The Ultimate Loophole

| November 11, 2015 | 89 Replies

Product Name: The Ultimate Loophole

Author: Nick Bailey

Company Name & Contact Details:
Eden House, Genesis Park,
Sheffield Road,
South Yorkshire,
S60 1DX
Telephone: 01709 820033
Email address:


Betting ‘Professor’ Says…

“I Used To Hate Rules…But Then I Discovered One That Guarantees I’ll Never Lose Another Bet…

And Now I’m Looking For 25 Human ‘Guinea Pigs’ Who Want To Join Me, Exploit This Crazy Loophole And Win At Least £3,500 Each Before Christmas!”

Price: £297.00

Money Back Guarantee: This is what Nick States:

“Read the manual and then take advantage of the back-up and support if there’s anything you don’t understand. Put the strategy into play for the next 60 days and then if you lose any money as a result of taking advantage of an opportunities identified by the system or fail to make a profit despite following the simple step by step instructions, simply let my publishers know and they will refund DOUBLE the price you paid”.

I take that to mean that you can only claim a refund after 60 days – and only if you have followed the system as stated. You may have to provide proof that you have followed it – be aware of this before you purchase.

What Do You Get?

– System manual
– Nick’s email address so you can contact him for support

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The Ultimate Loophole, from Nick Baily is a betting system that he claims takes advantage of a loophole in the betting markets that the bookies are aware of but can’t do anything about. He claims that this strategy is “no-lose” and that he has made over £124,000 from it.

We will try and get access to The Ultimate Loophole to review it. Once we do, we will conduct a full and thorough review. In the meantime, if you have tried The Ultimate Loophole yourself, please share your experiences below.



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  1. mikewalks says:

    I think we all know that the chances that the bookies have left some loopholes open for us to exploit are virtually nil. They are too clever for that but I would love to be proved wrong and would happily eat humble pie.

    Once again it sounds like some more brilliant Streetwise copywriting. The guy who turns this out is some sort of genius but the reality is very often quite different.

    Sorry to be so negative but experience has taught most of us to be wary of anything that comes from Streetwise.

  2. carrbags says:

    Bonus Bagging?

  3. mikewalks says:

    I would doubt that carrbags as this one seems to be specifically just horse racing and I don’t think even Streetwise could justify £297 for bonus bagging!

  4. tony4aces says:

    More likely to be something along the line of Each Way Sniper from Mike Cruickshank, I would have thought, as I have just received the literature for it today and decided to check it out here.
    It says “look for 3 key factors” and also states “wrongly priced”. 3 indicators are possibly Price at bookmaker, Number of runners, & price you can lay on Betfair….
    Also states “absolutely no chance of you getting banned” But if you constantly take “wrongly priced” horses, then you WILL GET BANNED…..

  5. Steven Davies says:

    Intrigued by this one…

  6. yvonne says:

    Think the 3 keys are bookies favs price ew price betfair place price. Back ew at bookies and place only at betfair.

  7. mikewalks says:

    It’s good to see the ideas starting to flow but let’s not forget that the sales blurb claims that the bet cannot lose. Like Steven Davies says I’m also intrigued.

  8. Steve_M says:

    I would highly recommend NOT purchasing this.

    I haven’t, but I’m in the process of returning their ‘Infallible System’ which advertised it as ‘No Risk’.

    I thought to myself (perhaps like an idiot) – if it says ‘No Risk’ and they can get away with advertising it like that, it must be No Risk.

    Very wrong – that was a downright lie. So take the claim that it cannot lose with a HUGE pinch of salt and get prepared to have to return this also.

  9. TheBaker says:

    Well, it’s only £297 to find out!
    Check this out, I would guess that it’s the same or similar:

  10. fredfish says:

    I will be shocked and amazed if this system bears much resemblance to the advertising blurb.

  11. scorpioeyes says:

    streetwise=no chance of it working

  12. mikewalks says:

    Steve_M….have you tried reporting it to Rotherham Trading Standards?

  13. jerrycash says:

    The Infallable System…Was that the Roulette system from Streetwise Steve? The claim was that you could never lose!
    I followed the system and lost my £200 joining bonus ( £100 of my money )Absolute rubbish and sent it back with a very angry letter…but I got refunded straight away. The system just did not work, lies, lies, lies…..This new system sounds good, but they all do in the sales pitch, but I am too scared to buy it because once again it sounds too good to be true.

