The Golf Insider Service Review

| April 17, 2015 | 34 Replies

Product Name: The Golf Insider

Author: Matthew Walton

Company Name & Contact Details
Matthew Walton Ltd
Melbourne House,
44-46 Grosvenor Square,
SK15 2JN
Tel 01625 315654


The Only Way you can continually crush the bookies….

Price: £44.40 per month

Money Back Guarantee: 60 day unconditional refund offered

What Do You Get?

– Golf tipping service

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

The Golf Insider, from Matthew Walton, offers statistically based tips on men’s golf advised by email and SMS. Tournament and match betting. Betting Industry professional is source.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

Suggested subscribers start with £5 ew bets on outright selections.

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes when selections advised.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection.

Value for money?

It’s made a good start.

Quality of customer service?

Prompt response to emails.

Review – 22/05/2015

The source of tips for this service is a betting industry professional who has developed his own ratings system for golf. This will calculate optimum odds level for players and where the industry offers better than suggested odds a bet is advised.

Both outright and match bets are covered as are the USPGA and European tours. It is suggested that outright bets be staked at £5 each way initially and match bets at £25 as they are considered more likely to come home.

The selections are advised by email with detailed advice of the price advantage available and bookmakers availability including the each way terms which can vary. The advice is at least 24 hours before the tournaments start for the outright bets and then any match selections are closer to the event.

In the first month of the trial we have seen 55 bets in all, with 12 producing cash including an outright tournament winner and several place money pick ups. The match bets have also been successful with 8 wins from 13 selections.

On a combined basis an initial £500 bank would now be standing at £674.50 with a ROI of 21.28%.

These are good figures but please bear in mind golf betting is a long term prospect as there can be periods with little return so we should not get over excited about this first months outcome. However, the signs are good and the underlying strategy seems to be soundly based so we are cautiously optimistic here.

With the benefit of the unconditional guarantee available there is a good opportunity to take a look at the service risk free.

You can see a full breakdown of our results so far here:

The Golf Insider Service Results

Update – 7/8/2015:

The initial impetus has not been maintained here, with some 60% of the starting bank now drawn down. No more outright winners have been found and the bread and butter strategy of initial match bets has also not been performing of late. Usually the cream comes from the high priced winners but the base needs to be there and this is where the struggle can be found at the moment. We have now seen 167 bets advised with 26 successful.

Golf betting is always going to be long-term and the underlying process here does seem to be based on sensible parameters so it could be a matter of time. However, if you manage to completely deplete the recommended bank you are not going to have much trust remaining. We will keep going and update in early October in the absence of a complete wipeout.

You can see a full breakdown of our results here:

The Golf Insider Service Results

Update – 19/10/2015:

My pessimism in August has proved to be unfounded and the service has recovered well with the bank now standing at a 100% profit.

A couple of tournament winners were seen in September and the match bets are coming good again.

There have now been 39 successful bets from 236 advised. The ROI at 17.35% is acceptable.

So far the service has demonstrated well both the potential for golf betting to be very lucrative and also the need for patience when following it.

We will update again in December.

You can see a full breakdown of our results here:

The Golf Insider Service Results

Final Update 22/8/2016:

Rather disappointingly the service has been showing a downwards trend for some time now and after just over a full year of testing is now some 21 points down on the starting bank. The match bets have continued to form the foundation for the service but the outright selections are now loss making with the last decent priced tournament winner back in March. The research and reasoning behind the tips remains full and logical but we seem to be hitting a disproportionate number of bunkers for now and subscribers will only take so much of performance at this level. A pity as the potential has been demonstrated but not maintained.

Final updated results may be seen here:

Golf Insider Results


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Comments (34)

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  1. bryan_cy3 says:

    I have done 3 golf meetings so far… In each meeting, there’s at least 5 players to back on. And out of those 3 meetings, 1 won at 41 odds and 1 got placed for ew bet. I think I got lucky for the win! But if it didn’t, it would have been a massive loss!

