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Product Name:

The Racing Trader


Duncan Rafferty

Company Name & Contact Details

Rafferty House 235 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EL Tel 0161 860 6084 email: or


Tech Expert shares the betting system that will make you £8,000 richer this month!.


£36.50 (plus VAT in EU) for 12 months access

Money Back Guarantee:

60 Day unconditional (Clickbank)

What Do You Get   .

email based horse race win tipping service

Where to buy: (saves having to give email to look!)

Brief Summary

Racing Trader from Duncan Rafferty offers win betting advice for horse racing. Advised by email Mon – Sat with selections having “an 88% win accuracy”. Modestly claims there is no betting system in existence more accurate than this one and that this is the best tipster service on the web.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

100 point betting bank recommended

How much money can I make?

See headline. No verified results available but “guarantees” you will have more than £2,000 in your bank account by the end of the week.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

5 minutes daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Value for money?  

Not in the slightest

Quality of customer service?  

Non existent


When the appeal to greed comes before anything else in the marketing you suspect that the end product is unlikely to live up to the promises. The whole marketing page is long on potential winnings and very short indeed on any real detail about the service and certainly no proof of performance.  We are told that “my system will take care of everything for you! All you need to do is check your email each morning, place a bet online and you’ll make more than £500 each day! No indication of the stakes needed to achieve this is provided

The sign up process is not without errors and having paid the price for a 12 month subscription the confirmation advises that I have secured a 6 months term but then the welcome email again mentions 12 months. Suspect it will not really matter!.

We are advised that a 100 point betting bank is recommended with 1 point win stakes on all selections. It is not clear if the bets are to be placed at BOG bookies or via Betfair

The main plank of the argument here is the strike rate at a claimed 88% and so you need to be firing on all cylinders immediately. We had 4 selections on the first day and just 1 winner meaning the next 26 have to win to get back to the claimed level. So far I have not seen a service that produces that many winners in a row and this one was no exception. Moreover there are days when no email is received even advising there are no bets. No indication of price is given and there have been errors in the times of races and even the name of the selection.

Not that you can do much about this as every email requesting clarification has been completely ignored.

In the end we managed 51 runners in the first month of the trial and just 11 of these won – a strike rate of 21.5% somewhat light years from the claimed 88%. We are offering a Betting Rant mug and mention for the first member to calculate the length of the winning run now needed to restore the claimed strike rate. A losing run of 9 bets drew not a word from the service although the day before it began we were told that the selections received “begin the road to recovery”.

The guarantee of £2,000 in your bank by the end of the first week was in reality a loss of 3.5points.We have calculated the results at both BOG when the emails received and BSP and a loss of 10 or 14 points has been seen so far. I suppose the drawdown could have been worse with such poor results but hardly down to the service expertise is it? So far 20p of every £1 staked has gone to the bookies or 27p if using Betfair.

I see nothing to be positive about in this unprofessional and poorly performing service. Will update in early April but suspect I could be doing better things with my time.

You can see the full results here:

Racing Trader Results

Update 3/4/2017: My suspicions have proven well founded with more of the same and even a trend to lower prices has not made any real difference. The results have been given a false air of near respectability by a winner at 12/1 (BSP)17.71) which is totally out of character with the way the service has run. The marketing was based on a very high strike rate and the reality is that it is running at around 25%. To be fair there has been a small improvement in the second period of the review but the whole service is little more than a charade with the daily selection letters now being more and more affiliate marketing promotions. Don’t be misled by the small profits now showing on the results spreadsheet – this is a poor offering with not a care from the author about the false claims made not customer service. No more updates will be given.



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