  14. Colin Gracious says:

    Okay guys, I bought the system. Don’t get excited, this won’t make you rich. I’m not sure if I’ll recoup my £297. It’s a theoretical system by which I mean the guy who wrote it clearly did NOT make £124,000 over four years like he said.

    The method in theory can produce a few bets that won’t make a loss but (a) the margins are slender so to make the claimed £600 a week you’ll need to stake thousands (and have those thousands in many bookies accounts so you get the best odds) and (b) you have to hope that the odds don’t change or there’s a non-runner while you’re placing your bets across different betting sites otherwise you’re shafted.

    Also one of the betting sites involved is Betfair which deducts a 5% commission from your winnings. In all the examples in the manual he never even includes that commission. It’s mentioned as an afterthought at the back of the book even though it could be the difference between a profit and a loss with this system.

    There is no detailed explanation of how to calculate the stakes of the different bets involved. Everything about this system stinks of someone who’s had a good idea in theory but has never actually made a consistent profit using it day after day.

    My advice is: keep your money. You’re not missing anything.

  15. Stevegurgi says:

    I got The Ultimate Loophole sales letter , as always Streetwise SOUND good, but I wouldn’t order the method, the “guarantee” is one of those conditional ones! scary! with your £297 at stake! phew! gotta use it for 60 days and prove you’ve lost money etc

  16. edred says:

    the above comments are cynical & negative, but I’m still waiting for reports by someone who has actually purchased & tried this system.
    I take the view that ” if it seems to be too good to be true it probably is “.
    I’ll be looking for updates on this one!

  17. kingpat43 says:

    Due to all the fake product that promise heaven but give hell as a result,punters are afraid to try products without proof from credible website like MMR.This is the first time a product is giving double amount as one used to purchase as Refund. I guess the guy trust it product.

    Let wait and see the result when one of us decides to give it a try.

  18. serikid says:

    i would’nt buy from these people at any price

  19. Bear1 says:

    There are two words that are guaranteed to make me nod off. One is “loophole” and the other is “Streetwise” and when they are zzzz

  20. mermerus says:

    Wake up at the back there! Yes YOU Mr Bear1!
    Were you trying to say that you think Streetwise are purveyors of overpriced junk whose products never quite seem to measure up to to their ludicrous sales hype and that you would be hard pressed to find anyone that was truly satisfied with any of their tat and that their attempts to con people into thinking they have discovered an exiting new angle on how to win by use of tired old clichés such as “loophole” bores you to the point of losing the will to live? If so, you’re spot on. I could’nt have put it better myself. You can go back to sleep now.

  21. kazatt63 says:

    I’ve had this system for a week and have not used it yet due to the formula being slightly confusing. No explanation is given as to how the percentages on the placing work out in terms of payment. Also you have to back each way at the bookies then lay at a lower price at bet fair. You don’t back the favourite you bet on the second or third favourite then lay the chance of your horse or horses being placed which means you either win at the bookies or win with bet fair. I checked the markets this morning and out of all the races listed for today NONE met nick’s criteria. Either the favourites odds were over the 1.8 figure Nick recommended, there were less than 7 runners, the lay odds on bet fair were higher than the each way odds with the bookmaker meaning no chance of a profit or there wasn’t enough cash in the bet fair market to support your stake.
    I have grave doubts that this could make £650 a week. You would need a much larger betting bank than the £300 Nick recommends as you would need to constantly top up your betting accounts. I have sent Nick 3 emails but only received a reply to one and that took 48 hours. That’s not what I would call support. The manual is 47 pages which is rather pathetic for something costing £297. I can’t see how this can make money as the opportunities to bet are obviously few and far between. With the criteria set out in the manual I doubt there would be opportunities to bet every day and regardless of the no risk promise I still believe you could lose money with this system. It’s flawed and come Monday I will be ringing streetwise publications and asking them for my money back on the grounds that once again their sales hype is misleading. Or is that putting it mildly? A downright fabrication is more accurate!

  22. Colin Gracious says:

    @kazatt63: You would definitely need more than £300 in your betting bank. One of the examples in the manual (page 24) is betting on the third favourite at decimal odds of 13 (i.e.12/1). If you bet £100 on this horse you would actually need a total of £1,500 (yes, one thousand five hundred pounds) in your betting accounts, and yet the most you would win from the bet is £89.68 (my calculation includes 5% Betfair commission which Nick’s example ignores). Admittedly if you manage to get the bets placed at the prices in the manual this would be a risk-free bet where the worst outcome would be to break even but you’re dead right, the lack of liquidity in the Betfair market that makes this all work means that it cannot be profitable even if they only sell 25 copies of the manual.

