The All Weather Specialist Service Review

| February 4, 2017 | 10 Replies

Product Name:

All Weather Specialist


George Foster

Company Name & Contact Details

Lily Farm House, Pean Hill, Whitstable Kent CT5 3BJ email:


Its time to be part of a genuine honest and trustworthy service that no tipster or betting platform can compete with…..


£97 for 3 months, £167 for 6 months or £237 for 12 months

Money Back Guarantee:


What Do You Get   .

email based horse race win service

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

The All Weather Specialist from George Foster offers win tipping advice for all weather horse racing. Author claims years of successful betting personally and has developed the system underlying the selection process since May 2015. Advised by email on morning of racing.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

200 point bank advised for level stakes (1 point per selection) or 1% of bank  if compounding

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made – site shows profit 815 points since May 2015

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Value for money?  

Loss made initial month

Quality of customer service?  

Prompt response to emails


This is the latest in the line of services that have apparently been tested pre launch at another review site and having passed with flying colours have been released on the unsuspecting masses. We did contact the author to ask for the selections to be sent to us for a review but he declined. Never a good sign in my view so we subscribed anyway.

I lost count of the number of email that I received promoting this service and the number of times I was told that George is as honest as the day is long unlike any other tipster. A certain Mr Beek used to spend a great deal of time explaining how trustworthy he was and we all know how that turns out. No matter if you managed to read through the initial free gift (which had so much in it that you could be forgiven for missing the important bits) and were then convinced to sign up you immediately were chased into making your sub for a longer period at reduced rates. Another standard ploy that we know has been less than productive for other services from the same source. We are even shown a picture of the author as a boy with his championship winning greyhound. Interesting that the picture derives from the Ogbourne St George village website and is of one Brian Mitchell. I continue to try to track down the subject of the image.

But what of the service which to be fair is technically good with emails received around 11am on the morning of racing and clear details of the selections. The service is based on all selections being win bets but the standard cop out of you can use each way or place if you prefer is included. Staking is recommended as either 1 point level from a 200 point bank or 1% progressive. The results are disclosed at BSP but we have also calculated the potential return using BOG prices at the time of receipt of emails.

In almost 6 weeks there have been 141 runners with 22 winners (15.6%) at average BSP of just over 10. There has been a losing run of 43 which is in line with the likely max for a strike rate at 15% – the author has rightly advised that subscribers should be prepared for another such run happening soon after the end of this one. The average winning odds are 4.36 although we have seen prices up to 68 advised.

An initial profit was seen at both BOG and BSP pricing but even before the long losing run started the trend was down. From a peak of 16 points profit (BOG) or 7.3 points (BSP level) we are now seeing a 6 or 16.5 points loss for the period. The progressive option has fared worse and is showing a 32.5% loss.

None of those outcomes is a disaster but there has not been anything to generate any real confidence yet and with half the initial 3 month subscription through the clock is very much ticking. Interesting that a free trial is now available for the service which must be very frustrating for those who have paid subscriptions.

At this stage the jury is very much out for this service. There are some positives but set against that the little discrepancies that we have seen and I for one would not yet be prepared to risk my cash on these selections. I am happy to be proved wrong in my misgivings and we will see how things have moved at the end of April. If you can get the free trial then no harm in taking a look at how things operate but would not suggest paying yet.

You can see the results to date here:

All Weather Specialist Results

Update 11/5/2017:

With the All Weather season now pretty well over it is time to take a further look at this service. As has been noted the author had to offer a free trial to try to salve the position but when this lost another 20 points he pulled that to supposedly concentrate on his Secret Service add on – a place service which was supposed to be the salvation for all and only released because of the poor showing of the main service – you know the one that has been so successful in the past when nobody saw it but could not cut the mustard when it was live. On his (censored) forum he advises that he had to stop the free trial because his paying customers were upset. Really!

Anyway the main service has not improved and only if you take BOG prices at the time the mails are received would you be showing a profit (17 points) over the 3 months and a bit we have followed things. If you use his recommended staking plans the loss is either 21 points at level stakes or 31% of capital using the progressive staking option. The strike rate of 15.1% is down on the interim report level.

And the place service has not really done much either – we were told to expect a strike rate of all but 50% and it was suggested that a 100 point bank with 1 point level staking should be profitable and we could be more adventurous if we wished. The reality is that with 49 wins from 120 runners the strike rate is under 41% and at BSP prices a profit of just 0.25 points has been achieved. I think George might be struggling to sell this one at the end of the 2 month free trial.

No doubt George is still arguing that it will all be all right in the end but after 3 months of such poor performance and an admission from the author that the main service is failing we think it is time to draw a veil over this and forget about it. Not recommended.

