Tax Free Money Review

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Product Name:  Tax Free Money

Product Author: Colin Davey

Company Name & Contact Details:
Sovereign Group (UK) Ltd
Rose Cottage The Street,
Coney Weston
Bury St Edmunds
IP31 1HG
01359 221442�


Discover the secrets of making between £500 and £1,000 every week tax free…

Price:  £2 per day

Money Back Guarantee: 30 day money back offered.

What Do You Get?

– Telephone Betting tipping service

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Tax Free Money by Colin Davey is a racing tipping service. Colin Davey is an ex-bookmaker so he has a wealth of betting experience and he is offering you tips daily via his telephone daily advice line.

Service Observations March 2011:

Jack asked me to undertake a review of this service and having read the less than informative website I contacted them to ask for information to be sent to me as you cannot join directly from the site.

What I received – 10 days after the request – is shown in the PDF below and led Jack and I to discuss whether a review of the service is actually going to be worthwhile. I note that the service is titled differently from that offered on the website.

Tax Free Money Letter

There are so many obvious reasons NOT to subscribe to this service from just reading the personal letter (that he could not even be bothered to address to me correctly ) and I’ll start by listing the ones I think relevant here:

A) The letter clearly has been around for a long time and refers to recent results in 2009. Hardly the sign of a personal up to date service. To refer to the latest results having 38 winners from 53 is meaningless without a date and details.

B) In my experience any one that needs to emphasise that his or her letter is 100% true is generally not telling the truth. If you think your reader is likely to doubt you it is probably because the content is too unrealistic to be true.

C) Reference to the last 10 bets is made without date or actual results. It is claimed these are 100% proofed but surprisingly omits to tell us where they are proofed to.

D) To claim a winner at 6/1 is romping home as he writes the letter would stretch the bounds of belief of most.

E) The usual warning about keeping your bets secret in case the bookmakers get wind of things is there – if the syndicate is going to be so small as claimed in the (printed) letter why would this matter?

F) How can you be 100% sure a horse will run well – if the system is mathematical and takes no account of other information there will be no reason to even check out anything.

G) The list of last month’s winning bets shows 20 winners from 25 selections (he can’t even calculate the correct strike rate on that easy sum) but again gives no actual details as to when and what the selections were.

H) Recommended staking plan of 10% on each selection sounds a little risky to me.

I) The address mentioned in the letter does not actually exist. There is a similar one nearby and the company that owns the website is registered at an address in Diss.

J) If you have a strike rate as claimed of 80% would you not be able to detail the winners for people to check up on? Nowhere in the whole website or letter is there anything to back up these claims.

K) The FAQ section claims the service started 6 months ago but does not mention a date.

L) Look at the last FAQ – it claims that the invites are only issued to fully vetted clients. I was not asked to provide anything apart from name and address to send details to which they were unable to complete accurately.

I hope that having considered these you will see why we think there is not much more to be said.

There is not a single verifiable fact that is relevant in the website or invitation. The only thing missing from the standard email scam type systems is the picture of his villa/Ferrari etc.

Readers will have noted the comments already posted by readers suggesting that you are unlikely to make money from this service.

Even the cost claim is not correct as you pay £64 monthly however many days there are in the month! You have no payment protection available as your bank is paying on your direct instructions although I note that a refund is offered in the first 30 days. I should be interested to learn if any reader has successfully claimed under this guarantee.

All in all therefore Jack and I agree that you would be better served by looking elsewhere for your betting tips and give this an extremely wide berth.


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Comments (174)

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  1. gary says:

    not as good as it advertises trust i have been burned

  2. gedd says:

    colin davey has been around for years (somehow) and i’ve never heard anything good about him.

  3. Gary says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have had dealings with Colin Davey previously and as hinted at by a columnist I read at the time the guy couldn’t pick a winner in a one horse race, no wait he tried that and we still lost out that day!

    Leave well alone if you and your money are romantically attached to each other!!!!!!

  4. Zagger says:

    Colin Davey will seriously damage your wealth!!!

  5. johno says:

    I tried this years ago, lost a loads, enough said.

  6. alan w. says:

    I have a letter from Colin Davey today about a betting method called The Place Method claiming to be getting 80% to 90% winning bets. But at £197 first payment then a second £303 after you have made your first £10,000 i think is a bit expensive As anybody out there got any knowledge of this method.

  7. MIB says:

    Alan w. You will never make any money following anything he does. Goodness knows how he has been around for so long. I lost a lot of money through him years ago. Just put his letter in the bin and thank your lucky stars you consulted More Money Review before parting with your hard earned.

  8. Zagger says:

    Alan W,
    Don’t touch Colin Davey with a barge pole.
    The same goes for Bob Rothman.
    These two bastards will seriously damage your wealth.
    I, and my colleagues,speak from bitter experience!!

  9. alan w. says:

    MIB & Zagger
    thanks for the info the letter is now in the bin.Finding More Money Review is the best thing i have ever done its nearly as good has finding a winning system with saving money on bad systems.

  10. MIB says:

    Alan W, your very welcome.

  11. Catherine says:

    Hi Everyone, this was one of the first betting services I tried and every single tip I got from this guy was a complete loser, I agree, leave your money in your pocket to try something much more worthwhile and steer well clear of this guy because this system is simply not worth bothering with 🙁

  12. john U says:

    Hi Catherine,
    This guy is the limit and how the hell he’s stayed around heaven knows. Anyone remember the Sovereign Racing Services? Allegedly hes an ex Bookie turned Robin Hood! AT LEAST 12 to 15 tears ago i was ill informed enough to try one of his phone services. He rabbited on for at least 7 or 8 minutes in his rolling Norfolk accent, on a Premium Rate line before revealing a 1/3 shot that everyone and his dog was picking! You guessed it – IT B…LOST!
    Always remember with the GGs Catherine that 98/99 % is LYING CHEATING GARBAGE! Look on here and you have your best chance of the 1 to 2% good stuff!
    All the best,
    ‘Older but wiser John’

  13. john U says:

    ‘years ago’ even, but ‘tears’ probably more apt!!!

  14. Catherine says:

    Hi John U, thanks so much, too true, this is the best place to find anything that works. I remember the Sovereign Racing system, think my friend tried that one also and it was nothing short of a total disaster. I remember we had to phone a number to get the bet and this guy on the other end rambled on for infinity and yep anything he eventually provided bloomn’ lost! 🙁 It is absolutely amazing how some of these guys are still around, thanks for the advice, rockin’ stuff 😀

  15. Catherine says:

    Blimey, just had another letter come in the post this morning from Colin Davey! It says “Imagine £500 pouring into your bank account every week like clockwork…….
    Ah ha! don’t think so….lol….
    It’s called the New Masters Syndicate. It only costs around £64 a month! Is this guy mad! 🙁

    Anyone else received anything like this in the post?

