The Importance Of Being Idle

| February 8, 2018 | 2 Replies

As the editor of the Betting Rant I get a LOT of requests from people to proof their selections…

Everyone, it seems, has a magnificent, bookie beating formula.

It won’t surprise you to know that most of them follow a similar pattern…

They start off full of beans, emailing me every day with six, seven, eight selections.

They pick one or two winners, promise that there is “more to come” and continue sending me large numbers of selections.

All of a sudden they hit a losing run and because there are so many selections they lose quite a lot quite quickly.

And then bosh, the thread goes quiet, and I never hear from them again.

To be honest, I was losing interest after the third or fourth email.

You see, it’s not that I had any sort of pre-judgement over whether they’d be any good or not, it’s that if you are consistently backing eight or nine selections a day, I really do struggle to see how a sufficient amount of time and energy is going in to those selections.

Ok, so this may not be true for all niches but certainly when it comes to horseracing, analysing a race really should take you quite a long time…

I very rarely have more than seven selections in a day (often from no more than three or four races, as I often back more than one horse in a race) and I only analyse the racing on Saturdays, the busiest racing day of the week.

Ok, maybe the person providing the selections is a machine, working 18 hour days, fully dedicated to studying race cards…

I doubt it but, bear with me…

Even then, the majority of races each day are just not good betting propositions.

Some races will be priced up perfectly, some will have an unopposable but incredibly short priced favourite and some will be a plain old crapshoot.

The fact is, it’s not a bumper bag of selections that impresses me, it’s somebody who is happy to back nothing at all.

Why no news is good news

Last week our new Nags to Riches service launched.

On Saturday the website was ready, the new members were ready and Mel Gee, our man in know was ready, and then Mel posted the first update…

“There are no selections today”*

*Mel did also write 763 words on the day’s races, highlighting some horses of note, some trends to be aware of and the reasons why no bet stood out to him.

Can you imagine the pressure he must have been under to produce a selection on the very first day of the service?

Literally hundreds of members desperate for their first fix!

Yet Mel isn’t one to bow to pressure and he isn’t one to forego his principles in the search of a quick win.

Mel, by his own admission, spent his first 30 years of betting losing money…

He’s made every mistake it’s possible to make and he now knows that when no bet fits his strategy he, quite simply, shouldn’t bet.

There will always be another day and another race and it’s this approach that has enabled Mel to bet full time and even purchase his very own winning racehorse.

As one new member said on Saturday:

“No bets today, integrity is high”

Now don’t get me wrong, you obviously need to make a good profit too and throughout my proofing of Mel’s selections he also produced a return on investment of 18.2% and a win and place strike rate of 40.9% at average odds of around 7/1.

That and the discipline to protect the betting bank and take a day off if no horse fits the bill are exactly what you need to win money from the bookmakers and it’s exactly why I was so keen to get involved with Nags to Riches.

If you’d like to join Mel, you only have until the end of the week to do so.

Click here before you run out of time.


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  1. Lee Venis says:

    I tried this for a month and made a loss. Some of the selections had odds of 1.6. Certainly not going to lock in £500 every time you use it.

    Matt, over how long did you proof it for to make 18%?

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