Zig Zag System Review

| April 14, 2015 | 19 Replies

Product Name: Zig Zag System

Author: Gary ****** (Surname not provided)

Company Name And Contact Details:
Streetwise Publications Ltd,
Eden House,  Genesis Park,
Sheffield Road,
S60 1DX
Tel: 01709 820033
e-mail:  admin@streetwisepublications.co.uk


Brand New 2015

Make Easy Money With This Starting Tomorrow…

“Former Tennis ‘Bum’ Reveals The Insiders Secret He Uses To Make £200+ A Day From The Pro’ Tour…Without Leaving His Sofa!”

Price:  £127.00 (Although this is set to rise – see website for details).

Money Back Guarantee: As at April 14th 2015 they state: “Follow the step by step instructions during 2015. If you don’t make a substantial profit on your bets, simply let my publishers know before the end of May 2016 and your payment will be returned in full.”  Though they do not specify what they mean by “substantial profit”.

As of 29th May 2015 they state: “Test out the system for a full 12 months or even more if you’d like more time. If you don’t make a substantial profit that you’re happy with, simply let us know and your payment will be returned in full”.

What we’ve learnt is that you must use the system for a full year before you can be eligible for a refund. Please take this in to consideration before buying.

What Do You Get?

– 20 page guide outlining the system

Where To buy:  http://www.streetwisenews.com/ZIGZAG/

Brief Summary: 

The Zig Zag System is a tennis betting system created by an ex-tennis player called Gary (surname has been withheld). He claims his system is based on his time on the tennis circuit and something he noticed when around the “big” players. Apparently his system is so easy “a seven year-old could follow it with ease”. 

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

No advice given

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Individual will decide – need to monitor live play to operate

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection and betting exchange account

Value for money?

No – much better available for less. Lost 100% of bank

Quality of customer service?

The refund is not made clear enough – not good in our opinion.

Review – 29/05/2015

The headlines should be enough to warn potential buyers here. Tennis is one of the most widely traded sports on Betfair and the chances of a new angle in 2015 are as remote as my chances of visiting Mars. Why on earth in this day and age we have to wait for a snail mail delivery of a manual is beyond me but no doubt it appeals to some.

The manual you will receive if you sign up offers one strategy for trading tennis games in play. Anybody who has ever looked at the tennis markets will be aware of it (and several variations that can be readily applied) they will find other tennis trading opportunities which are far more comprehensive than this and at a lower price.

The specific trigger used here is far too narrow to be used alone – it may meet the marketing claim of being a simple system but those in the know will tell you there is a lot more to it than just one factor.

The claim that a seven year old could follow the system seems to be a bit of a mistake – perhaps they meant it was written by a 7 year old? The lack of insight to what considerations ought to be applied is significant and there is not even any staking guidance.

The author talks about £50 back bets but does not suggest how this relates to a betting bank which I would suggest is a prime consideration for any trading in this way. There is no mention of checking the liquidity of matches that may be selected – a pretty crucial element to give the best chance of trading out successfully.

For our testing purposes we have used a 10 point bank, which is in line with other services trading recommendations, risking 1 point maximum per trade.

We have followed the system trading in main tour events, including the French Open. Users will need to make sure they have done some initial homework on potential matches and then need to monitor them in-play to see if the situation giving rise to a trade occurs. (A pro would have perhaps suggest using a data source with alerts to help with this, but this is not mentioned by the author).

If a trade is called for, the match then needs close monitoring until a profit can be taken or the exit point specified for losing situations is reached. I would suggest that if you can find live pictures of the match it is worth doing so as you get more of a feel for the situation that just looking at the scores.

In just under a month of testing we have found 61 qualifying games and the outcome has been disastrous. 36 of the matches resulted in a loss and our trading bank has completely gone. At no time did we manage to show an overall profit on the system. Both men’s and ladies matches were equally poor in their outcome.

The time investment is considerably more than implied, even using audible alerts to assist with monitoring. When you factor in the sometimes considerable time involvement needed – up to four sets can be needed in extreme cases – the whole thing becomes much less attractive.

The author also suggests further trades in matches where you have secured a profit so long as you do not go back into a risk situation. Potentially a good idea, but why risk what you have already made? This would also involve even more detailed monitoring of games and a consequent time spent increase on a system which makes great play about the minimal time input needed. There has already been comment on the thread about this aspect of things.

At this point please take a look at the covering letter subscribers receive from John Harrison(click on the image for a clearer version).

Zig Zag Welcome Letter

It’s always a warning sign for me when someone says they are going to be honest with you and then what they say could not be further from the reality of the system when we try it out for real. Doubtless the author will say we have just hit a bad spell but for the reasons outlined earlier I could not advocate using this system.

We have made a claim for a refund under the guarantee – and will update when we know the outcome of that.

Whatever the outcome of that, we cannot recommend you try this system, which has not met any of its marketing claims.

It is poor value at the price set originally and any increase (as mentioned would make this even more the case.

You can see a full breakdown of our results here:

Zig Zag System Results

*** UPDATE – 29/05/2015 ***

Just an hour after posting our review, Streetwise have responded to our request for a refund. They have told us that we have to use the product for 12 months before a claim can be made.

That is not the way it is was originally set out on the marketing page, which now advises that you can test for 12 months or more.

It still does not categorically say the minimum you must use the system for is 12 months and we have responded accordingly to question that.

But what they are saying at the moment is that although we have lost our entire bank we must carry on and potentially lose a great deal more over a year to have the chance of a refund.

That’s pretty sharp practice in our eyes. We’ll keep you updated on how this plays out and, in the light of us losing our whole starting bank in one month, we’ll be offered a refund or forced to carry on.