  16. zagger says:

    Yes Catherine,
    I got the same mail shot.
    Great copy writing, total Bollocks of course.
    Another one for the Bin!!

  17. Catherine says:

    definitely Zagger, it’s already gone in my recycling bin. About 12 months ago I would have fallen for this stuff, thank God, I’m so much wiser now 🙂

  18. Tony says:


    If he gets 33 subscribers at £64 per month, then £500 odd pours into his bank account every week like clockwork!!

  19. Catherine says:

    Very true Tony, and I bet that’s the only way he makes his money! 🙁

  20. Tony says:

    Why don’t you start your own tipping service Catherine and make yourself an average industrial wage?

    I guarantee your tips would be better than any of the brown stuff which is offered by these characters!

    All you need to do is to link up with a publication house like AvenueFools and Joint Venture with them.

    You will never look over your shoulder again, damsel.

  21. Chris says:

    I signed up for one of his systems 2 years ago
    but found a review on him ,i missed stopping
    my standing order by hours so the £64 had been
    taken ,i phoned for a refund and backed it up
    with a letter i ended up phoning every day speaking to the office manageress who i am led
    to believe is his wife and business partner,
    eventually i did get a refund but it was hard
    work,his latest mailshot is just revamped from
    old ones but it’s now £67 the good news is he doesnt use staples now so its easier to shred, zagger is spot on with bob rothman also.

  22. colin says:

    how come this guy is still alive, he:s still churning out the same claptrap, THE NEW MASTERS SYNDICATE, i would say it would be cheaper to take him out, than try anything hes tells you

  23. John W says:

    As the adage goes – if it sounds too good to be true……!!!

  24. ADE says:

    Hi Guys,

    I joined the Sovereign Racing system in 2001 and lost a small fortune, listening to him commenting that the list of losers was JUST A GLITCH kept me going just long enough to lose all of my original bank stake of £500…HIS suggested starting pot. I still get a letter from him about once every 3mths……Glad I checked out your review of his NEW “Masters Syndicate” It is in the bottom of the bin…cheers 🙂

  25. ADE says:

    If I was to try a system or tipster who would you suggest?

  26. john U says:

    Hi Ade,

    Feel for you – what a load of Crap people have suffered!

    Please take a look at my comments about this site on the ‘Streetwise marketing Thread’.

    I am using ‘Legendary Banker’ – slow but steady,
    and about to use ‘Bonus Bagging’

    Also i have ‘in the wings’ when i can afford
    ‘Big Mike’s’ site but that will cost a ‘chunky’ monthly subscription. Look around here and you find the Good (too few) and the Bad (too many!).

    All the best, John

  27. ADE says:

    Thanks for the advise, I’ll have a look. My son has been using Bet Angel with spread betting for guaranteed small profit wins…do you have any comments?

  28. ADE says:

    john u,

    I am trying to download the system you suggested (Legendary Banker), I have looked at the spreadsheet and looks impressive (if somewhat steady). Anything that increases is a must, it beats the interest rate.
    Do you have a different link than the one shown on the assessment page?

  29. Peter2 says:

    Hi ADE – should work. Just did for me The system is aimed at steady growth not excitement. If you get stuck ask questions on that thread and one of us will be glad to help.

  30. wja1966 says:

    Ive just got the new masters syndicate letter and it went straight in the bin

  31. JohnU says:


    JOHN, please provide facts on your posts and not hearsay. You made several libelous remarks within this post. If you have experience of this offer please can you quote that knowledge here.

  32. MMR Reviewer says:

    I have just received the Blue Chip System Marketing letter in which he addresses me as “a good customer of mine”. Now I have never spent a single penny with this man who makes the usual unsubstantiated claims in his letter. A novel twist is the condition that you must donate £100 to a charity he nominates when you have made your first £3,000 from the system. The good news is that he says the system will never be offered again!

  33. Paul Reynolds says:

    The only joy that comes from these type of letters, is the joy my kids hamster gets when it gets new bedding!!!

  34. Paul Reynolds says:

    PS. The free envelopes also come in handy with a new address label on them 🙂

  35. MMR Reviewer says:

    This month’s mailshot seems to be the New Masters Syndicate which has just landed on my door mat and will be returning to CD in as expensive a way as I can find. Another horse has just romped home as he writes at 7/2 and the last 11 bets have now won.
    Oh yes and the price is now £67 per month.
    Please avoid if you have received this mailshot.

  36. JohnU says:

    See my comments 6 th june

    and Ade’s comments 29 th June

    Can’t believe this ‘person’ is still in business.

    Had another of his ludicrous mailshots in the post. Don’t know why he doesn’t go out and get a job. Not even with someone else ‘s bargepole would i touch anything from him!

  37. Juno and the Paycock says:

    Aw JohnU, that’s not very nice. He’s only trying to earn an average industrial wage. Surely that’s better than living on the dole off the backs of the British peoples?

    He works day and night putting those letters into all those envelopes and then walking to the Post Office to give you another opportunity to change your life.

    Really, JohnU, you should be ashamed of yourself. How do you sleep in your bed at night after all the sad thoughts you think about me, sorry, Colin?

  38. floorwise says:

    Its £67 to join the “Syndicate” today. No proof of named winners,very good quality paper to recycle!!!

  39. fred21 says:

    Thanks to all for your comments and advice-all post should be filtered through MMR!I’ve now now binned the literature.What a great little community!

  40. collywolly says:

    ive made a bunddle from super col davey, i just lay all his tips, hardly ever have a looser.

  41. peterengland says:

    He has a lot of systems on website
    but you can’t buy any as the message from Paypal is, “This recipient is currently unable to receive money.”

    Says it all really.

    Oh yes and I believe his company, SOVEREIGN GROUP (UK) LIMITED is in liquidation, according to the Government website

  42. msugar says:

    Glad I found this site. I received a mailshot today offering to sell me his latest(?) method for £27 payable to Sovereign Group UK Ltd. I looked at the Companies House listing – the business is actually listed as active (Reg No 06181599) and all filings are up to date, but I am steering well clear just the same.

  43. Peter2 says:

    Just had the above mailshot. The final carrot is that he MAY send you money to back horses for him. The company has its registered office at an accountants address in Diss.
    Another offer you can refuse.

  44. collywolly says:

    hes doing another mailshot called mayfair conspiracy – £96 per month hes not using soverign anymore so beware this guy he will break your bank.

