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Product Name: The DVD Set

Author: Unknown but product is sold by John Harrison

Company Name & Contact Details:
Streetwise Publications Ltd
Eden House,
Genesis Park,
Sheffield Rd,
S60 1DX.
Telephone: 01709 820033.
Fax: 01709 360611.
Email address:


“There’s a DVD Going Around Which Some Say Makes You Rich Just by Watching it…”

Price: £122.50 + £24.50 VAT Plus there is a clause stated in the promotional material that states: “Each person to make a £1,000 donation to Water Aid once they have made £10,000 profit.”

Money Back Guarantee: No refund is offered on this.

What Do You Get?

– Set of 4 dvd’s

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

The DVD Set has been created by an unkown author. It is a set of 4 dvds that John Harrison of Streetwise states could make you up to £25,000 per month. Not much detail is given but it involves multiple income streams.

What’s It All About?

Barry Tyler held a workshop in October 2013 on how to make money online. He filmed the workshop and is now selling the footage over four DVDs.

Barry starts by the day by introducing himself and what he will cover during the day. He says your main aim should be to build a part time business that makes £30,000 a year!

This £30,000 a year, as I say, is for you to make part-time, it is not initially to replace your current income or salary.

He talks about ideas to make money online, the business model, testing your ideas, how to run a successful business, building a list, digital markets and why online is the way to build your business opposed to on the high street.

He has 10 Rules that he covers during the DVDs and these are broken up and detailed with Barry’s own personal experience and other examples.

So this is what the DVDs cover:

DVD One:  This DVD is all about the business model mainly.  He talks about the ideas to make money but says it’s not the idea that matters – it’s the person who follows up on it. He then moves onto business models and how to test them. He covers what qualities you will need to be successful in business. For example you need discipline, focus, energy and passion to make money. You must also have a willingness to listen to the market and never take business advice from anyone who doesn’t run a successful business themselves.

He then gives you four of the rules, breaks each of these down, and explains why you should or should be doing these.

Rule 1:  Never impose your half baked views
Rules 2: Don’t take business advice from anyone who has never run a successful business.
Rule 3: Always ask the customers and always listen to what they say.
Rule 4: You don’t need an idea, you need a hungry crowd.

DVD Two: In this DVD Barry reviews the four rules that he covered in DVD One then moves on to:

Rule 5: Test fast and test cheap. Do not build it to see if they will come because it’s too expensive in both time and money!

Barry says Rule 5 is vital as you need to test and work out what the customers want and you need to make sure you do your research, which he gives you ideas on how to conduct. Barry goes over the key points you need to consider when looking at a business and what businesses you should not be interested in.

Rule 6: You should always apply a ‘back of the envelope test’ to any money making idea. 

He asks his attendees for some examples of what good business models there are that you could make money from.  He then gives you some ideas, like franchises etc and then explains why you could make money from them. This section is good in that it gives you a lot of examples and explains the strengths and weaknesses of each idea discussed.

Rule 7: Find your USPs. The best business for you to get into is one that plays to your strength.

By this Barry means doing something that you actually have a lot of interest in and knowledge about. This is good business advice, because the more you are involved in the subject matter, the more likely you are to be able to provide good material and advice yourself.

DVD 3:  This DVD is all about building your website and marketing strategy. Barry says that 40% of UK shops are empty because of large overheads, it means that taking premises and holding your stock in that location is cost prohibitive. So starting a business online is cheaper, simpler and much quicker. He has a nice saying for this: “It’s Clicks versus Bricks!”

Barry describes why the high street shops are struggling and why it’s changing and makes it clear to see why it is easier and cheaper to start an online business.  There is also a section on list building, on why it’s important, how to build a free list, what to do with it and why communication with your audience is important. He also discusses ways of looking at things from your customer’s perspective and how to match your product to your audience.

Rule 9: Build a list and then communicate with that list on a regular basis. 

He breaks this down to explain why it is important to your customers to communicate regularly and what type of communication you should be sending them so you stay fresh in their mind.

Rule 10: Know the lifetime value of your clients. 

Barry says that you should know the lifetime value of your client, he covers this with examples of how to keep your clients, how to treat them and how to keep them coming back.

He then moves onto competition and why it is so important. Barry says that competition is good as it shows that there is a market, what does and more importantly what doesn’t work. It will show you what the standard is and gives you the opportunity to beat it.  So ultimately, it gives you all the information you need to create your own improved version.