    In theory it looks good but the fact that even in the manual his screenshots suggest betting £100 on a runner on Betfair where only £9 is available at the best price.

  23. kazatt63 says:

    I do wish these people would give an honest, warts and all summary of so called no risk systems. It also doesn’t take into account people who are complete novices when it comes to betting. Nick says go to betfair and lay your selection but misses out on instructions for opening an account and using betfair. I have done some trading on betfair in the past so I get how the site works but if I’d never so much looked at a horse race before then this would seem very daunting.

    £1500! That’s more than I take home in a month! This would be beyond the reach of most people. Ok, if it really was risk free and the worst that could happen is that you break even then you could try small stakes to begin with but how do you decide which bookie to put money into? The best odds don’t come up with the same ones every day so it looks like you’d be spending more than you won.

    There are so many important points missing here and I think Nick needs to amend the manual to give more detail on exactly what needs to be in place for the system to be successful. Although I can’t help thinking it’s doomed before it starts…

  24. Colin Gracious says:

    Yes it is doomed before it starts. Nick says when you buy the system you get his personal email address yet it’s just a Streetwise Publications email address which suggests he’s a member of staff who invented this idea (or more likely found it on the internet) but he probably hasn’t placed a single bet using it with real money.

    I don’t believe he’s used this for the last four years and banked over £124,000 like he says. If he was really using it and it works why would he make it public when there’s so little liquidity in the Betfair place market? Sharing it would just make it even harder to get his bets matched at profitable odds.

    This brings me to another point. The selection rules for bets are quite vague. I’ve also studied the market and struggled to find any qualifying bets but I reckon if you had 25 people using this system some would bet on races that others would reject because there are no precise rules.

  25. kazatt63 says:

    The rules as I understand them state that there has to be a strong favourite with odds of 1.8 or less, the second and third horses have to be much longer odds than the favourite, there must be at least 7 or 8 runners to ensure 3 placings, there has to be sufficient liquidity in the betfair markets, lay odds must be lower than backing odds and bets should be placed each way with best odds guaranteed bookies. Sounds feasible on paper but as usual the reality is quite different. I’ve found races with some of these rules present but the lay odds are always higher so that shoots it down straight away. And even when there’s enough liquidity in the win market there isn’t enough when you go to lay the place element.

    The examples in the manual say you have to place an each way bet with a best odds guaranteed bookmaker for the second or third favourite then a lay bet on the betfair win market at lower odds for the same stake. This effectively cancels out the win element of the bet so that you can concentrate on the placing which supposedly is where you make the profit. Depending on whether your chosen bookie is offering 1/4 or 1/5th for a place you then work out how much this is worth in profit although it’s unclear how to do this accurately. You then lay the horse on the place market on betfair. Assuming sufficient liquidity is there. And those figures change faster than the eye can follow especially close to the start of the race which is when Nick recommends you place your bets. I can foresee this becoming a total headache as you try to pin down the odds and place a bet with numbers jumping around on the screen like fleas.

    And how are we supposed to do this without the promised back up and support? I will need to break off from work for ten minutes tomorrow to give streetwise a grilling and ask for the double your money refund. I hope they’re in a good mood now because they won’t be by the time I hang up the phone and go back to giving the old folks bed baths ( I’m a carer )

    I will post on here tomorrow. Watch this space…

  26. TheBaker says:

    The sales blurb says – “But Then I Discovered One That Guarantees I’ll Never Lose Another Bet…”

    Yes, he probably “discovered” it from other betting sources, because the method you describe above is NOT new. Have a look at:
    You will note that it was posted in 2011. Sounds very much what you have outlined.

  27. Colin Gracious says:

    You make a good point here kazatt63. This system does work on paper providing you have plenty of stake money but we have no way of knowing if the screenshots in the manual were all taken at the same time. As you say the odds keep changing constantly before the off so it’s impossible for Streetwise to claim that it can’t lose. If you place the first bet and the then the odds change when you’re trying to get the second or third bets matched then you definitely CAN lose.

    I wish you luck with making a claim on the double money back guarantee. I bet they will weasel out of it by saying you have to use it for 60 days first. I’m going to try to return mine for my money back. I think there’s a consumer law that says anything you buy by mail order can be returned for a refund within 14 days. I would rather have my money back now than wait 60 days for a chance of double my money back.

