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| December 11, 2014 | 70 Replies

Product Name: Racing Bet Data Service

Author: Chris

Company Name & Contact Details

Price: Basic Service is free.  Advanced Service is £4.99 per month or £34.99 per year. There is a joint, discounted, membership available if subscribing to Football Bet Data as well of £6.99 per month or £54.99 per year.

Money Back Guarantee: None.

What Do You Get?

– Statistical service offering horse racing data

Where to buy:

Brief Summary:

Racing Bet Data service offers a statistical database for UK and Irish horse racing from 2002, which can be set to user requirements.  It includes horse, trainer and jockey stats.  

How Much Money Do I need to get started?


How much money can I make?

No specific claims made.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Up to individual to use service as sees fit

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection.

Value for money? 


Quality of customer service?  

Good – prompt response to email enquiries.

Full Review  – 30/01/2015

The author of this new service was also behind Football Bet Data, which was recognised as betting product of the year 2014. Those who have used both services will be aware of the similarities in presentational style. And more important they will know that Chris is keen to provide as good a service as possible to his subscribers.

It is possible to get a feel for the basics of the site free but to make effective use of the options available a subscription is necessary. This allows access to the database which covers UK and Irish racing and has historic data back to 2002. The site is updated daily with results and odds information. Form aficionados will find this to be a great source of information.

A narrative description can hardly do justice to the scope of the service and I suggest that interested users take an hour out and just explore what can be done. Its pretty intuitive and of course the use you wish to make of the site will depend on your own racing interests and requirements. This could be as simple as a jockey/trainer combination history or taking into account multiple filters which you can select.

Your selection output is then analysed in a summary table offering profit data which is an effective way of checking the validity of your plans. If required you may download the output into Excel for further manipulation.

I thought that it might be useful to have an acquaintance who is much more of a racing form expert than me take a look at the service and his comment was that:

“the service is really easy to use and the geekier among us could spend hours reviewing data. But it won’t appeal to the quick fix league. I have previously looked for such a site but never found anything so good. For anyone with a system it should be possible to test to destruction in a few hours or add the filters that might just make it work!”

Members will see other thread comments indicating that the service is worthwhile.

Talking of systems this will be the next development stage when it will be possible to save searches and thus find your selections readily on each day. This will take the value of the whole site up to even higher levels and they are pretty good already.

As discussed the system will not appeal to all but for anyone with an interest in form analysis it is at the very least worth checking out in detail. A 1 month subscription will hardly break your bank and the annual subscription level is significantly below what you might expect to pay for such a comprehensive resource.

We would recommend that you give it a thorough check out to see how it may help you improve your betting performance.



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  1. TTran says:

    Another great product on first impression. Useful for data and excel fans in particular. Similar to the old Adrian Massey site in terms of the filter capabilities.

  2. TheBaker says:

    Would appear to be from the same “stable” as Football Data, which is considered to be one of the “good guys”. Will be having a good look. Downside? A readily accessible database (like Adrian Massey) could result in an avalanche of new “betting systems” based on back-fitted rules. This was certainly the case with Massey.

  3. criketeer says:

    Yes its from the Football-Bet-Data creators as I had an email informing me of it.

    Have spent most of the afternoon having a fiddle with in and getting some good responses from the guys with question’s i’ve had (not really a nags man myself)

    I’ve been been playing around with the data seeing if there is a way to devise some kind of system based on patterns. Mostly I’m looking at the jockey / trainer combo in relation to specific tracks and distances. I take onboard the danger of back fitting or back fashioning based on previous data but without history how can we predict the future?

    I think the data alone is well worth the nominal upgrade fee. The site is definitely in the hands of some good people and additional add ons will be made at no extra cost as time progresses i’ve been told

  4. ceejay24 says:

    Very useful product, for less than £35 year this provides a wealth of data that would have taken me months to obtain manually – in under an hour.

    Am working on some laying systems based around the odds and favourite filters, promising start today

  5. porcupine38 says:

    Signed up for this yesterday based on the absolutely fantastic product that Football-Bet-Data is. I’m not a huge nags fan but am a fan of data, numbers and stats.
    Loving the i “info” box within the data output, another great product and super service from the guys providing it.