  45. bolbster says:

    Hi Guys,Just thought i’d share my Horseracing backing system with you guys which i have only tested for the past few weeks but is showing me a heathly profit as this system picks winners on a daily basis from 3 to 7 selections per day averaging at around 60% strite rate,the key pointers are as follows:1)SELECTION MUST HAVE WON OR PLACED LAST TIME OUT.
    4)RPR PICK.
    and that’s it guys simple as that,I hope you check this out as all i can say is that this is a really good tool to have and will make you PROFIT.

  46. mbagley says:

    I do hope everyone keeps away from Colin Davey, as this has been said before, he has been around for years DELETED BY MODERATOR

  47. zagger says:

    Colin Davey’s sales copy should carry a Wealth Warning.
    Reach for that barge-pole!!

  48. Barry73 says:

    I don’t know why Colin get’s such a bad press, If you save all his letters and put them in water then wring them out you have a Colin Davey fire brick and this saves on coal.
    Keep up the good work Colin.


  49. edd says:

    I have recived ` the mayfair conspiracy` mailshot this morning, what caught my eye was not the amazing info but the following statement.

    About being able to recevie instant live horse racing pictures that are up to 10 seconds ahead of the pictures we watch in the bookmakers.

    Is this possible ?

    If this is ,it would be a great advantage .

    by 4 now

  50. edd says:


    It looks like nobody out there has nothing more to say about Colin Davey and his amazing systems.It is unreal the way this man has lasted so long in this line of work and still is getting away with it


  51. scarbough says:

    collins been around for years,
    I did the same 4 years ago and signed up for a private syndicate.What i didnt do was paper trade and i trusted the chap on his word…..rookie mistake.I lost roughly a third of my bank within 3months,and as i backed out of the bets he was giving i did a bit of research on him only to find numerous clients saying exactly the same as i was thinking.
    It was only the odd one that said he was a genius,but even some reviewers were not of the opinion that collin was trustworthy.What i got was horses selected at low odds that to be honest we could all assess as having a good chance,and even a couple at odds of 2/7 and 2/9,so i think it was safe to say the value wasnt realy in the odds.And i got the impression that the private syndicate was very overpriced and more than anything i was anoid with myself for not doing as i do now regardless of the rave reviews a vendor or system recieves,and that is paper trade.
    PAPER TRADING THAT SYSNDICATE WOULD OF SAVED ME 300QUID AT THAT TIME.So i blame myself for that.I still recieve systems also as i did 3weeks ago,all i can suggest is if a system just shows you the winners without any proof as in proofing via a free trial,and or independant review site such as the racing post, then leave it alone.You carnt be expected to just take the mails shots word for it.Unfortunately he has been doing the same thing for years with great mail shots,and listing system winners on winners on winners etc.
    There are a few review sites around but generaly you can make your own mind up regards mr davey.I do suggest you try and contact any vendor and or there service before you purchase anything and ask for a trial run,and or proof that they are genuine,if you get no joy then either your business isnt worth the hastle to them or as you may think they are not all they seem.Dont just trust a vendor, after all you havent met them and dont basicaly know them from adam,research them as much as you can.
    There are a lot of scampsters out there for sure,so think on your feet,i can see colin being around for ever actualy just creating a system a month and doing the same mail shots.I personaly dont trust collin davey.

  52. scarbough says:

    PS ,
    AT THAT TIME I HAD NO IDEA WHAT A REALISTIC STRIKE RATE WAS IN HORSE RACING,but as weve seen if you claim 60% then any service that deals in hosres will tell you thats false.If you can hit 35-40% winners at odds of evens to 5/1 you are doing great.

  53. Peter2 says:

    And sure as eggs are eggs another mail shot arrived this morning – it thanks me for having purchased the Ultimate Lay System (which I most certainly have not) and then offers the Money Magnet. Think I can overcome the temptation to subscribe for this one but clearly once you are on his mailing list the trees are at risk.

  54. PeterFenton says:

    Hi Guys,

    Colin has been around for decades not years.

    I was one of the unluky mugs who got suckered in back in 1990’s paid a small fortune for a number of systems of which most worked for a while but then lost money.

    One classic one was based on the Daily Mail and when it started going wrong Colin blamed someone for getting in touch with the Mail tipster and this apparently made his change his mind on the way he selected his horses so they then started to loose….

    Like most things if you back fit stats to come up with a system , thats exactly what it is a historical system , not certainty that it will make money in the future.I have created many systems from historical data with decent strike rates only for them to go pear shaped when you start them with real cash.

    As the Doc once said ” The Future is whatever you make it Marty”

  55. PeterFenton says:


    Another trick I like is to put the literature back in the per paid envelope they send you and post it back to them.

    Even better if its not pre paid as their is the potentail they have to pay for the privlidge of picking back up their paper work.

    Make sure you double fold it though as they may reuse and save themselves some printing costs.

  56. Peter2 says:

    PeterF – I find if you send someone else’s mailshot back in the envelope that is likely to increase their frustration as they think you have made a genuine error and so they have missed out on some business! The more you fold it the thicker the envelope and so the cost of their claiming the post increases.

  57. scarbough says:

    I got a mailshot through today,THE MAYFAIR CONSPIRACY TODAYS EDITION,SO personaly its a guru that we all agree is probably a scamster.Unless anyone can prove me wrong here, im open to any opinions.

    One of the things i think he will fall down on is the method of selling these systems, as most now do a mailshot via the internet and review sites, COLLIN,your days are numbered thankfully.Mailshots via the royal mail are becoming obsolete.And people are becoming wise to such intrusive ways of selling.

    The speil in this system is claiming 80% hit rate and recently 15/15,some were odds on but 6/15 were 8/1,4/1,13/2,6/1,9/2,and 11/4.The guy is a genius.
    But i think ill pass.

  58. gedd says:

    “One classic one was based on the Daily Mail and when it started going wrong Colin blamed someone for getting in touch with the Mail tipster and this apparently made his change his mind on the way he selected his horses so they then started to loose…”


    I nearly fell up the stairs when I read that. Got to be the best laugh I’ve had for ages.

  59. gygt says:

    almost as good as the Italian Cruise Ship Captain, who tripped and ‘accidently fell’ in to the waiting life-boat……
    I can see stand-up comics around the world having a good go at this one!!

  60. rooki5 says:

    he will not be around much longer the way he is going, his day will come, the only horse he will get right is the one pulling his hearse

  61. edd says:


    The amazing Colin Davey is able to annoy lots of people who just have to hear his name, but pairing him with the Italian cruise ship captain takes a bit of beating

  62. PeterFenton says:

    Another funny thing back in the 90’s was that he used to go everywhere with a minder ( an ex sas guy apparently ). Thought it was quite strange at the time but now realise if he’s been doing what he’s doing now for all those years , then there must be a lot of punters who’ve been mugged out there with a grudge.

