The Inside Trap (Final Update)

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Product Name:

The Inside Trap

Company Name & Contact Details:

WAP Tipsters Ltd
34 New House
67-68 Hatton Garden


£30 plus VAT = £36 every 28 days
£65 plus VAT = £78 every 3 months

A two-week trial is available for £1.20 (inclusive of VAT)

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned

What Do You Get?

Daily greyhound tips delivered by email and also available on the dedicated WhatsApp group.

Where to Buy:

The Inside Trap

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A betting bank of 100-points is recommended for this service.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The detailed results sheet on the WAP Tipsters webpage for The Inside Trap shows a total points profit of 157.54 between 26th December 2018 and the end of May 2019. This equates to an average monthly profit of around 30-points.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

On average there are four or five tips per day, and all are win singles. The email contains details of the bookmakers offering the advised prices and so placing the requisite bets each day is a matter of a few minutes.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet connectivity and access to a range of online bookmaker accounts.

Value for Money?

Let’s wait for the end of the three months before reaching a conclusion on this. Based on the performance in the review I cannot possibly award a VFM pass for this service.

Quality of Customer Service?

There are no guidelines as to how quickly WAP Tipsters aim to respond to email enquiries and I have not used the contact form for support with this service. However, my dealings with them when setting up the review and on other matters have always been met with a prompt and professional response.


The Inside Trap is a greyhound tipping service run by Paul Shane and sits on the WAP Tipsters platform. Although Paul has been involved in greyhounds for many years, and has tipped in the past, he only started proofing The Inside Trap to WAP on Boxing Day 2018.

Paul is a greyhound owner, with several dogs kennelled at tracks around the country. Whilst travelling and watching his dogs Paul has developed many contacts and uses these to gather the information that underpins The Inside Trap service. He lists Nottingham, Romford, Sheffield, Crayford and Central Park as the tracks where he has the best information.

On average there are four to five tips a day, although this can be higher or lower depending on the racing on any given day. The timing of the email can fluctuate, but in most instances it arrives between lunchtime and mid-afternoon. The information provided is simply the race details, the selection and trap number, the advised price, the bookmaker(s) offering that price and the recommended stake. As well as via the email, the daily information is also provided on the private WhatsApp group.

The recommended stake ranges from one to four points with the majority of selections being either two or three points.

There were also three ante-post selections for the Greyhound Derby and at the time of writing, two of those selections have made it through to the semi-finals.

Most of the races with selections are shown live on Racing Post Greyhound TV. This is available free of charge on Sky Channel 468 and Freesat 250.

Since proofing started in December 2018, the total points profit claimed on the website is 157.54 to the end of May 2019, with a strike rate of 53%.

Results – Month 1 (15th May to 14th June 2019)

The first month of the review hit a strike rate of 53%, exactly on the historic average claimed on the website. However, the total profit of 14-points in the month was only around half of the historic monthly average quoted. That said, a 14-point profit to kick off the review is a very healthy start.

The profit all came in the second half of the month after we had been sitting on a loss at the half-way stage. There were some very lucrative days in the latter part of the month including 4th June, three-out-of-three for 8.5 points profit, 7th June, four-out-of-five for 6.66 points and 11th June, four-out-of-five for 7.58 points daily profit.

There were 130 selections in all, which is totally in line with an average month for the service. The average advised odds of all of the selections was just over evens (2.05), whilst the 69 winning selections averaged just under 10/11 (1.9).

The ROI (return on investment) for the period was 3.8%.

Results – Month 2 (15th June to 14th July 2019)

There were a similar number of selections to last month (137) but the performance was well down at a loss of 78.76 points. The cumulative position after two months is now a loss of 64.76 points.

The drop in performance can be attributed to a fall in the strike rate (down from 53.08% to 42.34%) which was further compounded by a fall in the average odds of the winning selections from 1.9 (c.10/11) to 1.83 (5/6).

After a slow start the month picked up between 18th and 20th June with 13.46 points profit banked in those three days alone. At that stage of the month the strike rate was edging towards 60%. Unfortunately, the momentum wasn’t maintained and the remainder of the month fell away, with the strike rate after 20th June dropping under 40%.

Results – Month 3 (15th July to 14th August 2019)

Slightly more selections this month with 150 singles and a treble. Despite the strike rate and the average odds of winning selections climbing slightly from last month the overall result was still a loss of 56.44 points. This gives a cumulative loss for the review of 121.2 points, which exceeds the recommended starting bank of 100-points.

The strike rate of 44% (66 winners from 150 runners) was slightly better than last month but still considerably down on the 53.08% from Month 1 which had produced a profit. The average odds of the winning selections was actually the best month of the review, finishing at 2.0 (evens). 

This month never got going at all and was in deficit from Day One and stayed there throughput the period, hitting a low point of -75.31 points along the way. 

Summary at End of Month 1

A solid start to the review period which provides a good base from which to build in the next two months.

Summary at End of Month 2

As I always say, one month neither makes nor breaks a service and we wait and see if The Inside Trap can right the ship in the final month of the review.

Summary at End of Month 3

The loss for the three months of the review exceeded the recommended starting bank of 100-points. All in all a disappointing review period.


A full rundown of the results from the review period are available here.


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