    Still going to continue for the trial at least 2 more weeks as I have £200 profit so far. If this profit will increase by next gold meeting then I am staying but if not, I am gone.

  2. petedennett says:

    3 weeks so far, showing a profit, including a 45-1 outright winner-good, easy and professional communication with Matthew Walton.

  3. Daniel says:

    Hey guys any updates on this one?

  4. aakinboy says:

    Just wondering how the trial is progressing? Any profits to add to the above comment? It looks interesting but the sales email came from Streetwise so I’m rather wary as they’ve had a right caning in other parts of this forum.
    Have they finally produced the sixpence in the shitpile?

  5. dom 1 says:

    Just been reading through the sales letter on this, seems quite a few plugging this one, i.e. Matt Houghton, Agora, Streetwise, even MMR, just wondered on any recent updates ?

  6. basildon says:

    Started a trial run with this as it offers a 2 month refund period. I tend to spend less time on trials these days as I’m fed up with the many losing one’s I’ve had. It’s ok have free try outs but you still have to put stakes on unless you paper trade. I tend to put low stakes on. Only just started this on the Open with five E/W chances picked and one match bet. The match bet won at 1.83 while one of the E/W bets are at the top of the leader board after the first round. ( we’ll see if that’s a good thing or not). Keep you posted on Sunday after the 19th. hole.

  7. basildon says:

    No wins on the E/W bets at the open so not a great start for me with the Golf Insider. I’m only going small stakes at the moment so not a heavy loss at all. One of the e/way bets was on Adam Scott who was level leader with about 5 holes left and then double bogied 2 and bogied another one to completely stuff things up, buts that’s how it goes as we all know. Hope it gets better from here in.

  8. dom 1 says:

    Hi Basildon, hopefully do better over the next couple of weeks, early days yet.
    I did sign up last week but just watching it at the moment so haven’t bet yet.

  9. basildon says:

    Hi all, 2 Competitions over the weekend with no luck. 🙂

  10. basildon says:

    Hello. 3 comps this weekend with only a small E/W win so not good. I know that we are told to stay with it for the 2 months trial in the sales video but 6 competitions without any success. That being said it only takes a win or 2 to get back on top again. It’s funny how whatever systems you try you are nearly always playing catch up.

  11. William says:

    This has been very disappointing. It started out so well that I thought I had at last found a service that lived up to its claims. The first month (April 2015) made 28 points profit on a 1 point each way stake. I even wrote to complement him on the service.

    Sadly after that it has got steadily worse with a 34 point loss in May, 54 point loss in June and finally 57 points loss in July. I was prepared to try a little longer until I realised from my bank statement that I was being charged £44.40 every MONTH for the service, when I understood it was £37 for the first year. I would have stopped earlier had I realised this. The total service loss is thus £760 in 4 months at £5 EW.

    I am mystified how the “insider” makes a living. The problem I think is two fold. Firstly he selects “value” bets i.e. those where he can get better odds than his system indicates. The problem with this is he needs to select winners, whatever their odds. There were only 2 winner in the 4 months – a 40/1 and a 9/1 – and 8 places at 1/4 odds, out of 135 selections. Why did he not select Willett or Day after their good showing in the Open and previously selecting both in other tournaments? Both won the next week. It is no use selecting someone who plays their best and finishes 10th at 100/1 when they might have been expected to miss the cut! Secondly he needs one winner or at least two places each week to make a profit, or maybe one winner plus 3 or 4 places a month. The service shows no likelihood of this happening. The 3 ball tips just about break even so are no real help.

    I emailed Matthew Walton both during the 4 months and when I stopped the service at the end of July. His comment both times was this will win in the long term and cannot be judged over a short period. I think 4 months is a good trial period for any betting service.

  12. rockcity says:

    Golf tipping IS long-term and even 4 months isn’t long enough. Does he pick more than 3 players per tournament? More than 2 tournaments a week? If so he’ll be expensive to follow.

    Why not just follow the tipster in the RP, he’s probably just as good. I followed the free golf tips on oddschecker throughout 2014 and he made a profit, with no subs to pay!