    As he is a little in the small side I would think he a bit of an Audley Harrison and so needs the protection. Also on the plus side the guy worked as his chauffeur driving Colins Rolss and Ferrari.

    Although I suppose it could have all been an elaborate hoax , a bit like having a winning system….

  63. Peter2 says:

    Just had a mailshot from Roger Dalton Racing offering a 75% strike rate for £77 per month. Doesn’t seem to feature on MMR but website been there since 2001. Any experience of this guy?

  64. foggy22 says:

    Just had the same letter and like you got me curious had so many false dawns so don,t hold out much hope

  65. Peter2 says:

    The Punters Verdict has just sent out a detailed expose of Colin Davey and it is well worth a read if you had any lingering doubts about this man. The emails tend to get posted on the site a day or so after they are sent to subscribers.
    Also a useful advice about the Offshore Gambling Bill:
    “Tax-avoiding bookies in the firing line….
    Friday, March 30th has a special significance this year – so make a note in your diary. That’s the day when Matthew Hancock’s Offshore Gambling Bill is scheduled to have its second reading in the House of Commons.
    This Bill is sure to be the cause of much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the bookmaking industry – especially from the 18 bookmaking firms that spent time and money relocating their online businesses to offshore jurisdictions like Gibraltar or Malta.
    That offshore status currently enables them to avoid £300 million worth of tax on their profits.
    It also enables them to avoid making levy contributions that go to fund horse racing – a sport where a large proportion of the fixture list consists of low-class fare that is specifically designed to meet the bookmaking industry’s need for day-to-day ‘product’.
    I should stress that the bookmakers are doing nothing wrong. They are not breaking any laws as such – merely taking advantage of loopholes that exist within them….
    But Hancock’s Bill would turn the situation on its head were it to be passed into law. The Bill calls for the introduction of a ‘point of consumption’ approach to gambling which would require offshore betting companies to obtain a UK licence in order to operate here – and that UK licence would make them subject to the same taxes and regulations as UK-based companies!
    Naturally the tax-shy bookmakers don’t like it…. but we can’t pretend we’ll be losing any sleep over that. Instead we await further developments with much interest and a faint smile on our lips. It couldn’t happen to nicer people. “

  66. nutmeg says:

    can you post a link up for this please, save having to trawl the net.

  67. scarbough says:

    Hi guys,
    I bought into a service 5yrs a go,the private syndicate,he sounded ok on the phone in the recorded message,the sales literature was ok,not promising anything to outrageous,but it was my own fault.After doing a bit of homework and brainstorming the so called trusted review sites,a strike rate of 65=70% with odds of 5/1 plus was actually outrageous,but again i blamed myself.
    Having done a bit of research in to what is accepted as a good strike rate and odds range etc,i stopped the service with a 20% loss of bank and two months subs to that service.
    I would honestly like to meet the guy and just take a look at his mindset,it would be interesting to see howmany identities he has had,how many different aliases,as before i signed up i did ring him and got his secretary i assume, who was very polite and helpfull till i asked what the results were for the previous month,at which point she tried to point out that i could have the results in full breakdown after i had signed up,sent to me via the royal mail.
    As you can probably guess i never recieved them and even if i had they would have been just printed winners from yesterday.Sad but true,i was mug of the year,………well for 2 months anyhow.
    We a live and learn

  68. BeckyH says:

    Sorry to say that I got sucked in by this guy several years ago, and found out the hard way that his results were nowhere near what his sales letter claimed. The only good that came out of it was that I became interested in areas of gambling where skill is involved, mainly horse racing. In the last few years I’ve tried about 30 tipsters, and only 2 have made long-term profits. A shame I didn’t find this site before, it would have saved me a lot of time and money!

  69. bobgreen says:

    hi just received a mail shot from colin davey with his latest system g80 gold system .i do not think i will bother ,ive had dealings with him over the years and all i have done is loose money .the system costs £195 +£100 to a hospice after you win £3,000 .i think i would rather give the £195 to the hospice ,at least they are a good cause . i have a box full of systems that promise the earth . like a earlier comment if a system is so good why sell it all the best bob

  70. scarbough says:

    Same here bob,arrived in the mail today.I wont even be reading the sales page,in the bin as we speak.

  71. edd says:

    just recived the g80 gold system mail shot, it sounds amazing.

    But if all C D systems are great why does he need to keep looking for more.

    Does he want to be very rich or is he trying to make everyone else poor?

    He sould become a banker, no I ment banker

  72. nutmeg says:

    any body who decides to trust this low life with their money desrves to lose it.
    he has had such a bad profile for many many years you would must have been living in exile on a desert island not to know that he cannot be trusted in the slightest.
    hope you get the picture, and not just the glossy ones that he sends out with his bull s**t

  73. gedd says:

    All I can say is that there must be an infinite supply of newbies out there. No other explanation really.

  74. JohnU says:

    @nutmeg – couldn’t agree more with every word you said.Would love to add a lot more but fear it would be Deleted. there’s an old saying ‘What goes around comes around’. I’m sure he will have one hell of a repayment land on him one day. Pity there’s no legitimate way to stop him trading for good.


  75. scarbough says:

    Well said,
    i even got my second mailshot yesterday for the same product……again.Unfortunate as it is his % hit rate will more than pay for the cost of the mailshot.

  76. Peter2 says:

    The Judge has had to publish – an albeit very half hearted – apology to Colin Davey today. The man claims his assertions about people losing money were all malicious and untrue postings from his competitors. Talk about grasping at straws. Any way the good news is the Judge is going to subscribe to a service and report the facts at which stage I am sure his original views will be more than justified.

  77. tom42 says:

    Peter2 – who is The Judge?

  78. honest jon says:

    the judge can be found on the net.i wont put in a link as its a bit rum imho advertising a review/opinion type site on another review/opinion type site.

  79. Peter2 says:

    see post 10 Feb for link

  80. gordon 75 says:

    has anyone ever joined martin bishop racing.and if so were they any good

  81. honest jon says:

    i didnt realise a link was here already. MMR are certainly a tolerant site, light rum obviously rather than the darker variety, down the hatch. hic,i love it here, hic, nobody takes the p,its brill.

  82. scarbough says:

    Hi guys ,
    maybe a good thing to remember there is so much advertising done on line now,and its a much better and more successfull way of attracting traffic to your anything arriving through the post to promote the likes of a tipping service is probably the only way they actually can make money.
    He will allways have money comming in from this type of mailshot,5years ago i fell for one of his mailshots ….DELETED BY MODERATOR just hope people view these sites before they buy.

