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Product Name:

Rod’s Runners

Company Name & Contact Details

Betting Gods Ltd  19 St Christophers Way, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8JY email:


Gain early bird access to the tipster who has generated over £3441 profit in 3 months


£40 for rest of 2017(plus VAT)

Money Back Guarantee:

60 days unconditional (Clickbank)

What Do You Get   .

email based horse race tipping service

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Rod’s Runners from Betting is a win and occasional each way betting advice service offering 8-10 selections daily. Advised by email and also available via members area of website or mobile app. Initial proofing showed 344 points profit from May 2017.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

150 points betting bank advised

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Minutes daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Value for money?  

Loss making since launch to public

Quality of customer service?  

No response to email enquiries


The pricing model for this service intrigued me at the outset. If I were a tipster and had made 344 points profit in just 3 months I would expect rather more than a share of £40 for continuing that work for another 5 months. Especially with the fanfare that greeted the launch of the service to the world at large.

On the face of it we have a horse racing tipster who specialises in higher odds selections and will offer up to 10 selections daily. We are advised that there could be losing runs but I note the website mentions that the AVERAGE losing run is 7. This is a pretty meaningless figure as the discerning punter will want to know the maximum he is likely to encounter and so plan his bank accordingly.

Those joining at the outset received a policy statement for the service as follows:

My goal here is to combine quantity (max of ten selections a day) with quality (an ROI of twenty per cent or more). This ensures rapid bankroll growth, and makes losing months incredibly rare. I can earnestly report that since I started doing this seriously, I’ve not had even one. The volume ensures that losing streaks are spread over a shorter period of time, and that bankroll growth is considerably more rapid.

Please don’t bother with those of my selections which have been stripped of their value. Chasing steamers is no better than chasing losses, a steamer being only a once-value horse whose price has since been corrected. There will be plenty of other winners to compensate.

Only in the most exceptional circumstances will I ever advise a favourite. You don’t need a tipster to tell you that shortest-priced horse likely has the best chance of winning. Although this entails a lower strike rate, and longer losing streaks, it is more profitable in the long run. And even “the long run,” as I’ve shown above, can be condensed into a fairly short period of time.

It does require, however, that you exercise careful money management. Except in the case of filthy each-way propositions, I advise flat stakes of one unit per bet (one unit being equivalent to one per cent of your starting bankroll).

Now if you are using a tipster I do not think it unreasonable to be given precise instructions for the way in which you should follow him or her. I asked what the second paragraph was supposed to mean in practice and did not receive a reply. Nor a clarification of the staking advice which is at odds with the website where 150 points are advised. (I have used the lower risk option for monitoring and reporting).

The trial has also thrown up further anomalies as you will note that we are supposed to receive a maximum of 10 selections daily but in 32 days of the trial we have seen 412 with upwards of 20 on occasion. We were also told there would be a maximum of 2 emails a day but often there have been more with replacement runners for withdrawn selections. The emails appear at all times of the day and evening so planning is a bit of a nightmare and if you are working it could prove difficult to place 10 or more bets without the boss noticing! Later selections appear to be market driven.

The majority of selections are advised as wins with some each ways – it appears the author is rather equivocal about these calling them “filthy each-way propositions” as above.

Things got off to a reasonably good start with the bank up 45% after 10 days and a strike rate above 20%, a 33/1 winner being very useful indeed! Average advised  odds for the trial have been 13.30 and as I was concerned from the marketing that continuation of the performance would lead to bookmaker issues I have also recorded BSP stats – the average odds there have been 15.75 with the highest price 187.59.

Clearly with such high odds involved the initial performance was unlikely to be maintained and slowly the wheels have been coming off since that peak. We now have 44 return generating bets (10.68% strike rate) and a 19.3 point loss at BOG. Despite the higher average prices the BSP situation is worse with 45% of the starting bank drawn down. Losing runs of 42, 30, 22 and 21 bets have been experienced and when many services would have been trumpeting a winner at odds of 20/1 the reality was that the day saw a no change on the bank with 19 other losers.

All rather unsatisfactory with the author’s criteria not being met thus far. Is this an example of the pressure of having to produce to a live audience rather than a trial to the publisher proving too much? – quite understandable if it did but the question then arises about pre-launch proofing values and whether they should be used as the basis for profit claims in marketing unless there was third party independent proofing. It does appear that the results are being recorded correctly on the Betting Gods site – please forgive me being unable to cross check them all but I do have a life as well!

At least clients here can claim a refund of their subscription – incidentally although 30 days mentioned on the website the use of the Clickbank payment portal means it is automatically 60 days even if not advertised. A significant turn around is needed here and quickly. But you will always need a very thick skin to follow this service even if performing well.

You can see the trial results here:

Rods Runners Results


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  1. JohnU says:

    I have to say that the above review is spot on in my experience. I joined with very high hopes and i cant recall anything i have joined in the last few years which has been so disappointing when contrasted with the Prior results quoted. Can’t complain at getting the first subs for a £1, but was shocked to find just how many selections and then emails coming through – the ‘goalposts were then moved because clearly many people could not make use of later email selections due to work commitments. I backed for the first 3 days – thankfully small stakes – and then kept a watching brief. When the ‘September’ P/L appeared at the foot of each days emails things clearly were going from bad to worse and when the Loss figure was eventually something like – £667 – just for September (clearly -67 points because £10 a point quoted) i stopped watching them all together and emailed Betting Gods to make sure October’s potential sups were cancelled. Frankly the 3 D s for this one, Disappointing, Disorganised and potentially Dangerous for Debt. I wish the guy well, and it all seemed genuinely ‘proofed’ BUT the realities and Psychology around releasing Real advices is, as i know myself, a whole different ball game! Real pity to be fair!

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