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| July 30, 2016 | 13 Replies

Product Name:

Pro Footy Tips Service



Company Name & Contact Details

Betting Gods Ltd 19 St Christopher’s Way
Pride Park Derby DE24 8JY email:


Average £326.55 profit every month with this football tipster


£1 first month then £29.95 per month or £69.95 per quarter or £249.95 for life (plus VAT in EU)

Money Back Guarantee:

60 day unconditional (Clickbank)

What Do You Get

email based football tipping advice .

Where to buy:

Pro Footy Tips

What’s it all about? 

Pro Footy Tips from Betting Gods is a soccer tipping service operating mainly in the 1×2 market. Advised by email with around 25-35 bets per month. Proofing pre launch shows 37.4% strike rate with 45.99% ROI.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

75 point bank advised with stakes 1 – 5 points per selection

How much money can I make?

130 points profit in proofing since Sept 2015

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes when selections received

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet connection

Our trial of this service has begun and we’ll post our results soon. In the meantime, if you have tried Pro Footy Tips we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.

Value for money?  

Poor start

Quality of customer service?  

Good – prompt response to emails



On the face of it this service is a pretty standard football tipping service majoring in the 1×2 market but if you look closely at the results disclosed on the site you will see that this is not quite the whole story. Your inspection will show that there are very few selections tipped at odds on so in effect the author is trying to identify potential upsets from the perceived form book and his proofing period pre launch would seem to indicate that he is pretty good at this.

On signing up you receive a welcome email which includes staking advice. A 75 point bank is recommended and staking is specified with each selection up to 5 points. Emails with the selections are received at varying times but there should always be plenty of time to place the bets. Quoted odds have been available when selections are received and after an initial hiccough regarding the intended market it is clear what the subscriber is supposed to do with the advice.

The author looks far and wide for his selections with Australia and South America covered so far but the majority are European matches with the emphasis on lower leagues generally although this may be a reflection of the timing of the launch. As well as the normal win market we have seen selections in the Draw No Bet, Half time and Handicap categories.

In the trial to date we have seen 41 selections at average odds of 5.26 so it does take a genius to work out that in a 2 horse race the majority of bets are likely to be unsuccessful. Unfortunately the success rate has been way below the previously achieved level with just 6 winning bets (14.6%) and 1 push. Average stake is about 2 points. The longest losing run of 13 bets has been repeated and subscribers have seen a loss of 22.7 points. The only category to show a profit is the Handicap bets.

The situation has been acknowledged by the service with the author writing to apologise and stress that he has been making profits using this system since 1988. He suggests there are typically 2 losing months annually and that August was the first since December 2015. He also advises that the likely ROI for long term subscribers is going to be between 15 and 20%, the initial proofing to Betting Gods being a rather purple patch. It is to be hoped that he is correct but at least the acceptance of the issues is a start and members will know that many services just get quieter and quieter in bad spells.

So the clock is ticking here as another bad month will probably be terminal for confidence that the service can deliver worthwhile returns for its subscribers. It is argued that the return of the major leagues will offer better opportunities. The availability of the 60 day guarantee is reassuring here as you can take a look risk free and at no cost if you paper trade. We applaud services that offer realistic trials or risk free opportunities to test out their claims – it really is a telling sign of confidence and transparency.

While we could not recommend backing the selections on the performance so far the potential is clear and it will not take too much of an upturn to recover here so perhaps a watching brief for September would be sensible.

You can see the detailed results here:

Pro Footy Tips Results

Update 3/11/2016:

With 3 months experience now the service has certainly not lived up to its initial predictions and only a set of 3 winning bets at the end of October has allowed any semblance of respectability to show. We have seen a couple of emails advising that things will be all right soon but November really is the last chance saloon.

You will certainly need a relaxed mindset if you are to follow the service even with an improved performance. Losing runs will be the norm with the type of selections seen and so far the occasional winner has really not compensated for them. We have seen 132 selections with 27 winners and 3 pushes which are showing a profit of 1.8 points at a pitiful ROI of 0.6%.

We could not recommend on the basis of this performance genuine as the service may be.

The updated results may be viewed here:

Pro Footy Tips Results


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  1. nonex says:

    I tried to join this service today with payment via ClickBank.
    When I had filled the form, I got the following message:

    “There was 1 error on the page:
    We were unable to authorize your payment. Please contact your financial institution for assistance or try another payment method or international credit card to complete your purchase. (3)”

    I am NOT going to pay with my creditcard. Has anybody else succeeded paying with ClickBank?

  2. aldo212 says:

    Anyone knows how they are currently doing?

  3. irishrover says:

    Very badly. Steer clear, at least for now!

  4. aldo212 says:

    Thanks mate, BettingGods usually produce good tipsters, do you think is worth keeping an eye on it? Might be having a bad run?

  5. irishrover says:

    It’s certainly a bad run: the worst I’ve seen from any tipster in any sport!
    Probably worth keeping an eye on though, as it surely can’t keep losing money at the present rate. For someone who hasn’t actually joined up yet this might even be a good time to do so, get in at the bottom of the graph, as it were. For me, who joined on August 1st, the losses are too great -almost 40 points down at £10 a point. A blot on Betting Gods copybook, in my opinion. It makes me question the veracity of the “proofed” pre-launch results.

  6. aldo212 says:

    @irishrover The graph does look very grim, I guess the main issue is the faith in him to get out of the hole. I do think the proofed results are real, I don’t think Betting Gods would mess with their reputation by posting fake results, I least I hope not. I will keep an eye on it and I hope he gets results for you soon.

    Seems hard to find a good football tipster, do you use any other?

  7. irishrover says:

    In six years I haven’t been able to find a decent football tipster! Try racing!

  8. magtino says:

    If you want Football bets try this website,
    its free.
    They give Over 2.5.Under 2.5,and BTTS bets.

  9. PEPPIDOG says:


    I have been following this site you mention very recently. I can’t honestly say I have been that impressed. Perhaps it is just bad timing and they have been going through a bad patch. Will continue to look though as it is early days

  10. magtino says:


    I only back the Over 2.5 predictions that are
    80% or higher,and if the prices are to low i do
    them in doubles.

  11. PEPPIDOG says:


    And how have you been getting on with doing those? I have seen a few 80% and over go south recently. But as I said it has been early days regarding me following them

  12. magtino says:


    I haven’t been doing them lately because i have been busy with Bet Angel,but i had around 70% winners.
    I used to do 90% bets,if there was no 90%,i would do 80%, never any lower.
    Sometimes i would do BTTS bets,but only the top rated.

  13. PEPPIDOG says:

    Ok matey. Thanks for that. I will monitor them for a week or so and see the results against the odds. You never know. Could be something to add for long term profit

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