  6. TTran says:

    Having some good results with this following specific trainers on certain tracks or classes. Warren Greatrex in novices (class 5,6,7) for example, Charlie Appleby on the all weather – specifically with Adam Kirby on board.
    Plenty here to get stuck into, and with the additional info box it’s quick and easy to see jockey and trainer strike rates

  7. criketeer says:

    Also doing well with this, although 90% of my attention is with Football-Bet-Data, there definitely seems to be merit in the racing data too

  8. lesterbowie says:

    Any Draw or Pace Stats on the site ???

  9. Mighty-Mike says:

    Super product

  10. acocker72 says:

    Just wanted to add my endoresement to this fantastic site. A wealth of data, easy to negotiate and cheap as chips.

  11. TTran says:

    A really good day with the systems I have created. Unfortunately no option to save the criteria online so I have all the specifics stored in a word document. The main thing is they seem to be working.

  12. hrr says:

    TTran Hi mate are you using software to save to word Doc or are you doing this manual 🙂

  13. hrr says:

    Deleted by moderator

  14. TTran says:

    Hi hrr, no I am using word to save the criteria of my filters (I’d only lose it if I wrote it on a piece of paper). I can then check my 5 current sets of criteria, input them into the dashboard and see what bets I need to place.

  15. TTran says:

    hrr regarding your link. Doesn’t look any use to me for horse racing lol.

  16. suzie says:


    If you actually click the link your will see that the image contains Football Teams with the ability to save. The Horse Racing Rates banner is just a template Kevin uses when developing Software.



  17. TTran says:

    Yes, and if you actually read what I put – I said that the link doesn’t seem any use to me as it contains football teams. This is a horse racing thread, about a horse racing product afterall.

    I see no relevance between football teams on the link and my horse racing systems I have created

  18. TTran says:

    Also the save a system functionality of racing-bet-data is in the pipeline by all accounts so that will mean I can save all my systems directly onto the database for easy recall

  19. suzie says:

    My apologies TTran, Kevin thought you where referring to the Football systems you have previously mentioned that you have created. He can also apply this to Horse Racing though!

    TBH Never know which thread is which just tend to click on the ‘Recent comments’ on the side bar without checking the system title, which I will do in future lol.

  20. gerry747 says:

    suzie – I don’t think you need to apologise, after all, you was only trying to be helpful!……

  21. TTran says:

    I was talking about RACING systems that I have created. There isn’t any instance on this thread that I have mentioned anything about football so I’m quite confused as to why people (a person) decides to start trying to offer me software for football scraping

  22. suzie says:

    TTran No problem, here to help if you need it. 🙂

  23. porcupine38 says:

    2 systems I’ve discovered and use daily along side each other. One identifies early value, the other identifies market trend.

    Method 1

    You need to really be on the site before midday. I normally get on before 11 when the forecasted prices for the days racing from RBD are loaded in.
    Download the data using the “today” button and leave all other data as default. Convert the forecasted odds into percentage chances in Excel (use sume 1/odds) and then add together the total percentages for each race and then divide each percentage figure in turn by the total percentage figure for each race and multiply by 100 to give your “true” chance (takes away the overround basically).

    Now Convert the bookmaker or exchange early prices into percentage chances in the same way as above (for each horse) and divide each of the “true chance” percentage figures obtained by its corresponding “actual” percentage figure from the bookmaker or exchange and multiply the result by 100. This gives a value index for each runner. A figure above 100 indicates value.
    Bet to win on the horse with the highest value index (provided it is over 100), by taking the early and best price offered. If two or more runners have exactly the same high value index, there is no bet for that race.

  24. porcupine38 says:

    Method 2, works in the opposite way to method 1. This time I wait until just before the off, and find the LOWEST figure and back this horse. This signifies a steaming horse that has probably shown well in the parade ring, the going or weather has changed to suit, or inside information has leaked out from the yard.

    So I’ve been backing the early “value” horse (usually this bet can be greened up before the off if done on the exchanges) and also the horse that has come in most against expectancy (as close to the off as possible).