  83. JohnU says:

    Just had a read through the Judge’s Rport on how to spot scamsters. Good reading for most of us, and ESSENTIAL READING if you are a Newbie to all this lot!

  84. djn62 says:

    the Judge is a brilliant read, as well as this site, you cant have enough sites for info on betting!
    the key to success is self-discipline!

  85. Peter2 says:

    Another glossy mail shot today from one Richard Morris of Weymouth with his Serious Profits Syndicate that made 324 points profit in January and 12,900 points since 2007. Special offer for 50 people at £97 for 3 years. STGTBT category I suspect. Anybody with any experience of this one?

  86. JohnU says:

    @Peter2 – and i strongly suspect you are right about the Category!

    12,900 points in 5 years. If he had ever heard about componuning he could surely be sitting on a beach somewhere. WHY would he really want to be marketing it to 50 people at £97 if he had made so much Dosh!

    As i used to say about Management at work DLTBGYD ! I’ll let you work that one out Peter!

  87. JohnU says:

    Woops COMPOUNDING …even (flaming keyboard!)

  88. Peter2 says:

    He’s very close to the Chesil Beach but not many people would want to sit on that one! Our management strategy was the well know mushroom method.

  89. Peter2 says:

    Although claiming to come from a retired maths teacher called John Howard a letter regarding a free roulette system (but please pay me £60 if you win!) received which looks suspiciously like a Colin Davey style of print and has the secret address error that I put in all sign ups where I want to check where marketing originates from.
    Also received today a circular from Midas Racing Syndicate in Brighton which has no details of who you are dealing with but would like you to pay them £49 per month having generously waived the £100 registration fee for new members. The address used is a serviced office.
    Anybody aware of either of these?

  90. JohnU says:


    You just beat me to it on the John Howard one – i have received the same mailshot.

    I googled the address on the letter and it’s actually a Pub! I checked the Address on the ‘contact us’ part and it is almost idential to Colin Davey’s. also note that the word Sovereign which he uses is there too.

    As for the ‘Free’ staking Plan supplied with the letter, on closer inspection there is no mention of what happens with a complete losing sequence!
    Retired Teacher hey – well i never!

    The letter suggests you use a game which includes a ‘spin a coin’. All i would say is beware of ‘Yarn Spinners’ and ‘complete Tossers (of coins of course!)

    I also note from that Google a set of Businss figures for Mr Davey’s Company which show ‘CASH AT BANK of over £460,000. Now ask yourselves some Question?

  91. scarbough says:

    Same here guys, and as usual he even names a casino to use it on…………Affiliate scheem.You do not send your superb system to complete strangers, and i know i wouldnt,so beware.

  92. Peter2 says:

    Thanks guys – not a great surprise though. Perhaps we ought to ask Nigel Hunter to send his “friends” round to see if they can stop the flow of rubbish from this source?

  93. Paul Reynolds says:

    Ditto for me chaps. A badly written letter too. Any teacher, regardless of whether they teach maths, physics, or whatever, should attain a better standard of grammar. Even my grammar is better than the rubbish on that letter.

  94. tonyj says:

    Same letter this morning. I’m always suspicious of letters postmarked Bury St Edmonds. What would a 65 year old ex. maths teacher I’d never heard of, who didn’t know me from Adam, be doing sending me a system that makes £2,800 per month? A quick “whois” search of “” shows its registered to Sovereign Group. What a surprise!

  95. jasperdawson says:

    I think we have all now got the message on mr davey. I have also received the “retired Maths teacher” letter. Interesting origin. Just had a letter from one Scott Pinnell who claims to be the winner of the Flat racing Champion Tipster Award 2011 and reckons he has a 79% strike rate. Has anyone any knowledge of him?

  96. JohnU says:

    Even funnier on this on is that when i checked the addressprovided it wasa local Pub! – wonder if they know.

    2 pints of Sovereign Please landlord!! and i can think there might be a Queue a mile long of people on here and others who might want to ‘tip a pint’ over a certain person!

  97. dave5371 says:

    I had the “retired maths teacher” mailshot as well, I did the maths myself and worked out I would lose £28 for every £100 I bet. I’m glad I didn’t go to his school. I think he started out with nothing and he’s still got most of it now.

  98. goofys says:

    I tried this service years ago and lost money.Thought he might have improved and signed up this afternoon but after reading your comments have torn up the application.What with him and mark winstanley I’m a real loser.Any good tipsters around at all.Please let me know so I can recoup a few losses!!! So glad I dicovered this fantastic web-sit thanks to all you who run it!!

  99. JohnU says:


    Narrow escape there mate! thats one of the main things ths site is about – SAVING PEOPLE MONEY!

  100. markymarky says:

    Dear All

    I have just received a letter from Colin Davey inviting me to join his racing syndicate.

    What made me laugh was he must be using a very old mailing list because he sent his letter to me at my parents address which I moved out of in February 2010 – over 2 years ago. When I was living there I only requested 1 business opportunity pack from the AD Associates company. I usually request information from companies via email.

    The current letter still touts a high percentage of winners.

  101. JohnU says:

    Just had another Mailshot from this unmitigated tosser!

    Returned in his own envelope instructing him again to remove me from his mailing list!



  102. Peter2 says:

    Hi John. I think my copy of the invitation arrived this morning. The Elite Syndicate – too good to miss etc etc. It seems as though nothing is going to stop this man although I find it hard to believe that anybody pays up to him now with the information freely available here and on other sites.

  103. Paul T says:

    Just recieved mine too. Woo Hoo. Was sorely tempted to return the envelope, (with a little postage owing), with some Toilet Paper inside.

  104. edd says:

    The Elite Syndicate has landed and it sounds the bizz.,Thanks to all these honest I will give it a miss. How long is it before C D stops sending these amazing systems to me.

  105. scarbough says:

    hi ,just have a think for a minute as to the era we live in and how times have changed from say 20 years a go, even 10 years ago.Mail shots via post are old hat, most of the betting world is done on line and through affiliate links,so who still sends old fashioned mail shots out?The likes of somebody who would never succeed on line because of a very poor reputation,dating back at least a ten year spell.He can still pull a few hundred from new punters who do not know of him through posted mailshots.

  106. edd says:


    I think colin davey should be in charge of security at the olmpics,or maybe he is

  107. edd says:


  108. alllan says:

    good to see people helping each other regarding awareness of that toerag davey,
    dont think we will ever get rid of his sort sadly.
    At least exposing him on here will help some people steer clear.

