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| August 5, 2016 | 5 Replies

Product Name:

The Power of Four


Eddie Lloyd

Company Name & Contact Details

Anonymous Ginger Ltd Swatton Barn, Badbury, Swindon SN4 0EU Tel 0800 802 1084 email:


Here’s the FASTEST, EASIEST and LAZIEST Way to make a great income from your betting with no experience and no insider knowledge! No matter what you’ve heard.


£67 per month (plus VAT in EU)

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned

What Do You Get   .

email based horse race win tipping service

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

The Power of Four by Eddie Lloyd offers win betting tips for horse racing derived from the software provided by The Race Advisor (Michael Wilding). Author studies out put daily and offers average of 2 selections  being the prime opportunities available. Emails received mid morning on day of racing. Recommended to back with Best Odds Guaranteed bookies.  

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

100 point bank advised with 1 point level staking

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Minutes daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Our trial of this service has begun and we’ll post our results soon. In the meantime, if you have tried Power of Four we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

Value for money?  

Not so far

Quality of customer service?  

Not tested


With only 50 places available you might wonder why we were asked by the service to undertake a review. I suppose if successful then those who cannot subscribe here might be tempted to use other services from the publisher in an attempt to recreate the selections. In my view it is less than straightforward to list testimonials from “Race Advisor Services” alongside the marketing material for this service yet not even specify which service they cover. A casual reader may well assume they are in respect of the service being promoted which they are not.

Still the underlying aim is laudable and the potential selection method very reasonable so all we need to do is see if Eddie is as good at interpreting the data as he claims (he teaches others how to do it when not applying his system for horse race winners available through Betfan). Selections are derived from Eddie’s research which will allow him to

  • Find the races with the least competition
  • Analyse the form of all the runners in the race
  • Check the speed graphs for each horse
  • Determine if a horse is improving or declining
  • Discover if a horse has the class to win a race
  • Make sure the selection won’t be outpaced
  • Check the connections to make sure the trainers and stables are in form
  • Assess the value in the market
  • Find the selections that make the profit

From around 250 runners every day, I come down to an average of two that I bet on.


On signing up you receive a welcome email advising the bank suggested and staking with the confirmation that emails with selections will be received mid morning and should be placed with Best Odds Guaranteed bookmakers at the time of receipt. All in all a pretty simple service to use.

Daily emails are received as indicated and give the selection details but no indication of price. We have recorded the BOG price at the time of receipt of the email and also indicated BSP prices in case there could be benefit in backing this way and no doubt that would become a necessity if the results reach the levels claimed in the marketing – in 6 months a profit of £8742 with an ROI of 38% but no detailed breakdown of the results is offered. Mind you we are also told he bets to £1,000 stakes so perhaps an 8.7 point profit is nothing too special?  Subscribers will also receive a weekly summary of the last seven days results.

In just over a month we have seen 44 selections that ran and of these just 6 have won (13.64%) with losses of 41 points at both BOG and BSP. Almost 50p of every £1 staked would have ended up in the hand of the bookmaker. Halfway through the trial so far we were advised in the weekly review that he was going to concentrate on the top end of the market “so the strike rate will improve” – not quite sure how this sits with the modus operandi described above but so far there has been no change to the abject performance. Even the reviews have stopped which is often a tell tale sign for poorly performing services.

It appears that less than the allotted 50 subscribers have taken up the service as you can still subscribe and there are still the unsubstantiated claims of profits possible. Headlines such as that used for this service should always be treated with the contempt they deserve. Our advice is to give this a very wide berth indeed if the results we have seen are representative of the potential.

You can see the results breakdown here:

Power of 4 Results

Update 3/10/2016:

I imagine that the author will have reduced his staking significantly in the face of the performance we have experienced here. Should not have any need of commission agents if he is losing that amount of cash at the bookies. A brief upturn gave hope that the first month’s results might be a blip but the southwards trend was soon resumed and with just 12 winners from 86 runners (13.95%) the loss now stands at 29.8 points at BOG or 31.75 if using BSP.  A losing run of 21 bets was seen. The graphical illustration of performance is very revealing.

Clearly the analysis of the data available does not produce satisfactory results and perhaps we now know why there was no detailed results breakdown. Even more telling is the complete lack of comment/apology from the service the weekly summaries having long since been abandoned.

Our recommendation remains the same – avoid this over priced under performing service.

The updated results breakdown may be viewed here:

Power of 4 Results

Update 3/11/2016:

There is little to add here. Poor performance has continued and not a word from the author about his abject efforts. Surprised that the publisher has not intervened to at least apologise.

The final tally after 3 months  is 23 winners from 129 runners with 56% of the starting bank lost at BOG prices and 73% at BSP. If there are any paying subscribers left they must have real faith as there has been little value at any level here and certainly no power. The author will soon run out of publishers. Not recommended.

The updated results may be seen here:

Power of 4 Results


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  1. BrianL says:

    It seems that different pricing models are being tried for this service. The link you give is £67 + VAT monthly as you say. The link in a mailshot I received is the same sales pitch but with a very different subscription basis. Basically you agree to put £10 on each selection for Eddie then send him the winnings at SP odds. You actually commit to paying this from your credit card when you sign up. At two selections a day you would end up paying hundreds of pounds per month this way.

  2. nonex says:

    If you are planning to read this Eddie character’s sales blurb, be sure you have a sick bag ready.

  3. JohnU says:

    This sounds absolutely awful! To be honest, and i learned this the hard way at least 20 years ago, anyone that asks you to put money on selections (odds to) etc, needs to be viewed as ‘questionable’. T b h, in 30 years plus involvement i personally have NEVER myself, or anyone i have known, have any medium/long term success with such a practice!

    To be honest save yourselves money and hear-ache and head over to Maynard s FREE service on here – its abslutely brilliant.

    As for this one for me there’s one word for it ‘BARGEPOLE’ ! 🙂

  4. JohnU says:

    heart- ache … even!

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