick01uk says:

    Congratulations Mousecliff. It was a hard fought battle between you & BFP & although great rivals in the comp, it was hard to decide between the both of you.

    Hey Matt, please run another one next year. I have had a good week (typical) & have discovered new ideas to showcase – that’s if you let me in again 🙂

    Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy 2013!!!


  92. Mousecliff says:

    Thanks for comments above and to Matt for putting on the competition. I hope you run another (not to be in it, but to see what other services and systems Betting Ranters have up their sleeves).

    Best Wishes to all for a very merry Christmas and here’s to an enjoyable and profitable New Year!

    • pepston says:

      Well done Mouse. Looking forward to the new system tips. I think I have withdrawal symptoms as I`m watching episodes of Black Beauty on you tube. Please help.
      Kind regards, Steve.

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