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I’ve been a little out of the betting loop this past fortnight and that can create issues…

If you are waiting on a response to an email for example that’s my bad (blud) and I will be going through my inbox later today.

However, I don’t regret the decision to elope for a moment, as while I now have an unopened email mountain to wade through and while I no doubt missed out on some great betting opportunities (last week in particular, due to a dodgy French internet connection) I achieved something far more valuable…

You see, over the last two weeks I haven’t been on holiday, far from it, I’ve instead been meeting and talking to some of the savviest business and investment minds on the planet.

People like Tom Tragett for example, a full time currency trader and a name you may well be familiar with from his excellent Currency Wars service and people like Laura Davis, Executive Publisher of Agora Inc, the publishing company behind this e-letter and hundreds more…

A company with operations in Brazil, South Africa, Australia, France, India and plenty more places besides – in fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s the biggest company you’ve never heard of.

These people may not do exactly what I do but they all have a huge amount of knowledge and expertise to pass on and so if you have the opportunity to engage with them you’d be a fool to turn it down and even more of a fool to take nothing away from the meeting.

Pointless Paxman?

Generally speaking I’m fan of Jeremy Paxman and there’s no doubt that he has been one of the most important interviewers – political or otherwise – of the modern era, however in last night’s General Election ding dong I felt like he hit the wrong note with his opening line of questioning to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Paxman’s point was that a number of Corbyn’s “core beliefs” were not included in the party manifesto…

The response to that was, to my mind, perfectly reasonable, with Corbyn saying that he is not a dictator and the policies in the manifesto were arrived at by the Labour party as a whole…

Sure, you have to be wary of the whole camel, horse, committee thing when you’re working in that manner but surely listening to people, especially those who you are working with, taking their suggestions on board and using them to arrive at policies is a far better idea than ploughing ahead doing only what you want to do irrespective of general consensus?

Of course, Paxman being Paxman he ploughed on with his line of questioning, largely ignoring that particular response and instead focusing on some of those ‘core beliefs’, such as the slightly comical criticism that Corbyn hadn’t come up with a policy to abolish the monarchy despite being personally against it…

Well I’ll tell you something, I’m personally against the general principle of the monarchy – as are a vast number of people across the world, given that democracy is generally seen as preferable to leaders being born into power – but if anybody ever made me Prime Minister I wouldn’t abolish it…

Why? Because it’s good for tourism, the current Royals aren’t really doing any harm and while the general principle of a monarchy is outdated, abolishing it altogether would anger more people than it pleases.

It may just be me but criticising collaboration and the ability to compromise doesn’t strike me as being an especially intelligent or progressive standpoint.

New ideas

The Betting Rant is all about introducing you to new ideas and keeping you one step ahead of bookmakers and our fellow sports bettors.

In order to do that you need to spend a lot of time researching and talking to different people with different ideas – if those ideas are completely different to your own then so much the better.

Throughout the second half of 2017 I’m going to be putting even more emphasis on this than usual and will be bringing you a number of interviews with and articles from various people within the betting world and a select few from outside the betting world…

Somebody like the aforementioned Tom Tragett for example may not be able to provide you with a new football strategy but he can most certainly help you improve your investment mindset and that’s incredibly useful given how many people fail purely due to indiscipline.

Do feel free to suggest anybody that you’d like to hear from over the coming weeks and months by emailing me at

And, most importantly of all, do listen to ideas, be it from the people I bring to your attention or people in the outside, non-Betting Rant world…

Not everybody has ideas you agree with, not everybody has ideas you’ll want to try out but nearly everybody can teach you something and the more you listen the better bettor you’ll be – it really is as easy as that.


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