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| March 2, 2016 | 6 Replies

Product Name: Profit Squad

Author: Profit Squad team

Company Name & Contact Details:



Price: £1 all-access pass for 14 days, then just £15/month or £99/year

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

What Do You Get?

– Video demonstrations
– Odds-matching software
– Free bet and Reload  offers posted every day with many filters and settings
– Built in Profit Tracker with stats, graphs & analysis
– Private forum
– Unlimited 1-2-1 support with dedicated account manager

Where To Buy:

Brief Summary:

Profit Squad is a matched betting service. The provide training, odds-matching software, an extensive list of matched betting offers and full support. They say that you can begin using their services with as little as £50 and they also claim that you can turn £50 into £1,000 in just 3 months.

Do I Need Experience To Make This Work?

No, none is needed as full and comprehensive training is given with videos and descriptions explaining how to do things.

How Much Money Do I Need To Get Started?

I started with a small budget of £200, which should allow you to cover deposit and liability.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Effectively as long as there are “reload” offers you can keep bagging then you can make a good on-going income from this. Some members are claimed to be making between £1000-£2000 a month.

How Much Time Will I Need To Make This Work?

It doesn’t take long to put on the bets. For me it was waiting on payment of winnings that took the longest.

Will I Need Any Equipment To Do This?

A Betfair account (recommended though any exchange will do) is all you need. Some offers require to use a mobile phone.

Value For Money?

Yes at £1 for a trial, £15 per month or £99 for the year I would say so for the professionalism and presentation alone. It really is a great site in my opinion.

Does It Live Up To The Claims In The Promotion?

Yes I would say so there is full training, a very slick site with full support and plenty of offers to get stuck into so it seems the figures are achievable.

Quality Of Customer Service:

Did not test it to be fair but the emails received as the website itself covers all the information I needed.

Review – 10/06/2016

So in case you have never heard of it, matched betting is a risk free approach that uses bookie offers to make you money. How is this possible I hear you ask? Well the guys at Profit Squad are on hand to tell you just that.

With a full training course designed to show you the ins and outs of matched betting and beyond, you can become fully immersed in this style and if you put the work in they claim you could make £20,000. Now it would not be possible to make that much in the course of this review (I neither have the time or the bank to exploit all the offers on hand daily) it does seem that with patience and by following the instructions you should make a steady income with no risk to yourself initially and little risk later on.

Also there is a forum area where all aspects can be discussed allowing you to explore the topic with others and boost your earning potential.

For me the experience has been positive. The software works well and the training is comprehensive as well as the instructions. I will note a word of caution here. I started with a low bank and this has led to a slow build due to time spent waiting on money being paid back in so you may want to start with a larger bank to grab daily offers and build your profits quicker.

This is covered by the guys in the training and once you move past welcome offers you can use an e-wallet which pays and receives money within 24 hours allowing for quick turnaround. Also follow the instructions to the letter. I didn’t on a couple of occasions limiting the profit made due to low odds, though on one occasion it was simply due to the lack of bets at the right odds.

This leads to the last point, read the offer instructions on the bookie site as well. Sometimes the offer instructions ProfitSquad give are incomplete or the offer is finished. Make sure you check so you don’t lose out or go for an expired offer.

Overall I have grabbed 8 offers so far and I’m in the process of finishing more off over the next few days after writing. Looking forward to the Euros/Copa America when offers will abound. Should be a profitable few weeks.

Lastly it comes with a 14 day full money back guarantee meaning you can rest assured that you are risking none of your cash should you be unsatisfied.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Profit Squad Results

Full Review – 29/07/2016

Aside from an IT failure (my computer was in the shop for over a week) this has been a great review to do.

Profit Squad is a good little service that looks the part and, more importantly, delivers.

Despite my small starting bank of £200 I managed to nearly double it in the two months and it was all risk free. The thing is there is more on the website than just matched betting so it offers a great deal for someone interested in this area.

What I like are the challenges which motivate you to get stuck in. I finished on a nice tidy profit of £189 (£130 of which was month two) and the offers were completed faster due to the extra cash.

Definitely an interesting service and worth a look.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

Profit Squad Results


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  1. davyslenderass says:

    This is a great site! I have tried a few other matched betting sites but this one is the most well organised, easy to use and has a more thorough training section. It also has a much larger range of new customer offers – especially for casino offers, and the support offered by the admins leaves you in no doubt how to make the most of the offers on the calendar. Thumbs up all the way!

  2. joehawes says:

    Thanks for the reviews guys! I am glad you enjoyed it and made some cash! We have a new method where we have made a spreadsheet for everyone to download and check out, it involves covering all the horses in a race and we have plenty of members on the forum doing this and making anything from £20-£200 per race, sometimes even more! If you do have any questions with this please feel free to contact me at

    Joe Hawes

  3. grahamw says:

    I whole heartedly recommend PS, fantastic one to one help when needed and I certainly needed it! Very friendly attitude, nothing is too much trouble, great training videos. I’m making money already but I have hardly scratched the surface yet – go for it!!

    I looked at a number of other matched betting sites, this is by far the best – one well known one which has a positive review on this site has training videos which I found totally incomprehensible, had to get a refund.

  4. mad one says:


    …..How are you advising customers against getting banned from bookmakers? because £200 per race or not, accounts do not last long using matched betting.

  5. joehawes says:

    Hi Mad One,

    Not everything we do involves offers, we show you methods on how to make money risk free when there isn’t even any offers available. For example we had one race that won some members up to £277 without using any promotions and without having any risk what so ever. You can find full training on how this is possible with a video guide showing myself doing it live in action in our training area, along with our tips and advice on how to keep your accounts in good order. Any more questions let me know, or for a faster response please feel free to contact us at

    Joe Hawes

  6. PEPPIDOG says:

    Has this only just started? Only the 5 comments? Quite a few matched betting sites around. So what’s the USP for this one please? Reviewer like it so that helps
    And why does it promote offers on it’s website that are apparently out of date/expired?
    That’s not good

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