The “Give Me Strength” Betting Awards

| August 18, 2011 | 60 Replies

Every now and again I read something, usually in an email, that makes me want to cry.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that in an offended way…

Just ask my mates, it is IMPOSSIBLE to offend me…

I mean it in an “oh my god, are you actually being serious?” way.

Some people just defy belief and so I thought I’d share a few of their thoughts and actions with you today…

Do please feel free to leave a comment below as it’d be lovely to know that I’m not alone in wondering just what makes some people tick!

So, first up we have a Betting Rant subscriber who emailed me this morning…

I won’t reveal his name but I’ll just say that it was he who gave me the idea for this piece…

The email essentially read that I was useless at tipping because only one of yesterday’s five horseracing tips won.

Now, that’d be all well and good if they were all odds on shots but what were actually tipped were 6.8, 11/1, 5/1 and 5/1 shots and a reverse forecast…

As the 6.8 shot won that meant that anybody putting £10 on each of the bets would have emerged £18 better off overall – that’s a return on investment of 36% – but let’s forget all that because I’m clearly useless.

Give me strength.

Next up is a tale from another (more sensible) Betting Rant subscriber, Mario who said:

“Those tight b——- at Hills let me have £6.38 at 16s for Ali Carter and after the price dropped to 10s the cheeky so and so’s offered me £3.62 at that price… I reckon they’ve been reading the Rant!!!”

Now I know that bookmakers are businesses and all that but refusing to take a £10 stake and then trying to fob Mario off with odds of 10/1, well that’s shoddy behaviour of the highest order from William Hill…

I mean it’s not as if Mario was trying to stick a couple of hundred quid down was it?

Give me strength.

And finally for today (I’m making myself angry just thinking about these), Joey p*ssing Barton.

The hypocrisy of the man is just incredible…

He grabs Gervinho by the throat on the basis that he went down easily, only to throw himself to the floor after having his face brushed by the fingers of the Arsenal man.

And as for his self important, arrogant, pretentious flipping (and that’s being nice) Tweets well, all together now…

Give me strength!!

As for the ‘awards’, no one gets one…

They’re all as bad as each bloody other.

You know what, I’m half tempted to make this a regular feature – if you have any nominations for a “give me strength” award, just leave a comment below.

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Comments (60)

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  1. Slow says:

    Hi Matt,

    Hahaha come back to MMR and spit your feathers there too.

    NIce piece, some folk eh?

    Sod ’em mate.

  2. Ian says:

    Hi Matt, I read the above piece and I thought I would let you know about an experience I have had withy William Hills recently.

    I opened a WH account back in May 2011 and deposited £50. I placed the £50 on a horse on which I had ‘good’ information that it would win. It didn’t win and I lost my £50.

    Then last week I deposited another £50 and tried to place a small bet on the golf last week. I would not let me bet anything at any stake, I even reduced the stake to a 1 pence bet and it still refused!

    I then spoke to a rep from WH and he said my account was restricted and that I could not place ANY bets on sports betting at all…..but I was ”still able to avail of the other many good WH products such as poker bingo etc”

    So after a full argument with the rep and then with a senior rep I found out they were not letting me place any bets on any sports but they will be reviewing my betting and the traders may decide to lift the restriction…..well i’m not sure how they can review my betting if they won’t allow me to place any bets at all!!

    I just could not believe that a large national bookmaker, whose business it is is to take bets on the outcome of sports, could do this. Especially as they too my £50 bet which I lost and then would not give me a fair chance to win my money back.


  3. Faz says:

    Hi Matt

    Great e-mail and I empathise with your frustrations. Just want to say that each of your tips for York yesterday were supported with excellent yet brief comments showing the rationale behind your selections and all were good value. Have you any further tipsw for today’s card?

    Keep up the good work


  4. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Slow, I may nip over there this afternoon. Try not to wind me up today, not sure my blood pressure can take any more!!!

    Ian, it’s quite a worrying trend actually. Back in the day you used to have to be genuinely successful to be banned by the bookies but it seems increasingly that they are refusing bets at the merest hint of danger.

    On the plus side there are plenty of alternatives to get your bets on with but it still doesn’t excuse the behaviour of those that ban and restrict on a whim.

  5. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Thanks Faz.

    I do tend to keep the reasoning brief on the emails so as not to bore you all but if you’re ever after more comment, just send us an email or leave a note on this website and I’ll be happy to expand.

    Yesterday’s performances weren’t bad and we were particularly unlucky with Kanaf who would have won the first at 11/1 but for a bad start.