  109. Peter2 says:

    Another month arrives and the name of the syndicate has been changed to The Ultimate and the price increased to £96 per month. Letter pretty much the same as all the others though. Scarbough’s point on 11 July is very pertinent.

  110. mwilts says:

    Hi all just received another once in a life time offer from Colin Davey this morning for THE ELITE SYNDICATE (yet another name)!!!!! I cant believe it is more or less the same wording as all his previous letters!!!

    **** deleted by mod – you made a libellous comment, please state fact and experience *****

    Steer clear of him YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

  111. markymarky says:

    Mr Davey has sent me another letter inviting me to join his ULTIMATE SYNDICATE (is this another name change or another service).

    This time his letter was sent to my own address and not to my parents address as before – see my comments dated the 14th May 2012 at 01:48 PM above.

    When I moved into my new address I made sure that only those companies who needed my address would get it – i.e. my local council, my electricity supplier, my property management company, my doctors, my bank, e.t.c

    The reason I did this was to stop the amount of unwanted junk mail being sent to me.

    I was getting many years ago before I started using the internet to make enquiries about money making schemes at least 10 letters a day from all sorts of characters claiming that I could like them make ££££££ thousands per day/month/year.

    Most of it was rubbish because of poor presentation/spelling e.t.c.

    Where on earth did Mr Davey get my new address from.

    Just for the record I will NOT be joining the ULTIMATE SYNDICATE.

  112. gedd says:


    If you have any bookies accounts at your current address then its quite possible that they have sold on
    your details on to crappy tipsters.

    I started getting mailshots from some of them with the
    initials in my name that I only used with my bookie accounts. Both are an unethical lot.

  113. scarbough says:

    Anything still arriving via mailshot delivered by the royal mail should be treated with caution, we have said it before regards this particular character to beware,as we must of internet DELETED BY MOD such as daniel soulsby,
    The former will still be getting a fair few quid from people who do not have a betting account, and or people who do not use forums, do not check out pundits , and or are just too trusting.
    I was very trusting about 7years back and boy did it cost me dearly,and it was an expensive learning curve.This particular guy has reinvented the wheel about a dozen times in the last 5 years let alone the last 20,and he still gets away with it.The industry as of 2012 is still not tightly run enough to stop the fraudsters so its a age old question and answer debate……QUESTION..Who do you trust?..

    ANSWER.. nobody but yourself.

  114. scarbough says:

    Ps,i do hope im not being liable here naming the DS character as i have actually emailed him several times in the past to have a debate regards some casino systems and links to casino companies on line, the usual RNG nonsense, and have never had the email delivered let alone far as im aware DS does not have a valid email, and theres another system seller to beware of until we hear different that is.

  115. markymarky says:

    Dear GEDD

    I have just seen your reply.

    I have to tell you that I have only used 2 bookies in my life.

    I will not name them but here are some clues as to who they are.

    The first one advertises on TV with some Italian person shouting he has won his bet. The slogan they give out is “GAME ON” – this account was opened before I moved to my new address and as I have no funds left in my account I did not tell them my new address.

    The second one is the biggest betting exchange on the internet – this account was opened after I had moved to my new address and I had to give them my address to confirm that I was over the age of eighteen and proof of English residency.

  116. Bear1 says:

    A cynic may argue that the purpose of the John Howard letter (retired Oxford maths graduate)is to drive traffic to which is owned by Colin Davey and managed by one of his business associates – Leann Binns. Initially, ‘John Howard’s’ address was that of a Norfolk pub – The Natterjack, but later mailings gave a different address – 1 Sanderling Way, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 5FZ. The owner of this property is someone called Serena Davey. I wonder who she is related to?

    I wouldn’t bother trying to contact John Howard if I were you. He’s never available because he’s spending some of his £23,728 winnings from spinacoin on yet another cruise. He gets around that John Howard.

  117. Peter2 says:

    Colin must have over spent at Christmas as he seems to have rushed out a quick mailshot with no brochure this time trying to get us to buy an un-named system for just £27. He tries to prove his credentials by referring people to his casino site mentioned by Bear1. Will probably resist this offer.

  118. jock59 says:

    I don’t believe it!! Yet another mailshot from Mr Davey.
    This guy is such a “bottom feeder” he’d get vertigo crawling under a snake’s belly.
    Please don’t anyone fall for this.

  119. JohnU says:

    I hear that Tesco’s follow all his selections and then offer all the Losing Owners a good price for the failing nags!

    Best joke i have seen so far, (apart from Colin Davey’s Mail shots) is that they are now offering ‘Shergar Free Burgers’.

  120. Paul T says:

    ..Had a Tesco’s burger the other day, but it gave me the trots..

  121. Bear1 says:

    Hello Everyone,

    If you’re busy, then don’t bother to read this but, if like me, you’ve had experience of the delightful Colin Davey, then what follows may be of some interest.

    I’m ashamed to say that over a decade ago, when I was a young, naïve thing, I subscribed to Colin Davey’s Private Syndicate. During my period of membership, I endured listening to him rattle on for half an hour, only for him to end his pre-recorded message with the words, “There’s no bet today”. When he did eventually provide a “tip” it was almost always, odds-on and would almost always, lose.

    Still, I did have some laughs – every cloud and all that…

    One day, he likened his tipping service to some kind of holy crusade, battling within a cynical world, by drawing upon a biblical parallel and comparing it with that of his own plight, when he suddenly said,

    “Even Jesus had knockers!”

    I just hope, for Jesus’s sake, that he didn’t have those leaky PIP implants because he would need a ‘miracle’ to sort that out. I wonder if mother Mary was privy to this scandal?

    On another day, Colin tried to persuade us to buy a share in a race horse and he wanted syndicate members to suggest names for the horse. He started the ball rolling by suggesting that it should be called “Private Member!”

    Mmmm…. I thought….there seemed to be a re-occurring theme here….”knockers”….”private member”….

    The question I wanted an answer to was:

    What would happen to “Private Member” when the horse eventually became ‘exposed’?

    He didn’t reply.

    What was even funnier was that Colin was always deadly serious when he would treat us all to his gems of wisdom. Colin has taught me patience and discipline. After his daily chant of, “There’s no bet, today” he would remind us that betting on a horse was a bit like a cat sitting on a fence, stalking a bird. We had to be patient and only pounce when the time was right. I’ve never forgotten that.

    I will also never forget the moment when he tipped “Mount Joy” to win the Breeder’s Cup Turf at Churchill Downs in November 2000. I studied the card, high and low, but I could not find “Mount Joy” anywhere. Perhaps “Mount Joy” was a non-runner? It then suddenly occurred to me that the selection was “Montjeu” but Colin had mispronounced it.

