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Product Name:

Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips Service

Company Name & Contact Details

Betting Gods Ltd  19 St Christopher’s Way, Pride Park, Derby DE24 8JY email:


The Betfair SP Horse Racing Tipster who has averaged £465.17 profit per month since February 2017


£1 for month 1 then £49.95 per month or £119.95 per quarter (plus VAT in EU) Lifetime subscription of £539.95 available.

Money Back Guarantee:

60 days unconditional (Clickbank)

What Do You Get   .

email based horse race tipping service

Where to buy:

Brief Summary

Robert Fraser’s Racing Tips from Betting Gods is an email based horse racing tipping service with win each way and place betting advised to be backed at Betfair SP. Selections sent by email evening before racing. Proofing showed 139.5 points profit at ROI of 63.58% and strike rate 40.18%.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

100 points betting bank advised with staking up to 5 points per selection

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Minutes daily

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection

Value for money?  

Loss making initially.

Quality of customer service?  

Betting Gods always respond promptly to enquiries.


With the growing incidence of bookmakers closing accounts at a whim the launch of a new tipping line which recommends betting at BSP only makes sense if profitable. Here we are offered both win and place betting sometimes the same horse for each but generally the selections have been separate. The author is also offering a Tennis service through Betting Gods.

As with all Betting Gods services the practical side is well taken care of with a welcome email to confirm your subscription is active and emails advising the selections with staking normally sent the night before racing – where a place bet is advised the number of places to use is specified clearly.  The timing is not critical of course as you will be placing bets at BSP but allows users who work in the day to place their bets without time pressures. Pretty much all you really need to know about the service is shown on the marketing page including the recommended bank of 100 points.

In the first month of the public availability of the service there have been 66 individual bets advised with overall staking slightly higher on the win side of things. Stakes have ranged up to 5 points but are normally 1 or 2 – the betting bank has been turned over completely thus far. Prices for win bets have ranged from odds on to over 30.0

Just 13 of the bets recommended to date have been successful (19.69%) which is way below the level seen in the pre launch proofing. The best priced winner had odds of 13 and the best winning sequence is 2 bets. A losing streak of 12 was experienced which is greater than the previous high of 10.

Neither the win or place bets are profitable individually and the bank has never been in profit losing 35.2 points with 31.6p of every £1 staked going to Betfair winners. This rate of loss is not sustainable for much longer and when you factor in a medium priced subscription level an immediate improvement is needed. No comment has been made by the author and so there does not appear to be any concern. Of course a longer period is needed to draw firm conclusions and the guarantee availability means you can take a look for 2 months before needing to risk any cash. For now that is all we could suggest – take a look and hope for the upturn which is needed.

The detailed results may be seen here:

Robert Fraser Results

Update 18/7/2017:

At the start of July it looked as though the needed upturn might have arrived with a couple of winners taking the bank back to its starting point and apparently ready to move ahead. However, there seems to have been a policy change since then with selections now being advised as 1 point win and 1 point place with higher odds selections more prevalent. And so far without any real success the bank starting to move south again with an 11 point loss showing from 161 bets of which 39 (24%) have been successful.

A look at the breakdown between win and place bets shows only the latter to be profitable even though winners up to 13.5 odds have been achieved. As the graph demonstrates there has been no consistency thus far in the trial.

We will give a further month to see if a sustained improvement can be achieved but could not recommend subscribing at the present time.

The updated results may be viewed here:

Robert Fraser Results July 2017

Update 19/8/2017

The curates egg continues to offer a variety of emotions for subscribers. There will have been elation at some high priced winners tempered with the realisation that following the win element of the service will have cost you money. Seems strange that for quite a period we were only being advised win bets though.

With a total of 243 bets placed 57 (23.45%) have been successful and there is a loss of 16 points overall. If you had just followed the place advice you would be 12 points in profit at an ROI above 9%. This is before factoring in the relatively high subscription level.

As demonstrated by the graph a 3.5 month look at the service has not generated any real profit at any point and the majority of the period the bank has been in deficit.

We cannot recommend the service based on these results – last chance saloon now.

The updated results may be viewed here:

Robert Fraser Results August 2017

Final Update 21/9/2017:

A drawdown to 80% of the bank has been seen since the last update and although there has been some sort of a recovery since we are still showing a significant deficit and after more than 300 runners it is time to call time on this one. At just £5 per point you would be £190 down over our trial plus a further £200+ in somewhat high subscription costs.

The author felt it necessary to point out why he stakes in an apparently random way recently – some of you may have though he was chasing losses though. What I find hard to understand is the insistence on advising win bets when 303 points staked has seen losses of 45 points.

We cannot recommend the service I’m afraid genuine as it might be.

The updated results may be viewed here:

Robert Fraser Results September 2017

Postscript 31/10/2017:

At the beginning of October the author mentioned in his emails that he had been given a hard time by review  sites and hoped his members would add their support on any forum they could. This on the basis he really is providing a good long term service of course.

Well he has managed to lose a further 30+ points in October and this would have exhausted the starting bank as recommended by the service.

PPS 30/11/2017: Yet another losing month in November  with 65.7 points deficit. Any subscribers left are treated to this note daily:

Robert’s Notes & Analytical Process: The concept of +EV (Expected Value) is at the core of my services. I’ll look at factors such as past results, track conditions (‘the going’) and then contrast this to the current market price to identify value. I have built a statistical model which takes all this data and provides a single value which is the percentage probability of that selection winning or placing which I regularly update and refine. As my service is unique in that all results are recorded at BSP (Betfair Start Price) I’ll also consider the market trend and what the likely start price will be. Fortunately as an exchange trader of both tennis and horse racing for just over a decade I’m able to do this relatively accurately. The decision to record results at BSP presents a significant additional challenge for me but it benefits subscribers like yourself greatly as there are no worries regarding trying to get the quoted price or bookmaker account restrictions due to sustained profitability. Finally bankroll management is key. I can’t deliver profit every single day and a key skill to manage downswings is disciplined bankroll management. I highly recommend following the advised 1-10 unit scale provided. It’s rare that selections will reach the higher end of that scale but a key component of my strategy is to scale the stake with the margin of value that a specific selection provides.

Final Note 31.12/2017: Yet another poor month in December with a further 11 points lost. Apparently still 46 points to the good overall but of course no subscriber was able to take advantage of the 3 months proofing (+139 points) which is included in this figure.


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