The Half Time Football Cash Machine System

| August 10, 2016 | 37 Replies

Product Name:

Half Time Football Cash Machine System


Chris Williams

Company Name & Contact Details

Hertford Road, Kettering NN15 6LG or 42 Swinford Hollow, Little Billing, Northampton NN3 9UN email:


How to make easy money from betting on football


£27 rising by 25p increments to max £37

Also available as physical DVD on eBay at £25

Money Back Guarantee:


What Do You Get   .

Video system training download

Where to buy:

The Half-Time Football Cash Machine System

Brief Summary

Half Time Football Cash Machine System by Chris Williams is a simple trading system for in play football matches. Uses one of 2 markets dependent on half-time score for qualification. Can leave bet to maturity or trade out if preferred. 95% strike rate in testing pre-launch

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Suggested 20 point bank with 1 point staking per selection

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made. Normally 4.5-10% per trade profit

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Up to 45 minutes per match selected

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection and Betfair account recommended

Our trial of this service has begun and we’ll post our results soon. In the meantime, if you have tried Half Time Football Cash Machine System we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

Please take care not to disclose system details in any comments

Value for money?  


Quality of customer service?  

Prompt response to emails


Chris never lets the grass grow under his feet, continually exploring ways in which to make some cash from the Betfair football markets with low risk the watchword. In this case he has effectively updated his Method 8 product (reducing the risk factor) which has since been withdrawn from the market. It should be noted that a Method 8 user will not automatically be able to derive the modus operandi here and I believe purchasers of that method were offered the opportunity to acquire this strategy for a nominal £10 before it was placed on general sale.

Subscribers will receive access to the training material for the system which may be downloaded to the device if required. As always the material is comprehensive and covers pretty much everything that is likely to happen and what to do if it does. Those who have used Chris’ other systems may consider the material over long but,  quite rightly in my view, Chris assumes zero knowledge for his observer.

The beauty of this strategy is that you can spend very little time on implementing it and at the time when you want to. There may be times when suitable games are not available but if you have spent more than 60 seconds finding out then you are doing something wrong. Once a game is found to be a qualifier it will take seconds to place the 1 bet required and that is it – unless you want to monitor the match and react to changes in the score line in which case up to 45 minutes may be required (although use of goal alarms means you do not really have to watch closely). The suggestion is that you should identify games and let them run.

Prices for qualifying games must be a minimum of 1.06 and this does rule out a fair number of otherwise potential qualifiers. On what might be described as normal days (ie main season and no international breaks around) you should be able to find a couple of suitable games on more than 1 occasion. For the purposes of the trial we have looked at the higher leagues only but this is not a strategy requirement. It is suggested that staking should be 5% of your bank on a progressive basis.

Of course we have hit a combination of early main season and an international break during our trial so there are likely less games included that might normally be the case. We have found 42 qualifiers and 40 of these have been profitable (95%) generating a capital profit at level stakes of 12.94% at an ROI of 6.32%. We traded out on 3 occasions although it was not needed for 2 of these.

This is among the simplest of the strategies that Chris has devised and is readily useable by all levels of bettor. It can be used while attending to other things and so might be regarded as a bonus income generator. Any purchaser who does not recoup his initial investment is either not using the system or cannot follow simple instructions. As a low risk strategy it is soundly based and should be effective for a long time into the future. Recommended.

You can see the detailed results here:

Half Time Football Cash Machine Results


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Comments (37)

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  1. JayDizzler279 says:

    Does anyone have experience using this system as it looks quite interesting?

  2. EssBee says:

    Haven’t used this particular system, but have a few of Chris’s other systems, & quite happy with them. They are usually slow burning with low & little risk.The downside is you need patience due to low odds. I don’t think I’ll be taking this one, as I don’t like the way it’s sold. The price increases everytime one is sold.If you’re not one of the first, you end up paying more.If you’re happy paying more than others, & happy with low odds it may be worth it.

  3. cwilliams says:


    You obviously haven’t spotted what it says under ‘Price’ above! You can buy the system on DVD for £25 on eBay (legally!). And there is a ‘Make Offer’ option.

  4. EyeIreland says:

    Chris Williams’ systems are the only ones that actually work. I have bought some of them and they have turned my £500 piggy bank into an £1800 crows nest egg in 3 months. It is a matter of slowly slowly slowly catch the Mickie Finns.I do his systems every day for a few pennies, and they keep adding and adding and adding up, so they do.

    His marketing is actually quite understated, and I found he undersells and over delivers, which makes a pleasant change from other so called Marketeers who are really slime slugs and sleekit snakes in disguise.

