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Product Name:

Tea Time Tipster

Company Name & Contact Details:


Unit 12
The Clocktower Business Centre
Works Road
S43 2PE



£30 per month or £80 per quarter, with the first month discounted in both cases to £25.

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned.

What Do You Get?

Daily win bets delivered by e-mail the evening before racing. On average there are 6-8 tips per day.

Where to Buy:

Tea-Time Tipster

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

Nothing mentioned, so we have used a 100-point starting bank for the review results. However, given the average odds and potential losing runs of this service a betting bank nearer to 150-points might be more prudent.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The website claims over 200-points profit to best odds guaranteed since the service went live on 1st June 2018.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Around ten minutes each evening when the tips are received. There are occasionally supplementary e-mails the following morning with one or two additional selections, but not every day.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone with internet connection and access to online bookmaker accounts.

Value for Money?

Too soon to say for sure, but a very promising start. With a profit, a loss and a breakeven from the three months it’s a difficult call on this one. Although there was a loss overall, which would point towards a “no”, there was enough evidence in the first month to suggest that it could represent VFM over a longer period. 

Quality of Customer Service?

Punthub claim to respond to all e-mails within 12-hours, but this has not been tested.


Like all service run by Punthub, Tea Time Tipster went through their “Casting Couch” process before being accepted as a paid for service. Since 1st June the website claims 237.84 points profit (at BOG) and an ROI (Return on Investment) of 34.98%.

Tips are received daily by e-mail, usually around 18:00-19:30 the evening before racing. There are occasionally supplementary selections which come through on a separate e-mail the following morning and this can be any time up to about midday. This doesn’t happen every day and there is no warning if an additional e-mail is likely or not.

The e-mails themselves simply contain the race time and meeting, the selection, the advised price and the bookmakers offering those odds. There is no write up or analysis to accompany the selections.

All selections are to be backed at one-point to win. There are an average seven tips per day, but we have seen as many as 17 on a single day in the first month of the trial. There have been several days of 12 or 13 tips as well, and then others with only one or two, and the occasional “no bet” day thrown in for good measure.

This is a simple to follow service, with only flat-stake win bets used and no complicated multiples or staking plans to contend with. It’s a no thrills service which will live or die by its results. There are a large number of bets in a month and with average odds of around 10/1 in the first month of the review, there will be significant losing runs to contend with.

Results – Month 1 (16th August to 15th September 2018)

We received 214 tips in the first month of the review and of these 34 were winners, a strike rate of 15.89%. This delivered a profit of 46.38 points for the month, at an ROI of 21.67%. Whilst this is a significant monthly profit, especially when you consider it is based on flat-rate one-point staking, it is significantly lower than the historic average of almost 80 points per month claimed. However, we do not record BOG as not everybody is lucky enough to still be able to claim them! For those that can still benefit from this then the returns may well have been higher.

Similarly, the ROI, whilst a very healthy 21.67% in the month, is also below the average claimed from previous months.

Whilst the average odds of selections was a shade under 10/1 at 10.91, we actually saw prices ranging from 2.63 (13/8) to 81.0 (80/1) in the month. The average odds of the winning selections was 7.66 (around 13/2) and ranged from the 13/8 shot up to 16/1 (17.0).

Not surprisingly with the average odds at that level, we saw losing streaks of 23, 20 and 16 during the period. There was, however, also a winning run of four selections at odds of 15/2, 9/2, 4/1 and 11/2.

Results – Month 2 (16th September to 15th October 2018)

This month did not achieve the highs of last month and finally ended with a small loss of 2.5 points. We were in and out of profit all month, fluctuating between a high of +15 points and a low of -23 points, before an unbroken run of seven losers at the end of the month saw us fall from a small profit to a small loss.

We actually saw a small increase in the average odds of the winning selections this month to 7.98 (c.7/1). However, this was offset by a drop in the strike rate to 12.37% and less selections in total, resulting in 11 less winners than last month. The range of prices this month was narrower at 4.0 to 34.0 and averaged out at 9.29 (just over 8/1), compared to 10.94 (almost 10/1) last month.

As is to be expected, and was seen last month, betting at these average odds will see significant losing runs. Whilst this month saw some similar losing sequences to the previous month – 19, 18 and 13 – it also suffered from a 33 race losing streak, which really hurt the results this period.

Cumulatively we are now sitting on a profit of 42.88 points, which is still a very healthy return, but significantly down on the historic monthly average profit claimed since the service started. Similarly, ROI is now 10.69%, still very acceptable but well down on the historic claims.

Results – Month 3 (16th October to 15th November 2018)

This month started promisingly enough with four winners in the first seven bets. However, there then followed a losing sequence of 30 selections, and just one win in 44. Overall, the strike rate for the month was just 11.71%, the lowest of the review period. Combined with the average odds of the winning selections falling to 6.13 (a little over 5/1), we were left with a final result for the month of a loss of 54.7 points. This more than wiped out the profit from Month 1 and left us 11.83 points in the red at the end of the review period.

The average odds of all selections was also the lowest we had seen in the three months at 8.64 (a tad over 15/2).

Over the course of the review we have seen 623 selections from Tea Time Tipster, with eight non-runners/void selections and 83 winners – a strike rate of 13.32%. This equates to an average of 6-7 tips per day. 

Summary at End of Month 1

An excellent start to the review period with a profit that most people would be absolutely delighted with, and signs that results close to the historic averages claimed may be achievable in the longer term too.

Summary at End of Month 2

The optimism generated by the first month has been tempered slightly by this month’s result. However, we are still sitting on a very acceptable return from two months of flat one-point betting. Month 3 will give us further insight into the potential of getting closer to the historic profit claims.

Summary at End of Month 3

We have seen the full gamut of monthly performance from Tea Time Tipster, with a big profit to start, followed by a breakeven, followed by a substantial loss. The question still remains, therefore, which is the true personality of this service? Whilst I don’t like sitting on the fence, and would rather offer an opinion one way or the other, I really don’t have any other alternative on this occasion. I’m going to award two-stars for the review period due to the overall loss, but with the caveat that there was enough potential in the first two months to suggest that the performance may be better over a longer period.

Remember, you can continue to view the performance of all our reviewees at The Tipster League.

A full breakdown of the results from the review period can be found here.


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