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| March 8, 2017 | 1 Reply

It’s time for another column from our Head Reviewer, Peter Philipson. Enjoy and, as always, if you have any comments for myself or Peter you can leave a comment on the reviews section of the website or email

Matt Houghton

What bores you most?

Before I answer that question, just a quick heads up about some reviews…

We have updated Doug McKenna Racing which has recovered from the initial disaster but still has a way to go to restore trust, while the initial review for Racing Trader is now live but not for the faint hearted.

In the next couple of days will be adding initial reviews for The All Weather Specialist and Tipping the Wink. Chalk and cheese here.

Change for the sake of it

I have been less than complimentary about the so called updates to Betfair results reporting and yet again it seems as though Betfair are now much more bookmaker oriented than customer caring.

The latest change on the footy displays mean that by the time you have clicked through to the market you want to see the price you hoped for may have gone or you have forgotten what you were trying to do in the first place. The argument for using automation grows daily. Do tell us what you think.

Another site that has recently updated and does not seem to have improved on the racing front is Sporting Life where the interface seems designed for the serial gambler who has to bet on every race whether at Aintree or the middle of nowhere.

In changing they seem to have mucked up the My Stable facility but my request for clarification of this has been ignored to date…

I suppose we should not be too surprised where the Murdoch Empire is involved but the changes appear to have reduced the information available and made what is there less user friendly.

Betting Bots (your input required!!)

Now on to the main headline and this was intended to relate to betting matters not Brexit by the way!

I am sure that like me you sometimes get that sinking feeling when a system needs multiple filters to be checked and you end up with just one or two selections from your hard work…

The same goes for other such time consuming activities when the data is actually readily harvestable and so could be automated.

There are a large number of bots on the market ranging from those designed to simply place a bet that you input to sophisticated bits of kit which will allow trading in-play and can even automatically cash in a profit without you needing to be there.

I have about six bots running on any day with testing of services/systems and I seem to come across new angles very regularly.

Discussions on a related subject got me to musing about what would constitute the ideal betting bot…

For example, how about one that identifies an arb and then places the bets safely so that the bookie(s) involved do not get the wind up?

Or one that looks at the weight of money in the market and identifies a back to lay opportunity?

I thought that it would be interesting to find out what punters really want from a bot so this is your chance.

Please write to us on the usual email giving your ideas for what you would like to see automated. Be as imaginative as you can and we will try to pull everything together and come up with a spec that might be translated into a new product.

Also please let us know which is your favourite bot and why, or even those you have tried and rejected for whatever reason (that is of great interest!).

I personally really like Fairbot for trading purposes and The Bet Engine is a highly versatile software for placing fixed bets where the criteria can be pre-determined.

I know many others are available and it may just be that you like the first one you ever tried?

Tell us what really matters when you buy a bot. Does it come down to the degree of geek that you must have to make it work or is the function it is designed to achieve the first priority?

This is your opportunity to influence the design of a product that could benefit many so don’t let it pass. Just put “Betting Bots” in the subject line and we will do the rest.

Security update

Last time I mentioned the new VPS product that would help to protect you from the bookmaker spyware and my ongoing tests show that this is working well.

I am indebted to Betting Rant member Tony M for advising of another way that can help with this – and it is free!

While the VPS effectively means you are using an apparently different device, you can hide activities from prying eyes on your existing one by using Ghostery which is an extension that you add to your browser and once set up to your taste keeps prying eyes at bay.

It takes a little more tech nous to use but has been around for some time and is a good practical initial step to take.

It only remains for me to wish you all a successful Cheltenham. Until the next time…


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  1. Andy Conniff says:

    Totally agree re Sporting Life – I mainly use the mobile versions – big bold font doesn’t look right – a lot of detail has gone – where’s the results archive? Change just for the sake of it?

    Having a look at Racing Post and At The Races now. Racing Post mobile site not that impressive, I know the main site is very detailed. So At The Races seems to it for now. Are there any other sites?

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