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Product Name:

The Bookies Enemy

Company Name & Contact Details:

Betting Gods Malta Ltd

Level 5, The Quay

Portomaso Marina

STJ 4015



£30 per month (£1 for the first 10 days). Price increased to £40 from 12th February 2018.

Other terms – Quarterly @ £60 (33.3% saving over monthly fees) and Annually @ £180 (saving 50% over monthly fees). From 12th February 2018 quarterly subscriptions rose to £80 (saving 33.3% off the monthly rate) and annual to £240 (saving a massive 50% off the monthly rate).

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes. 100% guaranteed refund within the first 30 days

NB: there is no automatic 60-day return guarantee from Clickbank. I know there is a common misconception about this, but for clarity:

“ClickBank allows each vendor to determine the appropriate return, replacement or cancellation policy for its products (each a “Vendor Return Policy”). See the Client Contract (Section 3(a)), for more information. Each vendor will make its Vendor Return Policy readily available to customers prior to purchase of a product. If the applicable Vendor allows for returns, replacements or cancellations, ClickBank will allow for the return or replacement of any product purchased using the ClickBank services in accordance with the applicable Vendor Return Policy.” 

What Do You Get?

Daily (excluding Sunday) win and each-way UK horse racing selections delivered by e-mail.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Part of the Betting Gods stable, this service offers daily (excluding Sunday) UK horse racing tips year-round. On average there are 50-60 bets per month. Bets are advised win and each-way and a recommended points stake is given. Comprehensive write up given for each selection.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

Recommended starting betting bank of 100 points.

How Much Money Can I Make?

No specific claims, but website claims an average profit of £326.44 per month to £10/point stakes. The first two months of the trial have yielded a combined £565.50 to £10 per point stakes, so well in line with the overall claim. After the full three months of the trial we saw a total profit of 112.15 points, an average of over 37 points per month, so the claims on the web site seem perfectly justified.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Minutes daily when tips are received.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Internet connection.

Value For Money?  

Too early to reach a final conclusion, but a very encouraging start. Looking like a great value opportunity, especially if you get in before the price rises on 12th February 2018. For a bank to double in three months, after taking out the cost of the membership, this is very much a value for money service.

Quality Of Customer Service?

Has the backing of the established Betting Gods platform and all of my e-mails have been answered quickly and efficiently. There is a “live chat” option for contacting them as well.


Previously known as The Bookies Enemy Number One, Gary Poole has offered his services through social media, his own web site and on other tipster platforms. The service was transferred to the Betting Gods platform in July 2017 and since that time is claimed to have more than doubled the initial starting bank. Stats on the web site show average monthly profits of £326.44, an ROI (return on investment) of 52% and a strike rate of 21.2%. There is a full breakdown of the results since day one on the web site and it appears to be updated daily. The results for our first month’s trial (see below) have not reached these levels but do give some confidence that these figures can be substantiated within the three-month trial.

Tips are received by e-mail the evening before racing, generally between 18:00 and 20:00. The e-mail is clearly presented and states the recommended stake, advised odds and the rationale for the selection. The write ups for each horse are comprehensive and show a good level of research, form knowledge and analysis. As well as arriving by e-mail the tips are available via the mobile app and the members’ area of the web site, access to both of which is provided as part of your membership. Recently an alert has been added which flashes up on both desk tops and mobile devices when tips are posted on the web site, which is a great addition.

The average advised odds of the tips received has been 11.67 and they have always been available at the time of receipt of the e-mail on the days I have checked. Betting at this level of odds will result in long losing runs and the historic data shows plenty of losing runs of between five and eight selections. However, there were also instances of runs of 12, 13 and 14 endured. Within the first month of our trial we experienced losing runs of 17 and 18, which had not been seen in previous periods. There is a fantastic table produced by Kieran at which shows the longest losing run you can expect per thousand bets at a given strike rate (there is a very complicated formula that underpins it!). Reference to that table shows that at the current strike rate of 21.2% a losing run of 30 is statistically likely. So, combined with the fact that the service still turned a good profit and ROI despite these runs we should be wary of reading too much into them in a short trial period.

Results – Month 1 (December 9th 2017 to January 8th 2018)

The trial period got off to a fast start with a 5/1 winner from the first tip, a 7/2 winner with the third and then amazingly winners at 14/1 and 12/1 on days four and five! At this point we were sitting on 35.7 points profit. Unfortunately, the remainder of the period delivered only five more winners and a couple of placed each-way selections. The strike rate for the month ending at 15.52% (9 winners from 58).

However, over the period under review, The Bookies Enemy delivered 12.9 points of profit and a 17.2% ROI. At £10 per point stakes you would have covered your monthly membership fee and walked away with about £100 profit. A very nice performance to start the trial.

Results – Month 2 (January 9th to February 8th 2018)

Month 2 carried on where Month 1 left off, with just a couple of placed selections in the first ten tips. However, winners at 14/1 and 12/1 on consecutive days saw the pendulum swing back in favour of Gary and he backed these winners up with further winners in the period at 20/1 and 25/1, together with another seven winners at lower prices. Overall the 2nd month turned a very healthy profit of 43.65 points at just under 50% ROI.

The running total after two months is now 56.55 points of profit at 34% ROI. The strike rate for winners continues to hover around the 15% mark, with average odds constant at just over 11/1.

Results – Month 3 (February 9th to March 8th 2018)

If the first two months performed well then it really was a case of keeping the best ’til last! The third and final month of the review period saw a 55.6 point profit at an ROI of 68.3%. The highlight of the month was undoubtedly Major Assault winning at Lingfield at an advised 50/1 and backed each way (the price was available in several places when the tips came out). Although the rest of the month was a bit up and down this is very much the style of The Bookies Enemy. As well as Major Assault, we also saw winners at 25/1, 20/1, 14/1 (three times) and 12/1 (five times) during the trial. The average odds of selections across the review period was over 11/1.

The downside to this style of tipping is that there are often long losing runs and in the third month we saw runs of 13 and 11, and then 10 unbroken at the end of the trial. The longest run of losers across the three months was 18. That said, the bank was never in any danger and, in fact, after the very first tip won at 5/1 we stayed in profit throughout the whole of the three month period!

The overall strike rate was 13% (26 winners from 200 selections).

Summary at end of Month 1

A very satisfactory start to the trial. Although the long losing runs will not be to everyone’s liking, they will be part and parcel of any tipster working at average odds of 10/1+ and a strike rate of c.20%.

Summary at End of Month 2

A strong 2nd month of the trial has seen the overall results push on to be very much in line with the claims made on the Betting Gods web site. With a good track record behind him they have decided that a premium price should be charged for a premium tipster, so if you are interested in giving this a go get on board before 12th February.

Summary at End of Month 3

The results speak for themselves, and being backed up by The Betting Gods platform for customer service this really is the real deal. As long as you are comfortable with the long losing runs that will be a feature of this service then it is very much one for your portfolio.

So I’m delighted to award The Bookies Enemy the first five star rating in my time as Head Reviewer.

The full results from the review are available here.

Remember, you can keep tabs on The Bookies enemy and over 125 other tipsters at The Tipster League.



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