  28. TheBaker says:

    Absolutely essential reading for anyone purchasing betting systems etc. Many providers try to “browbeat” purchasers with a variety of get-outs to try and abdicate their legal responsibilities. Consumers should realise that they have EXTENSIVE RIGHTS when making any purchase.

  29. Superchess says:

    The Baker is an idiot. It is irrelevant that you may have a case to make a claim and, having spent extra money (good after bad) to get a judgement,how are you going to enforce it? LOL! These people who prey upon DELETED BY MOD like you are as potless as their “clients” and know the score – your chance of getting ANY money back is zero. And quite right too! Any DELETED BY MOD buys one of these products deserves to be taken for every penny. Caveat emptor, as they say. I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever. It is just so pathetic to read time after time that people want their money back!! They are so surprised that something does not work as claimed!!
    What a bunch of losers… try using some common sense. You have been told time after time that if someone had a good system then WHY would they need to sell it to you? Give me strength…

  30. kazatt63 says:

    Thanks for that guys. Anything bought over the phone/by post/ordered online without the purchaser seeing a physical product is covered under the distance selling regulations and all sellers of these products are bound by those terms so let them try to wriggle out of refunding my money. The sales letter says the refund is for twice the money paid and I intend to get every penny. If there are conditions attached then I will ask streetwise why they haven’t set these out clearly so that as a buyer I could make a clearer decision on whether or not to part with my hard earned cash. I will investigate the above links in the meantime.

    Just a thought, maybe I could just go and place a few small stakes and lose money (which looks much easier than winning any with this system) then I have further ammunition to fire at them and get my money back. Then I could go and buy something more useful instead.

  31. Colin Gracious says:

    @RJM: That link relates to digital content such as eBooks whereas Streetwise Publications are selling a physical printed book. However the mail order consumer is still protected as described here: and even if you just changed your mind you can cancel the contract within 14 days after you received the goods, and then have a further 14 days to return them. I intend to do this with this system.

    Superchess clearly has a limited vocabulary and an even more limited knowledge of UK consumer law.

  32. kazatt63 says:

    I have just phoned streetwise and asked for a refund but the double money back guarantee only applies if you use the system and fail to make a profit or lose money and I get the impression that they would need to see proof of losses before agreeing to it. However they readily agreed to refund my £297 which surprised me as I expected resistance. I’ll be returning the manual tomorrow by guaranteed delivery so there’s proof that I’ve returned it to them.

    Next time streetwise send me a so called opportunity I will put it straight into the recycling bin. Very disappointing.

  33. kazatt63 says:

    Superchess have you never been taken in or fooled by someone or something which sounds genuine? It’s the publishers who should be scorned for peddling this trash not the people who are trying to better themselves and make ends meet. Remember that before you cast aspersions in future

  34. mikewalks says:

    My thanks to all who have contributed to this topic. It’s just as I thought….another pie in the sky Streetwise turkey.

  35. kazatt63 says:

    I’ve just received an email in reply to the ones I sent with a few questions for nick. His response was to send a link to a bet calculator. I told him it was too late as I returned the manual today and that having to wait 72 hours for a reply to a simple email could not be considered back up and support. I pointed out that an old style letter would’ve been faster! What a waste of time thee people are

  36. Colin Gracious says:

    What was the link Kazatt63? I would be interested to see it. The only one I’ve found was this one:

  37. nonex says:

    I just don’t get it, how on earth can this calculator count you profit when the lay odds are higher than the back odds?!

  38. Colin Gracious says:

    Actually @nonex it is possible. If you put bookies odds of 3.75, win lay odds of 4, and place lay odds of 1.21 into the calculator I linked to above you will end up with a no-loss bet regardless of the outcome even though the win lay odds are longer than the back odds. I actually saw these odds available before a British race today although I’ve no idea if I could have achieved three bets matched at those prices.

  39. nonex says:

    Yes, you’re right. My misstake was counting the 1/5 EW place odds as 1.20. But it should be 1/5*9=2.20 in the example, where the place lay odds were 1.31. This makes sense of course. I also found possible plays, but it would be almost impossible to put the numbers in the calculator, place the bets AND get matched in time. Might work with a bot though.

  40. kazatt63 says:

    The link for the bet calculator is

    According to Nick he kept going onto betfair and finding lay prices lower than the back odds. How did he do that?? From what I’ve seen the lay odds are always higher until the event goes in play and something happens like in football when someone scores a goal or its half time and no one has scored. Not sure about horse races. I’m just waiting to get my money refunded now so that I can go and buy something useful with it, like a chocolate teapot perhaps.