The results can be seen here:

All Weather Specialist Results


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  1. Steve Groves says:

    Only been with the service a couple of days. Received quite a few e-mails. Seemed to have good reports. Went to pay for 3 months and took the upgrade to a year for an extra £44.00. Don’t normally do that but let’s hope it’s worth it. 2 winning days so far. Keeping low stakes for now and thinking about placing e/way bets on higher odds selections. Cheers and good luck to all.

  2. David Wood says:

    Joined at 31st January after a series of emails which told a good persuasive story. Like Steve Groves I upgraded to the annual option when prompted after paying for the 3 month option. Using a mixture of BOG & BSP and EW on bigger priced horses in bigger fields and 1% staking plan. +6.8 points to date, 96% return, 29% strike rate.

  3. Tripper says:

    Good luck with this, looks like a typical scam site to me hope I’m wrong.

    I’ve seen the website template used many times before by scammers, the same upsell technique being used.

    Most concerning to me would the the very questionable Betting System Truths (don’t make me laugh) have been reporting on the amazing performance of George’s tips backdated for some time but a simple check shows the website domain was only bought on 17th January, just a couple of weeks ago.

  4. JohnTaylor says:

    Hi, All John Boy here from Glasgow.

    First of all, I have bought Little Acorns and All By The Book from Betting Truths and making money with both. For me, their reviews are honest and trustworthy and a simple check reveals they have been around the longest as a review site. (bar cash master maybe).

    I joined The AW Specialist by going through to Georges website below and contacting him by email to set up my membership. (this website was up long before his private domain that he now uses, so the guys comment above me is very misleading and damn right unfair)

    I can say that all his tips listed on Bet Truth and on his site are true as his new members are finding out also George is a master at the All Weather. The 70% of bets that don’t come in are always there or there-abouts.

    I am over £3k up on his bets since I started and I can send proof if needed.

    Thanks, I hope my opinion does not ruffle anyone’s feathers but it does add some contrast to the above post, so not all you read on the web is true in all aspects. it would seem there are a lot of bitter punters around that are painting everyone with the same tarnished brush which is unfair in my opinion.

    Just give this chap a shot I am glad I did.

    His story is refreshing and he also shows himself logging into 9 or 10 betting accounts on video and showing his winning bets and balances which totaled over 56 thousand pounds. This is what the guy does. Puts his money where his mouth is, answers emails promptly and the best thing he delivers profits on a consistent basis.


  5. Steve Groves says:

    Joined this 8 days ago and had my first losing day today. Hope this keeps up but as we all know it rarely does. Just slow and steady is my aim and I’ll crack on for a while yet. Makes a change with me for a new service to go in front early on rather than have It’s worst run ever which has happened far to many times before. Cheers all.

  6. Ian Atkinson says:

    I joined on 31 Jan and I am still showing a profit. I haven’t been able to bet on every tip for every race (or day) so maybe I have just been lucky (that is not usually the case)
    Quite a few races he has had 2 selections and by dutching them they have nearly all given a profit. I emailed George when I saw the free trial on offer. I got a very quick reply offering to put my subscription on hold until after the free trial has ended. Maybe other subscribers should try that.
    Cheers everyone.

    • daveyboy22 says:

      This service, and the new ‘Secret’ service continue to underperform.
      I have lost 34 points on main TAWS since 11th Feb and I have lost 8 points since 4th April on new service.
      I must admit to being doubtful now as to whether these will ever make any profit.
      I am always suspicious when one service that has been performing badly suddenly announces a brand new service as a ‘trick up his sleeve’ to get profits rolling again.
      I would obviously like to think he can turn both services around but I have seen no consistent evidence that this is likely.
      I’m sure he will say that that is why you have a bank – but wouldn’t it be really nice if one, yes just one, service that you join makes profit from day one?
      After many, many years trying, I have yet to find one, especially just using Betfair.

      • daveyboy22 says:

        In the interests of fairness, yesterday was a winning day for Secret service but another losing day for original service.
        Taws now on 40 point loss
        New service now 1.59 point profit.

  7. daveyboy22 says:

    End of month.
    Taws is at 42 point loss to date – 6.59 points loss for month
    New service has actually made a profit of 8.99 points for month.

  8. daveyboy22 says:

    End of May
    Another underwhelming month.

    Taws is now at 33.44 point total loss – +8.88 points profit for month of May
    New Secret service is now at +2.29 point profit – a loss of 6.70 points for month.

    I personally have now made a decision that this is not ever going to be a profitable service and have stopped betting on the selections.

    ANOTHER complete waste of time.

    Is there EVER going to be a service out there that makes a profit – and from day one?


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