    I’ve only had a very brief look at today’s races but I’ll have a gander over lunch and let you know if I spot anything of interest.


  6. Steve Colliety says:

    I’m glad Mario got £6.38 on at 16/1 with WH. I only was offered £7.50 at 10/1 with Stan James (I only asked for £10 and as Ian I had a winning bet with WH and now am barred from making a bet). It’s the same with a number of bookmakers. Ask for a price on something that is in double figures on obscure sports like football, rugby, golf or horse racing and they cut you back or reduce their odds. It must be time in this day and age when at least they must show the maximum bet they will take on an event at the price they advertise.


  7. Kris says:

    Another great Rant Matt, that’s two in a row now, for you now to land the hat-trick the pressure is on for your next Rant!!

    Maybe with all the loutish behaviour you guys have had to endure up there recently, you could make this ‘GMS’ category (Give Me Strength) a regular event, as it probably is good therapy to unload some aggro. Better this way, than trashing innocent business owners premises.

    Yes, there are plenty of overpaid prima donna footballers, who are all in line for an Oscar or three.

    Yes, Bookies only like ‘Losing Punters’ as clients. A bit like Health Insurance Companies not wanting to insure sick people.

    But the whinger who moans about collecting $680 from $500 invested……….REALLY?!?!?!?! What is he on about……..or should I just say: what is he on??

    What do people expect?? Boy, has he got A LOT TO LEARN!!

    Either way, get it off your chest Matt, as most of us who can appreciate an ROI of 36%, enjoy the Rants!!

    Cheers muchly,


  8. Ian says:

    Matt….love your posts and your tips so don’t let those particular tossers grind you down….now having said that the give me strength suggestion goes to you for your rant abouut Joey Barton….I’m fortunate enough to have the time to listen to the sports channels on the radio and oor Joey was very apologetic and admitted he went down lkike a girl to get Gervino sent off…..only after the officials missed Song stamping on his calf….therefore he wanted to make it obvious….I’m Scottish and no interest in English football by the way so no bias one way or the other….guessing your an Arsenal fan mate….don’t let them wind you up…it’s only a game 🙂

    Keep up the informed tipping….love reading your insights 🙂

    Cheers, Ian

  9. Conn says:

    Matt this is not a”give me strength” comment but to that email you received let him know I made 3 pts on yesterday’s advice, the only thing I was disappointed about was there was none to-day. Allthe best

  10. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Ian,

    I’m not an Arsenal fan as it goes, although that really would be a reason to be in a bad mood! I just feel like Joey Barton is always apologising and has had more than enough chances.

    Perhaps in this particular incident there are some valid excuses (the stamp for one was just as bad, if not worse, than the offences of Gervinho and Barton) but there always seems to be an ‘incident’ where Barton is concerned.

    He’s a good player but I wouldn’t want him at my club…

    and no, I’m not revealing who that is 😉


  11. geoff lewis says:

    As a Newcastle supporter Matt, I totally agree with you about Mr Barton. However, dont forget it is teams such as Arsenal who have corrupted the beautiful game with the ‘art’ of diving, indeed they would be near the top for artistic excellence, totally justified on a game to game basis by ‘ I never saw it Wenger’ ??
    Love the rants and PS, Hanagan will be champion jockey again
    Geordie Geoff

  12. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Cheers Geoff and a good point made regarding Arsenal.

    Couple of horseracing tips for today for those that are interested. I’ve not spent a huge amount of time researching these so don’t go mad on them but I will be having a small flutter.

    2:30: Gamilati at 4/1 and Inetrobil (a very good second at the Ascot festival) EW at 16/1

    3:00 Blue Bunting at 3/1. She’s unsuprisingly the favourite having won the Irish Oaks last time out but 3/1 still offers some value.

  13. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    Ok you made a return on investment of 36% but that was off one bet that got lucky. The remainder of the tips were indeed rubbish, I can vouch for this as I missed the first race but backed the other selections.

    Also you are still keeping up the practice of bragging about your bets that go well but sweeping under the carpet the ones that are going badly.

    Take for instance the Ali Carter bet, we never hear the end of it but England to win the Rugby World Cup will never be heard of again unless they somehow manage to pull it off then you will be shouting again.

    Prove me wrong and put some winning horse tips up today, at least you are right about Joey Barton but everybody in the country already knows he is an imbecile.

  14. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    I’m not going to bother responding to that last comment as it’s just not worth the effort.

    All I will say is that if you’d like a full track record all you have to do is ask but for the time being here are the two most important Betting Rant stats (to £10 stakes unless otherwise stated).