  41. kazatt63 says:

    I’ve just signed up to what really wins money via canonbury publishing. Maybe there’s something on there I can use and it’s nowhere near as expensive as the offerings from streetwise.

  42. dave5371 says:

    streetwise marketing? enough said, they couldn’t lie straight in bed.

    If it sounds too good to be true , guess what?

    the Holy Grail isn.t out there

  43. Philip Taylor says:


  44. waiter says:

    If someone is making £600 every week from a system they so called invented why would they sell it at a maximum 25 copies at £297 each? Divuldging something for £7125 when you can win that in 3 months makes no sense.Unfortunately this is something I worked out myself some time ago consistent with arbing ew and then laying on betfair but as others have said the practicalities of it working in reality are non existent due to price changes low liquidity, bookmakers alert to this in any case etc etc.Is Nick Bailey a figment of Streetwises imagination again?

  45. EyeIreland says:

    They do make £600 a wee from the system. This is absolutely true. The profits are made from selling the packagages, not the system itself. Don’t forget that many of the 25 sales will be returned – around 70% refund rate, so the system is resold to another 25 punters in the next week’s marketing campaign and so on.

    The best thing for readers of MMR to do is to create their own loopholes then sell these to other readers of competing review sites.

  46. Malchemist says:

    Thank you, reviewers, as always, for saving me from buying this product.

  47. blucher says:

    I would like to ask Kazatt63 whether he had any success in obtaining a refund from Streetwise, for a product which is a poor imitation of the Mike Cruickshank service “Each-Way Sniper”.The significant difference is Streetwise charging a considerably higher price than that asked for by Mike Cruickshank.
    My written request for a refund was countered with the riposte taht I had to privide evidence that I had attempted to employ the method without succeeeding in obtaining any profit – to qualify for a refund of double the purchase price.
    Streetwise offered a credit note as,and I quote “a gesture of goodwill”. My goodwill towards Streetwise is rather thin on the ground.

  48. Jason Smale says:

    Hi blucher, I bought this system as well and was unimpressed so I emailed Streetwise and asked for my money back. They told me to return the manual, which I did, and my credit card was refunded in full within a week so I was only out of pocket a couple of quid for the return postage.

    I think it’s important to point out that with everything you buy mail order in the UK you have 14 days to tell the company you don’t want it and you want a refund. You then have 14 days from the day you reject it to return it to them in good condition, and they then have 14 days to refund your money. That’s the law. So in theory you could order every Streetwise manual, read it, then reject it and send it back for a refund. This has got nothing to do with their ‘guarantees’, it’s the law and you can do it even if they don’t offer a guarantee.

    The only time I would accept an offer of a credit note is if I had missed that 14 day window for telling them I didn’t want the system.

  49. marklv says:

    Utter rubbish – there are no loopholes in betting. Bookmakers employee expert statisticians and invest millions in the latest IT equipment and software.

  50. TheBaker says:

    @Jason Smale.
    Well said, and true.
    And then there’s the 30/60 day “guarantees”. They sound good on paper but actually lull the purchaser into a false sense of thinking a refund is easy within that extended time period. It’s not, hence the well documented problems often reported on this site. Forget about 30/60 days – 14 days is the one to remember.

  51. mad one says:


    …..There are definitely loopholes to make profits from bookmakers, they get it wrong *ALL* the time.

    …..The problem is, they are a business and will ban your account if you take too much money from their coffers for finding such loopholes. This is why they absolutely detest match betting, because to a large extent they can do nothing about it, and will be costing them millions a year.

    …..In my opinion bookmakers banning accounts should be made illegal, as it is immoral, and goes against everything they advertise.

    …..But, there *ARE* loopholes.

  52. moggis says:

    @marklv There may not strictly speaking be any loopholes in betting (other than arbitrage opportunities) but bookies can be beaten surprisingly readily in certain markets due to a weakness they have in those markets which is not adequately compensated for by the overrounds

  53. moggis says:

    @ mad one

    I cant be sure of course but from what I’ve read bookies don’t hate people who take advantage of the bonus offers which I think is what matched betting is based on.

    They hate arbers.

    I see nothing wrong with bookies retricting or banning people whose sole purpose in betting is to arb.

    Also,there is one type of bet where even if you are a big winner many bookies don’t ban you.

