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Yesterday I introduced you to Adam Cheng, the creator of a soon to be launched service called SpreadJacker

If you missed the interview you can catch it here.

I asked you for your questions about the service and you certainly delivered, so rather than replying individually I thought I’d use today’s email to share the answers with the group.

Q. Very interesting interview. I followed the advice you gave last season and came out ahead. Were those trades suggested by Adam?

A. I ran a trial of SpreadJacker last year within my Football Investor service and yes, all of them came from Adam.

It was just a short trial but the 16 selections that were sent out produced 10 winners, two void bets (when a player doesn’t start you make no profit and no loss) and four losers.

That trial produced an overall profit of 122 points.

Q. Obviously you can lose more than your stake, so is a large bank required and if so what sort of size?

A. Just like lay betting, the ‘stake’ isn’t the be all and end all. As I mentioned in a previous email, if you win your winnings will be the stake multiplied by the winning margin (so if the winning margin is five, your profit will be five times your stake) and if you lose then the loss will be your stake multiplied by the losing margin.

This means that, perhaps even more so than for a fixed odds betting service, an adequate starting bank is crucial.

For SpreadJacker we advise a bank of 250 points. The standard stake for each bet will be 1 point so if, for example, you plan on placing £5 a point bets, you would need a starting bank of £1250.

That may seem like a lot compared to a fixed odds service but you have to remember that both the potential winnings and the potential losses are larger, so your stake size should naturally be smaller.

Whatever you put in should be money you can afford to risk losing.

Q. What would you stake per point if you usually stake £10 on a fixed odds bet?

A. Our recommendation is that your stake should be at least 10 times smaller than your standard fixed odds betting stake. So if you generally put £10 on a bet, we suggest that you stake no more than £1 per point on a spread bet.

This guidance is based on our analysis of all our losing bets last season (overall we were in profit, but losses do happen so you want to be confident that they’re unlikely to wipe you out).

Looking only at losing bets, the average loss was 11.25 points, with the heaviest loss being 25 points.

Q. Been looking to get in on spread betting for a while but never got round to actually doing it. This looks very interesting but the one thing that always niggles with me when it comes to spread betting is the potential losses.

Is there going to be a stop-loss or equivalent built into the selections? Not sure if you could do this on this market as you can with say Forex, but that would be more appealing to me as it would provide some insurance which I think is important in all betting, but even more so on such a new and untested betting niche.

A. We don’t use stop losses in this market but that’s because in most cases there is a natural limit to what you can lose.

Here’s what I mean by that…

If we ‘buy’ a selection we are betting on the player to score more points than the spread. In this case the worst possible outcome is the player scoring 0 points (unlikely but not impossible). This means that the loss is capped at the buy price times your stake. So if you buy at 60, it’s impossible to lose more than 60 times your stake.

If we ‘sell’ a selection then the loss is theoretically unlimited BUT, using all past historical football results, it’s clear that there is, again, quite a natural cap. While it’s theoretically possible for a player to score 20 goals in a match, for example, it’s incredibly unlikely.

We feel that the above, plus the use of a 250 point bank means that the risk is just as manageable as it would be with a fixed odds service…

Adam’s biggest loser last year was 25 points and a 250 point bank would allow for 10 consecutive 25 point losers.

Q. Can this product be used in/from Denmark or is it UK only?

A. As long as you can open an account with Spreadex (and I don’t believe they have any country restrictions) you can take part in this from anywhere.

Q. Will a staking plan be advised as part of the service or can members stake what they want?

A. The vast majority of bets will be 1 point bets (from your 250 point bank) but there will also be an occasional 2 point bet where they feel the spread offers exceptional value. It is strongly recommended that you stick to the staking plan.

Q. Since the market is narrow, won’t big winners get picked up and limited/banned? Also is there a minimum market entry amount?

A. Your per point stake can be as little as 10p. It is advised that you start with small stakes until you get used to the service.

Spreadex do not ban people at present but there is the possibility that your account may be limited if you do particularly well (albeit they are a lot more reasonable in this respect than many fixed odds bookies!).

The way I see it is that this shouldn’t be a major concern as if it does happen to you then it will only be because you’ve made money – better to make money and get restricted than lose and be able to stake whatever you want.

Q. Is this a subscription service, how much will it cost, will there be a free trial and when are you launching?

A. It is a subscription service yes. We will be offering an annual subscription to 100 members – this will include the domestic football season AND next summer’s World Cup.

There will be a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it and claim a full refund at any point in the first 30 days for any reason.

In terms of price, you’ll have to wait until the service has been launched to find that out but what I would say is that this is not an opportunity for everyone and that 100 person limit is set in stone…

For those that get in, the profit potential is, I think, significantly greater than a fixed odds betting service and so while I think the price is very fair, it will reflect that fact.

We’ll be launching imminently but don’t have a fixed time just yet, so keep an eye on your emails and whenever we are ready you will be the first to know.


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