    He is presently trying out this system of increased pricing after each sale, but in my opinion this detracts from his quality products. However, I am not a marketeer so what would I know?

    The Ebay option is very efficacious and is a good alternative.

    Chris also is one of these rare British people in the gambling world who is honest and non bull-scheissenish. I find so many British betting system sellers very over hyped and dishonest.

    Why do so many of you British fall for the hype from your fellow country men? 25,000 betting systems for sale in Britain this week – a bit like ladies of the night – there are many more lads of the night willing to submit to a moment’s ecstasy for £97 +VAT, returning home to the family with empty purses and bags.

    There are nowhere near as many systems for sale in Europe – only 154 in Denmark and 35 in Brittany, for example.

    What does that say about the British?????

  5. wolverine5pl says:

    IF you have his system called Method 8 DONT BUY IT as its almost same system with small upgrade

  6. cwilliams says:


    You’ll be pleased to learn that Method 8 has now been taken off sale.


    Many thanks for your kind words. I’m pleased that you’ve grown your bank successfully by being patient with your betting. It’s a pity that some other people don’t just get on with making money rather than coming onto sites such as MMR to moan & complain.

    Pricing is always a problem – I don’t want to get paid next to nothing for the effort that I put into developing systems & recording videos. And nor do I want to put prices at a level that the majority of people can’t afford.

    However, people need to appreciate that there are several markets for betting systems. There are the people prepared to pay £1000+ for systems that are exclusive & provide a very large amount of back-up support & webinars; and, at the opposite end of the spectrum, there are the cheapskates who want everything for nothing (but just try getting them to work for nothing!) and expect to make a fortune overnight!

    I try to cater for the mid-range of people who want working systems at a price that is fair & can be quickly recovered from profits. I’ve tried various pricing techniques & I would make just as much money pricing everything at £47 as I would do by selling to more people at £10! But I do try to price at several levels so everyone can afford something from me.

  7. PEPPIDOG says:

    EyeIreland says:

    August 20, 2016 at 7:10 pm

    Chris Williams’ systems are the only ones that actually work. I have bought some of them and they have turned my £500 piggy bank into an £1800 crows nest egg in 3 months. It is a matter of slowly slowly slowly catch the Mickie Finns.I do his systems every day for a few pennies, and they keep adding and adding and adding up, so they do.

    Well I wouldn’t call around £100 per week slowly slowly. I would call that pretty damned good. Especially for a system called a slow burner. If you know of a fast burner then please let me know as it must be awesome

    I am not going to jump in even though it is only £25. Have lost so many £25’s over the years because people say they are the best thing since slice bread only to find out otherwise.

    No. as you said…slowly slowly catches the Mickie Finns ( I thought they were a drugged drink ). I will await the review and note any more comments on here from those guys who have already purchased and make a more informed decision then.

    Good luck to all that are involved and hope to get some feedback from MMR soon

  8. EssBee says:

    Chris, I am not knocking your systems.On the contrary, as stated I am quite happy with them.
    I agree with much of what @EyeIreland says.If you have the time, the figures stated can be achieved.
    I don’t want to go into a debate about your marketing methods, I was answering a query from another member, and stand by my comments. Re your comments about buying a DVD on eBay. I did see that, but along with many others, I prefer (immediate) digital downloads rather than buy a DVD from eBay. I refer to @EyeIreland’s comments “I find so many British betting system sellers very over hyped and dishonest” & “25,000 betting systems for sale in Britain”
    I know you are an honest marketer, but many don’t know you from Adam. eBay is full of scammers, both buyers & sellers.
    From your own side, on digital products, you clearly state that there will be No Refunds, due to buyers ability to copy then ask for refund. With eBay/Paypal’s buyer is always right policy, you are leaving yourself wide open to fraudsters. Either you have been very lucky with buyers, or you are not fully aware of these people.This along with their massively increasing costs, is why I gave up selling on eBay.
    Good luck with your new & further systems. I may buy others, if I get in before the Reverse Dutch Auction starts.

  9. carrbags says:

    Just purchased this, this afternoon as I wasn’t going to the pub I thought what the heck?
    Having watched the first 12 minutes then skimming this looks like you place a single bet then decide whether to let it run or trade it out later.
    There is no hedging, no clever contingencies, no form to consider, no rabbits appearing from up your sleeve.
    The betfair markets are efficient, if you just take a price in a match based only on price you will lose in the long run due to 5% commision

  10. wolverine5pl says:

    Been using this for past two days small stakes 16 matches, very hard to get decent price. most times is 1.06-1.10. avg 1.11 odds. Profit/Loss small minus. Strike Rate 87.5% ROI 8.13% . reason for 8 % roi and small minus profit is I used different stakes. using stame stakes i would have profit. not much but still profit. maybye stat check on HT to increase Strike rate?