    Bets on term markets. They also happen to be the easiest to beat and it really surprises me that more people don’t bet on them.

  54. tom42 says:

    moggis – Bets on term markets.

    what are they?

  55. mad one says:


    …..I know a few people who have been banned by bookmakers over the years, nothing to do with arbing (which should not be a problem anyway, and I still don’t think people should be banned), but people being banned for basically making too much money.

    …..I have also been banned by most of the main bookmakers over the years, it happens far more than most people realise.

    …..Bookmakers HATE people winning, so do it too much, and often and they *WILL* ban you.

  56. moggis says:


    Sorry,that should read long-term markets

    For some reason most people seem to think that the only time to bet on such markets is at the start of the season.

    They are mistaken

  57. moggis says:

    @mad one

    Hi,well first of all obviously I’m well aware of lots of people getting banned by bookies.

    I’ have even read a book on this subject called ,Speaking with Forked Tounges( see YouTube)

    Im not 100% sure where we disagree so let me try to make my point clear.

    YES bookies ban or restrict a great many people.

    The main group of people they hate are arbers in my opinion. I have come to this opinion from reading as much as I can about betting.

    However I totally accept that others will form differing opinions based on their own experiences and on their own reading.

    Now,here is the important bit.

    I am a professional gambler……..and I get bets on with high street bookies!!!!

    Why? Because I bet on those markets bookies are happy to take bets on.

    The fact is bookies do not ban all winners.

    It’s clear that they have come to see horse race bettors as a nuisance which I realise is very annoying for people who love betting on horse racing and it’s a shame.No doubt about it.

    But if those people want to experience the thrill of betting and wish to get laid in sufficient amounts to provide that thrill my message is loud and clear.

    Learn how to beat long term markets.


  58. mad one says:


    …..I am also a professional gambler, but I call it trading, and I have never yet come across a person who makes considerable amounts from bookmakers (I am talking high 5 & touching 6 figures, what I would call a living) who has not had problems with bookmakers.

    …..I also know a few employees of bookmakers extremely well, as we go for a tipple together on occasion, and you would not be able to put name to print on what bookmakers really think about anybody that takes their profit away on a continual basis.

    …..Good luck with your betting. In my book, anybody who can take money away from bookmakers gets a tick in the box from me.

  59. moggis says:

    @ mad one

    Well,I didn’t say I don’t have problems.

    Like most people I’m banned fromStanJames,Betvic and Shybet.

    I can only get £20 0n bets with Paddy Power and about £40 with Coral.

    With William Hill I can get reasonably accommodated,however their limits on maximum payouts in the markets I prefer and the sheer frustration of using their website mean I tend to eschew them.

    Ladbrokes and especially Bet365 I have nothing but high praise for ……along with a bookmaker I’m going to praise who normally get utterly slaughtered.

    But before I mention them I’m going to point out that there’s something I do that makes my bets more acceptable but which most people think is a bad idea.

    I bet mostly on multiples!

    Yes I know I know.

    Anyway the bookie who I’m going to praise is…….wait for it… won’t believe it……….


    Beige it or not I have a rediculously high % profit record with them.

    Lest anyone think I’m boasting let me add that it’s actually my best record with any bookie.

    Yet not only do they still accommodate me without many problems- up to a point of course, I mean I’d never try to get £1000 on a bet with them etc,but 2 years ago……

    and I kid you not,they paid me out £20,000 more than they needed to according to the letter of their rules.

    And they did it knowingly.

    Now of course I assume that they must think I’m a total mug but it’s still much much better than the way say Paddy Power treated me.

    Apologies for derailing the thread.


  60. moggis says:

    Er,by the way,should anyone from Boylesports get to see this,first of all,thanks a lot.

    Secondly ,you are right.Im a total mug.

    There is of course no way that someone can consistently beat the large overrounds in markets with many runners.

    Especially not by betting on multiples.


  61. wanderer says:

    Glad you got some money out of them.They were a complete joke and often refused my bets even though i was definitely losing money.The final straw was when i had a £10 bet at 11/8 refused.They would have lost £14 something.I no longer use them (or back 11/8 shots)by the way.I make a small income on horses.Have had most out of 365 myself.

  62. PeterFenton says:

    Interesting comments from those that have bought the product kazatt63 and gracious colin.

    I would be interested to find out how you got on with your refund as I contacted streetwise for the refund and was told I would have to wait 60 days and show proof of bets to show I had used the system.

