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Product Name:
The Betting Mastermind

Company Name & Contact Details:
Stuart Neill

£19.99 per month – currently offering a special lifetime membership for £249.99

Money Back Guarantee:
Yes, all payments are through Clickbank and the default 60-day money back guarantee applies.

What Do You Get?
Daily horse racing lay selections using Betfair place SP, delivered by e-mail on the day of racing.

Where to Buy:

Brief Summary:
Daily, flat stake, lay selections on UK horse racing, using specific criteria to maximise the return. You do need to monitor Betfair prices in the few minutes up to the off in each race where there is a selection.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?
A 40-point starting bank is recommended.

How Much Money Can I Make?
Claims that at least £3,000 per year can be made from a £500 starting bank by following the advice given and recalculating the value of one point by dividing the bank by 40 at the end of each month.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?
Each selection requires the market to be checked 5-10 minutes before the race. So although placing the selections is a matter of a minute or two, there is a requirement to be available just prior to each race.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?
Internet connection and PC or mobile device.

Value for Money?
£19.99 is not a high price in the tipster market today and the historic results suggest returns could average around 7-8 points per month. If these results are borne out by the trial then this could be a lucrative service. If you had followed the advices in the trial period at £10 per point you would have walked away with a healthy profit of over £250 after deducting the cost of the membership. This is bang in line with the 7-8 points per month average claimed. This service certainly gets the value for money seal of approval for the three month trial.

Quality of Customer Service?
Sign up is quick and easy and you receive an e-mail detailing the system and how to use it. Stuart has responded quickly to my e-mails to date and all information requested has been provided. Enquiries are aimed to be answered within 24 hours and I have always received replies within that timeframe.

Stuart Neill launched The Betting Mastermind back in June 2017 as a horse racing lay service on the Betfair Place markets. The key criterion was to select the correct Betfair place market based on the standard UK bookmaker place terms and lay selections not to get placed. However, six months into the service the “V1 Strategy” was introduced based on an analysis of the results to date.

So whereas the initial service had been to lay all selections, unless they were in the top three of the Betfair WIN market, the V1 Strategy involved only laying selections that were 4th, 5th or 8th+ in the WIN market betting. Based on the historic data it was shown that this system would have generated additional profit in the first six months.

However, since the addition of the alternative strategy, the original plan, confusingly referred to as V2, has shown superior results, generating an additional £1,200 profit (at £100 per lay) across the full eight months, over the supposedly refined V1 method. The parallel use of the two systems does tend towards confusion for users if they are not careful as to which they are following. So I was pleased to hear that Stuart intends to revert to using the most profitable system only at the end of twelve months.

Since I wrote the original review, Stuart has reverted to recommending the original strategy of laying all selections so long as they are not in the top three of the win bet market. I think this is a positive step for the service and the results tend to bear out my earlier assertion that not backing the 6th or 7th favourite was simply a statistical anomaly and not based on any hard fact or trend.

Both systems require you to monitor the Betfair market just before the race to check where the selection is in the win bet market and what the correct place market is allowing for non-runners etc. Once it is ascertained that it is a live selection then laying at Betfair SP is a simple task.

The web site is a simple one-pager but it does contain details of the subscription options and, most importantly, a full analysis of results to date using both V1 and V2 systems. There is a further set of results for a “Snap-On” system but that is outside the scope of this review and requires an additional payment.

E-mails containing the tips are received on the morning of racing but there is no set time, they have been as early as pre-8 am and as late as after 11. However, an e-mail is sent to advise days when there are no selections.

Results – Month 1 (8th January to 7th February 2018)
The original V2 system of backing all selections as long as they weren’t in the first three of the win bet market generated a profit of 17 points at 37.39% ROI. The “refined” V1 method delivered only 13 points profit but at 50.5% ROI.

There were 51 selections in total which delivered a longest losing run of two and a longest winning run of eight. It was also on an unbroken run of three winners at the end of the first month. The strike rate from this side of the system was 74.51% (38 winning selections).

Of those 51 selections, 26 fulfilled the V1 criteria and 22 were winning selections, a strike rate of 84.62%. There were no consecutive losing bets for this strategy and the longest winning streak was 13. The unbroken run of winners at the end of the month was sitting at five.

Both sets of results are very acceptable in their own right and there is an element of personal choice as to which strategy you prefer.

Results – Month 2 (8th February to 7th March 2018)
As the service has reverted to the original V2 system I am concentrating on those results here. The second month added a further 11.07 points of profit to the 17.17 generated in the first month (results are reported net of Betfair commission). The total profit to date of 28.24 points is significantly higher than the 7-8 points that the historic results suggested was achievable.

ROI in the month fell to 20.5%, but the overall remains very healthy at 26.9%.

Month 2 saw two consecutive losing bets on two occasions, but these were more than compensated for by winning runs of six and eight (twice). Overall there were 54 qualifying selections in the month, of which 41 won (75.93%). The strike rate across both months is now sitting at 75.24% (79/105).

For those that are interested, I did continue to record the V1 results for the second month and they delivered 9.71 points of profit.

Results – Month 3 (8th March to 7th April 2018)
The third and final month of our trial suffered a little from hitting three losing selections in a row twice in the month. However, this was offset by runs of 10 and 18 consecutive winning selections. This helped maintain the strike rate around the 74/75% mark as it had been throughout the trial.

The final profit for Month 3 was 1.27 points, which gave an overall profit for the three months of 29.51 points. This average of 9.83 points per month is completely in line with the claims made by the service as their target.

Across the three months, the ROI was 16.58% and the ROC 73.78%, both of which are very acceptable returns. 

The volatility in the results is dampened from what many lay tipping services suffer by using the place market and consequently laying at an average of just over 5/2, the actual being 3.66.

Summary – Month 1
I fear that the results seen in the first six months which prompted the introduction of the V1 Strategy were no more than a statistical anomaly and that over a bigger sample omitting the 6th and 7th favourites will not produce a significantly improved performance. Indeed, the results to date are beginning to bear that theory out.

Notwithstanding that, the V2 Strategy is delivering more than acceptable results for a lay tipster and my wait for a consistently performing lay service to add to my portfolio may be coming to an end. I look forward to the next two months for further evidence of stability and long-term profitability.

Summary – Month 2
Another good performance in terms of results, and all other aspects of the service are meeting requirements as well. The format of the e-mail has changed slightly, but in a positive way, and overall this has the feeling of a very professionally run service.

Because this service lays in the Betfair place markets the average price of selections is a little over 5/2. This puts little strain on the bank and a couple of losses can be quickly recovered, which isn’t always the case when laying in the win market.

I’m looking forward to the final review early in April.

Summary – Month 3
So we reach the conclusion of our review of The Betting Mastermind with a very healthy 29.51 points of profit and very agreeable ROI and ROC figures to boot, even after deducting the cost of the service.

In my opinion, Stuart runs a very professional operation. The claims are not outlandish, and he has shown the ability to hit the types of results his marketing material promises. I have no hesitation in awarding The Betting Mastermind a 5-star approval from this review.

The full results to date can be found here.

Remember as well, you can monitor The Betting Mastermind’s performance against other similar tipsters, and against other tipsters generally, at The Tipster League.


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