  11. carrbags says:

    If i blindly backed every 1.1 shot on betfair I would expect to win 9/10.
    The fact that this “system” has a 95% strike rate from advised odds merely shows the efficiency of betfairs odds.

  12. PEPPIDOG says:

    Well based on the last few posts I cannot really see how @EyeIreland could have turned his £500 bank into £1800 in the space of just 3 months. The stakes would have had to have been so high they would never been matched surely?…or am I simply missing something here?

  13. PEPPIDOG says:

    Basically I am just asking the question. Would this system give a return of just £20 per day? If so then it has to be a godsend to me as I am laid up on the sofa and going to be like this for about the next 3 months after a bad fall (that will teach me not to say yeag ok…mines a Jack Daniels)And £20 per day would keep me occupied and go towards the mortgage. Cheers

  14. cwilliams says:


    The key phrase in EyeIreland’s post is surely “I have bought some of them and they have turned my £500 piggy bank into an £1800”. It is clear that he is not just using one of my systems to have made his profit but has placed bets using several of them.

  15. c19rta says:

    Can’t see how anything like this is profitable if you are staking big making pennies, one loser comes along and your well down.

  16. PEPPIDOG says:

    @ cwilliams

    Fair point. I should learn to read posts properly.

    It seems then that the answer to my question is a no then. Onwards and upwards

    Cheers for the reply

  17. JayDizzler279 says:

    Does anyone know if all of Chris’s methods involve betting at such low odds?

    Not sure I’m really comfortable doing that so wonder what others with experience of his products think are his best products etc.

    Ta in advance

  18. cwilliams says:


    I do take your points regarding selling on eBay compared to digital downloads and streaming. However, there really are 2 different markets – those people who are happy with streaming & those who want a physical item (DVD). I have never explored what sales can be achieved on eBay so the DVD (being sold by my business partner) is an experiment.

    Fraud & theft of my copyright are potential problems regardless of how the video content is delivered. For example, I have recently been made aware of someone who sells on eBay who was emailing their list offering some of my systems cheap.

    All thieves usually leave a trail to their identity. In this case, I had a link to the other items the thief was selling on eBay. So I bought one of the items posing as a legit customer & – lo & behold! – a couple of days later I received an email from the thief offering me my own products!

    Now that I had an eBay ID and a PayPal address, it didn’t take me long to find out the thief’s full name & address.

    Both eBay & PayPal are very keen to stamp out theft & both will close down accounts when presented with evidence of copyright theft. People who buy pirated copies should also be aware that their PayPal accounts can also be traced & closed.

    Why this person didn’t just contact me & say that he wanted to mail his list with an offer on one or more of my systems, I don’t know. I would have been more than happy to have come to some commercial arrangement. But now it will only take me to start legal proceedings to have his whole business closed down & get him to pay me damages.

  19. Paulusg says:


    Yes it does involve betting at low odds and I feel it’s stretching it a bit to call it a “system”
    If you equate time spent to returns it won’t make you a fortune but it is a fairly safe way of making a few pounds.
    I bought the DVD which arrived within two days. It shows live bets being placed and the outcomes – all profitable.
    But as I said earlier some my question whether the time spent for returns of 1.08 odds is really worth it.

  20. EyeIreland says:

    Yes it is worth the time. How long have you all spent in your past lives doing betting which ends up as a loss?
    There are other football trading courses, systems, strategies for sale out there which can cost thousands and are still not as good as the £25 ones you can buy from Chris.
    Having said that, you have to stick at it, day and night. It is very boring and dry, but it is nice to see little profits all add up to a nice lump sum at the Heels of the Hunt.
    Most punters will get fed up long before this and will throw their last £100 on the No 4 at Sittingbourne rather than grind through Chris’s football stuff, so they will.

  21. vesryn says:

    “Chris Williams’ systems are the only ones that actually work.”

    Which ones do you recommend, @EyeIreland?

  22. PEPPIDOG says:


    You puzzle me a little bit I have to say.

    So they do, so they are, so they will, to be sure to be sure.. et al

    I have many Irish friends and recently visited a club that we all frequent and they were a little puzzled. They are all aware of how the Irish manner of speaking is mimicked in this country and when we as English people are trying to impersonate an Irish accent would use such terminology. And yet my friends tell me that rarely are the ways you mentioned actually spoken in that manner and virtually never used in the written word.