DVD 4: The last session, this is about your customers and other business opportunities you could invest in. Barry covers a step-by-step approach understanding your business it from the customer’s point of view.

Barry  then goes onto the last part of the workshop, this is all about investment and The Ideas Factory.

The Ideas Factory run a monthly meeting, where people go on stage and have 10-15 minutes to pitch their idea (a bit like Dragons Den). People who are interested in investing can ask questions like, how much do you want, how much will I get in return, for how long and how safe is my money?

This may appeal to those who want to invest in other people’s business and make money that way, rather than starting up their own business from scratch themselves. If you are interested, you get the contact details of the guy who Barry deals with at the Ideas Factory.

Barry himself has four investments with the Ideas Factory and most of DVD 4 covers this. He gives you the details of what investments they are and how they are working out.

Do I Need Any Experience To Make This Work?

You don’t need any experience of starting an online business to make this work, Barry gives you all the detail and motivation to get you started. He breaks each objective down and covers what you should and shouldn’t be doing into clear and easy to understand examples. This would be good place to start if you are a newbie.

If you already have your own online business this will give you a new perspective on what you’re doing and how you can implement new ideas and ways of thinking into your current business or starting another one.

How Much Time Will It Take Me?

The DVDs themselves are between half an hour to 1 hour each. So over 5 hours in total, and I found that I watched one a day while making notes. Barry gives a recap of each rule so that it stays fresh in your mind and anything you want to go back to you can with these DVDs.

The real time will come when you implement what is taught here. This isn’t an out and out blueprint, you have to work hard and put the time and effort into your business to make it successful. This will be ongoing and you have to be committed to dedicating your efforts to this.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

The sales promotion itself didn’t really give much away but it is always nice to see there was no major hype on earnings that you could make and the riches of the author.

When you start watching the DVDs, Barry says that you should be making £30,000 a year with a part time business. This is definitely achievable and Barry’s knowledge, examples and how to implement the strategies taught should make this possible if you put in time and effort.

The important part here though, is that you must develop your own idea and then use this outline to structure your business – this doesn’t actually give you the business ideas just the tools to develop that idea in to a business.


I have never come across Barry Tyler before but I liked his presentation style – he was very relaxed and integrated with the audience with lots of questions and answers. The quality of the DVDs were good, you couldn’t hear what the audience were saying very clearly but most of the time Barry would repeat what they had said so you could hear the questions.

I would have liked him to have covered the marketing side of things a bit more, personally I didn’t feel as though this was covered in as much depth as it could have been and I think if you were a newbie you would still need an extra course/product to help you learn more on this side of things.

The price of this seems quite fair for the material that is taught because there are a lot of good, sensible business principles here. But this is only going to be worth the money if you actually put the time into putting your business into practice.

You can’t get your money back on these DVDS so do please make sure that you intend to use what is taught and implement it – or else it will be a waste. And make sure that you realise that they won’t tell you what business to start, they will just teach you how to develop ideas and what pitfalls to avoid.

The content is pretty timeless too, so it’s not as if you need to use this material right now, even if you wanted to refer back to it in a few years it’ll still be relevant and helpful. For those people who have good ideas and want to turn them in to a business, I think this course could be good for you.

If you’ve tried this product or have any experience of  Barry Tyler then please leave a comment below.


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Comments (45)

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  1. voodoo1 says:

    “There’s a DVD Going Around Which Some Say Makes You Rich Just by Watching it…”

    Yeah – SURE It IS!

    That’s why there is….No refund offered on this!

    Still a review would be nice…anyone ?

  2. ramzan says:

    Makes a change from the DVD where a little girl kills you just for watching it.

  3. scorpioeyes says:

    i have difficulty believing anything streetwise say

  4. 5aces says:

    It certainly is making him rich at £147 a pop.

  5. slatif says:

    Must be something there….he has never offered a product in the past with NO REFUND?!!!

    but whose going to be the brave 1???

  6. mermerus says:

    I love the way his accompanying letter starts off with:

    “Hard as it is to imagine, not everyone is delighted with everything they buy from us. And so they return something and ask for their money back”

    Actually, its not that hard to imagine at all…..

  7. BRIANEJ says:

    Not likely ! whats at the bottom of the stairs ?
    especially if there are NO STAIRS !!
    Got to have a review else no go !

  8. petercarots says:

    Defo a no-go for me – the reason why people state ‘no returns’ on sites like ebay is becuase the stuff they’re selling is gash. The words ‘no refunds’ mean exactly the same thing!

