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Product Name:

The Judge

Company Name & Contact Details:

Betfan Limited,
Suite 1, Scotts Place
24 Scotts Road


£48 plus VAT (£57.60) every 28-days (note – not monthly).

A quarterly option is available at £96 plus VAT (£115.20) every 90-days.

Money Back Guarantee:

No. Terms and conditions state that subscriptions are generally non-refundable but that every request for a refund will be reviewed and if they feel a refund is warranted it will be granted.

What Do You Get?

Daily greyhound racing tips from open class races, delivered by e-mail on the day of racing.

Where to Buy:

Brief Summary:

Daily greyhound tips on the winner and occasionally on the straight forecast. Advised stakes range from one to five points, but are generally three, four or five-point advices. There have been up to five tips in a single day, but there have also been days with no bets advised.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

Recommended starting bank is 200 points based on the advised staking plan.

How Much Money Can I Make?

No specific claims. The history on the web site shows 1,765.48 points profit since launch in September 2015, a monthly average of c.57 points.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Minutes daily when the tips are received. The timing of the e-mails vary depending on when in the day the selected racing is taking place.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

Internet connection with a mobile device, lap top or PC and access to on-line bookmakers.

Value for Money?

Too early to reach a conclusion. Any service which doubles its starting bank in three months is worthy of respect, and The Judge achieved just that. Even betting at £10 per point you would have almost doubled your bank AFTER deducting the cost of the service. Not the cheapest service out there but the results cannot be argued with. Just remember that the results are based on an average stake per selection of four points. A tick in the value for money box from me on this performance.

Quality of Customer Service:

Not tested. Contact is via the members’ area of the website.


Greyhound racing has long-suffered as the poor relation to its horse racing equivalent. However, from a betting perspective this market shouldn’t be overlooked. With an average of 12 meetings a day on offer, with around 12 races per card, there is plenty of action to get involved in and plenty of opportunities to find winners.

The Judge is a professional greyhound bettor with over 17 years’ experience as a full-time betting professional behind him. The Judge focusses on open class races at all of the UK tracks, so there are betting opportunities on most days, often with multiple opportunities on particular days. If there are no bets an e-mail is sent to advise of this fact. Selections are also available from the members’ area of the website.

This service has been operating under the Betfan umbrella since September 2015. In the 30-months since joining Betfan, The Judge is recorded to have amassed 1,765.48 points profit at an average of around 57 points per month. Advised stakes are between one and five points, with most being three, four or five, so you need to bear this in mind when comparing with flat single point returns. March 2018 is currently proving to be The Judge’s best month ever with 170 points banked up to March 25th.

E-mail advices are received at varying times of the day depending on when the racing of interest is taking place. So it could be in the morning for afternoon racing, or not until mid- to late afternoon for evening racing. The e-mails themselves contain the race time, track, trap number, selection’s name, advised points stake, type of bet, price and bookies offering the quoted price. There is no analysis for the selections and they can sometimes be difficult to read as they are written without any capital letters or punctuation and if there are multiple selections on the page it can get quite tricky to read, so take care.

There is a full history of results on the web site, with each month since September 2015 having its own page.

Results – Month 1 (26th February to 25th March 2018)

151.93 points profit at an ROI of 38.76%, a strike rate of 37.78% and average odds of a tad over 3/1. What more is there to say?

The longest losing run experienced in the month was six, although we were on a five-race winless streak at the close of the period as well. On the other hand though, there were four instances of four consecutive winners in the period. There were 90 bets in total in the month, at an average advised stake of 4.35 points.

You can probably do the math yourself, but had you been betting at £10 per point (so a maximum stake of £50 on any individual selection) you would have cleared nearly £1,400 in the period after deducting your membership fee.

Results – Month 2 (26th March to 25th April 2018)

Month 2 proved to be a bit “after The Lord Mayor’s Show”. The strike rate dropped from 37.78% to 23.93% and there were losing runs of ten and eight (twice) which resulted in a loss for Month 2 of 66.26 points. Average odds of selections were slightly higher at 4.31 (c.100/30) compared to 4.08 (c.3/1). There were consecutive winners a couple of times in the month, but the four instances of four consecutive winners in Month 1 never looked like being repeated.

However, that still leaves the cumulative position after two months at a profit of 85.67 points, and at a very healthy 10.17% return on investment (ROI). The overall strike rate is 30% and average advised odds 4.21, so creeping up towards 7/2.

Results – Month 3 (26th April to 25th May 2018)

The pendulum certainly swung back in the right direction in Month 3 with another 120.88 points of profit added. Although the average odds per selection dropped further to 3/1, the strike rate climbed back up to 35.11%. 

A run of seven consecutive winners early in the month set the service up nicely to deliver significant profit in Month 3. However, the month did end with an unbroken run of nine consecutive losing bets, the worst run seen over the three months of the review. The ROI (Return on Investment) in the month was a whopping 33.91%, delivered by 33 winners from 94 selections.

Over the course of the three month review period we have seen 206.55 points profit generated from average four point stakes, an ROI of 17.23% and a Return on Capital (ROC) of 103.27%. The overall strike rate was almost 1-in-3.

Summary at end of Month 1

Obviously starting the review period in the tipsters best ever month is going to paint a very healthy picture indeed. What will be of interest, is how this month is followed up in the next two.

Summary at end of Month 2

It was always going to be difficult to follow up on a best ever month. However, if we didn’t know the breakdown of the results, 85.67 points profit at over 10% ROI from average stakes of four points per selection would be an interesting proposition. This is why we use three month trials, the final month should give us a clearer picture of which of the two months was nearer to the norm.

Summary at end of Month 3

Doubling the betting bank in three months is no mean feat and the overall numbers from this service are very impressive. The only caveat here is that the results are based on an average of four points per stake, but if you set your bank up according to your own personal circumstances then that isn’t a problem. There are, and will probably continue to be, significant ups and downs but the overall outcome is a positive and I have no hesitation in awarding this service an overall four-star rating.

You can see the full breakdown of results from the trial here.


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