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UK VPS by Bettingdev

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Bettingdev – based in Spain email:


Run your betting bot or MFP trigger on our UK VPS! .


£24.95 (1gb RAM) or £29.95 (2gb RAM) per month

Money Back Guarantee:

7 days unconditional

What Do You Get   .

UK based Windows virtual private server

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Brief Summary

Bettingdev are offering Virtual Private Servers with UK based internet address. The company has other bot based betting products and the servers can be used to run these or any bot that the clients choose. Allows user safeguard of uninterrupted power supply and ability to access from anywhere an internet connection is available.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?


How much money can I make?


How much time will I need to make this work?.

Set up simple in minutes

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Value for money?  

In line with other good quality VPS products

Quality of customer service?  

Good – prompt response to emails.


As a Betting Rant member you can all use the internet to at least a basic level and on the assumption that you have an interest in betting you are probably using on line bookmakers including the exchanges to try to turn a profit.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers users what is in effect an additional device which can be used to run such programs as required. The benefits of this ability are many fold and a search for VPS providers will show you how wide a range of products are available.

Until now I have not come across a VPS that is set up on the assumption it will be used for betting purposes – most give you a control panel and whilst proclaiming they offer support it can be daunting to know if they will provide what you actually want. Well the Bettingdev product starts on the assumption that you will want to run some betting software on it – probably a bot but this is not essential. Betting Dev themselves have several specialised betting bots available for purchase which may well be worthy of investigation but we cannot evaluate their performance here.

If you are running a bot the main thing that you want to be sure of is that once you have set it up for the day you can forget about it and not have to worry if a power outage will mean you do not get all the bets placed. Using a VPS all but eliminates this worry as the provider of the service will normally guarantee 99.9% uptime having arrangements in place to cope with local power issues. You control your personal VPS from your usual device and because the VPS is remote to your location you can access it from anywhere that there is an internet connection. This means you can continue with your betting activities while on holiday – a better solution than remote control of your device as the power issue is covered and you do not have to worry about the device hibernating either. Once you have opened a program/app on the VPS it remains active even if you close the connection from your device.

There are other possible uses for a VPS such as allowing you to operate a friend or family members accounts for them without the bookmaker connecting them to you or vice versa. You may have seen my frequent entreaties to make sure that the bookmakers do not spy on you unannounced and keeping all your activities separate is a good strategy to help with this.(I tested the VPS as soon as received and before any software was loaded and the server was clean of bookie spyware)

The Bettingdev experience has been both professional and painless. On signing up you are entitled to have 1 software program loaded by the support team which allows a quick start and lets you see how things work. You will be emailed when your server is ready and included here are straightforward instructions to show you how to connect to the VPS. The first connection requires you to follow a set route which uses a standard Windows program called Remote Desktop Connection. Once you have set up the server the first time it is merely a question of clicking on the Connect button which will show you the server address

This opens up a desktop which is similar to a normal Windows PC and which has your chosen software and the Google Chrome browser ready to go.

This desktop can be left open on your device for as long as required or once you have set up any programs that you want to run for the current session you can close it down and the programs continue to run.

It is as simple as that and you may then load other bots/programs as you see fit. For the technically minded the spec for the Plan B version of the server is shown below: (Plan A is 1gb RAM rather than 2)

There is 30gb of storage available so do not see this as a large scale space for saving your files – just use it for running programs and if you need some extra storage space take advantage of one of the many free cloud store options available eg Dropbox or Megasync and the like.

The service has worked perfectly well in the short time I have been using it and over the next few weeks I shall be testing some other things on it. I mentioned earlier that the VPS is using a UK internet address and this is quite important if you are based in the UK and want to use the server for access to Betfair and other bookmakers who will be checking where you are located when you register with them. If you give a UK address and your internet address tells them you are in say Bulgaria they will small a big rat.

You are buying peace of mind and in effect getting a new computer for a monthly fee. Many professionals consider a VPS essential (don’t confuse with a VPN which just hides your real IP address and really upsets some bookies) to ensure they can place their bets effectively and without risk of downtime. I have not discussed the benefits of using bots but as you know we are conducting some research into the possibilities for new ones and there are plenty out there already almost all of which could be used on this VPS. The pricing is comparable with the quality market for servers and all in all we have a good utility here which we can recommend for those in need of such facility.


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  1. Peter higson says:

    I use the bettingdev VPS myself.As part of the initial set up the betextrader automated software that i use for Datakings was loaded for me. My only task was to drag the betplan folder from my PCdesktop to the VPS desktop.So simple and straightforward, compared to the alternative vps providers i had looked at – probably made easier through them specialising in betting bots…
    Aside from the protection the VPS gives you from power outages,the biggest benefit is that, as long as i have internet access, i can now load the daily betplans onto the software from anywhere – using my netbook or tablet. I believe the app needed also works with smartphones.

  2. Richard Owen says:

    Hello Peter.I am interested in using this service so I hope you will be able to help. If I take out a subscription for Betextrader for one computer how can I then use it on this VPS? Do I have to set up my Betextrader account on the VPS from the word go?

    • Hi Richard,

      If you use this particular VPS they load Betex onto it for you. You automatically get a trial period for Betex but if/when you sign up fully and get a product activation code you just enter that on the VPS Betex.

      I’ve never used one before setting this up yesterday but it’s dead simple.


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