Richard’s Additional Bets

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Product Name:

Richard’s Additional Bets

Company Name & Contact Details:

Sportsworld Publishing Ltd
Innovation Way
South Yorkshire
S75 1JL

01302 429299


£40 per month.

First month available at £20.

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned.

What Do You Get?

Daily win singles to be placed at Betfair SP.

Where to Buy:

Richard’s Additional Bets

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A standard 100-point betting bank will suffice for this service.

How Much Money Can I Make?

There are no specific claims made by the service. However, the Sportsworld Publishing website refers to the trial for this service generating a strike rate of 58.5% and an ROI (return on investment) of 21%. A look at the detailed results spreadsheet on the site suggests that a profit of 27.88 points (net of Betfair commission) was generated between April and September this year. That’s an average monthly profit of around 4.5 points.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

The system doesn’t throw up qualifying bets every day, but on those when there are selections between one and three tips would be the norm. Although results are recorded to Betfair SP, there is a criteria for the bet to qualify (see review section below). Using a bot to place the bets immediately prior to the off if the parameters are met is the way to automate the service, otherwise you need to be able to watch the market up to the off. Placing the bets in advance at BFSP takes away the ability to match the criteria as there is no option to set a minimum/maximum SP at which you want your bet accepted.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet connectivity and a Betfair exchange account. You can open a Betfair account here. A bot is also useful to set the criteria for the bets and avoid having to watch the market up to the off.

Value for Money?

As usual, I want to wait for the conclusion of the review before offering an opinion here.

Quality of Customer Service?

Sportsworld Publishing Ltd has a track record spanning 25 years in the industry, so their customer care should be first class. They offer both telephone and email support.

Although I haven’t had to contact customer support during the trial to date, I have had contact with their management whilst setting up the reviews and found their approach to be professional and courteous at all times, with a timely response to any communication from me.


This service came about almost by accident and was the result of leftover bets from a different system fitting a profile that worked within specific parameters. For the sake of a name Richard called these his “Additional Bets” and a new service was born.

After proofing this new concept to Sportworld in two separate trials it was launched as a paid for service at the end of August 2019.

There are not qualifying selections every day, but on days with tips provided the norm is between one and three bets. All selections are recorded as one-point win bets at Betfair SP (BFSP), but with the added criteria that the odds must be between 1.5 and 4.0 to qualify as a selection. This means you either need to use a bot to place the best immediately before the off if the criteria is met, or watch the market up to just before the off to check the price. There is no option to set a minimum/maximum SP for your bet to be accepted within the Betfair exchange as the SP price is not known until after the off.

The use of the odds parameters means that the average odds of qualifying selections for this service is around 2.4 – 2.5.

The daily email arrives between 09:30 and 11:30 but as it uses the Betfair price immediately before the off there is no necessity to react immediately to secure a price.

During its proofing period to Sportsworld, Richard’s Additional Bets had a 58.5% strike rate and delivered a return on investment (ROI) of 21%.

Results – Month 1 (29th September to 28th October 2019)

There were 32 qualifying bets in the first month, of which 12 won for a strike rate of 37.5%. At average BFSP odds of 2.53 across all selections and lower still at 2.38 for the winning selections, the strike rate wasn’t high enough to secure a profit. We ended the first period with a small loss 4.18 points.

This represents a small drawdown on the bank of around 4%, which becomes around 8% when you include the cost of a month’s subscription based on £10 per point stakes.

There were five selections in the month which fell outside of the criteria for a qualifying bet.

Summary at End of Month 1

A small loss to kick off the review, but nothing of any great concern and we look for the next two months to be much closer to the historic results level.


A full analysis of the results from the review can be found here.


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