    I’ve managed to automate all of this in 2 bots after lots of data and figure analysis (I prefer to bet with numbers rather than horse name, form, jockey, weight etc) and have made an average of £230 a week from £5 level stakes over the last 6 weeks of testing.

    I’m considering a staking plan to enhance the returns if possible

  25. TheBaker says:

    Any update on the 2 methods?

  26. porcupine38 says:

    @ the baker, yes method 2 is flourishing, method one is stumbling along at around break even at the moment. I have also created another system that I am testing at the moment. It has helped as the Racing Data site have now added the predicted odds in a separate field so they are compatible for back testing.

    Do you have any systems or strategies on this?

  27. TheBaker says:

    I have only just purchased RBD and have no strategies at all yet, hence the interest in what others are doing to identify profitable systems. Am all ears!

  28. TTran says:

    Hi TheBaker, a couple of my systems posted earlier this year are still flourishing. Any Warren Greteaux trained favorite gives a good return, as does any selection trained by Charlie Appleby on board. This produced 42 runners since my post in Jan and gave 20 winners at a profit of nearly £200 (46.67% ROI) and that is using SP odds. I imagine exchange odds would be well over a 50% ROI.

    The dashboard is fantastic for horse racing novices like me to be able to fiddle and test specific combinations of trainer / jockey / course and class.

    I am also developing a hugely promising laying system involving certain filters for my criteria.

  29. TTran says:

    Should say with Adam Kirby on board

  30. TheBaker says:

    Thanks for that

  31. dedwards67 says:

    Have been toying around with the site for a day or 2 now since the football season finished and I needed my daily fix of data analysis and system potential creation. This offers a really good way to analyse horse racing data for all the UK and Irish racecourses. There is a handy head to head page where you can enter 2 horses and compare their past meeting performance or just enter one horse for its entire history.

    The main dashboard allows data extraction by racecourse, date, day, class, and further filters such as Weight, Official rating, SP Odds, runners in race, Race distance etc etc which can be tinkered with to display profitability by favourite, 2nd favourite and more.

    I’ve been testing a few possibilities and generally find odds in excess of 10% more that the quoted SP odds which obviously generates a better over all profit return.

    Got a bit of a buzz for this site and am very much looking forward to using this over the summer period and seeing how I get on when I dip my toe in, in terms of a firm betting system.

  32. porcupine38 says:

    Things still ticking along nicely in terms of my auto bots. Also developed a pretty sturdy laying system which only takes a few minutes a day for me to check, but I’ve not been able to link in to a bot as yet as there is quite a bit to check through.

    Has anybody else created any decent systems, better still if its one which can be used with a bot.

  33. porcupine38 says:

    Noticed that as of Saturday just gone, RBD have added in some additional useful filters. Head wear worn by horse, type of race, going etc all now showing in the analysis output report.

    Anybody else having success with systems / strategies?

  34. TTran says:

    Ideal, have a decent system lined up based on horses wearing headgear so will try it out. Still need the ability to save a preset system like you can on football-bet-data ideally.

  35. FRODE- says:

    Hi all guest, I hope I can ask some question here about this product?

    My english is not super so sorry about that.

    I recently find and use football-bet-data and now discover this site, but currently I now zero for horse race info. Can I still use this to bet for profit?

    I have good success rate with football dats site, and like to explore data but without understanding the horse name. Please tell me how I can go about that? This site look very useful also.

    Frode (Oslo)

  36. TTran says:

    Just seen a tweet to advise that they have launched the system saver option and sure enough I can now save my preset selections and name them. This is very useful as I have (up until now) having to store my criteria in excel and manually enter this each time I login to the site to see if anything matches my criteria. It is also useful for storing a “system” just to check for today’s racing.

  37. porcupine38 says:

    @FRODE, essentially yes you can use pure data to create and use your systems without any horse racing interest I guess, but it probably helps

    @TTran, good spot sir – makes the site much easier to use for repetitive tasks

  38. terrymac80 says:

    I’m thinking of signing up to this jointly with Football Bet Data. Have the winning strategies members have discovered for Racing Bet Data mostly or exclusively been for straight win bets?

    I hasten to add I’m not asking anyone to share the systems they’ve developed, but am just curious as to the type of bets which are showing a decent profit.