    Total Profit (after losing bets etc): £497.26
    ROI: 37%

    That’s from a total of 133 bets but do feel free to write it off as a fluke.

  15. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    Well if those figure are true that is commendable and I take my hat off to you sir.

    I stick to what I say about yesterday`s bets though.

  16. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    If you ask anybody that watched the first race you’ll be told that my selection would have won but for a dodgy start.

    Second selection won and there was nothing flukey about it.

    Third selection fair enough, I had mentioned that there was a possibility of burnout and that was indeed the case.

    Fourth selection was a reverse forecast and the selections came 2nd and 3rd, hardly a flop.

    Fifth selection didn’t perform on the day.

  17. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    4th selection not a flop? A 4/6 favourite and 9/4 2nd favourite and you still couldn`t find the winner, never mind the reverse forecast.

    The 4th selection was the worst of the day.

  18. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    I wasn’t tipping a winner though was I? In fact I specifically said that the race was a tough one to predict hence why I went for the less likely but better priced reverse forecast.

    Had I backed Await The Dawn and Midday both to win AND the RFC you’d have a point. As it is, you don’t.

    I don’t really no why I’m bothering anyway. You can clearly do better than me so I’m not sure what you’re doing on here.

  19. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    I am not claiming I can do better than you, I hardly ever even try to pick horse racing selections but to claim that 4th race was not a flop is laughable Matt.

    The reverse forecast was less than 2/1 and it didn`t even come close to winning in fact it failed miserably with the 4/6 favourite not even coming close to getting in the 1st 2. Don`t try and defend the indefensible.

  20. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Sorry, that may have been a tad defensive!

    There’s no point debating it any further, you have your opinion and I have mine but to say that I got ‘lucky’ in making a profit yesterday is at best unfair and at worse ridiculous.

    Putting aside the other performances (and you’ve already said that you missed the first) can you tell me why the winning selection was flukey? If you can’t then I wasn’t lucky was I? I picked a good winner and that gave us an overall profit regardless of other results.

  21. Brian says:

    I notice that super critic “Houghton Not So Hot” hasn’t got the balls to use his real name. “Put some winning tips up today” is a ridiculous request as anyone with sense who likes a bet will know! Every tipster seems to have to put up with muppets like that and the fact that you don’t even charge for your tips makes such comments even more inexcusable. Let’s see “Houghton Not So Hot” give us some free tips!

    I agree entirely with your comments on Barton. What annoys me, and something that the media failed to pick up on much to my frustration, is that when Barton hauled Gervinho to is feet the ball was in play so it should have been a penalty! Surely 1 of the other 3 officials should have told the ref, whose back was turned at the time. Barton should also have got a red card (I’ve seen players sent off for less violent conduct than that including Beckham v Argentina). I noticed Barton telling van Persie that he was punched. If he wants to know the difference between a punch and a slap I suggest he asks Ousmane Dabo or a teenager in a Liverpool McDonalds!

  22. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    Ok I will take on Matt`s first tip with Fire Lily in the 2.30.

  23. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Inetrobil is into 8’s by the way, so if anyone got him at 16s might be worth locking in a no lose bet on the exchanges.

  24. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    I am going each way on Banimpire in the 3.40.

  25. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    3.05 York

    Harrison George to win 9/1

    Pendragon each way 12/1

  26. Brian says:

    Forgot to mention earlier that Stan James first restricted my bets so that I couldn’t win more than £20 then cancelled my account because of “irregular betting patterns”. They accused me of trading, i.e. backing a horse with them then laying it on the exchanges. Don’t bookies lay off there bets? Ladbrokes sometimes limit my stakes to ridiculously small amounts as do Skybet.

    A few, like Bet365 and Paddy Power, give free bets or other meaningful offers but most of the big high street names offer bot all to existing customers.

  27. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    That’s exactly what they do Brian. And what’s it to them if you lay the horses on the exchanges anyway? They still win if the horse loses, regardless of whether you’ve traded to lock in a profit.

  28. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    Oh and Matt I missed the first 2 races yesterday not just the first one, my mistake.

  29. terry says:

    Hi Matt – I have just been banned by Victor Chandler,they closed my account and sent me the balance,but wouldn’t tell me why,so friends your not alone out there being puzzled by the antics of the bookies ! Keep well

  30. Arthur says:

    Matt, your win yesterday was obviously lucky. What you should have done was laid every outsider and won a fortune. You could then have claimed if one actually won (especially if it was at 500/1) that you were unlucky. That strategy might shut some of these morons up. Prob not though. You’d look great for a day or two though, in anyone’s book.

