The Champagne Kid (Final Update)

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Product Name:

The Champagne Kid

Company Name & Contact Details:

Betfan Limited,
Suite 1, Scotts Place
24 Scotts Road

Email contact is via the “Support” page on the website.


There are a range of options for this service:
£18.00 plus VAT = £21.60 every 7 days
£54.00 plus VAT = £64.80 every 28 days
£152.10 plus VAT = £182.52 every 90 days
£257.40 plus VAT = £308.88 every 6 months

Money Back Guarantee:

No. Betfan’s terms and conditions state that subscriptions are generally non-refundable but that every request for a refund will be reviewed and if they feel a refund is warranted it will be granted.

What Do You Get?

Daily win and each way picks from UK and Irish racing, with staking from one to five points per selection.

Where to Buy:

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A starting bank of 200-points is recommended by this service.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The website alludes to an average of 67.5 points profit per month since October 2017.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Just a few minutes when the tips are received as they are all singles (win or each way) and there is no complex system or staking plan to follow. The initial email arrives between 10:30 and 12:30 each day, with a further update in the afternoon for any evening racing.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone with internet access and access to online bookmaker accounts. Of course, you could walk into a betting shop and place them, although you would be restricting your access to the best odds available and risking the advised odds disappearing if you don’t act straight away.

Value for Money?

As always, this will be assessed at the end of the review period. Based purely on the review period delivering an overall loss (plus the cost of the service for the three months) I cannot award a VFM pass for The Champagne Kid. 

Quality of Customer Service?

Has the support of the Betfan platform. Requests for support are made via the support ticket system on the website. I have always received a quick and professional response when using the Betfan support system to set up reviews.


The Champagne Kid joined the Betfan platform in October 2017 and has some impressive results shown on the website since, with an average monthly profit of 67.5 points. Our partner service Tipstars can validate the results since June 2018, although Tipstars do not record Best Odds Guaranteed whilst these historic results do.

There is quite a lot of activity on this service with around 140-150 tips per month. This can vary from days with a single selection to days with five or six selections, there are very occasional “No Bet” days as well.

The vast majority of tips are straight win selections, although the each-way market is utilised on occasion as well. Staking is based on a scale of one to five points depending on whether the Champagne Kid considers the price to offer acceptable, good or exceptional value. Most selections tend to fall into the 4/1 to 14/1 range, although there can be occasions where a tip falls either side of this.

The initial email each day usually arrives between 10:30 and 12:30 and follows the traditional Betfan layout. To that end you get the race details, the selection, the stake, the bet type and the advised odds. A further email follows in the mid- to late-afternoon on days when there is evening racing.

Selections are made using race profiling and according to The Champagne Kid himself, “Race profiling is my description for using [a] mixture of trends, systems, trainer methodology, sire / damsire stats for their progeny, statistical analyses of factors likely to lead to winner-finding.”

Results – Month 1 (5th January to 4th February 2019)

The final profit of 3.09 points fails to tell the whole story behind the first month of the review.

On 23rd January The Champagne Kid tipped two winners out of three selections for a daily profit of 27.5 points. This was the second day in the month with a 27.5 points daily profit following three winners out of seven on 11th January for the same return. After the success on 23rd January the cumulative profit stood at 74.5 points and a month in line, if not better than, the historic monthly average looked on the cards.

However, the high was immediately followed by a sequence of 23 consecutive losers totalling 76 points. Suddenly, the profit had all disappeared and was replaced by a cumulative loss. Thankfully, a small profit was secured over the last few days of the period and left the final position at the plus 3.09 points.

The strike rate for the month was 16.96% and the average odds of all selections 7.8 (just under 7/1). The average odds of the winning selections, however, was more than a full point lower at 6.68 (just over 11/2).

The ROI (Return on Investment) for the month was just 0.86% and at £10 per point stakes actually equates to a net loss after taking into consideration the cost of membership. At £50 per point stakes there is a small net profit of £88.50, equal to 0.49% ROI.

Results – Month 2 (5th February to 4th March 2019)

As with the first month, we looked set for a month in line with the historic average when The Champagne Kid landed three out of four across 10th and 13th February for a profit of 59.35 points. However, a number of losing runs, including one of 17, saw the profit wiped out and we had a monthly deficit of 29.15 points at one stage. A few more winners begun to turn the tide back in our favour before two out of four on 2nd March, including San Benedeto at 12/1, gave us a daily profit of 26.5 points. Although we ended the month with another run of nine consecutive losses, we still ended with an overall profit of 12.24 points.

Added to the small profit from Month 1 we are now on a cumulative profit of 15.33 points after two months.

Both the strike rate, 15.96%, and the average odds of the winning selections, 6.52 (11/2), were similar to the previous month. The improvement in the profitability coming mainly from the fact that there were less bets in total this month, partly due to the loss of British racing to the equine flu scare.

The ROI (Return on Investment) for the month was 4.18%, which at £10 per point stakes nets down to 1.88% after the cost of the service. At £50 per point stakes the net ROI is 3.71%.

After two months, the net return (after deducting the cost of the subscription) is £23.70 at £10 per point stakes and £636.90 at £50 per point. The ROI’s being 0.36% and 1.94% respectively.

Results – Month 3 (5th March to 4th April 2019)

A loss of 43.91 points this month wiped out the profit we had accumulated and left us with an overall loss of 28.58 points for the three months of the review.

When Inaminna won at Chepstow halfway through this period we had 17.49 points profit in the bank and another good month beckoned. Unfortunately, the second half of the month didn’t match the first, and with losing sequences of nine, 10 and 11 in those final two weeks, we saw the profit disappear.

This was the busiest of the three months with 135 selections, but also delivered the lowest strike rate (14.81%). As well as the lowest strike rate, this period also had the lowest average odds for the winning selections at 5.7 (just over 9/2). All of which conspired to deliver the loss for the month and, ultimately, the loss for the review as a whole.

The net loss (including the cost of the service) during the review period ended at £503.90 at £10 per point stakes and £2,260.30 at £50 per point. 

The average stake across all three months was 3.11 points per selection, which came from 341 tips and a total staked of 1,060 points. The total drawdown on the advised bank stands at 14.29% at the end of the review. Not a great result, but this is the reason services have a recommended betting bank, to cover the less successful periods.

Summary at End of Month 1

The promise was clearly there until the long losing sequence. We move on to the second month now and see if the highs can be repeated without the low.

Summary at End of Month 2

Although we have had two profitable months, they have been significantly below the average levels claimed. However, a look at recent months’ performance shows profits of 203.48, 118.89 and 84.99, but also a loss of 167.5 points in June 2018*. Clearly, the average is affected by these significant peaks and troughs and what we have witnessed so far is some middle of the road months.

Summary at End of Month 3

As can be the case with snapshot reviews, we seem to have caught The Champagne Kid in a bit of a lull. There is no major damage done to the long-term performance though and, as with all services, I would always recommend taking a look at a much longer sample period if the service is of interest to you.

* – Data from months outside the review period are taken from our partner site Tipstars.


A full breakdown of the results for the review period can be found here.


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