  39. porcupine38 says:

    @terrymac80 Not a massive horse racing enthusiast but I have created some nice systems (some of which already discussed on this thread)
    I only ever bet on the nose, so all my horse racing systems are derived around win market only. I’ve not even looked at each way results, I’d occasionally place a bet with the exchanges on the “place” market – but never do I bet e/w terms.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on, there is a ton of data to digest and fiddle with

  40. TTran says:

    Hi terrymac80, the majority of the backing systems I have are created around the win market. The laying system I developed I’ve started using on e/w (or the place markets) as this keeps liability down

  41. porcupine38 says:

    @terrymac80 & @ FRODE how are you guys getting on?

    I’ve added 2 more promising looking methods to my armory – both based on laying at the maximum odds.

  42. terrymac80 says:

    @porcupine38 I’ve not had the time of late to look on here or proceed on the RBD front, however your post has prompted me to sign up to the free version to see if I can puzzle out how to use the software before buying it… Any tips on using the basic version to compile a system or is it pretty straightforward?

  43. porcupine38 says:

    @terrymac, as I’ve not used the service as a basic member (I registered once I had the email from the football-bet-data site) I have just checked in as a basic member to see teh differences – and to be honest I don’t think it is possible to compile a system from scratch with the limited output available as a basic member.

    It also doesn’t give you any output for upcoming (today’s races) so I guess it is more useful as a “getting to know you” sort of tool rather than anything that you can use for system creation or data output. Maybe best to have a play around and familiarize yourself with the options – it is pretty straight forward once you take a bit of time to fathom out each sector – but as for system creation as a basic member I’d say it is pretty impossible to do.

  44. terrymac80 says:

    Given the low cost, that’s fair enough if you can only really use the paid-for version to get worthwhile results. My first attempt to use the free version yielded no data…!

    I checked and unchecked the boxes as appropriate to produce some kind of sample (historical) output but nothing appeared. I’m obviously doing something wrong and will give it another go.

  45. porcupine38 says:

    @terrymac – yes sounds like you are if you get no output – you should at least get 10 races (I think).

    Just try selecting all ticks in every field and then select “all” from the last option – this should give you some data as a starting point and you can then work backwards to fine tune the selections (By favourite, odds, trainer etc etc)

  46. wilfoj says:

    @porcupine38 – I was just wondering how your two systems (Method 1 and 2) have been faring since you implemented them? Have they been pretty consistent? Assuming you are still using them.

  47. porcupine38 says:

    @wilfoj yes both systems still in use and giving steady returns which have been enhanced by the introduction of staking plans. Method 2 seems to give a bit more volatility but overall a better ROI whereas method 1 gives a more stable consistent return albeit at a lower ROI

  48. TTran says:

    Noticed recently they have added in Betfair SP odds as well as in play min and max odds and as part of the download the pre race min and max odds.

    Been working on a few ideas this week that look very very promising. Having all this additional data available makes analysing for laying much easier – where previously I was “estimating” the Betfair odds based on the SP odds.

    Looking specifically at races were there “lowest” Betfair SP odds are 5.00, placing a blanket back at 4.2, 2.5 and 1.75 in play looks very promising after testing 3 years worth of data. Will need some automatic software to do this but the returns look fantastic.
    Has anyone explored this betting angle before?

  49. porcupine38 says:

    @TTran, good spot hadn’t noticed the extra features – very useful. Will need a good play around to see how some previous systems I had an eye on would hold out over a long period of time.

    Regarding the example you give, the only problem with in play is making sure you get matched up. You will most certainly need some sort of software to place the bets when trigger levels are met. What sort of returns did the testing produce out of interest?

  50. Ccuimin says:

    This is really useful service for backtesting when I like to create a system. Very fast reply to my mails and great help.

    Betfair and SP odds very good for making system (back and lay)

  51. porcupine38 says:

    @Ccuimin have you created any succesful strategies?

  52. Ccuimin says:

    Yes all testing looking promising for system creation. Need to use excel download to make checks on data but look to be able create system for profits quite well. Thanks

  53. porcupine38 says:

    @Ccuimin have also generated some positive looking systems using historic odds, just need to be careful you are not back fitting rather than back testing. Its certainly a valuable piece of kit for data purposes though – since the Massey site died there has not been anything to enable quick testing and trialling.