  13. basildon says:

    I used to trial a service for 3 months or more but after being let down so many times I tend to stick to 1 or 2 months. I know it’s short but nearly every service has never lost a month (funnily enough)until I join. A lot of the problem is odds and subscriptions. You can hardly ever get the odds on offer when they place the bet and they never allow for subs. If it is a tight month these make a lot of difference. Keep thinking maybe I have got the right service but no cigar. I have been waiting ages (maybe longer)for the Holy Grail. Guess I’ll carry on regardless. 🙂

  14. basildon says:

    Hello all. A good result over the weekend. A winner on an each way bet at 66/1. Meaning the service since I started on The Open in the middle of July is back in front. Enough to carry on at low stakes for a while anyway. 🙂

  15. Joncar says:

    I always stay away from these types of systems, unless they publish full profit/loss records of their performance. If they wont do that, I think it says it all, doesn’t it??

  16. mabooga says:

    Does anybody seriously believe that golf betting is a chink in the bookies armour?? They do their homework and research and know all about golf tipping services. Crappy marketing copy!!

  17. basildon says:

    Hello All, So glad I can say this but last weekend a 46/1 winner and this weekend a 56/1 winner, So I’m comfortably in front at the mo. Shall carry on for a spell while I’m in the black. Hopefully it carries on. Regards to all.

  18. mabooga says:

    Hi Basildon,
    Please Keep us up to date with the results.

  19. jarlathmcelholm says:

    3 high priced winners in 3 weeks and most other tips there and thereabouts…I’ve only signed up in mid August and obviously at this point am well ahead. I’m well aware that this run of form can’t go on for ever but what impresses as much as the wins themselves, is the close proximity of the other tips. On Sunday morning, I had 3 of my 4 bets in the top 5 far so (very) good!

  20. gta247 says:

    Yeah, looks like another Pie in the Sky Rant.

  21. basildon says:

    Hello all. Last weekend had a couple of three ball wins and a small each way come in for a small loss. This weekend 4 bets left after a 3 ball win. If all 4 lose it will only be a very small loss. Hopefully one comes in. So not to bad and still in front enough to crack on.

  22. Frogsrock66 says:

    Hi Everyone, this is my third week doing Golf Insider and I have not had one win on the ew bets. I have decided to do the bets this week in the hope that something may change but after this week, I am only going to use £2.50 stakes each way as I have been doing £5 each way and losing! Can anyone share their experiences here re: winning and how much you’ve won? I haven’t done the 3 Ball bet this week as I simply don’t want to part with any more hard earned cash! 🙁

  23. basildon says:

    No luck with any bets this weekend which makes me about level since the open in July. Small loss last weekend as the 3 ball came in and small loss the week before. I’ll see how I go for a couple more weeks. It seems that whenever and whatever I’ve done for a couple of years it’s always been catch up. The betting bank never grows at a slow steady rate. I know the up’s and downs of the game but haven’t found the answer yet. You see so many positive statements from vendors who never seem to include subs. in their results. I used to give them a few months trial but I just can’t afford that anymore so I’m generally in and out in a month or two now. Hope this one goes well from now on. 🙂

  24. Frogsrock66 says:

    A little luck yesterday as at least one bet out if 7 won & we are in week 5 – I am losing faith & thinking of cancelling as I’ve no betting bank left & cannot afford to keep putting money into this 🙁 Also at £44 a month, it’s just too much particularly when the bets come out so rarely 🙁

  25. basildon says:

    Hi, I know what you mean. 2 x 3 balls and an each way result means a gain over the weekend. I am placing £2 e/w plus £10 on the 3 balls. I came out of the last 4 weeks level and have just paid subs so the weekend result paid for 2 weeks subs. As long as I am in touch and not to far down I’ll keep plugging. I don’t think I have seen any set of results that have included subs. It would be nice to have a good streak so you have a cushion but in my experience this rarely happens. This is no doubt the way it normally plays out, being the nature of the game. I’ll keep going for a while yet. 🙂

  26. danchiba says:

    I was thinking of trying this but really not impressed by the reviews from people who have bought the system – i wish that mmr would look at the customer reviews more closely before pushing emails out marketing these offers,. people keep using the words luck & lucky when describing wins etc .. not my idea of a solid betting strategy!

