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Despite a promising start to the review period, this service was closed in January 2019. Although I do not have the full story behind the closure, I would be surprised if it was a totally results driven decision.

Product Name:

The Laying Game

Company Name & Contact Details:

Sportsworld Publishing Ltd
Innovation Way
South Yorkshire
S75 1JL

01302 429299


£30 per month, with the first month available at half-price.

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned.

What Do You Get?

Very selective lay bets on short-priced favourites. There are not bets every day and on average only around six bets per week. Selections are sent by email around 09:00 each morning.

Where to Buy:

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

The service does not recommend a starting bank, so we have used the standard 100-points. However, given the selective nature of the tips and the low odds this may be a little conservative.

How Much Money Can I Make?

No specific claims made. However, the historic results show 44.88 points profit since launch on 31st October 2017, a monthly average of around 3.5 points.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

This is a very quick service to follow with an average of just six bets per week, although there can be days with as many as three selections. Even then it is still a matter of a few minutes to set up the bets.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone with internet access and an account with a Betting Exchange such as Betfair.

Value for Money?

As always, I will defer any definitive comment on this until the end of the review.

Quality of Customer Service?

Sportsworld Publishing Ltd has a track record spanning 24 years in the industry, so their customer care should be first class. In addition to standard email support, they also have a telephone contact number (01302 429299) for use Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 16:00. This personal contact option is a real plus in my opinion.

Although I haven’t had to contact customer support during the trial to date, I have had contact with their management whilst setting up the reviews and found their approach to be professional and courteous at all times, with a timely response to any communication from me.


This offering from Sportsworld Publishing focuses on laying short-priced favourites. The obvious advantage is that it avoids the usual nemesis of lay tipsters, the long-priced winner. The average lay price is around 5/2 (3.5) according to the website.

Selections are sent by email around 09:00 on the morning of racing, although an email often arrives the evening before if it is going to be a “no bet” day. The email is clear and concise, with a short introduction and then the lay selection(s) for the day. All bets are to one-point stakes (if you are new to lay betting then note that this is the stake not the potential liability for the bet).

Often the selection will be advised with a maximum price at which to lay it. If the selection does not drop below that ceiling then the bet becomes void. It is simple to set up the lay in Betfair in this instance as you can simply select the horse, select the current best lay price and then adjust the “backer’s odds” to the advised price, enter your stake and then place the bet. If the price you have entered is not reached, then your bet will remain unmatched and will not be placed.

When no maximum price is advised then you can either take the price available on Betfair, monitor the market yourself and strike your bet when the price is right for you or place to Betfair SP. The results attached to this review are declared to Betfair SP.

The success of this service is dependent on finding false or weak favourites on a regular basis. It is not simply about opposing favourites per se. Whilst the volume of bets means you will never see extravagant monthly points profits, a steady stream of profitable months of a few points can make for a welcome return.

Results – Month 1 (29th October to 28th November 2018)

In keeping with the comments in the review, we saw just 23 selections this month, an average of between five and six per week. In reality though, there was more activity in the second half of the period, with two days having three selections each.

Of the 23 selections, two were void (not reaching the advised price), one was a non-runner and six were losing picks. This left us with 14 winners at a strike rate of 70% and a profit from the month of 5.73 points. This return is better than the historic average and generates a net profit (after the cost of the membership) of £256.50 at £50 per point stakes.

The nature of the service means it will not generate significant cash profit if you are using low stakes. For example, at £10 per point stakes this month would yield a net income of £27.30.

The Return on Investment (ROI) was 24.91%, or 13.7% if you calculate to the liability of each bet. Although this is regarded as the “correct” calculation in some quarters it is not one that I necessarily concur with. The liability is only potential until it crystallises in the form of a selected horse winning, at which point the loss from the selection (at whatever odds it was laid) reduces the profit and hence the ROI accordingly. You wouldn’t declare ROI to potential winnings on a back bet would you!

Anyway, I digress, sorry.

The average odds of the tips this month was 3.1 (just over 2/1), whilst the losing selections were at an average of 2.42 (around 6/4).

Results – Month 2 (29th November to 28th December 2018)

There were just 16 selections which made the criteria on pricing this month and 10 of those were successful lays, a strike rate of 62.5%.

However, with the average odds of the losing selections being 2.65 (just over 6/4) we ended the month around breakeven. The actual result was a loss of 0.37 of a point! This means we retain most of the profit from Month 1, although if you were using £10 per point stakes you would now be at a net breakeven position after the cost of the subscription. At £50 per point you would still be sitting on around a £200 net gain, and I reiterate my point from above – the nature of the service means it will not generate significant cash profit if you are using low stakes per point.

After two months we have a net ROI (after the membership costs) of 8.29% and a net Return on Capital of 4.16%.

Summary at End of Month 1

A nice steady start for The Laying Game with above average profits, and all other metrics in line with the historic claims.

Summary at End of Month 2

A breakeven month to follow up last month’s above average performance leaves The Laying Game in a strong position to finish the review in a positive vein.


The full list of results for the review can be found here.


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