Steve Davidson’s Greyhound Lay Pro Review

| May 10, 2011 | 11 Replies

Product Name: Steve Davidson’s Greyhound Lay Pro

Author: Steve Davidson.

Company Name & Contact Details:
Steve and Kev


Lie Back And Let The Software Take The Drudgery Out Of The Selection Process. Winners Pinpointed In An Instant

Price: £19.99 one off payment.

Money Back Guarantee: None quoted but with software as cheap and as good as this it looks as if none will be required.

What Do You Get?

A very nice interface which is easy to download and install and comes supported with a free video outlining the operating instructions.

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Steve Davidson’s Greyhound Lay Pro is a brand new piece of software and is specifically designed for laying greyhounds highlighted by the system. Comes with a list of recent winning selections showing eighty eight selections and only one losing lay.

What’s It All About?

This is a very nice piece of software with a really good and neat interface.

All daily Greyhound race cards can be analysed and the system automatically displays the trap number of the dog for laying purposes.

If no selection is highlighted this means that there is no dog in that particular race  considered poor enough to lay.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

None shown but probably a small bank of around £50-£100 should be enough to get started.

How Much Money Can I Make?

No examples shown but initial indications  show that there has been only one losing lay in a recent group of eighty eight selections so it looks capable of producing profits.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

Once you receive your code or licence key, which usually takes around twenty four hours, you can certainly begin your betting activities immediately.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

This is a lay system so an account with Betfair or a similar Betting Exchange will need to be opened. If betting online then this can be done with little bother.

Value For Money?

At a cost to the buyer of only £19.99 this software is not to be underestimated and is as equally as good as other software on the market costing much more. Pleasing on the eye and very easy to operate.

Midpoint Report

For a person to be so far away on the other side of the globe in Australia, Steve Davidson appears to have his finger on the button when it comes down to churning out powerful pieces of software at low competitive prices.

Recently there has been a long string of systems covering horses and greyhound racing and very well designed they are too. Nothing fancy mind you but plain, simple and straight forward and it does not cost the earth for those using these forecasting tools.

One of the latest to appear on the market is Greyhound Lay Pro, not to be confused with that written by John Mainwaring and reviewed here a little while ago.

So we named it Steve Davidson Greyhound Lay Pro so as not to get mixed up with reports and reviews.

This model has a nice simple interface, it is very easy to download and install and comes with a free video outlining the operating instructions.

A licence code key is also required and is usually forwarded within twenty four hours after the user types in his or her email address in a code drop down box.

The detailed results box includes data apparently collected from the daily race cards and any highlighted selections are screened in a selection box with large numbers detailing the selection chosen to lay.

What is really good about the system is that there are never dozens and dozens of selections to consider and after going through a full day’s race card the user usually ends up with around half a dozen selections for inclusion in the daily laying routines.

The system only seeks out those dogs considered to be so poor that their chances of winning are at an absolute premium, and for any dog to appear in the selection box, they need to be among the living dead.

The only problem with this is that the odds for these rubbish dogs appear to go sky high on the betting exchanges and one encounter’s fairly high prices, and often they are too high to accept as the risk factor becomes enormous.

One has to consider if the selections are worth the risk and whether or not they are prepared to pay out the odd high payment if they tend to upset the applecart.

I don’t see this as happening very often and I have only encountered this happening on three occasions during these trials.

Luckily two of the three losers have been at odds of 5.40 and 5.70 with the other one at 10.00, so perhaps the statistics reported here may have that element of luck about them.

Anyway the software comes at a cost to the buyer of only £19.99 and should not be underestimated against higher priced items currently on the market.

This is very good software, everything is done for you in the selection process, it is pleasing to the eye and very easy to operate, and stands the test of time against other higher priced software offered to buyers in the current market.

During this period of observation I monitored a total of forty two selections of which thirty nine were winning lays and only three failing. This gave us a very good strike rate of 92.86% which was very good indeed, and I monitored the lays at actual lay odds on Betfair.

The longest losing run was only one whilst the longest winning run was a handsome fifteen which resulted in a final profit of 17.90 points using level stakes.

I found the system easy to follow, easy to operate, and the software certainly takes all of the drudgery out of the selection process.

It will be interesting to see if further lay winners continue in a similar vein during the second half of these trials. Up to this point in time the system is more than acceptable.

Number Of Selections = 42
Number Of Lay Winners = 39
Number Of Lay Losers = 3
Strike Rate = 92.86%
Longest Losing Run = 1
Longest Winning Run = 15
Overall Profit/Loss = 17.90 points profit using level stakes.

Conclusion 10/05/2011

This new partnership of Steve Davidson from the far off shores of Australia, and his IT partner Kevin are most certainly breaking new ground in producing a wonderful array of extremely cheap software interfaces covering both horse and greyhound racing.

