Take These Five Steps And Claim A £300 Free Bet

| January 28, 2011 | 13 Replies

Some free bet offers are a bit hit and miss…

Others little more than a bait to lure you in…

But this one from Sporting Index is an absolute cracker.

In fact, if it was a goal it’d be that Beckham free kick against Greece because this one isn’t just a looker – it’s seriously valuable to boot.

Sporting Index are offering a huge £300 free bet (or £100 cash) and all you have to do to qualify is place five sports bets (on five different markets) each with the realistic potential to lose £20.

So, in other words you have to place £100 worth of bets…

That may seem like a lot but when it results in a £300 free bet (or £100 cash) it’s a steal.

Even if you lost every one of the qualifying bets, you would still have the opportunity to take the cash and escape without a loss…

And if you get it right, well, drinks are on you!

Check out the full terms and conditions here.

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A bit about spread betting

You have to be a little careful when spread betting as your liability can exceed your stake.

But don’t worry…

Once you know what you’re doing it’s easy to keep a handle on potential losses as well as revelling in the profits.

Spread betting works like this…

Sporting Index set a line and we either ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ that line.

For a ‘Total Goals’ bet for example, the line might be 2.4- 2.7.

By selling we would be betting on the game to produce fewer than 2.4 goals and by buying we would be betting on the game to produce more than 2.7 goals.

Got that?


Profit and loss is worked out like this…

The more right you are the more you win and the more wrong you are the more you lose.

So, if you sell at 2.4 and the game finishes 0-0 you make a profit of 2.4 times your stake (2.4-0)…

If you sell at 2.4 and the game finishes 1-1 you make a profit of 0.4 times your stake (2.4-2)…

And if you sell at 2.4 and the game finishes 2-2 you lose 1.6 times your stake (4-2.4).

The same thing goes for buying…

If you buy at 2.7 and the game finishes 3-3 you make a profit of 3.3 times your stake (6-2.7)…

And if you buy at 2.7 and the game finishes 1-0 you lose 1.7 times your stake (2.7-1).

For more info, take a look at this guide to spread betting (the password is: sportsspread) or check out the training centre at Sporting Index.


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  1. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    So, did anyone sign up with Sporting Index and place these bets?

    If you did you would have made a small profit and what’s more, you would have bagged a £300 free bet (or £100 cash) to boot!

  2. Jason says:

    Hi Matt

    First time blogger, long time bet-ter. I was glad to follow your advice after the fantastically boring yet rewarding bowls! And you did it again with this one! Just scraped the profit thanks to the unexpected thrashing by walsall but nonetheless a profit! Shall be claiming my reward soon! Do you reckon its wiser to put £300 bet on or take the money? any potential bets you can see?


  3. Darren says:

    Hi Matt,
    Placed the bet, won £16.50, now need to find a bet for the £300, any ideas?

  4. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Darren/Jason,

    Must admit, I was getting a bit worried when Aberdeen started to capitulate but fortunately Walsall did the business to nudge us into profit. Just goes to show how much more you can win with a spread bet when you get one spot on (although the same also goes for losses).

    As for the big one, the value call has to be to take the bet, due to the fact that we aren’t looking to recuperate any losses. However, circumstances differ and if you’re more comfortable taking the cash then go for it!

    In terms of the bet itself, you have to chose a ‘Total Goals’ line to bet on. With that in mind I think it’s probably best to wait til Tuesday or Wednesday when we have a whole host of league games scheduled.

    I’m going to be doing some analysis of the midweek matches tomorrow, so when I’ve picked out my best selection I’ll let you know.


  5. Jason says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just tried to claim the £100 cash and they said because it was only 2 markets it would not be valid for claim! Annoying. If you can recommend me some markets in the week that would be great!


  6. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Really? I wasn’t aware that you had to select 5 different markets. That’s very annoying. I’ll look into it and get back to you tomorrow.

  7. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi everyone,

    Apologies for the confusion surrounding the free bet. I was unaware that you had to place bets on five seperate markets to qualify.

    I will put together an email with three more tips and will send it out by tomorrow lunchtime at the latest.


  8. Jason says:

    Hi Matt,

    Due to you, I have to say thank you for your words with Sporting Index. I as much as you, was shocked to get a phone call offering to honour the promotion. Now I’m £115 up, added to the bowls, its £205!

    Great work Matt!


  9. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    No problem at all.

    Thanks must also go to Sporting Index. It’s very rare that I’m impressed by a bookmakers customer service but this is one of those occasions.

    It’s a cracking free bet/cash offer too. Well worth doing, even with the five bets, five markets term.

  10. Henry says:

    Hey Matt,

    For those that haven’t taken advantage of the Soprting Index offer yet, could you recommend 5 bets for this weekend? As I only ever bet on football so wouldn’t know where to start for the others?

    Thanks Matt.

    Loveing the blog by the way, keep it up!

  11. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Cheers Henry.

    I’m a bit snowed under just at the minute (Friday’s always a busy day with all the weekend sport coming up!) but if I get a minute this afternoon/evening I’ll post 5 tips in this comments section.

    It’s certainly worth taking advantage of. Even if you lose £50 with the qualifying bets, you can still take the £100 cash and come out with a £50 profit!


  12. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Apologies for the lateness of the reply, I’ve barely had time to catch my breath today!

    Here are the tips:

    Torquay vs. Stockport – Buy Torquay in Supremacy market (top one) for 1. Minimum stake: £15.

    Wolves vs. Man Utd – Sell Man Utd (-2) Handicap for 7.5. Min stake: £1.75.

    Leeds vs. Coventry – Buy Leeds Team Goals for 2. Min stake: £15.

    Tranmere vs. Notts County – Sell Total Goals for 2.5. Min stake £15.

    Bristol Rovers vs. Brighton – Buy Brighton Win Index for 15.5. Min stake £1.75.

  13. Simon says:

    Index betting tips going so well….
    Got any more for. This weekend?

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