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| May 30, 2016 | 11 Replies

Product Name: Place Ace Service

Author: Chris Pershaw

Company Name & Contact Details:


Sustained sensible profits

Price:£17.95 month 1 then £44.95 per month

Money Back Guarantee: If loss made in month next month is free

What Do You Get?

– email based horse race tipping service

Where to buy:

Brief Summary:

Place Ace Service from Chris Pershaw offers a daily place betting advice service with the emphasis on quality not quantity. Advised by email or members area of website. Results since 2013 on site.

How Much Money Do I need to get started?

30 point bank advised.

How much money can I make?

No specific claims made.

How much time will I need to make this work?.

Few minutes when selections received.

Will I need any equipment to do this?

Internet Connection.

Value for money?

Jury out.

Quality of customer service?

Good – prompt and informed response to emails.

Review – 01/07/2016

A longstanding member suggested that we take a look at this service which has been around for some time and is very open with performance figures on the site. Always a good sign.

The author looks for value in the place betting markets – including the extra place options available on the exchanges – and emphasises that he is looking for quality not quantity. So in effect we are being advised of the place nap of the day when it is considered a bet is worthwhile. Subscribers are advised that a 30 point bank is recommended with 1 point staking per selection. Results are struck at BSP but the service advises experimenting with prices on receipt of the mails and correctly points out that there is no hard and fast rule here.

Once you have signed up the selection emails are sent normally late morning on the day of the race and the service advice is repeated at the foot of mails so you can readily check any details you may need to. This is a good practice as it can be easy to forget what is advised after using a service for a while and so there would be no need to scramble through your past emails to check if you need a reminder.

Just after our review started we received notice that a guarantee was to be given that should a calendar month be loss making at BSP which I am sure is welcome as both a safety net for subscribers and the confidence that it shows the author has in his capabilities.

During Royal Ascot additional selections were offered and so we have seen 34 in all during month 1 of the trial. 19 of these (55.88%) have been successful but with the relatively low odds available in the place markets only a 1 point profit was generated. The author highlighted that June was a bit of a struggle but if this is an example of a poor month then not too much harm has been done. The advised price/BSP differential is not significant at 0.14 points better on advised levels.

What does shine though is the genuine nature of the service with sensible and practical advice offered when appropriate. A month is far too short a period to base a judgement upon but the underlying feeling is positive.

Current members are to be offered a trial of an additional service during July and we shall look forward to seeing this and reporting on the continuing trial.

You can see a full breakdown of my results here:

The Place Ace Review

Update 1/8/2016:

Even though the service has not come alight yet we retain the feeling that it is soundly based and should prove good over the long term. There are now 59 bets placed with 32 coming good and an all but break even position over the trial using the BSP results. During July a new service was introduced to subscribers and the results for this are shown on a separate tab on the spreadsheet. 2 selections are offered daily with the intention that the second is only placed if the first is unsuccessful. So far there have been 15 winning days from 17 and a 5 points profit achieved so a good start.

A further update will be made at the beginning of September.

The updated results to 31 July can be seen here.

The Place Ace Updated Results

Update 7/9/2016:

Our review really does seem to have put the sign on the service which has experienced another poor month. The author has recognised the issues and has indicated that September will be a critical month for determining the way ahead.

The main service now has 89 bets placed with 43 coming good and a 10 point deficit on the starting bank. Based on the historic performance it is unusual to see such a prolonged downturn.

As for the new bonus system it has been going quite well with a 10 point profit seen at the peak although the last couple of days have been complete washouts. Of the 49 bets placed 29 have won.

For the time being we suggest that a watching brief only is appropriate and we will have to see if a recovery of form for this genuine service can be achieved in September.

The updated results may be viewed here:

Place Ace Results


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  1. David Bell says:

    I joined two days ago. The communication is excellent,Chris emailed me very quickly and the results page is updated every day. Nice ,easy system to follow ;places at bfsp.

  2. wanderer says:

    Interested to hear your results after a while as i am almost restricted to BFair now.

  3. jwhite8359 says:

    Commission not included in results which makes a significant impact on returns.

  4. wanderer says:

    What time do the emails come if you know,thanks?

  5. David Bell says:

    Yes I noticed commission not included,which is a pity. Bets are posted by 1130am at latest.

  6. Bluefingers says:

    If you place your bets on Smarkets then the commission is only 2%. This will have little impact on the results.

  7. wanderer says:

    Thanks David ,that should account for most non-runners,i assume he picks smaller fields.

  8. David Bell says:

    Wanderer you can check out details of the races by tracing them from his results page which includes today’s result. So far 1 losing day,which I missed followed by 2 winners 2.58 and 1.34 ( had been 1.7 earlier but I’m going with bfsp for this,swings and roundabouts). According to his records looks like about 5 points a month profit on average

  9. Bluefingers says:

    I got matched at 1.78 yesterday but the selection was heavily backed into favourite so the price fell away.

  10. wanderer says:

    Thanks again David.I checked a few races ,mostly 8-10 runners i think,totally makes sense to get the 3 places and the email late enough to not get too many races where non runners affect the place.I reckoned about 6 points a month just after a quick look.Nice to see no over inflated claims.Good luck with these.

  11. David Bell says:

    Update on this service after about a week using ; I’m down at the moment but that’s within the normal variation of the service in the online records and the records are posted up to date including today’s loser. However on Saturday Chris went with a selection to 4 places on betfair. This was a loser but that’s not my issue with it. Firstly obviously you can’t do bfsp on 4 places so more time absorbing to place the bet. Secondly the market is much thinner on 4 places than on 3 and that remainded the case right to the off even though it was a big race- the 2pm at Epsom on Derby day. I think the price was significantly altered by Chris’s clients as it was such a thin market.That takes us to thirdly where does Chris take the price from for his records if no bfsp? He seems to have gone with the price when he advised it rather than what it fell to. If there were more than very occasional selections at 4 places I wouldn’t continue with this service which would be a pity because there is a lot going for it if Chris sticks to 3 places.

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