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Selections 2017/18 (AW)

| November 15, 2017 | 26 Replies


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Category : SYD Summer Selections

Comments (26)

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  1. David James says:

    Welcome back Miles, hope you had a good break

  2. Kieran Hagan says:

    Welcome back mate. Back with a bang!

  3. David James says:

    Great start today Miles, 10/1 and 4/1 winners, if this is cautious then I can’t wait until we really get into it!

  4. Miles Tredwell says:

    Cheers Kieran and David. Yes, pleasing to get off to a good start to the season, especially in what’s likely to be a relatively quiet month. Let’s hope it’s the start of a very strong winter.

  5. Chris Sowerby says:

    Hi Miles. Just had to say what a fantastic winner today with Favourite Royal. Love the service and results are excellent, but as a one-off bet that takes some beating! Keep up the great work!

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Thanks very much Chris and congratulations to you for both winning the vote and then kicking off with as clear and yet concise a description of some of the key betting staples that I’ve come across.

  6. Kieran Hagan says:

    Just superb tipping. So so close to a fantastic double (but maybe that is being greedy).

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend my friend.

  7. Kieran Hagan says:

    Hills price gone already on C Note. 28/1 best available now (PP, Betvictor).

  8. Sunil Arora says:

    Miles/Matt, I cannot login into any parts of the Betting Rant site to access any of my subscriptions….same message everywhere…you are not subscribed etc…

  9. Kieran Hagan says:

    Life got in the way tonight and only just been able to get on to get a bet down. Best price now 13/2 and I can’t get that. I hope that is not a sign of things to come given your recent successes.

    Another excellent tip in the 6:30 today. Hopefully the free tip will bring in a few more members for you! C Note was not far away from the final place and at 40/1 that would have been tasty too!


    • Kieran Hagan says:

      F**king H*ll mate! I couldn’t believe when I signed in late (as per the above), after getting my bet down, I then checked the price on the last bet of the day. I couldn’t believe it. Advised 20/1, was 4/1 when I looked tonight and wins at 5/2.

      Just bloody superb!!

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Kieran, I think we can be pretty confident we manage the service so that prices are attainable. Occasionally there’ll be a price that drops considerably but they are very much the exceptions and if that was our doing then it’d happen uniformly. Holding back and making sure almost all have priced up before releasing tips helps that a lot with that.

      There is a but though, and it’s that there are a few big hitters who release their tips earlier. At this time of year when there are fewer flat races, the chances of same selections increases. eg Zippy last night had already been cut by 6 bookies before I’d posted, so was already on the way. This lessens a bit after xmas when the AW meetings a week goes up from 6 or 7 to 10 or 11.

  10. Chris Lugg says:

    Nicely done Miles Zoffany Bay, Great tip!!

  11. Robert Bille says:

    Great day today, Miles!! Zoffany onto 5-2 from 20-1; how on earth you managed to pick that one out!?


    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Cheers Rob. Ah just a fair amount of race watching and note taking, nothing revolutionary- been hindered by a couple of bad draws but staying on well. 20/1 seemed too big, but 5/2 was astounding- he’d never even placed before!

  12. Chris Sowerby says:

    Two great winners at Chelmsford tonight Miles. Was great to cheer them on either side of seeing my own filly finish third at 20/1 in the 8:00. She was always too big at 20’s+.

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Congrats on that, Chris. Back from a break too. Is a winter campaign on the agenda?

      • Chris Sowerby says:

        Yes we will run over the winter. She is a lovely horse, great temperament and she loves her work. When we give her a break she just wants to be out working, so we can’t keep her off too long! She’s a late foal and still growing/developing and we see her going further over time, and ultimately hurdling.

  13. Peter Knight says:

    A couple of nice ones today, just wish we’d thrown some bigger darts. 😉

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Hi Peter. Yeah, I know what you mean. They were all a bit speculative and I don’t want to risk too much damage at any point by having a few misses that land in the plaster board. Still, keeps us ticking on and some small stakes here and there helps to fairly harmlessly chance the arm on occasions.

  14. Andy Conniff says:

    Hope some people used Sky Bet for C Note on Thurs – paying 4 places. Same for tomorrow’s selection – top price and 4 places with Sky Bet

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