  9. 17lodger says:

    I asked John Harrison(by email) for more information – who’s happy to spend £147 on a unknown product, with no refund guarantee ?
    No surprise – No reply received from Streetwise.

    The fact that the Streetwise email came in weeks ago & now a letter has arrived would seem to indicate that it has not yet been snapped up by their “1%”

  10. iain mackinlay says:

    why do you give the impression you have reviewed many many offers and some 2+years old and give no review and invite comments from users? comments suggest no one has used the offer under review what use is your service unless from agora?

  11. kenny63 says:

    as an independant analyser i would expect you to try what is on offer so you could 100% hand on heart and say this one works?

  12. ava1 says:

    The author sounds like Andrew Reynolds, who usually offers refunds if buyer is not happy, or the opportunity is not for them, strange change of tune if it is him.

  13. ramzan says:

    Will there ever be a review?

  14. johnr59 says:

    1 income stream of £82, 10, 15 or 25 income streams of that amount. Sounds very much like Amazon or ebay

  15. kate gee says:

    I’ve just received John Harrison’s letter re this amazing DVD so that makes 15 of us leaving a comment….why don’t we all chip in £10 each and buy The DVD & nominate one person to receive the DVD & email us their opinion on it.Then we could make an informed decision to buy it or not.The original could be passed round till we’ve all watched it….then we are only £10 down if it is rubbish….just a thought ! X

  16. tom42 says:

    Why don’t we just keep our money in our pockets?

  17. tykeman says:

    Yes. Where is YOUR review, MMR ?
    Or are you just an email gathering promo front for Agora ?

  18. tykeman says:

    I felt ‘special’, being one of only 1% to receive the ‘offer’. Lol.
    Looks the usual copywriting approach. The stumbled upon secret of a millionaire (ps don’t tell anyone about this) …. the taste of wealth…. easy for anyone to do with minimal input…. the scarcity/call to action ie buy.
    And with the added twist of no refund.
    Aye, that’ll be right !!

  19. Jack Whiteman says:

    Hi tykeman

    This is on our list to review. We have a huge backlog of reviews to get through – and only have 2 dedicated business opp reviewers. Please be patient – we’ll get it reviewed as soon as we can.


  20. tykeman says:

    OK. Thanks, Jack.

  21. wayinfront says:

    Goodness me – it’s May 3rd, yet I too am one of the magic 1% offered ‘the DVD set’!

    Lucky me! I feel blessed!

    Er…..I’m still not going to shell out £147 for this ‘no refund’ deal, though.

  22. temple says:

    I bought this DVD set you get 4 DVD’S. The set gives you no information on how to make income streams on line . Very bland set it does recommend you go window cleaning at £25 a house. Not worth the money should around £47 . I WAS VERY DISSAPOINTED WITH IT.
    Can I recommend Simon Coulson DVD sets which cover subjects in much better detail. If you sign up they offer special prices now and again which make great value.

  23. millionairegirl says:

    i just received this letter again. first one was few months ago. first time round i just read briefly, parts of it. today i read all. well written, interesting plot, but no-refund and £147 price tag…? and still not sure if this is a real story or marketing ploy. would love to find out more… i’m not really interested in selling on amazon/ebay thing

  24. 5aces says:

    This is my second mailing for exactly the same dvd, guess those limited spaces didn’t fill up quickly to have to be sending a second batch of mailings so soon.

  25. tom42 says:

    Jack said “Please be patient – we’ll get it reviewed as soon as we can.”

    But they will be all sold out by then……….


  26. maxj says:

    Yes…this is second offering I’ve received so must be still in the converted

    Hope Water Aid have not been counting on the donations with all us sceptics around…hehe!

  27. garyfromdurham says:

    I received my invitation this weekend too.

    I am sceptical about anything that John Harrison or Nick Laight offer after so much crappy stuff they push so I won’t be buying it….especially blind with a no refund policy.

    The only reason I stay on their mailing list is to add the sales letter copy to my swipe file.

  28. foz says:

    I paid the £147 for the DVD.