    (God help you on the day two of ’em lose, but apparently you will sweep that day under the carpet, as our reliable source of info above has now told us.)

  31. Pete says:


    I don’t know how you do it. Keep your cool I mean.

    I’ve had a day off today as it’s A level results day & I wanted “the full experience” with my youngest, so I’ve just sat down to read the above.

    Full credit to Houghton Not So Hot Bets, he actually put his head above the ramparts & posted some tips. I see that he has drawn a complete blank though, so where that puts him on his own scale of how “useless” his tipping is, I hesitate to guess. In your shoes, I would have been posting up on here the moment each race finished with another loser.

    …mind you, I don’t suppose you fall into the trap of judging someone on the results of one day, do you? (It was a good day by the way, so thanks once again for the umpteenth time – please feel free carry on being so “useless”!)


  32. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    Hang on I haven`t even finished for the day yet.

  33. Stuart says:


    Just read your e-mail today, and I think the 1st bloke was just a twat, he obviously knows nothing and expects miracles, as for the W.Hill account its simple just close your account there are alot of other bookmakers who take reasonable bets, and don’t get me wound up on that barton Knob talk about double standards, but he so thick he doesn’t understand what he has done wrong.

  34. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Cheers Blue Bunting (and Frankie). Nothing lucky there eh 😉

    Terry – plenty more fish (or should that be sharks?!) in the sea.

    Arthur – Love it.

    Pete – Everyone deserves a chance and, for me, a chance is at least a month’s worth (providing the tips aren’t a complete disaster of course). That’s what I judge other tipsters and services on and that’s what I would love to be judged on. Easier said than done sometimes.

  35. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Keep em coming HNSHB. Me, I’ll take my profit and I’m done for the day.

  36. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    EPSOM 7.20 ASPECTUS EW 14/1
    EPSOM 5.10 DOLLAR BILL EW 10/1
    SOU 5.30 NEWBY LODGE WIN 32/5 Betfair
    EPSOM 7.20 STARWATCH WIN 27/5 Betfair

    That`s all folks.

  37. Kris says:

    @ HNSHB,
    maaaaaaaaaaaate, I reckon I would be finishing up for the day if I were you, or haven’t you lost enough money yet??
    Not so easy, is it now??
    Please do keep your tips coming tho’, as they say, laughing is the best medicine….

  38. richard says:

    i have only just registered here and ouch! if tipping were that easy we’d all be rich and the bookies would be skint. gambling is a rollercoaster of a hobby but so much fun (40 years a gambler). the only time i have ever got sore is when i have gambled more than i could afford to lose. win lose or draw at any other time has been nothing but pleasure, especially when you stand in front of a bookie at a course and collect and then spend it on steak and ale! i thought all punters were involved to beat the bookies. a tip is an opinion! you dont have to back it!

  39. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Nicely put Richard.

    I think a lot of the time people forget that you should enjoy gambling. Obviously it’s easier to enjoy when you’re winning but if you get too worked up about it then it probably isn’t for you.

    I’ve learned to take losses and, as a ‘tipster’, I’ve learned to take criticism (most of the time anyway 😉 ).

    It may seem odd coming from me, as I do tend to go off on one now and again (see the article above!!) but I do love the job and if I didn’t I wouldn’t do it, regardless of the money I’m making.

  40. Richard says:

    Whenever i have a bad week i have so many memories of good times at the track:- cecil/cauthen first race of the day as a banker (never a big price) but even at 2/1 a good start to the afternoon. Standing in front of a bookie on the last day of the Ebor meeting, the only punter he had to pay out after i landed a 14/1 winner. I’ve also got a betfair printout for my best ever run, a period of 8 days and £5775 profit. It comes out whenever i need cheering up. Waiting for the safe to unlock in a Corals shop to pick up after backing an 8/1 shot with £300- bet i couldn’t get that bet on nowadays. And thats before i mention the fellow punters that i’ve met and had a good time with when out for the day makes it all worthwhile!!!!

  41. Kris says:

    @ HNSHB,
    maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate, how close was that?????? You almost picked a place-getter in a three-horse race!!!! How unlucky, you missed out by one……..Your parents must be so proud….
    I can afford to say this Matt, as I don’t quite have to be as politically correct as you do. I enjoy your Rants here, as I do your views, and those of many others, on the MMR thread, re.: Riots

  42. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    Forgot about Aspectus each way in the 7.20 at 14/1.