    Just an observation fella

  23. EyeIreland says:

    Yea, whatever…

  24. johnlynch says:


    eyeireland is probably a venezuelan painter and decorator,who would like to be irish…ive met a few guys like that over the years.

  25. MikeMichaels says:

    Purchased the system on ebay.
    Used it ever day for 10 days
    followed rules to the letter
    every day lost – biggest losing day was 12 points
    asked for a refund
    seller refused
    dispusted with ebay
    waiting for ebay to make a decision

  26. wolverine5pl says:

    51 matches traded. lost gain break even give or take.
    but and BIG but pure betting (no trading) would be few points profitable. overall i got this hoping would be good tradining system, ended up buying upgraded version of other system (and overpaid a lot).
    Cant reccomend this to anyone

  27. PEPPIDOG says:


    Just seen your post lol. Had to have a chuckle…so I did

  28. cwilliams says:


    Let me tell everyone the truth.

    You purchased the DVD on eBay on 27th Oct. You requested a refund on 30th Oct. You therefore did not use the system every day for 10 days. I don’t believe that you used the system at all.

    You are telling lies on this thread.

    If you do not admit that your version of events is incorrect, then I will post screenshots of all communications between you, me & eBay on my blog so that people can make up their own mind about your honesty.

    I will also ensure that eBay is made aware of your post.

  29. MikeMichaels says:

    you get excited a lot
    got it 28
    used it 28 29 30
    all lost
    requsted a refund
    u said no
    been using it
    today is the 9th day – sorry i said 10 –
    still kept losing
    earliest ebay will look into my refund request is the 10th

    if i get the refund .. ill pay for one days lunch and train fare

    if not … so be it


  30. cwilliams says:


    Ah, so now the story changes when I’ve made it clear that I’ll publish evidence of what you claimed were your reasons for deserving a refund & the timescales.

    In your request to eBay for a refund on the 30th you stated that the method shown in the DVD was “dire and ridiculous”. Yet you now admit that you continued using the method for a further 9 days. So you want a refund for an item (the DVD) that you readily accept you received & were able to view. And that is what the eBay listing was all about – no guarantees were given anywhere that you would be profitable using the method – and the listing also clearly states ‘No refund accepted’.

    You also now admit that you continued to use the method several days after you claimed to eBay that your purchase was “defective” as well as “dire and ridiculous”.

    Your claim is based solely on the fact you don’t like the method nor have been successful using it (although I strongly suspect that your main intention is to simply try to get my DVD free-of-charge). I presume that if you bought a set of ‘Teach Yourself German’ CDs & then found that you couldn’t speak fluent German after a while that you would expect to receive a refund?

    At no time did you email me seeking my advice if you were genuinely experiencing difficulties.

    I would direct people to the review given at the top of this thread which is far more objective & honest than Mike’s comments. The reviewer provides evidence of his experience of using the system with the Excel spreadsheet of results. He made an overall profit. Either you believe him or you don’t. If you don’t, then don’t buy my products.

  31. cwilliams says:

    Just re-read EssBees post from August 21st & was struck by the following extract:

    “I know you are an honest marketer, but many don’t know you from Adam. eBay is full of scammers, both buyers & sellers.
    From your own side, on digital products, you clearly state that there will be No Refunds, due to buyers ability to copy then ask for refund. With eBay/Paypal’s buyer is always right policy, you are leaving yourself wide open to fraudsters. Either you have been very lucky with buyers, or you are not fully aware of these people.This along with their massively increasing costs, is why I gave up selling on eBay.”

    How right his comments have turned out to be.

  32. cwilliams says:


    eBay ruled in my favour.

  33. mad one says:

    …..And now chances are you could get a negative feedback affecting your future sales.

  34. cwilliams says:

    @mad one

    Nope – eBay have made it clear that any negative feedback from the buyer would be removed & I’ve now blocked him from being able to buy anything in the future.

  35. johnlynch says:

    cwilliams leads 15- love.New balls please.

  36. RJM says:


    I hope ebay do.

    Sold an item and the condition of sale was for some form of contact telephone be supplied as the parcel would be delivered via courier. The buyer refused so no courier company would deliver the parcel without this information and the buyer left negative feedback. Ebay would not remove the comments and my 100% rating was gone since being with them since 2002.

    I couldn’t leave any reply to the buyer because he had blocked me.

    Really did annoy me that ebay took this stance.

  37. EyeIreland says:

    He was probably On The Run and didn’t want the British to find out where he lived?

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