Rod’s Runners

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Product Name:

Rod’s Runners

Company Name & Contact Details:

Betting Gods Malta Ltd
Level 5, The Quay
Portomaso Marina
STJ 4015


£40 per month (£1 for the first 10 days).

Other terms available – Quarterly @ £100 per quarter (16.6% saving over monthly fees) and Annually @ £350 (saving 27% over monthly fees). £1 for the first 10 days applies to these two options also.

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes. 100% guaranteed refund within the first 30 days.

NB: there is no automatic 60-day return guarantee from Clickbank. I know there is a common misconception about this, but for clarity:

“ClickBank allows each vendor to determine the appropriate return, replacement or cancellation policy for its products (each a “Vendor Return Policy”). See the Client Contract (Section 3(a)), for more information. Each vendor will make its Vendor Return Policy readily available to customers prior to purchase of a product. If the applicable Vendor allows for returns, replacements or cancellations, ClickBank will allow for the return or replacement of any product purchased using the ClickBank services in accordance with the applicable Vendor Return Policy.”

What Do You Get?

Daily horse racing tips, seven days a week, from the UK and USA. Focussing on long-priced selections in the win market, with occasional each-way selections.

Where to Buy:

Brief Summary:

You will need a voracious appetite for action (638 tips in the first month!) and the ability to withstand long losing runs (a run of 71 experienced this month!). That’s around 20 tips a day on average, usually over two or three different e-mails throughout the day or the evening before.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

The recommended starting bank is 250 points.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The web site claims an average of over £750 per month to £10 stakes (so 75 points) since May 2017.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Due to the number of selections and the way they are split throughout the day you can end up spending around an hour a day in total if you are searching for the best odds on each selection.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

Mobile device or PC with internet connection and access to online bookmaker accounts.

Value for Money?

The jury’s out on that one until Month 3. But you can’t argue with the final result for this month (see below).

Quality of Customer Service?

Has the backing of the established Betting Gods platform and all of my e-mails have been answered quickly and efficiently. There is a “live chat” option for contacting them as well.


There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and this service from Betting Gods is certainly at one end of the spectrum!

On the face of it, what you get is horse racing selections from the UK and USA on the win market with occasional each way selections, all to flat rate stakes of one-point win or one-point each way. Where this service moves away from others based on a similar principle is in the sheer volume of selections and the prices.

In the first month of this review there were 638 selections at average odds of just under 24/1. This led to a strike rate of just 6.74% with plenty of losing runs of between 10 and 20 tips, with runs of 23, 25, 33 and 71 (yes, seventy-one!) experienced.

So what does that all mean? Well, if you were to have got on every tip (and quickly, as the prices tend to disappear quite rapidly once the tips are out and money starts to come for the big-priced selections) then you would have secured 77.58 points of PROFIT!

However, this would not have come without some squeaky bum times! Aside from the losing runs already mentioned, the volatility in the month ranged from a low point of minus 33.48 points to a high point of plus 150.28 points before ending up where it did.

The big upside to this service is that when winners come along they tend to be very lucrative. We saw two 50/1 winners this month alone, as well as many others at 20/1 plus.

Selections are received via two or three e-mails per day. The e-mail contains the race information, the selection, win or each way, the advised odds and the bookies with those odds. There is no analysis of the selections, which might be just as well given the sheer volume that would entail. As well as arriving by e-mail the tips are available via the mobile app and the members’ area of the web site, access to both of which is provided as part of your subscription.

Results for Month 1 (12th March to 11th April 2018)

The bottom line was 77.58 points profit, absolutely bang in line with the average profit claimed on the web site.

Of the 638 selections, 43 (6.74%) were winners and the tips came at an average price of 24.85 (or just under 24/1).

The longest losing run was 71 (seventy-one) and runs of between 10 and 20 were commonplace throughout the period. There were two 50/1 winners over the course of the month and on the Friday of Cheltenham there were two 50/1 places to accompany one of the 50/1 winners.

Return on capital was a very healthy 31.03% and the return on investment a very creditable 9.82%.

Summary at the End of Month 1

It’s difficult to argue with a profit of 77.58 points over a 30-day period! However, you do need to go into this service with your eyes wide open.

It would be unwise to follow Rod if:

• You are uncomfortable with long losing runs
• You are not able to devote the time getting the tips on quickly when they arrive. You may still make a profit, but the real value lies in getting the advised prices before they drop, as they do as soon as the money comes for the selections once the tips are out.
• You don’t like volatility in the results (both within and between months)

However, if you are made of the right stuff as far as your betting style goes then this is well worth a look based on this month’s performance.

You can see the full results for the trial to date here.


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  1. Malcolm Burton says:

    This assessment is very accurate. I tried this because I got a special offer but although I am retired I seldom managed to achieve the odds quoted in the emails even when I was able to react within an hour of receiving them when they arrived at various times throughout the day. You would stand no chance at all if you are working unless you are always in front of a pc and have a very understanding boss The losing runs are also very scary. Given the £40 per month cost you would need an enormous bank and nerves of steel to make a profit with this service.

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