    Theirs nothing in the DVD ( no money making Idea )

    It has one man call Barry Tyler who has a audience of 10 people who gives full of bull-**** about making money, DELETED BY MOD

    You could find more about this DELETED BY MOD man on

    Streetwise news is teaming up with DELETED BY MOD to make money them self, not for us

  29. gjpreston says:

    I was stupid enough top buy this having bought from streetwise over many years I foolishly trusted John Harrison it was a Load of toss 7 hours of viewing no sign of any idea of making any money unless you include setting up as a window cleaner or a gardener you are basically being told how good Barry Tyler is at making money (sure he sells crap dvds at £147 a pop) he states he charges thousands for the people to attend his seminars I felt robbed at £ 147 had I paid thousand would have probably topped myself
    no were on these dvds does it tell you how to set up multiple income streams which is what Harrison tells you in the sales page
    streetwise new theme seams to be sell less no returns no refunds DELETED BY MOD Mr Harrison if you carry on like this no one will trust you or buy from you and your business will go down the tubes so hope you intend to retire real soon

  30. 5aces says:

    cheesus christmas you guys are really brave to fork out 147 without guarantee. It would have been better if you had just given it to charity at least you’ll feel good than feeling miserable.

  31. ramzan says:

    So no one who bought the DVD course became rich just by watching it as claimed in the sales letter? How disappointing.

  32. molass says:

    I’ve just had yet another letter about this. Except it’s called new car and they have put in an air freshner which has triggered off allergies. I should sue them lol

  33. 17lodger says:

    Ref comment from “molass” June 11th. I got one of these but it was promoting a Betting System on the World Cup Winners, called The First Game System. I fell for it & bought the manual but it is very poor. Limited instructions-it is assuming the reader is an experienced Betfair client! Have complained to Streetwise & have finally got a promise of a refund of my £50. Still out of pocket though on Betfair. But so pleased that I did not fall for the Barry Tyler DVDs.
    Keep up the good work at MMR,thanks.

  34. rialto says:

    Sounds like there will be a lot of thirsty people in Africa then! I’m surprised that many here actually think it will be limited to 1% of customers. It will be ‘limited’ to anyone who is daft enough to lash out the cash. Bought loads from SW – but always sent it back for full refund – as Mr Harrison always over eggs the pudding in his claims. For a ‘master’ salesman he should really know that to do that is silly.

  35. investwise says:

    I Received my copy today, i must say i am very disappointed 4 DVDs it does not mention even one business opportunity that you could try. i am a pensioner and should have known better.
    Dont buy.

  36. majoma says:

    Watched the DVDs. If you re-read the info at the top re business rules, you have all the “value” you’ll get out if them…

  37. shuffle says:

    Just received this, read the review on here and popped it in the recycling.
    Interesting article by Tony Hetherington (above).
    Seems that according to Distance Selling Regs Streetwise have to give refunds.

  38. fiju56 says:

    What I’ve done with my copy (delivered by Royal Mail) is pack it up along with some other, equally squalid offers in Harrison’s postage paid envelope. Hopefully, this will cost him some money.

    Now if we all did this…he might just get the message and ram his rubbish right up where the sun doesn’t shine, which is where it belongs.

    Harrison, as usual, is taking the mick with this one – he must think we’re as gullible as he is devious.

    I feel personally insulted if this man thinks I could fall for his latest fairy-tale.

    I often want to delete myself from his mailing list – but find his ramblings quite entertaining and would hate to miss his next exploit.

    Keep ’em comin John.

  39. fiju56 says:

    As an adjunct to my post above – I wonder what WaterAid’s view might be in respect of Mr Harrison using their name in his promotional material?

    Might just drop them a line and ask for their thoughts about this one.

    “Each person to make a £1000 donation to Water Aid [sic] once they have made £10000 profit”.

  40. voodoo1 says:

    this just droped on me mat from streetwise….

    the blub states selling something in demand, oh and you can do it only localy and in under 1 hour and make £92! yea right on streetwise!

    still i’m curious want this product is, and they an’t saying! anyone here know anything about this one?

    and ha ha brand new for 2015 BUT also at this site:

  41. MMR admin says:

    @voodoo1 – I will purchase a copy of this for our reviewer today. Once they receive the manual in the post they will review it.

    In the meantime I’ll put up a separate thread for it so anyone who has tried it can share their experiences there.


  42. voodoo1 says:

    BIG MASSIVE Thanks Michelle!

  43. flyer1 says:

    Hi guys,
    I think that I have been on the Streetwise mail list around 15 years. The only reason I now remain on the list is to see whether or not I can spot the scam
    from the mailshot without actually buying any product. His copywriter must be a genius because I usually can’t, and his copywriter must earn fortunes. It is usually only when I read the Betting Rant revue that the sad truth emerges. By the way I received this one today.
    Keep it up Betting Rant you do a terrific job for decent honest people just wanting to make a living.
    david b. leyland lancs

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