The Greed Machine Loophole Review

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Product Name: The Greed Machine Loophole Programme

Author: Anthony Davies

Company Name and Contact Details:
Streetwise Publications Ltd,
Eden House,
Genesis Park,
Sheffield Road,
S60 1DX


“It’s The Seven-Minutes-Or-Less ‘Greed Machine’ Loophole… Now You Can ‘Steal’ An Extra £500-£600 Every Time You Sneak Into One Of These Big Company Money Vaults…’’

Price: The first dossier is free but then you will be charged £27 + £2.95 postage each month until you cancel.

Money Back Guarantee:  If you do decide to cancel during the first month, you get to keep the first dossier and you will be refunded in full.

What do you get?

– Hardcopy of the monthly issue in the post

Where to buy:

Brief Summary: 

The Greed Machine Loophole Programme comes from Anthony Davies and is a monthly subscription to a series of “dossiers”. Each dossier/issue will reveal loopholes that you can exploit to make or save money.

What’s it all about?

The Greed Machine Loophole Programme is a series of dossiers that will be sent to you each month. The “Greed Machine” has many facets but is generally broken down into four categories, which are:

1. The State and Government Greed Machine
2. The Banking and Finance Greed machine
3. The Business and Retail Greed Machine
4. The Betting and Gambling Greed Machine

Each of the loopholes represents an opportunity to save money, which they say the “Greed Machine” is stealing from everyone else.  They say that some loopholes will make a small difference and others will make a huge one.

In this review, I will be covering what is contained in Dossier One.

It starts with Anthony introducing himself and his background. He then goes onto explain about the “Greed Machine” and how it can help you find ways to save money.

It covers a variety of subjects and each loophole is clearly detailed, so you should understand what it is all about and how you can implement it.

So the first dossier covers:

– Would you like to write off £15,000 (or More) debt?
– How not to pay private parking tickets
– Land and property…for free!
– Ryanair bargains

Each subject is a page or a few pages long. Anthony breaks down each subject, and explains in detail how you can use this to your advantage.

Each month you will be sent a new dossier. In dossier number two I was told that you will also receive a free gift of a sports watch.  

Do I need any experience to make this work?

You don’t need any experience to make this work. Anyone can read the guides, understand them and take the advice and put it in to practice if they wish to.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

You are obviously going to need the monthly payment of £29.95 per month, which can add up quickly. It doesn’t say how many dossiers there are but you can cancel at any point.

The point of the dossiers is to give you ideas and detail of loopholes out there where you can save money, so hopefully if you follow them you can save yourself money.

How Much Can I make?

This is not a ‘get-quick-rich’scheme by any stretch of the imagination. Each dossier will cover different subjects so it’s up to you what you want to implement and save/make money from.

How much time will it take me?

The first dossier is only 41 pages long so this won’t take you long to work through.  Remember though this is an ongoing subscription – you will receive one a month to work through and implement what advice they give you.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

Nothing special is needed.

Value For Money?

From the look of the first dossier and for £29.95 per month, I wouldn’t personally say it’s good value for money.  I felt a little disappointed that there wasn’t much content in the first dossier, although this one is free so you may get more content once you start paying!

Does it live up to the claims in the promotion?

In the sales promotion, it says that you can make a fast, effort-free £500-£600 a month but I don’t think many people will make this.  I personally think most people will read this but won’t end up implementing what is taught.

There are a few ideas in there that may interest you but personally I don’t think you will be making anywhere near £500-600 a month with these dossiers, certainly not the first one anyway.

Quality Of Customer Service?

I didn’t need to use the customer services but you do have Anthony’s email if you have any queries.  Streetwise Publications will deal with cancelling your subscription and refunds.

Review – 1st Dossier

Obviously, you will need to work out if you want to spend £29.95 a month and if you really think you can recover the cost back from each one.

To help you, let’s look at the secrets they reveal in a little detail and how they can help you. Obviously I cannot specify the full details as that is not fair to those who have purchased this.

1. The first secret they show you is a loophole in the Consumer Credit Act that you can potentially take advantage of if you have taken out a loan. The idea is good in theory but I think it is very rare that what they say can happen will happen and I cannot see it saving anyone the £500-£600 a month Anthony says it will.

2. The section on Ryanair is all about the best time to book a holiday to get the best fares. This isn’t so much a loophole, but a piece of information I would expect in the travel section of my Sunday paper!