    How is it possible for a so-called expert, horse racing tipster to mispronounce the name of the one of the most flamboyant and well known colts in the world (at that time) and that was spoken about regularly in the media? This tells you all you need to know about Colin’s horse racing expertise.

    By the way, just in case you are wondering…..Montjeu was the heavily tipped favourite to win the race but came 7th and that was arguably his worst career performance – the Davey magic works yet again!

    In more recent times, I believe that Colin has slowly begun to realise that more and more people, via the wonders of the internet, realise that he’s crap at horse race tipping and so like all good ‘businessmen’ he has diversified. He now owns a lady luck betting site called

    Recently, a gentleman called ‘John Howard’, a retired maths teacher and Oxford Graduate devised an amazing staking plan and he posted this plan, free of charge, to the world and his dog. Good old John has won £23,728 with this amazing staking plan which, by chance, can be only be used on the spinacoin site – well…would you Adam and Eve it?

    If you are fed up with Colin’s mailings or are concerned about the content of his sales blurb, then you may decide to contact Suffolk Trading Standards – they are aware of Mr Davey’s activities. The Gambling Commission is another option.

    Their email addresses are:

    Alternatively, you may choose to act upon the advice given to members by Barry73 in his post on December 12, 2011 at 5:22 pm which is one of my favourite MMR posts.

  122. scarbough says:

    Marlin, royal mail mailshots are a very expensive way to focus your product on a set audience,,,,,yes they are still used but normally on a select basis, i actually quite like them as my inbox is continually overloaded with the very same mailshots on a product times 50 per day….
    People who are not on the internet tend i would only surmise to be more prone to being attracted to a product.You dont get 25 products advertising in your mail box every day do you…..well i certainly dont.

    Reaching the audience and % sales is what vendors want,just click send and you can reach a vast area…..and not so many pence a pop per customer via royal mail….I did a few mailshots about 15 yrs ago….cost a small fortune to hit a good 5 % return

  123. elibextra says:

    To all on here that has had a…”Colin Davey” experience. First let me say i understand your frustrations at losing money by following Colins methods, the same thing happened to me… the early days. By that i mean i went to his seminars did what it said on the tin and hey presto….lost money. I then went onto purchasing hundreds of systems and tipsters ALL lost money.

    It was at his point after a long hard road of soul searching i decided to pick up and revise colin Davey,s methods once again only this time tweaking bits and pieces. I,m not going to give anything away here as its cost me hundreds of hours to make this work but what i did was to mix the information that i had luckily saved from the seminar i went to some 14 years ago. I can say with great confidence that what Colin was teaching us was correct. We were given the tools and from what i can see most punters use those tools incorrectly (as i did).

    I,m not here to say Colin Davey is a great man as i still think some of his selling methods are at best Bizzare, but what i will say is this, of the hundreds of people that attended his seminars only 2% will be winning becauase as we all know thats the small percentage of people that win, Colin and his team would have known this years ago so what he was doing was actually correct. Look at it this way a person who has never driven a car cant possibly be expected to to be a top driver after one lesson….but we all accept this. I was given the correct tools years ago to make this work, it does work and it will keep on working but it requires work…lots of it, i would suggest to anyone who has been on one of Colins seminars to look again and keep looking.

    I am one of the 2% that make this game pay, and paid hansomley now for the last 5 or so years and giving us the lifestyle i once dreamed of. I know Colin does not get many of these type of messages but i,m going to say to Colin Davey ” i cannot thank you enough”.

    Good luck.

  124. Les Moore says:

    @elibextra,who are you trying to hoodwink?

    Do you seriously think we are all idiots?

    Colin Davey,of all people,is a betting messiah? He will lead us to the promised land of easy money,the El Dorado of effort-free wealth acquisition

    Oh,dear!You really are in a bad way.

    When the mist of self-delusion clears, what will you see?Elvis Presley riding by on the back of Shergar?

  125. zagger says:

    @Les Moore
    Well said Les.
    In the past I’ve lost a packet following this shyster and his mate Bob(leave them broke) Rotham.
    It’s laughably these pathetic attempts to give these
    characters some form of credibility.
    It does’t fool those of us who have been unfortunate enough to have had dealings with them!!

  126. skips says:

    In one of his many many letters sent to me he said he come across a certain system 80% strike rate blah blah from a cobbler lol yes a load of old cobblers like all his systems steer clear

  127. elibextra says:

    2.40 newbury…….voodoo prince e/w 11/1

  128. elibextra says:

    sorry 2.40 donc

  129. elibextra says:

    3.05 aintree walkon, wishfull thinking, conquisto all e/w

  130. elibextra says:

    there we go, a nice 10 point profit on the day….thank you Mr Colin Davey 🙂

  131. voodoo1 says:

    Goodafternoon Mr Colin Davey…or should I say elibextra..LOL!?

  132. Maynard says:

    Quite right Voodoo — the muppet is as transparent as polished glass.

  133. gerry747 says:

    Must be using different IP address or false IP as MMR don’t allow multiple membership.

    Of course we could all be wrong!:-)

  134. elibextra says:

    How dare you…Colin Davey would NEVER give out a free bet

  135. elibextra says:

    skips…agree on one thing, his 80% strike rate claim is somewhat eyecatching and wrong. I personally hit somewhere between 30-40%, my e/w bets however are more around 50%.

  136. elibextra says:

    DELETED BY MODERATOR: Please do not post tips here before the races have been run. You can post them afterwards but not before as that is not fair on those who have paid for the tips.

  137. elibextra says:

    1/11/13…2.05 down royal
    Little king Robin…e/w…….4th -2

    7.10 dundalk
    Lilys angel……3rd…….-1

  138. elibextra says:

    2/11/13….2.30 down royal…..2nd……-1
    1.50 wetherby Lunique……6th…….-1
    1.50 : : Cockney Sparrow….1st@4.27……3.27
    3.00 wetherby tidal bay……1st@4.44…..3.44
    3.35 wetherby long run……5th……-1
    2.10 ascot fairy rath….fell…..-1
    2.45 : : court minstral…..8th…..-1
    3.20 : : same difference….11th….-1

    profit/loss…..+0.71 running total +7.71

  139. nutmeg says:

    now come on mate you really must be in cloud cuckoo land following this idiots racing tips, get a life and join the real world Colin, er sorry elibextra

  140. elibextra says:

    Following?……Mr Davey bets everyday……..I don’t, and I was not aware colin was a ladies name. : )

  141. elibextra says:

    Thats me finished until mid may now as Colin Davey,s system in my opinion does NOT work as well over the jumps.

