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Zenith System



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Betfan Ltd 65 Morden Hill, Lewisham, SE13 7NP



Experience the incredible profits of the Super Zenith Racing System


£47 (plus VAT in EU) (discount may be available at time of posting)

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What Do You Get   .

PDF Manual download

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Brief Summary

The Zenith Racing System from Betfan is a mechanical win betting system for horse racing. Developed and tested since 2013 and released in August 2016 with claim of 882 points profit. Average 1 selection daily Claims 98% chance of making a profit every 4 week period.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

No advice given – 100 point bank assumed.

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made. Strike should be over 50%

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Could be significant as need to watch live racing unless using a bot.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection and Betting Exchange account

Value for money?  

Not on results from trial

Quality of customer service?  

Betfan always good on this aspect


A relatively unusual product from Betfan as a one off purchase rather than an ongoing service. I was impressed by the invitation quoting a 3 year proofing period and thought that Betting Rant members should have the opportunity to see how easy it would be to replicate the results or in the words of the email “get your hands on a system which will certainly change the way you bet forever”.

On signing up you receive a welcome email with the PDF manual then retrieved from the member’s area of the website. The email does not include any specific information regarding the system – indeed some of the advice is in direct contravention to the instructions within the manual.

The system has 5 initial criteria which if undertaken daily would take a few minutes per meeting to determine if there may be qualifiers when the race runs. But on top of that there are 6 more filters of which the final 3 can only be determined near the off. There is no staking advice and our request for guidance on this fell on deaf ears. A valid selection will always be favourite and bets are advised to be placed at BSP.

So if you want to follow the system manually you need to be prepared to invest potentially significant time on a daily basis including the need to be there during the racing day. On one typical Friday I found 15 races that may have a qualifier which needed attention over a 6 hour time range. The day produced 3 bets in the end.

An unattractive scenario for many but all is not lost as the whole process can be streamlined significantly using a betting bot. I spent 10 minutes setting up the criteria on The Bet Engine which is one of the leading softwares in this field (See our review here) and this then produces a daily list of qualifying races where all you need to do is check 1 filter and eliminate any horse not qualifying – this takes 2 minutes daily and you then leave the bot to place any bets that meet the full criteria. This is just the situation that bots were designed for and in this day and age I am surprised that this option was not covered by the system author.

So on to the betting which is likely to produce an average of 1 bet daily. In 80 days of monitoring we saw 110 bets placed by the bot with 46 successful (41.82%) at average odds of 2.64. The best winner came in at 2.56 and there were losing runs of 7 bets against which the best winning streak was 4. The manual glibly talks about achieving a 75% strike rate but even the email claim of over 50% is not really in sight.

A profit of 1.63 points was achieved which is an ROI of about 1.5%. Imagine if you had been doing all this manually – your hourly rate would be unthinkable.

I thought I would check to see how my output compared to the service results but found that the detail is not now visible and the summary shows no results disclosure for 2017.

The outcome of the trial is a long way from achieving what the authors claim is possible. I did not have a great deal of confidence in the potential once I received the manual which is poorly written and lacks advice on important aspects. Without a bot the system is not worth considering although it may be that with the outcome profitable at level stakes a staking plan could improve profitability without great risk. As the product is currently offered I do not think it offers good value.

You can see the results here (The format is a little different to normal as it is derived from the bot output):

Zenith System Results


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