3. Next up is an interesting topic of getting land and property for free.  Anthony explains how to do this and gives some examples of where this has occurred. I think that many people would already be aware of this loophole – it is nothing new or ground-breaking.

4. The final loophole is about not paying for parking.  Most of this is good old common sense, but the steps are logical. Whether you will be successful in saving money here is debatable though.

The dossier as a whole is clear and easy to read and it provides a good mixture of advice.

While some of the advice is useful and it’s well put together, I personally don’t feel it is worth £29.95 per month. I will be looking at a few more issues and will update this review as and when I receive them.

There is no harm in you trying this out if you feel that you could make money from the above – just make sure you cancel before the first payment is due if it doesn’t meet your needs.

Review Update – 2nd Dossier: 14th January 2016

Here is my review on the second instalment/dossier of the The Greed Machine Loophole course.

First off, Anthony briefly recaps on what he covered in the first dossier. Then he discusses these loopholes/methods for making and saving money:

1. The Betting Exchange Loophole: Anthony explains what betting exchanges and give step-by-step instructions for taking advantage of them –  from signing up for accounts to online bookmakers to placing your bet and calculating your correct stake. This is clearly laid out, so anyone can follow and understand it.

2. The TV Licence Loophole: Anthony shows you how you could avoid paying the UK TV licence altogether. It makes sense and if you followed this advice, you could save yourself enough to cover the cost of this dossier several times over.

3. The Train Ticket Loophole: If you travel regularly by rail then you will want to read this loophole. It’s a sneaky way of saving money by buying train tickets in a certain way. This is a good tip, and although I didn’t put this into practice, I go to York and Newcastle a couple of times a year, and I think doing this would easily save me the cost of this particular dossier. I will definitely try this tip out on my next trip.

4. Free Cash Loophole: Apparently, there are billions of pounds of savings and investments that have been unclaimed.  Anthony shows you where you can get help if you think you have forgotten some type of money that you have invested or won.This is an old trick, but it’s true, millions lay undiscovered in accounts for years or even decades.  This is more likely to be of use to you if you have moved accounts several times, or changed businesses but not your pension etc…   Most people probably won’t get anything from this, but like I said, you have to find just one idea in each dossier to make this pay out for you.

5. Credit Act Loophole Part 2: In dossier one Anthony talked about a loophole in the Consumer Credit Act that you can potentially take advantage of. Now, Anthony is giving you all the details of how to go about doing this.  You have a sample letter template, which you can copy and then Anthony goes on to detail about how to send it and what to so if you get a reply.  In the next dossier, he will be looking at a case study in detail, which saw one debtor walk away from over £13,000 worth of debt.

6. Quick Tip Loophole: This is all about how to get the best table in the restaurant using just three words. I’m not sure this will work all the time – but it’s worth a shot!

7. The ISA Loophole:  This loophole is obviously about tax free ISA’s. It explains about adult and children’s ISA’s and how you can put your money into these to make the most amount of interest. It’s a brilliant tip, explained very clearly, and I would advise everyone who hasn’t got an ISA to try and take advantage of this.

8. Parking Ticket Loophole: Again, this was briefly covered in the first dossier. In this dossier Anthony looks in detail at how to appeal a ticket, if you’ve got one. I won’t cover how they did this but this section is eight pages long and does go into good detail of how to appeal it. My last parking ticket cost me £60, and there seems one or two ways I could have gone about appealing that didn’t occur to me before. So this may have saved me money.

At the end of the dossier you get the bonus, which is Greed Machine Loophole Bonus: Just to Get You Thinking.

Anthony gives you eight facts about wealth which will get you thinking about your own wealth and what you want to achieve. Anthony believes the answers hold the key to your own happiness for the rest of your life.

Overall I was fairly pleased with this dossier. I’m sure that most of the information could be found elsewhere if you looked but at least here it is all in one neat and tidy bundle if you can’t be bothered to search.

The dossier is clear and simple to follow and it provides a good mixture of tips and advice, including some that you may not have thought or heard about before.

Not every tip will be of use to you but there should be at least a couple that you can use to make and/or save money at some point in the future. And for some it could well actually be worth the £29.95 cost. That, I suppose, would be up to the individual to try it out and see.

I look forward to Dossier Three to see if there are tips I can follow in there.

If you’ve tried The Greed Machine Loophole Programme yourself then please leave a comment below.


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