These are currently being marketed at exceptionally competitive prices and they are very user friendly.

This Greyhound Lay Pro version is not to be confused with the software program which was reviewed here some while back and written by Jon Mainwaring, this is entirely different and all selections are worked out in advance of the racing and leaves absolutely no work at all for those using this software.

This latest version is very easy to download but requires a licence key to be able to install on your computer, which usually follows in a matter of hours.

This allows only one copy of the program to run on one PC and will not allow installation on any remaining machines as a safety precaution measure, and to ensure that no rogue copies circulate to unregistered users.

This is entirely a brand new piece of software and is especially designed for laying selections highlighted by the system and apparently all greyhounds have to be rated internally by the system as being so very poor, they have little chance of romping home as winners.

One of the main headlines in their sales flyer reads, “Lie back and let the software take the drudgery out of the selection process with winners pinpointed in an instant”, which is exactly what this software is all about.

The package comes complete with a free video for explaining the system further and also a list of recent winning selections which clearly shows eighty eight selections and only one losing lay, which is testament indeed to it’s winning capacity.

One of the main problems I found, and this is not uncommon when testing greyhound lay systems, was the fact that the majority of the greyhounds selected as so poor that this reflects in the lay prices on offer when attempting to make the bets.

The odds are so very high that should some of these selected animals defy the odds and come home as winners then a large chunk of the previous profits are completely lost.

For the purpose of the trials I therefore used a betting bot and simulated racing conditions just as the real thing and applied a maximum lay odds of 20/1 in an effort to conduct some realism in the exercise.

The trial actually produced a profit with only five losing lays but this could have been Dame Fortune playing a part as three of the five losses were less than 6.00 whist the other two were priced at 10.00 and 11.00 which would have made a more significant difference had they all been priced in this region.

So as the final curtain came down on this lay test I had witnessed a total of fifty eight selections of which fifty three were winning lays and the remaining five defying the odds to come home in first position.

This produced a healthy strike rate of 91.38% which was indeed exceptional. The longest losing run was only one whilst the longest winning run was a healthy looking fifteen and this yielded an overall profit of 17.60%.

Maybe we were lucky, maybe not, but it is a certain fact that we really do not want greyhounds with large lay odds to win too many races.

There is certainly merit in this piece of software, I think it will all depend on how brave the user really is and to what lengths he is prepared to go in accepting large lay odds, but nevertheless it becomes further food for thought.

Number Of Selections = 58
Number Of Lay Winners = 53
Number Of Lay Losers = 5
Longest Losing Run = 1
Longest Winning Run = 15
Overall Profit/Loss = 17.60 points profit using level stakes.

To see a full breakdown of my results please click here.



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Comments (11)

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  1. From Nigeria says:

    Can this system be use in Nigeria

  2. LCFC says:

    has anyone used or still using the greyhound lay pro by steve davidson??..
    any thoughts as im considering it..?
    any refunds on service?
    can it be used equally well for both greyhaounds and horses?

  3. colin says:

    LCFC Greyhound Lay Pro queries
    Steve does not give refunds on ANYTHING he sells
    Only for use on greyhounds.
    He sells similar software for horses.
    The systems actually list the horse/greyhound thus the system has to be specific to one racing type

  4. Tony says:

    I think there is something to be said for someone like Steve who has been around for many many years and is very honest about not giving refunds.
    I think I would prefer to have a punt with someone like that, knowing exactly where I stood.
    Most system sellers charge far too much to factor in the refund rates.

  5. daveaball says:

    Any ideas on where you can buy a copy of this guys

  6. Bobby says:

    Purchased the software yesterday. Really easy to use had 3 selections yesterday all of them failed to come first which was a great start!

    I layed to liability of £20 and returned a profit of £9.50

    Today has not gone so well 16 selections of which at the time I write this 4 have played 2 wins 2 losses and a loss of £35.77

    We Will see how the rest of the day goes. Anyone else using this software?

  7. cqw51l says:

    Bobby are you still this system? If so how are you getting? Anybody else got feedback on this system please?

  8. danesway7 says:

    Keep sending comments in I would be interested, but
    remember stop when ahead the strike rate will be over a
    period not in one day be picky.
    Cheers Bob.

  9. redshadow says:

    Anyone stil using this software with any degree of success?
    I tried it for a month using max odds of 10 and finished 7 points down, so have stopped using it.

  10. lee79b says:

    red shadow how are you getting on?

  11. ruffy71 says:

    I have Lay Pro Auto, have stopped using as I had too many losses. Steves advice was do not lay above odds of 4.0. Interested to hear if anybody has had any luck ?

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