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I mentioned All Weather Profits and USA Racing Club before my last article as services in form, and if you haven’t taken a look at the reviews yet I would suggest you do!

March is going to be very busy with no less than eight new reviews starting, including Top NHL Betting Tips, Pay Per Profit and Racing Goldmine. Not to mention revisiting Banker Bets and Value Picks which have made some improvements to their previous system and updating all the ongoing reviews as well. So be sure to visit the reviews section regularly by clicking this link.

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When will they learn!?

I’m sure, like me, your inbox is inundated with sales promotions promising you the next big thing, the next service that will enable you to give up work, the system that can’t lose etc. etc. etc. (yawn, yawn).

Part of my role is to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world of tipping and so from a purely investigative perspective I have to open all of the promotions that I receive. Plus I need a good laugh now and again.

So, imagine my surprise and delight the other day when I opened a mailing that proclaimed, “I think as a general rule, the less ‘in your face’ a tipster is, the more genuine he’s likely to be….”

Keen to find out more I clicked on the link and…

Yeah you guessed it, I was greeted by a picture of a brand new, top of the range, BMW i8 with the usual drivel about owning pricey things and how you must be in the wrong profession if you want material things like that! Certainly not ‘in your face’ then!

I suppose I was disappointed rather than surprised. As I read through the remainder of the reams of bull**it, and noted the normal array of inconsistencies, I got to thinking why things don’t change.

The title of this piece is aimed not at the people who continually push out this drivel, but the people who still believe there is a get rich quick, can’t lose, straight line growth system out there – oh and that it’ll happen overnight!

One of the top systems I’ve been proofing for a year now could have made you £50,000 in that time. BUT… you would have been staking £50 per point and five-points per selection. So £250 on each and every bet.

Also, it hasn’t been profit, profit, profit all the way. At one point in the year it was down 141.22 points or £7,061! How many people could sustain that level of loss by having a bank of at least £10k to play with? Even then, could you keep enough accounts open at a sufficient level to get on each time?

Yes, I know, a system that makes one-point profit in the year can make you £50k if you’ve got a bank account in line with Richard Branson and Steve Jobs (probably combined actually!) to stake it.

What really needs to change are people’s expectations and dedication.

First things first, a reality check…

How much can you afford to lose? We’re all in it to make a profit but sports betting is not a science, you need to be comfortable in a lean spell and not be chasing money you can’t afford to lose. If that means your limit is £5 per point, then so be it. If you follow a tipster that makes an average of 20 points a month, it’s still £100 you wouldn’t have had.

Next mindset change is your dedication to a system or service…

If you’ve done your research and found a tipster that suits your personality, your pocket and your approach to risk then it’s time to trust them. There are plenty of places you can go to find independent verification of a tipster’s results (such as here), if they want you to be able to find them that is…

Now trust them, there will be ups and downs, don’t question that, I’ve never seen a tipster who can produce a straight-line profit graph.

Only when people stop falling for the get rich quick, allegedly failproof, over-inflated profit promise marketing spiel will we stop receiving pictures of fast cars, yachts and film star looking women (sorry ladies, it always seems to be aimed at shallow men!).

Be safe people, be wary of the offer that sounds too good to be true and find the genuine guys and girls that are out there.


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