Sam’s Specials Service Review

| July 29, 2014 | 6 Replies

Product Name: Sam’s Specials

Author: Sam Black

Company Name & Contact Details
Email only:

Price: £10 per month

Money Back Guarantee: No

What Do You Get?

– Horse race win betting tips

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Sam’s Specials from Sam Black is a win betting service for horse racing offering 4 methods of selection. Advised by email daily.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

100 point bank assumed – author advises point value only.

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made – target for 2014 = 200 points across portfolio. We’ve made a profit of 321 points in our trial to date.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Up to 20 minutes daily advised

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection

Value For Money?  


Quality Of Customer Service?  

Good – prompt and informed response to emails.


What a pleasant change it is to review a service that is free from any hype and marketing influence. Don’t be put off by the rather simple website and all you really need to do is read the first 3 paragraphs on the home page which summarise the whole thing quite clearly. You could then move to the targets page for this year where you will see that a 200 point composite target is set out.

The service offers 4 systems (all within the one subscription) the main one being the service title which is a long odds each way package. In addition there is an All Weather system and the SP variation which normally offers win bets at lower odds. There is also the occasional multiple.

Selections are advised by email and are also available on the website via a password protected members area. The daily selections can appear over the whole morning in a series of mails but members are advised when the last of the day is sent. Bets are set out clearly with advised prices – these have always been achievable at the time the email is sent – and staking advice in points. Staking is up to 4 points per selection (can be each way). I have noted the advice that a point should be what you personally decide but would argue that a finite betting bank should also be advised. In theory the bank is bottomless as stated.

You will certainly not want for action either as we have seen 216 runners in the first month of the trial and an impressive 81 of these have returned cash to the bank. The various system bets have been analysed on the spreadsheet and all are showing a profit with the All Weather sector best in ROI terms but the main cash profit is from the Specials.

Early in the trial a maximum 4 point each way bet came home at odds of 15.0 – a profit of 134.4 points. I often argue that you should look at performance when the best winner is excluded and here we would still be up by around 188 points. But what is good is the spread of the returns with very few losing runs and we hope this will continue. Makes my concerns about a bottomless bank look a bit hollow doesn’t it!

Sam keeps his members informed as to what is going on, updates results regularly and offers sensible advice on the potential for price rises/falls on daily bets where he considers moves are likely.

At the minimal subscription price I can see very little reason not to have a detailed look at this service. Paper trade for a month to gain your own view by all means.

We shall update members in early October and hope to report continued progress.

Sam’s Specials Service

Update 3/10/2014:

The second month of the trial has gone pretty, well with the sample now totalling some 804 bets placed. Of these 182 have returned cash to the bank (22.6%) which stands at 5.6 times above its starting point. The only blot on the landscape is the multiple bets but these are few and far between.

If you are able to deal with multi email advices being received on the morning of racing then I would suggest that you really should take a look at this service which is run by an author who clearly knows his onions and looks after his clients as well.

Sam’s Specials Service


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  1. donka says:

    I joined this service on 30/10/14 which has turned out to be either terrible timing or just a terrible decision on my part.
    Just 15 days later and my betting bank has taken a devastating battering-Results include 3 max e/w bets that haven’t even give a run for the money and at this moment I’d wish I’d never heard of sam black,Theres losers and there’s taking the piss!!
    Sam specials = 49 pt Loss
    AW Creme = 3.5 pt Loss
    SP Systems = 1.5 pt Loss
    Total after 15 days = 54 pt Loss or £540 @ 10pp

    Yours Guttedly

  2. soccanut says:

    I’ll verify the above – 10 days in and £400 down @ £10pp – only winner was e/w on a 5-2/11-4 shot.

    In defense, there will be some long losing runs. I’m proofing myself at the moment (Tip Exchange and Tipping League) and whilst I’m doing well compared to most, due to the prices of most selections, I do have the odd long (30-40) losing run.

    You need a good 6/12 proofing period to get a fair idea – preferably longer! Only myself to blame for diving in.

    Also, £10 a month is a bit cheap.

  3. Frogsrock66 says:

    Any more feedback on this one from anyone else as I was thinking of giving it a go in January but all these things seem difficult to do when you are working so am not sure how to fit the time in as the bets usually come in the morning & with working from 7-4 – well is this doable? 🙂

  4. magtino says:

    Take a look at this proofing website

    They have done well for most of the year but Oct,Nov
    and Dec have been losing months,it might be best to
    wait until January before you think about joining.

  5. jay7777777 says:

    I can see it’s been a while since the last review of this tipping website but it’s been a similarly disappointing experience for me. Been signed up for just over a month now and I’ve lost £350 in that time.
    Sam does reply to questions, seems like an honest guy and his history is decent but in the time I’ve been a member his tips have been awful.

  6. jay7777777 says:

    Just updating my last post. Results have continued to be completely miserable.
    Been following these tips for 53 days now.
    38 losing days and 15 winning days.
    I’ve been using 1 point = £10
    I am now £608.47 down since I joined (not taking into account membership fees)
    I keep thinking he might turn it round but the stats speak for themselves

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