  43. huw says:

    I dont know about anyone else but I think I’ve just about had enough and nominate HNSHB for the next GIVE ME STRENGTH award, wot a twot, oops sorry about the spelling mistake!

  44. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    well fock you Huw !

  45. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Play nice people.

    I don’t wan’t to start censoring anything now…

  46. Pete says:

    Huw & HNSHB – come on now chaps (assumption there), surely we are all above playground name calling, aren’t we?

    HNSHB – as I said above, fair play to you for sticking your neck out & posting some tips up, but you had a bad day. That’s the top & bottom of it. When it was Matt’s turn the other day, maybe he had a bad day too (even though he still turned a profit on the day).. If tipping was that easy, none of us would be on here & the bookies would be broke.

    The point is, you can’t judge ANY tipster/service on the results of one day, or even a week.

    I think if you just did the grown up, gentlemanly thing & apologised for your initial outburst, we could all get on with the collective job of trying to make the bookies that bit poorer, no? That little word “sorry” is very powerful, liberating, & disarming. Try it – it doesn’t hurt.

  47. Houghton Not So Hot Bets says:

    Wasn`t that bad a day, Starwatch won if you hadn`t noticed.

  48. Pete says:

    …so you deserve just as hard a time as you gave Matt then? (Discounting how many tips you both put up & just going on the number of winners & day’s profit, that is.)

    Do you always run in blinkers?

  49. Houghton`s Not So Hot Bets says:

    Here`s todays hot bets.

    YOR 2.00 WARLU WAY EW 11/1 Bet365
    YOR 3.40 REQUINTO WIN 7/1 Bet365
    YOR 3.40 INXILE EW 22/1 Bet365
    YOR 4.15 MIZWAAJ EW 12/1 888sport
    YOR 4.50 LADY PARIS EW 10/1

  50. Houghton`s Not So Hot Bets says:

    Going with Prohibit to win at 10/1 in the 3.40 not Requinto.

  51. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Should be ‘here’s today’s not so hot bets’ non?

  52. Houghton`s Not So Hot Bets says:

    Well it would be if you were putting yours up.

    Haha , only kidding Matt.

  53. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    I don’t have any for today, hence why there aren’t any up. I’m happy enough with my profit from Weds and Thurs and I’ve been working on the weekend football.

  54. Bill coley says:

    Regarding Barton,I fancy him to see red tomorrow because Sunderland’s fans will be on his back before he even walks down the tunnel and we know what a wilting violet he is (Punched! Hah!)

    Perhaps he should check out Google for a few more Philosophical quotes before the match!!

  55. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Not a bad shout Bill. Joey Barton is 2/1 with Unibet to be shown a card (red OR yellow). Could be worth a nibble.

  56. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    …And 10/3 for any player to be sent off at Hills.

  57. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Two winners out of two. Saucy!

  58. DavidOakleyBrown says:

    I recently opened a bet365 account to benefit from the £200 free bets, my reason was to through trading lock in a profit from the free bet.

    I opened the account on Friday afternoon around 2, made 3 bets, 1 successful at high odds the other two losing (I actually wanted to do 4 £50 losing bets). I found in the evening when I went to place another bet my account had been restricted.

    I promptly called customer service to see what happened and they advised that their traders had restricted my account but couldn’t give me a reason. I requested they reviewed my account and 48 hours later they concluded that my account would continue to be restricted. I removed all my money from the account and ended up with a small loss (betting exchange commissions).

    Not sure how after 3 bets you can conclude someone is doing something wrong. Especially when my colleague who sits right next to me did the exact same thing on the same races at the same time and had no restrictions whatsoever.

    Needless to say I wasn’t happy and didn’t have as much fun as I should have at the pub the following day watching the footie.

  59. The Grader says:

    I have several email accounts. One is specifically for betting activity. As you can imagine I get loads of spam encouraging me to open casino accounts (I never will) but here’s the thing. They often offer either £700 or 700 Euros as a free starting balance. The customer chooses the currency. But what sort of whacko would choose Euros? Even if you lived in the Euro zone you would be playing electronically and therefore electing to accept only 87% of what is on offer. Your bank will convert anything you withdraw to Euros later. Guess the offer is not aimed at savvy punters.

  60. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    It is funny the extent to which they try to trick punters to get an edge. I’ve got into the habit of reading any bookie offers three or four times just to make sure I know exactly what it is that’s being offered!

    The frustrating thing is that there are bound to be people that take the offer of Euros without thinking it through.

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