    I am surprised that MMR have let so many comments through that explain the system they usually delete these parts or is that only with agora products 🙂

    In theory this does work and apart from one major error at the start every bet I have placed has made money.

    However the main component of this is betting with thw bookmakers and we all know how they hate to loose money, I have already had Ladbrokes , Coral and William Hill limit my bets, ladbrokes would not even take one bet so I have told them where to put their account.

    As with all systems you have to read the small print and work out how to calculate your bets, a quickly designed excel spreadsheet has enabled me to do this and I know before I place my bets whether I am going to make any money inc betfair commission which is a must if you are going to take this seriously.

    To sum up I will be returning this product due to excessive cost, but it is possible to make it work however I very much doubt you could make the claims make in the sales literature more likely to make between £ 50 and £ 150 a week dependent if you catch every bet.

    if anyone wants the excel calculator feel free to get in touch via MMR

  63. Colin Gracious says:

    @PeterFenton: Yes I got a full refund from Streetwise. Like one of the other reviewers here I didn’t try to claim on their double-money guarantee because I didn’t place a single bet with it. I just told them I didn’t want it, they said post it back, I did and got my money back.

    I’m surprised to read your comments about the risk of account restrictions with the bookies. In this case since you’re backing each way with the bookies many of the bets won’t be winners, or they’ll only pay out on the place, so surely most of the profit will come from the lay bets on the exchanges won’t they? Surely the bookies will be happy with EW bets on a runner that often doesn’t win, and sometimes doesn’t get placed.

    I would appreciate a copy of your Excel calculator. DELETED BY MOD

  64. DRSTOCH says:

    Be carefull with Ladbrokes, they took my bets but reduced
    stakes without flagging up a warning. I only noticed at end of day when I reconcile account totals.
    fortunately every Lads. bet won on exchange, had they won at Lads I would have been down over £400.00.

  65. PeterFenton says:

    Ladbrookes are toast closed the account and told them to stick it.

    Problem is with this system £ 100 e/w at 4/1 – 5/1 or greater is a potential liability for them of £ 480 upwards and thats what they don’t like so reduced bets to £ 25 e/w as a maximum.

    This will work but you won’t become a millionare by it and at £ 297 cost its gonna take quite a few months to recoup the cost.

  66. DRSTOCH says:

    This sounds like Mike Cruikshanks eachway sniper which includes betfinding and bet “placing” software for approx
    £170.00 and Mike allways gives prompt refunds.
    Betfair liquidity is only problem, but £400 to £500 is realistic.

  67. PeterFenton says:

    Email today Bet Victor have decided that my account will not be eligible for the best odds guaranteed service they give.

    And the answer to your question how many bets have i placed with them and how much have i won.

    7 bets and won the princely sum of £ 28.75

    What a bunch of J’Arthurs and it just goes to show what ever system you use it will never work when there are bookmakers involved as they are just money grabbing J’Arthurs and don’t want winning punters.

    So if a system involves using bookmakers and laying on Betfair steer clear because the doors will shut sooner rather than later.

  68. commander123 says:

    @ peter fenton

    yes m8 they nearly all the same the min u start winning or lookin like an arber the restrict ur bets.the only big bookie ican use with decent stakes is w hill,they would rather u spent a fortune on their casino or slot games

  69. PeterFenton says:

    Got my money back finally as although in theory this is a good thing in reality …..

    Bet Victor Closed my account to Horse Racing / Sports bets yesterday total profit won just over £ 100.

    This system requires bookmakers and eventually you will run out of BM who are prepared to take your money.

    As previously mentioned Ladbrokes would take most of my bets either.

    Has anyone tried Betfair Sniper by Mike Cruickshank as it was a freebe giveaway but looks a bit risky to me no guaranteed profit unlike most of Mike’s other products.

  70. jonahc says:

    I’ve bought many products from streetwise Marketing, and to say they are all s***e is an understatement.

  71. mmrptucker2 says:

    @peterfenton yes I’ve got betfair sniper. And correct there is no guarantee of winnings just a description and observation with examples of how you can make money from drifting favorites.

    Regarding the OP I’m very glad I joined and read this non sense about the Ultimate loophole. I’ve lost hundreds with these jokers but this is the last time I even read any of their sales jargon.

    Their strengths are in writing compelling sales copy and certainly not these betting systems they are coming up with.

