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Product Name:

Sport Arb


Andres Martin and Ronald Wald

Company Name & Contact Details

Sport Arbitrage Ltd 205 Kings Road Birmingham B11 2AA Tel 0121 288803


See the invisible, do the impossible.


Could be 100% of your investment but in theory free

Money Back Guarantee:


What Do You Get   .

MLM Scheme based on Sports Arbitrage

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Sport Arb is a Multi Level Marketing Scheme masquerading as a sports betting opportunity. Not long established and already rumours of problems and non payment of sums due to investors who were “guaranteed” their capital.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

US$25 minimum “investment”

How much money can I make?

Up to 90% of daily profit generated by company pro rata to your “investment”

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

This review page is intended to offer a warning for Betting Rant members and a normal review is not possible. If you have any experience of Sport Arb we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.



A long time MMR and Betting Rant member first advised me of this “opportunity” a few weeks ago suggesting it looked interesting and potentially profitable. I immediately pointed out that it was likely that the business being registered in the UK meant it was required to have a Gambling Commission licence and have been checking on this and other aspects since.

The underlying concept sound fine – but then don’t all the major scams start off with something that sounds attractive? Here we are told that a couple of guys with years of sports trading experience thought that they could achieve greater things by increasing the stakes available for the arbitrage opportunities they uncover and decided that seeking public funding for their activities was the way to go. They claim your capital is safe (of course an arb should mean that is the case) and they are even prepared to share their profits with you in return for your investment – loan might be a better term. The amount of profit you get is directly related to the size of your investment up to a maximum 90% for which you need to hand over $25K or more. The remainder goes towards their operating costs (apparently they have managed to restrict these to just $5,500 per week) and although not directly stated the cost of their affiliate scheme.

Hold on I hear you say – affiliate scheme? How can they afford to do this paying up to 4 levels (total outgoing 12%) when they are operating in such a market where fine margins are the watchword. They claim they make over 2% per day on the capital turned over and at the last published figure on their website have a capital base of 170,000 US$ for use in trading.

Like all these get rich quick schemes there is a snazzy calculator showing you how much you can theoretically make from your loan. The term of the loan increases from 45 days at the bottom up to 120 days. You can withdraw your profits daily or compound them or mix the two.

There is a long list of countries where you can contact their Representatives and there are currently 10 showing as available in the UK. In effect these are the people who must have got in early and may have made some cash by recruiting others to their down line. A look at the website will show just how much of it is devoted to the referral program rather than offering nitty gritty detail about the service and the results.

Ah – results. Surely something as simple as this will be able to offer detailed analysis of their performance as a guide for those wishing to “invest”. No. Apparently it is against the law for them to do this! As they do not seem to have regard for other UK laws why they should think this is a bit of a mystery but if you look at the Q&A there are more questions arising from them than ever answered.

We are not alone in our suspicions about this company – a review was completed by Binary Scam Watch Monitor which is scathing in its conclusions even suggesting the founder is using a false name.  There must be a question mark over this as the UK company appears properly registered and any professional company registration agent will need to complete identification details for the directors. Companies House show the director as Ronald Wald, corresponding from 24, Ashleigh Road, Mortlake SW14 which is a good residential area with properties in the £700k+ bracket.

Our advice is that payments have ceased being made at the end of last month and we note that the forum has become dormant in the past 2 weeks. We have tried to call the prime number on the site but it does not connect and a message left with one of the UK representatives has not been returned. It does not appear as though any of the UK reps mention their involvement on the Facebook accounts despite links where they have one. That said I am only looking second hand as not a Facebook user so if any member can double check on this would be appreciated.

Worryingly it would appear that you could still open an account with these people today as I was able to set up ready to deposit funds with no questions asked or any warning given. A copy of my account dashboard can be seen here

and it will be noted that the profit claims continue with a 2.06% return achieved before 11am in the morning today.

There really is not a great deal to add here. It looks as though the influx of new funds has slowed and so will not permit payments due to the investors down the line. We hope no members have suffered as a result of their involvement with this highly dubious operation. Take a look at the headline again. Should be a warning to all to steer well clear.


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