  27. Russell Turner says:

    Basildon’s experience speaks volumes, some hugely priced winners in the 3/4 months but winners clawed back by so many losing bets.

    When will I wake up and smell the coffee? There is no winning system out there so I must stop looking.

  28. iluvtrading says:

    the big winners are the folks plugging them ala california gold rush!

  29. mabooga says:

    Have received 12 marketing mails for thisin the last 4 days. Any updates please?? It looks like you need a large betting bank to cover the losses. A lot of losing each way tenners to achieve the odd big win if I read it correctly.

  30. rockcity says:

    I don’t see the point in paying for golf tournament winners. Might as well pick a free service, like racing post, sporting life, odds checker and follow them without exception. They all pick 4 or 5 selections ew and if they’re any good they’ll pick a couple of big price winners over the course of a year and a few places. Just make sure you follow them every week or you’ll inevitably miss the winner

  31. PeterFenton says:

    When the service quote a price ie 120/1 for a golfer is that price generally available , or does it disappear very quickly due to the number of punters who suddenly back it when they get the email from MW.

    The sales pitch as with most of these products looks fantastic and designed to make it look really good.

    However as I suspected reading this thread the reality is not the same.

    Long loosing runs then a 46/1 winner or a 150/1 e/w.

    If you can actually get these prices and have the stomach for long loosing runs then maybe this is a service for you.

    Imagine a 2 mth run with 2 tournaments a week and 4 /5 bets per tournament win no winners thats 64 bets ( 4 ) or 80 bets ( 5 ), you would need a big bank to follow this because month 3 has a 100/1 winner out right and presume if you have done this e/w ie 1/2 pt e/e then that would be 60 pts profit so you would still need ano winner to break even.

    Appreciate I can’t estimate profits, and the graph on the sales pitch does show an upward trend but take a close look at the graph yes the system is just over £ 4 k in profit it does appear to have plateaued to me and has not grown for at leat the past 12 mths.

    Finally after a long post whats the likelihood of the bookies closing your account once you have had a couple of winners, or you spread your bets around to avoid a big win , cos we all know bookmakers hate winners, Betfair i’m guessing the odds are not there which is why they are not quoted.

  32. PEPPIDOG says:

    It seems to me the only one making money from this is the vendor. Too many losing runs in the hope to hit a big win to claw back level? Room 101 for me

  33. Louis Radford says:

    Firstly the positive and then the negative.

    Mr Walton appears to be genuine. He replies very quickly to emails. Also, the tipping emails contain a lot of information about the tournament and the reasoning for each selection.

    There are several EW ‘Tournament Winner’ selections, but very few ‘Three Ball’ bets.

    The sales material is typical ‘marketing rubbish’. This appears to be typical of Mr Walton. For another service from him, he does not mention that to achieve the stated results you’d need an unrealistic £100 per point bet (and many bets are 2+ points).

    There is no mention anywhere about the risk of ‘gubbing’. If you bet on obscure golf tournaments, or hit a big win, this could well happen. Placing ‘mug bets’ and spreading golf bets around multiple accounts is very time consuming.

    The advised odds are not around for long with the recommended bookmakers. It’s then a case of deciding to get the same odds (or better) elsewhere but sacrificing the extra places, going with the advised bookies for the places but at much lower odds, or not betting at all.

    At £44.40 per month, this is an expensive service. Coupled with the high risk involved and long losing runs, it’s difficult to make money. You need a huge betting bank and nerves of steel. I have neither and baled out after losing almost 13 points (including sub fee paid).

    Therefore, if you are doing your due diligence before deciding whether to subscribe to ‘Golf Insider’, I advise you not to join. I think that the other comments in this thread reinforce this advice.

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