    I have recoerded a profit of 210 points securing early prices but still managed 144 points profit@bfsp. If anyone is interested i will post again in the latter half of may.

    Regards elibextra

  142. Les Moore says:


    Why don’t you go back to La-La Land.I assume you hold a full valid passport from that country.

    You will return in the spring?Please don’t bother mate.

    Go back to Rose Cottage and stay there.

  143. Peter2 says:

    Colin must be short of readies for Christmas. Latest offering with strike rate of 81% claimed just received through the post at £67 per month. He has now managed to find the holy grail after 20 years.

  144. elibextra says:

    No 80% strike rate with me

  145. elibextra says:

    More like 25% come 1st and my e/w strike rate is around 45%…..TOTALLY DIFFERENT TO COLINS

  146. Peter2 says:

    The latest system has been announced – Leagle Eagles. 4 page letter 3 of which try to explain how honest he is and is not trying to con us. Me think he doth protest too much.

  147. elibextra says:

    2014 flat results….just broke the 200 point target which is what i always aim for securing early prices.
    BFSP not far away @ 162.

    strike rate roughly same again just a shde under 23% coming 1st, 42% if e/w. finished now till spring….good luck.

  148. scobbie says:

    this man should be locked up with his wild claims i did join years ago .. i think i lasted a week but got fed up with getting tips for odds on rubbish .. his claims are false he should be hauled in front of the courts and give us guys our money back

  149. Maynard says:

    Colin Davey just sent me a mailing. I tried his horse racing tips service many years ago. This man is the worst tipster I ever tried … and I’ve tried a small army of ’em! This man couldn’t make you a profit if his life depended on it. Avoid like the plague.

    Incidentally, if you phone the number on his letter you’ll never get to speak to him, and he never returns calls. BUT I’ve managed to find his mobile number. If you want it, just ask 🙂

  150. Bear1 says:

    Hi Maynard

    Yes, well said

    If you fancy a laugh, read my post on this thread January 17, 2013 at 7:26 pm

  151. tom42 says:

    “Colin Davey just sent me a mailing.”

    Me too.

    After all these years I must still be on some mugs lists.

  152. Maynard says:

    Bear1, I just read your previous Colin Davey post – hilarious!

    Tom42, yes, my original letter from him was about 8 years ago, so he must be using a really old list. Given that most people change address every 7 years on average, hopefully the little worm will get very few takers this time!

  153. skips says:

    Colin Davy just got a letter from him could not give you a winner in a walkover ! The mans been at it for years his letter says 70-80% strike rate average odds 1/1 – 4/1 lol still thanks Colin was just popping out to get some toilet paper but your letter will do just fine !

  154. skips says:

    I wonder if he has still got the rolls Royce he used to lean on in his pictures lol

  155. gedd says:

    If his tips were anything to go by then probably just a cardboard prop.

  156. mad one says:

    I used this guy’s services about 20 years ago, total garbage. How he has not been locked up for misleading en masse is a mystery.

    …Just goes to show how gullible human beings really can be.

  157. TheBaker says: – another website not returning a result

    This article just shows what the general public is up against when dealing with rogues who obviously have no scruples or morals:

  158. geoffhead says:

    Just had a mail shot from “The New Legal Eagles” turn over the page, our old friend (I use the term very loosely) COLIN DAVEY offering through Sovereign Group.
    Claims £870 per month in just 1 minute a day, using small stakes.
    Claims his Strike Rate @ Glorious Goodwood last year 5 winners out of 6 bets.
    Also claims a strike rate as 70-80%
    In between the Horses football and other Sports Bets??
    Payment by Standing Order £97 per month I will give him a miss, on this and possibly every occasion I am approached??

  159. George Gladwin says:

    I am on the COLIN DAVEY /The New Legal Eagles trial.
    I was with this man 15 years ago and agree with a lot of the comments above, but thought I would give the free trial a chance.
    So far so good. Not a lot of selections but strike rate good.Profitable service so far. Usual Colin Davey waffle on his phone line. This guy loves to hear his own voice and I would not be surprised to hear that he replays the tape 6 or 7 times a day, just to listen to his own voice. He has not come up with his “old ditty”! He does not want to feed us fish today, he wants wants to teach us how to catch fish so we can feed ourseleves for life. Hope he has forgotten it.
    So far so good. Discipline order of the day!

  160. George Gladwin says:

    Here I am, almost a month later and I want to give you an update!
    16/4/16 225 AYR BRISTOL DE MAI 2ND 1/2F
    22/4/16 255 SANDOWN BELARDO 4TH 13/8F

    Regards George

  161. zagger says:

    OMG…..I see the name Colin Davey…is that asshole still ripping punters off….in an everchanging world, some things never change..!!!

  162. rockcity says:

    George, you’re a glutton for punishment mate!!

  163. mad one says:

    …..Colin Davey, now there’s a name from the past. Although looking at his company accounts, he has a cool £1 million quid sat there in the director’s fund, so people are obviously responding to his emails/letters.

  164. hollis379 says:

    It’s strange that George Gladwin doesn’t mention the 7/2 winner on April 13th. There was also an 8/13 winner last Saturday (April 30th). Yes Colin is verbose in the extreme and not every selection wins but since I joined his service at the end of February there have been 10 winners from 18 selections – a strike rate of 56%. He usually advises staking 5% of your bank but on 3 occasions he advised 10%. All 3 have won. Although I’m not yet covering my £97 monthly subscriptions the service is making a profit and I for one am very pleased to stick with it.

  165. Bear1 says:

    I can’t believe what I’ve just read. I was going to say a lot about this matter but I can’t be bothered.

  166. Maynard says:

    Colin Davy couldn’t hit a cow’s @rse with a banjo, so I have grave suspicions about a certain poster.

  167. jwhite8359 says:

    I can’t believe that Colin Davy is still knocking about and people falling for his nonsense. George you seriously need to hand over control of your bank account to someone with more sense.

  168. hollis379 says:

    I would be very interested in your comments, Bear 1. I assume it’s my post you’re referring to. At the end of the day we all have to make up our own minds about tipsters and what you say isn’t going to make me change mine, but I’m still interested in your views so please try a little harder. That’s what this forum’s all about, isn’t it?

  169. Maynard says:

    Hollis, have you tried googling Colin Davy? Most people have, and find that, of the hundreds of tipsters around, he has one of the worst reputations for giving short-priced losers. Just about everyone who’s tried his tips says that the man is absolutely and utterly useless.

  170. Michelle Roberts says:

    Hi all

    Just to let you know the thread for Maynard’s tips is now up and all comments have been moved across to here:

    Please post any future feedback on the new thread above.


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