Win Lords Review

| May 12, 2016 | 11 Replies

Product Name:  Win Lords

Author:  Callum Finn

Company Name & Contact Details:


 Retired Equine Veterinarian Surgeon Shares The Secret That Makes Him An Average Weekly Income Of £1932.21!

Price:£37.00 +vat

Money Back Guarantee:  60 days via Clickbanks

What Do You Get?

–  Horse tipping service

Where to buy:

Brief Summary:

Win Lords is a horse racing tipping service from Callum Finn. He is a retired equine veterinarian who claims his knowledge of horses has made his tips “scarily accurate”.

Initial Findings:

The testimonial pictures are obviously fake:

“Adele Sonal” is really  Jenefer who had who teeth done by this company:

“Ian Thompson” is really a “handsome man smiling against white background” here:

And the picture of “Callum” attending to a horse is just an image lifted from here:

Already the warning bells are ringing.

Callum says he is a millionaire from his betting and provides screenshots of his accounts – he’s a bit less forthcoming with actual real proof of his winning results (i.e what horses he actually bet on, when he bet on them etc.)

Interestingly on the Customer Support page the contact email provided is actually:

We have already reviewed this here and found it to be pretty awful and also found that it was in fact a rehash of another product called Win Dominator which we reviewed (and didn’t recommend) here.

With all of this taken in to account – I believe that Win Lords is probably just another incarnation and we don’t recommend you sign up.



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Comments (11)

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  1. Andrew Coulson says:

    Glad I do my research on each tipster, such a shame there are sad lowlife scammers in this world.

  2. sydney8 says:

    thank you ! i don’t buy

  3. Bear1 says:

    Just take a few moments to read the contents of this website. It is a template for a classic sc*m.

    Once again, the MMR reviewer has done a really good job to expose the obviously fake testimonials.

  4. philcasser says:

    I just love the info available on such scum bags!!
    Thankyou MMR!!!


  5. redphil250505 says:

    Feel a idiot as I signed up to this con artist last month.Wish I’d read this first.Just filed for refund through Click Bank for my money back.Just hoping I’ll get it.Feel stupid taking up this guys BS system.

  6. redphil250505 says:

    Hi Phil,

    I don’t know why you keep writing these messages?

    The automated promotional emails are nothing to do with me.

    There is only one service I recommend and that is from our Betting teacher Grey Samuels.

    I think you have an attitude issue, which is hampering your progress.

    Grey is a qualified Life Coach as well as a genius with professional betting for profit.

    You would do well to petition him for assistance, in getting your attitude straight.

    Regards, Callum

  7. Bear1 says:


    “Callum” doesn’t exist. This ‘service’ is a sc*m.

    Ignore him and just deal with Clickbank and you should be ok.

    Forward “Callum’s” email to Clickbank as well so that they know what type of scum they’re dealing with. Good luck.

  8. redphil250505 says:

    Thanks Bear1 .I got my refund from Click Bank so happy days

  9. redphil250505 says:

    Hi Phil,

    I think a much better use of time would be you reading the Dale Carnegie book.

    Review sites are full of idiots who have an axe to grind.

    I wouldn’t use them in my lavatory.

    There is a long term membership at my site, all of whom I am very proud of.

    Many of them have become personal friends and all of us meet, at our annual get together.

    Each of them has transformed their circumstances through successful professional investment.

    I could be wrong, but I thought that was your intention.

    Anyway, building relationships Phil. It’s your weak point.

    You can’t do it can you?

    That is why you are struggling.

    Warmest regards.

    Cheers, Grey

  10. mabooga says:

    Now being re-hashed as WinBlitz. They are so dumb they even still bring up Win-lords on the clickbank pay-site. Now it is not a retired vet but the husband of a life long horsebreeder!!!!!!!!!! Gimme strength

  11. Peter Philipson says:

    One Dan Spencer of Premier Tips is circulating invites to this rubbish again. The invitation implies free tips but of course you have to provide an email to even find out that you then have to pay. The website is still the same with the fake pictures.

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