    Each Way Sniper is a fantastic product. For roughly half the money of U-loophole you get the software that even finds the bets for you. It has an added feature where you get see the races where the bookies are applying the EXTRA place, EG Paying 5 places on the Welsh Grand National. With the help of EWS I covered every horse in the race thus guaranteeing hitting the 5th place payout. £50 at 17/1 netting me over £200 profit on that 1 race alone with no risk of ever loosing a penny.

    When it comes to making money from betting I think that using multiple streams of income is the way to go. EG £1000 per month from 1 system, £500 a month from another, £500 from another etc..

  72. coolerking says:

    Had the paperwork in my hands.I then as usual went on to MMR to check out Loophole.

    Thank you Colin Gracious it is now well and truly shredded.
    Thank heavens for MMR.

  73. PeterFenton says:

    @jonahc this item is not sh**e its just priced way to high to recover your initial investment.

    I was betting at £ 50 stakes or £ 100 if they’d would let me which is why Bet Victor / Ladbrokes got the arse if I won as they don’t like winners.

    over all I cleared around £ 100 – £ 150 in two months, its a slow burn until your accounts are closed and then its a NO BURN 🙁 as you need the bookmakers.

    Each way Sniper will go the same way as this if it uses the same principles thats just the way bookmakers work, they are without doubt very big Southampton fan’s alas a necessary evil unless you can find a fool proof system to work on Betfair which I haven’t found yet.

  74. headley says:

    Glad I read everybody’s comments. I was considering The Ultimate Loophole. I have bought systems from Streetwise over the past few years and returned most for a refund.
    Most have been too complicated for small return. No problems getting refund!

  75. PeterFenton says:

    Another winner at the weekend £ 225 profit from Stan James a loss of £ 215 on ebay , net profit £ 9 ish.

    Guess which bookmakers account is likely to be closed soon.

    I can’t see how this system or even MC’s Each Way Sniper could ever make long term profits as it relies on the support of the bookmakers which you not going to get after a while.

    I’m guessing the only way to play this would be in the shop’s but then they still get to recognise you and you also have to place the betfair bet.

  76. 5aces says:


    What were you selling on ebay to make such a loss?

  77. gedd says:


    You sound as sick and tired as I am of bookies having it all there own way. Think this might be of interest.

  78. hugo2011 says:

    I missed the 14 day deadline for refund,so Streetwise refused refund,and said I should try the system for 60 days – firmly believe this would be throwing good money after bad,so will sue in small claims court – cannot believe any court would compel someone to open bookie accounts and go betting,even if I did understand the system,which I don’t.Any advice/suggestions gladly received.
    Many thanks

  79. mad one says:


    …..Sue them in the small claims court? Are you for real. Firstly you drop a clanger by not following their guarantee stipulations, and then you spit your dummy out because you are not even willing to try, based on what? Some forum comments from people you will never meet in your life.

    …..Grow a pair, and stop moaning, as we all know you will be going nowhere near a small claims court.

    …..Take some responsibility for your actions, man.

  80. hugo2011 says:

    To all out there – ignoe mad one – one of those guys – and there are loads of them – who think they know everything,and actually know sfa – got my money back,so do one

  81. mad one says:


    …..If you are going to make such a statement, at least try and use correct spelling, and legible language. Your post looks like it was written by a 5 year old.

  82. Maynard says:

    hugo2011 has exactly the same posting patterns as ppower.

  83. PeterFenton says:

    5 aces

    Ha just seen your comment meant betfair 🙂

  84. maxj says:

    Usual junk..its just dropped through my letter box for the second time in a year.. i guess they think if they can’t catch you the first time they’ll regurgitate it and catch you on the second..

    And guess what.. there’s only 25 places what happened to the others..maybe they made so much money from the system their living on a sun drenched island somewhere!!

    Well unfortunately for SW i might have come up the river on the last boat but there certainly wasn’t a duck pushing so the won’t be getting my hard earned cash!!!

  85. voodoo1 says:

    yeap got the same today, only 25 places left! ha ha!
    salesletter wiped on my a** and sent back using there free post!

    it beggers belief how folk fall for the BS that streetwise put out…

  86. flyer1 says:

    Thank goodness there are people around like Colin Gracious who save me from falling for junk like this time and time again. If you don’t have any experience at betting it is almost impossible to arrive at a sound decision. david blenkinshp

  87. Marcus Tandy says:

    Thank goodness for this forum, as found it doing a seach for Loophole thx for reviews guys, anyway put sales letter back in return post as some1 said above!

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