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Comments (19)

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  1. Ian Aktinson says:

    I have just returned my copy of the Zig Zag system as it is far too time consuming for my liking. It is difficult to explain what takes the time up on this system without giving the system away. Obviously I don’t want to do that.
    If you like watching tennis and have the time to keep your betfair account open on the “in-play” games while you are doing so then I feel sure that you could make money using this approach. But this is not a system that enables you to place a bet and walk away from it, and I don’t have the time to watch the games from the start in the hope that a betting opportunity might arise.

  2. voodoo1 says:

    @Ian Aktinson

    thanks for the review, i just got a 2nd mailing from streewise, so streewise must be making BIG coin with this.

    to make the £200 a day claimed…its funny how they ommit the stakes needed and sitting glued to ya computer/tv ALL day! NOT to mention the losing days…

  3. kenman says:

    Just returned my Zig Zag tennis system, they say “a seven year old could follow it with ease”, in fact you could tell a seven year old in one sentance what to do and what to look out for, but it can be very time consuming. There is no major scientific principle to it, basic in play betting. Not worth the £137.

  4. Ian Aktinson says:

    I got my full refund from Streetwise for my returned ZigZag system. Will be surprised if anyone thinks that is worth £127. If it had been a £20 ebook it would still be expensive. Anyone who bets and lays regularly and keeps an eye on the in play options will have worked this one out for themselves. Tennis might not be your sport of choice but if you were looking for betting opportunities this one would soon be found.

  5. marilyn says:

    I was going to buy this. My finger was hovering on the pay now button, then I remembered MMR, logged in and read this. Thank heavens I did, just saved me a whole lot of heartache, not to mention the cash. Kudos people.

  6. harnaik says:

    after 4 months of using this system I had seen enough – I got 30% strike rate. I requested a refund, but was told I would have to wait for the full 12 months trial period before receiving a refund. Surely a company cannot make a customer wait for 12 months for a refund? I noted here that that one full refund has been received here – have any others also received a full refund. Would appreciate some help and advice on getting my money back.

  7. leon93 says:

    tennis …zig zag system by streetwise.is ok not bad all and considrinig it is from streetwise wich is a crap and very poor
    publisher a pleasant surprise price is not cheap and any 1 how trade can work it out him self .
    too time consuming if not have the time not for you .
    my friend say to me is is ok bat he is very
    experience in tennis trading .(this is way i gave it ok -not bad)
    some reviews here from members say it all….this boys have it

  8. leon93 says:

    i ask my friend way he gave it ok ? his replay he use filters
    so he take only some trades not all for him ok/not bad is a 50/50 product bat he have like 3 years experience so he know trading and he use only some trades not all with all he say you will not make profit .
    i hope this help.

  9. martin194860 says:

    TradeShark Tennis e-mailed me today advising against purchase of Zig Zag.
    They are offering their services for £30 plus VAT as a one off payment. Has anyone used TradeShark Tennis services?

  10. martin194860 says:

    Thanks TheBaker.
    The review gives it a value for money. BUT apparently the guy “uses/steals” other peoples work and puts it up as his own.

  11. TheBaker says:

    For good FREE content try: http://tennis-trading-league.com/
    There is a video course explaining a number of strategies and I suspect that this zig-zag system is similar to one of them. Yes, you will get follow-up emails from Patrick Ross but you don’t have to buy into any of his services which are, in any case,just a fraction of the cost of this zig-zag thing.

  12. MMR Reviewer says:

    @TheBaker Your assumption is 100% correct.

  13. petermans23 says:

    The honorable Gary and Streetwise Publications Ltd have not copied and stolen one of Patrick Ross system 100%.

    You could claim that they got inspired by Patrick Ross system and changed the last 5% of it. And for that I congratulate them! Because that is quite an accomplishment!

    So because of that one can not accuse Gary and Streetwise Publications LTD for being thieves!

  14. TheBaker says:


    Martin194860 asked if anyone had used TradeShark tennis and was directed towards a review of that service. He made references to the way in which THAT service operated and nowhere does it say that Streetwise have stolen one of Patrick Ross’ systems.
    The above review by MMR regarding Zig-Zag is very comprehensive and presents more than sufficient information for any prospective purchaser, in particular the comment, “much better available for less”.
    Not having purchased myself I make no comment about the content of Zig-Zag but I do say that anyone considering Tennis Trading would find the free video content (which I think it’s 5 strategies explained in full) would fulfil their needs.

  15. TheBaker says:

    . . . that should have read “Patrick Ross’ free video content”.

  16. petermans23 says:

    @ TheBaker

    Very well said! I could not have formulated it better myself! You are absolutely right. And that was exactly what I was trying to say in my earlier post.

    I bought the Zig-Zag system and it is truly a wonderful system that will generate future income for generations to come!

    I am looking forward hearing what you think of it and hear your opinion of the system after you have purchased it, which I hope will be soon.

    Regarding Sharktank, he is a very experienced tennis trader and would probably not get a long to well with Gary and Streetwise Publications Ltd.

    But that is just my guess! And I have been wrong before.

    Once again thanks for your post! Much appreciated.

  17. brokebookie says:

    If the entire betting bank advised for Zig Zag Tennis has gone bust in one month, how can you use it for the 12 month guarantee period they advise? So surely the user would be entitled to a refund??

  18. harnaik says:

    @Ian Aktinson

    hi – would be grateful if you could advise how you got your full refund? – when I attempted a full refund streetwise said I have to wait 12 months to get a refund


    hi – have you successfully received your refund?

    thanks for any help received

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