  54. dedwards67 says:

    Been using the site for over a year now and the amount of data you are able to extract is vast. The inclusion of the Betfair SP and also In play odds is a huge bonus for system creation (especially laying systems). Massive scope for system creation both using the pre-set online filters as well as the ability to download into Excel for dissection.

  55. TTran says:

    Sounds like there is an absolute goldmine of data. My previous theory works well, the only issue is getting matched at high enough odds each time in play. Which got me thinking about backing first and laying in play. Currently doing some analysis of the 2014 and 2015 SP vs IN play odds and looks promising aswell. Will roll the theory out over 2016 data to see if it stands up.
    I have the GRUSS software so automating a bot to place a back then lay will be no problem. Just need to fine tune the margins that I want to achieve. A 5% ROI per race should be easily achievable.

  56. porcupine38 says:

    @TTran, that is what I suspected as I have tried something similar in the past (albeit blindly betting without data).

    The options are endless, the golden egg is out there, its just digging through all the rubble to find it 🙂

  57. TTran says:

    So after much testing and experimenting with data i took the plunge with my tweaked system yesterday. I have set up a blog to document my progress. So far so good, 2 days, both in profit and over £105 up after two days.

    Feel free to follow / ask any questions via my blog

  58. TheBaker says:

    Well done for putting your system results out for monitoring, and good luck!

  59. TTran says:

    Hi TheBaker, thanks. I have modified my original criteria somewhat, but seems to be working. Currently over £50 profit today with evening racing still going on. Will update blog later

  60. porcupine38 says:

    @TTran, superb start – I’ll be an interested follower of the blog for sure

  61. rinti says:

    @TTran, what are your intentions ?

    1.I mean if your system continues to make money, will you start charging/selling it ?

    2. Or will you share it

  62. pabrmu says:

    Great blog TTran.
    Keep us informed and please give more info, but don’t tell anybody else!!!
    keep it to us 4 or 5!!

  63. TTran says:

    Hi all, thanks for your feedback. As far as my intentions go – not quite sure. Definitely not going to be selling it as I don’t really see the benefit, also if this truely does work; it soon wouldn’t once it became mainstream.

    The way it’s performing so far I couldn’t possibly put a price on it.

    My ulatimate aim would be to have enough conifidence in it to tell my boss to stick his job and live off the system (would I be classed as a professional gambler / full time trader then)

    The issue is, the racing-bet-data site could pull the plug, GRUSS software may become obsolete, both of which would leave me screwed as I depend on each to achieve my results.

    I’ll try and upload a few videos to my blog to give further insight, and perhaps put some people on the right track, but probably won’t have the chance til next weekend, and who knows – by then I could’ve hit 5 loosing days in a row 🙂

  64. pabrmu says:

    Hi TTran,
    thanks for that.Look forward to the next few days of blogs.
    I would love to be one of “the few” and can be contacted on my website on

  65. TheBaker says:

    Is there an element of “In-Play” with your method?

  66. porcupine38 says:

    @TheBaker, one would assume (based on previous posts on methodology pasted below) that the trades are settled in play yes.

    “Been working on a few ideas this week that look very very promising. Having all this additional data available makes analysing for laying much easier – where previously I was “estimating” the Betfair odds based on the SP odds.

    Looking specifically at races were there “lowest” Betfair SP odds are 5.00, placing a blanket back at 4.2, 2.5 and 1.75 in play looks very promising after testing 3 years worth of data. Will need some automatic software to do this but the returns look fantastic”

  67. TheBaker says:

    Thanks, didn’t go back far enough.

  68. Ccuimin says:

    Hi TRAN your blog looks very interesting. I have created system that is making good constant profit too using racing-bet data service. I have sent PM via your facebook page

  69. porcupine38 says:

    @ TTran, hows it going? Looked to be going great guns but haven’t seen any updates for a couple of days? Hope all is well

  70. porcupine38 says:

    All gone quiet,I’m guessing he’s either sat on a luxury yacht in the Bahamas without wifi, or things have turned against him?

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